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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 112 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 112 – Save (1)

Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu tightly, the two of them were in close contact with each other, sweat intertwined, and all the emotions in his heart couldn't help but want to release.

After being separated for a few days, maybe they were not indispensable to each other, but they always felt that a corner in their heart was empty, and now they felt completed when they come back.

Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu and couldn't help but want to confirm that she was really with him.

"Jiang Yu."


"Jiang Yu..."


Gu Shenliu stopped talking, and only used gestures to show that they were indeed together.

Early the next morning, when Jiang Yu got up, she stepped on the stall and felt sore all over her body. Then she remembered that Gu Shenliu had come back.

There was the sound of the gas stove being lit in the kitchen, Jiang Yu walked over, leaned against the door, and smiled brightly: "Mr. Gu is back?"

Gu Shenliu turned to look at Jiang Yu, she was wearing his gray cotton t-shirt, and her lower body was bare. With two bare white legs, she leaned against the door frame. She was beautiful, her face clean of makeup, and her long hair was casually scattered on one side, which made her look charming.

Gu Shenliu only felt the heat in his lower body, he finally managed to hold back. He curled his lips and said, "If a beautiful wife is alone at home, who wants to travel far?"

Jiang Yu smiled. She has lived for two lifetimes, and finally understands why people say 'the taste of home'. This kind of life was really worth looking forward to!

But... Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu's dark circles, shook her head and said, "Without me, you haven't slept well recently?"

Gu Shenliu came over, stretched out one arm, hooked Jiang Yu into his arms, and he kissed her the top of her head. He said, "How could I sleep well without you?"

"You know that's not what I mean, the noise in your ears doesn't improve if you leave me?" Jiang Yu asked.

"Um." Gu Shenliu didn't want to talk more, and walked into the living room.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "That's great! It seems that I can be your queen of my whole life! If you don't agree with all my whim, I will stay away from you!"

"Yes!" Gu Shenliu said helplessly, "You are the queen in this life!" 

Both laughed.


In the afternoon, Jiang Yu didn't ho to work and accompanied Gu Shenliu to Gu house to take care of Mother Gu. Although Mothe Gu had three sons, they were all very busy. Jiang Yu was afraid that the old couple would be lonely, so she often took time to go back to talk with them. In fact, she also really wanted to be nice to the original owner's relatives, but it's a pity that her parents were like that.

In the afternoon, Yu Hong looked for Jiang Yu on WeChat, saying that Jiang Mingxuan's girlfriend had given birth to a son! Zhang Meifeng was so happy that she was having a banquet at home recently.

For some unknown reason, Jiang Yu suddenly had an ominous premonition upon hearing the news.


Like the previous promotions, Jiang Yu's store had all items in stock, and these tens of millions worth of goods were shipped to all parts of the country via express delivery that night.

After 3 days, almost all the goods were delivered to the buyers, and Jiang Yu's store also began to receive various reviews.

Many people expressed their affection for the clothes. These days, the clothes in specialty stores were more and more difficult to please the little fairies who love beauty.

 They usually went to a physical store, but they often didn’t like the clothes inside. There were many bad sellers on Taobao, but once they met a reliable Taobao seller, they would hang on to it. Needless to say, the design of Jiang Yu’s store was especially good. The quality was also good and it wouldn't cut corners. For example, the skirts were made of sufficient materials, they would never be like clothes that only cost dozens but sold at hundreds. When they bought one home and wore it, they would feel that the price was worth it.

Jiang Yu' store recently cooperated with the British Museum to launch a series of designs that incorporate  famous paintings. Many beautiful oil paintings had been printed on clothes or made into various motives and dyeing style. According to Jiang Yu's Weibo, she also planned to cooperate with other museums to strive for more copyright access.

Such a thing would undoubtedly make buyers feel that JY's style was really high end, that it was a shop that was different from other coquettish cheap goods.

Occasionally there were some bad reviews in the store, for example because the goods were not received or the wrong goods were sent. For these cases, Jiang Yu would let the customer service try their best to solve them, and strive to make every customer satisfied.

Jiang Yu looked at the reviews, wanted to know the real thoughts of the customers, and wondered what the shortcomings of their own services were.

——Customer service Zou Xiaoyu is very good! Last night at 2 o'clock, I asked her a question, and she responded right away, so nice!

——Taro Ball's store really has gold medal customer service! I took the wrong item and wanted to return it. The customer service didn't ask anything and even took the initiative to bear the return shipping cost, which made me feel embarrassed! Because of this, I placed a few more orders.

——The clothes are great! After wearing it, you will become a little fairy!

——Dada, the beauty cream works well!

——I have become smarter, this time I ordered three times, and I got three beauty cream gifts, hahaha!

——F*ck, I won't talk about the clothes, the quality of Taro Ball's items has always been good, let's talk about this beauty cream! Why is it so small?

——The beauty cream is so awesome! No wonder it is so sought after in rich ladies circle.

Jiang Yu laughed, she never expected that there would be many praises for beauty cream in the store's clothes review.

——For the beauty cream's ease of use, be sure to give it a good review!

——D*mn it, this is my first time shopping here, what is this gift? How is it so useful? It really has skin beautifying effect.

When Jiang Yu announced on the Internet that the beauty cream was her own investment project, there was an uproar in the circle of celebrities and ladies in Shencheng. Everyone knew that beauty cream was very easy to use, but it was hard to find. These women loved beauty the most, so they tried every means to get a few bottles, but they didn't expect that the beauty cream was actually a brand invested by Jiang Yu.

