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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 104 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 104 – Going Public (1)

That night, Gu Shenliu pulled up the recorded video and watched it over and over again. In the middle of the night, he hugged Jiang Yu and wanted her frantically, leaning his lips against her ear and kept saying: "Jiang Yu, I'm very happy..." So glad you are in my life!

From the angle Gu Shenliu couldn't see, Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips, and there was an indescribable tenderness on her face. Yes! very happy... Mr. Gu, please give me more advice for the rest of my life!

Because the Gu family was there, the original two-person trip became a family trip.

Gao Jing contacted a good person to book a yacht and everyone went out to sea to dive and watch dolphins.

Jiang Yu was a new member of the Gu family, and she had already begun to enjoy the convenience of the Gu family in her speech and behavior.

"Sister-in-law." Gu Linlu drank the red wine, looked at the sea next to him, and said, "If you need any help in the future, just talk to eldest brother! By the way, I heard from Shenliu that you are interested in LV's marketing person Alex? I got him for you, he will report to your company next week."


Jiang Yu hadn't recovered yet when she saw Gu Linlu, like a domineering president, squinting with a glass of wine, and said: "By the way, I heard that there are employees in the younger sister’s company that quitted their jobs collectively? Next time you encounter such a thing, I will ask the company's legal team to help you file a lawsuit!"


"If you don't have enough funds, just tell big brother, it's not a big problem to allocate 180 million yuan to you!" After speaking, Gu Linlu also concluded: "In short, you are already part of Gu family, so Gu family is your support! If there is trouble in the future, you can directly move out of the Gu family name. There is no need to take a long detour."

Jiang Yu smiled and said in a submissive tone: "Thank you, big brother!" When she smiled, her brows and eyes were also smiling, her lips were curved, her face was full of radiance, and there was an indescribable kind of cuteness.

Gu Linlu was a little stunned when he saw it. He didn't have a sister, so when he saw Jiang Yu like this, he suddenly had a feeling that it would be nice to have a sister like Jiang Yu! He shook his head. Ckck, sure enough, a little girl was still cuter. It's a pity that Xiao Q was a boy!

Before Jiang Yu had time to speak, Gu Lingxiao came over again and said, "Sister-in-law."

"Second brother."

"If anyone bullies you in the future, tell your second brother."


"I will give you some biological powder to kill them!"


Soon, Father Gu also came over. He said solemnly, "Jiang Yu."

"Yes, uncle."

"I heard that you are very interested in doing business?"

"It's alright... Is it?" Jiang Yu had re-acquainted with the Gu family, so she didn't dare to say that, for fear that the Gu family would kill her by surprise.

"Look, uncle is getting old, and I've wanted to travel the world with your Auntie Gu for a long time. My old friends have signed up for the Antarctic expedition to go to Antarctica many times. To be able to realize this wish, wait no, I am no longer suitable for work at this age, but my three sons are unwilling to accept the company. So after you and Shenliu get married, I give our real estate company for you to handle?"

"..." Uncle Gu, you are obviously getting stronger and stronger! Livelier and livelier! Run faster than Gao Jing! Why were you saying that you are old?

Jiang Yu couldn't help laughing. The good-hearted brothers were fighting each other and the good-looking future parents-in-law were like wolves and tigers.

After leaving Gu family, Jiang Yu was finally normal. Gu Shenliu was chatting with a staff member in front of the speedboat. She walked over and said with a light smile, "What are you talking about?"

Gu Shenliu kissed Jiang Yu and then said solemnly, "He told me that many famous people lived on this island. Federer, Prince William, and the second prince of Dubai have all been here..."

Jiang Yu's English was only enough for daily communication, and she didn't know much about special professional vocabulary. "What is he saying?"

Gu Shenliu said: "He said that when the second prince of Dubai came, he brought a lot of bodyguards, and it was scary. He said that the bodyguards were very good, everyone carried boxes of cash and gave tips at will!"

Jiang Yu imagined that scene and felt that there was no humanity!

The staff said a few more words, which Gu Shenliu translated to Jiang Yu after listening: "He said that a staff member of the hotel took the second prince to his seat in the restaurant, and the bodyguard grabbed a handful of tips from the box, which was a full $700!"

Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "Mr. Gu, help me tell him next time the second prince comes back, let him call me..." 

Sad days would be tougher, but happy days would always pass quickly.

Before they knew it, they had lived in the island for five days, and tomorrow was the day they needed to leave. Jiang Yu took out a sketchbook to draw some inspirations and then took out her notebook for a meeting. Only then did she realize that the Internet had already turned upside down!

These days, Jiang Yu only cared about playing, and sometimes the wifi in the room was not good, so she rarely surfed the Internet. She saw the comments on the Internet and then she realized that the matter of Gu Shenliu's marriage proposal had already been spread on the Internet. "Oops! Someone posted our photo online!"

Gu Shenliu responded, "I heard also from Gao Jing."

"Then what?"

"Face it calmly!"