After that, many people asked their families to go to Gu's house to find Mother Gu for more beauty cream.

Therefore, Jiang Yu took hundreds of boxes of specially packaged beauty cream to Mother Gu.

Nowadays, the whole Weibo environment was not as good as it used to be, and Weibo had also been overtaken by platforms such as WeChat. Jiang Yu thought that she could not put all her focus on Weibo and should also expand other sales channels.

Jiang Yu asked Jiang Peifen and other people from the promotion department to recommend beauty cream and acne-removing small white powder in Xiaohongshu, Douban 8 groups, Tianya fashion section and other places. She also asked the promotion department to spend money to promote several well-known WeChat accounts, especially the public accounts with high attention and more conscience like Xinxing.

This kind of promotion had made Jiang Yu's beauty cream popular before it even launched, giving everyone an impression that a bottle of this thing was hard to find, what you buy is what you earn!

Under such circumstances, Huajianji's Tmall was officially launched, and Jiang Yu chose an auspicious day and planned to put the beauty cream on the shelves.


At the same time, Professor Zhou informed the students in the class that the young designer competition that had been shelved before would be re-held. Several selected students in the class would report to the school to go through the formalities and prepare to bring their own works in around a month. 

To participate in the competition, Jiang Yu went to the school to go through the formalities, and it took two or three hours to confirm all the information such as the registration form and clothing design drawings. She walked out of the administrative building and was about to walk towards the school gate when she saw a girl suddenly running out from the side.

The girl glanced at Jiang Yu, then lowered her head and said shyly, "Sister, hello, I'm Pan Lingling. A sophomore at Department of Economics and Management. I used your beauty cream, and I think it works very well. I know it hasn't been formally released yet, but can you sell a box for me to use first?"

Jiang Yu glanced at the girl and smiled lightly after a while: "Okay, I'll get you a box."

"Really?" Pan Lingling said very excitedly. She glanced at Jiang Yu, then dodged her eyes again. She turned away unconfidently, "Thank you, Senior Sister! I will definitely repay you when I have a chance in the future!"

"Don't be too polite, it's just a bottle of beauty cream." Jiang Yu smiled, "But you have to go to our company with me to get it."

"Okay!" After Pan Lingling finished speaking, she followed Jiang Yu to take a taxi to the company.

The two chatted a few words along the way. Jiang Yu then knew that Pan Lingling was from the next province. She came to Shencheng to go to university.

"It turns out that you are the real scholar!" Jiang Yu praised with a smile.

Pan Lingling lowered her head and blushed. She said embarrassedly, "My face is like this, what can I do if I don't study? No one will want to get married with me in the future."

Jiang Yu was stunned and patted Pan Lingling shoulder without saying anything. She just said: "Sometimes life may be difficult, but we have to live on."

Pan Lingling lowered her head, and after a while she said "um", a tear dripped on the schoolbag on her lap.

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, and then felt that her comforting words were a little weak. Sometimes you really couldn't imagine the pain of others. If she said too much, it would appear fake. After thinking about it, Jiang Yu smiled and said: "You don't  have to be so tangled! It's actually a small problem, a bottle of beauty cream is enough to change you!"

"Really?" Pan Lingling asked in disbelief.

"Yes!" While they were speaking, the car stopped on Huajian Road. Jiang Yu walked to the company, passed by the door of Mu Ran's store. However, she saw that the door was full of people.

Mu Ran moved the store to Japan and opened it for 3 months. Later, Ye Fang went to study abroad. She followed Ye Fang and moved the store to the United States and opened it for half a year. She came back recently, so all the diners also came.

Jiang Yu entered the company and took out a box of beauty cream from the drawer. This was what she was going to send to Aunt Yu Hong. It was different from the one sold at 599 yuan on the market. This was one of the batch that wete specially made and provided for free to the rich ladies circle, which could be regarded as advertising.

Pan Lingling looked at the luxurious packaging in front of her and took it excitedly. "Thank you, senior! Are there any restrictions on how to use this?"

Jiang Yu stood up with a smile. She took out her makeup case, opened it, and took out the beauty brush from the compartment. "I'll try it out for you, if you applied it with the correct technique, the concealing effect will be better!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu stood in front of the mirror and applied makeup to Pan Lingling. After 5 minutes, the beauty cream on Pan Lingling's face was applied perfectly.

"Look in the mirror!"

Pan Lingling laughed dryly. Her eyes dodged the mirror and she said in low confidence, "Forget it! I'd better go back and look at it later!" She lowered her head and didn't see up the mirror for a long time.

Jiang Yu sighed in her heart, who said God waz fair? Not at all. For example, God gave some people a good skin, but gave Pan Lingling a big test! Jiang Yu glanced at Pan Lingling's face and sighed.

That’s right, Pan Lingling had white spots on her face that are hard to cover. If Jiang Yu guessed correctly, it should be caused by vitiligo. Vitiligo was particularly difficult to treat and difficult to eradicate. Jiang Yu had applied makeup to a director in the entertainment industry before, and the vitiligo on her face was relatively serious. Although vitiligo could be covered by makeup techniques, if an average person had vitiligo, where could they found and hire such a professional makeup artist to apply makeup every time? If the makeup was not applied well, the spots on the face would in reverse looked even more noticeable, it would be more eye-catching when they go out.

Jiang Yu persuaded again: "Take a look! See what you are not satisfied with and I will help you to correct it!"

Pan Lingling still lowered her head and didn't speak for a long time. When Jiang Yu looked down, she saw that the girl had cried again.

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