With Gu Shenliu’s words, Jiang Yu simply did not explain and let the Internet speculate further on the Internet. Although she was now halfway in the entertainment industry, she often had the illusion of being a full celebrity under the pursuit of netizens. However, Jiang Yu knew that fame was false and only RMB was real! As a Weibo Big V, posting Weibo every day to interact with netizens was not her main purpose, her main task now was the anniversary promotion!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu picked out a black dress from the photos taken by Gu Shenliu and posted on Weibo: "This dress is my favorite! I have stocked up 10,000 pieces for the anniversary! I hope everyone can grab it!"

This dress designed by Jiang Yu had the chest crossed and hung on the shoulders, revealing the sexy collarbone and neck, the lower body was slim, and the thighs were split! The beauty of this dress was that the shape was very good. Wearing it would not only give slimming illusion, but it looked tight because of the fabric, but it actually hid the flesh! It was a must-have slimming dress! Wearing it under a jacket in autumn and winter was also gorgeous.

As soon as the Weibo was posted, it was like a stone that stirred up a thousand waves! Everyone has been waiting for Jiang Yu to go online.

——Dada, is the Internet rumor really true? Did Gu Shenliu propose to you?

——It's so beautiful! These long legs are simply against the sky!

——Beautiful makeup! The clothes are also beautiful and the color of Dada’s lipstick is so good, it is dark and pearly, a bit lavender and black? It looks so special!

——The lipstick looks good +1, Dada, want to know what color this lipstick is? It's so elegant, it suits the black skirt so well!

——Why are you looking for the lipstick brand and color number? This is the time to check the scandal between Dada and Gu Shenliu... Isn't this a happy thing to happen? If these two are together, I can die laughing! Lan Xiaoxiao and Zhuang Xu, no matter how I look at it, I feel like I have blood on my face.

——Grabbing the clothes are a must! The lipstick as well!

——Dear people, don’t be crooked, don’t be instigated by others, I hope you don’t confuse Dada’s Weibo!

Jiang Yu deliberately ignored the comments about the scandal. She didn't expect so many people to like this lipstick, so she took the lipstick, took a photo, and posted it on Weibo:

[I didn't expect so many fairies to like the lipstick. In fact, this is also one of my favorites. It looks like the paste is purple-black and pearlescent. Many people think that this color will be very dark when painted, but it is not. 

Let’s look at picture 1, it is the effect of thin coating, with a light and dark pearlescent color, picture 2 is the effect of thick coating, it can be darker, it becomes darker and purple, if it is too thick, it is easy to look old-fashioned! 

Putting the lipstick together and applying another layer after applying the lipstick will make the color of ordinary lipstick change qualitatively! It is especially suitable for black dresses and coats in autumn and winter. This color number is difficult to buy, I recommend it to everyone!] (TN: Not sure which lipstick the author is talking about, the raw is like this MAandon色号,看膏体是紫黑色带珠光的. I search for MAandon and found nothing T-T)

Jiang Yu had always been a well-known grass planter. With her post, all the fans had long forgotten about the scandal and their hearts had long been teased!

Sh*t... this must be a disease! Nothing was as important as shopping. When you see something you want to buy? Man? Gossip? TV drama? All will have to go away! Planting grass is the most important! But, the web drama is worth watching!

——I searched Taobao and it turned out to be a very special color.

——Looking at the color test on Taobao, I thought it would be black. I found that Jiang Yu painted this very good-looking, but I don’t know if I can control it.

——It looks like a bright starry sky when painted! It's like seeing the stars of the Milky Way, because this pearl is always blingbling!

——What a special color! It must be accepted!

——Although I may not be able to control it, but I still placed an order, I hope it is in stock!

On the day that she flew away by water, Jiang Yu looked down at the island surrounded by green water and the blue sky and white clouds in Maldives. She only felt that time passed too fast, and she didn't have time to fully appreciate it.

"Don’t worry, I'll take you again on our honeymoon next time!" Gu Shenliu said.


After a seven-hour flight, they arrived at Shencheng International Airport. Gu Shenliu walked in the front, Jiang Yu and Mother Gu walked side by side in the back. The two were chatting when suddenly, a bunch of reporters rushed out from the side. The lights flickered instantly.

"Gu Shenliu, are you really going to get married?"

"Gu Shenliu, who is your marriage partner?"

"May I ask what month is the wedding date?"

Gu Shenliu cooperated, standing still, and let the reporters take pictures. He said quietly: "The wedding date has not been set yet. I will inform you when it is set."

"Then when will you set the date?"

The corners of Gu Shenliu's mouth twitched: "For me, of course, the sooner the better!"

Zhong Xiaohui was an entertainment reporter. He stayed at the airport all year round. Every time a celebrity came back, the agent would notify him to take a photo at the airport. Now, the airport had become like a runway show for these celebrities. If the airport photos were taken well, they could attract a lot of fans.

Recently, the matter of Gu Shenliu's marriage proposal had been abuzz. Magazines, TV, the Internet... this news was everywhere! But the person involved, Gu Shenliu, seemed to have disappeared and could not be contacted at all! Zhong Xiaohui used some methods to find out that Gu Shenliu was going to Maldives for vacation and the plane for the return trip was this one, so he came to stay, but he didn't expect that the hard work would pay off! He really caught Gu Shenliu and Gu Shenliu didn't hide anything about the marriage!

OMG! Headlines! Relying on this news he might be able to win the year-end award this year.

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