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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 103

WBVDEC Chapter 103 – Torment

Although he was far away, Gu Shenliu's physique was very good, plus he was tall, so there were not many people who were similar to him in appearance. Also most of his fans were expert diehard fans, so everyone was familiar with him. As soon as this Weibo came out, Gu Shenliu's fans were in a frenzy.

——Although I don't want to admit it, but this figure really looks like my idol, where did the poster take it?

——Want to cry... No! I do not believe! I do not believe! He can't possibly propose marriage! His girlfriend is me!it's me!

——Maybe shooting for the cover of a magazine?

——Why does that girl look like Jiang Yu?

——Jiang Yu? Impossible! Jiang Yu is only 21, a woman in the new era, how can she get married as early as a girl in the feudal era! Besides, she is so young and beautiful, how could we let her marry such old Gu Shenliu such a young age!

——The one upstairs is so funny! Our brother is not worthy of your Jiang Yu? Couldn’t you see how handsome he is? Moreover, isn’t your Jiang Yu an 18-line internet celebrity? Our brother has a good taste, so it is impossible for him to fall in love with her!

——People who eat melons: There have been a lot of melons recently and there are not enough watermelons

——1 yuan a pound for seedless watermelon is cheap!

Jiang Yu's fans heard Gu Shenliu's fans belittling their idol and they all came forward. Therefore, just a few hours after this photo came out, the two fans were strangling each other on the Internet, and there was a big fight.

Their young idol getting married to old actor, which fans could accept? Fans were about to explode. They mentioned Gu Shenliu studio's official blog, Gao Jing's private Weibo, and other people in the studio, asking them to come out and confirm. However, the reaction of everyone was not much better than that of the people who ate melons.

Nonsense! How could someone like Gu Shenliu not tell them about marriage?

This matter quickly became a hot search and the tears of Gu Shenliu's fans could merge into the fifth largest ocean in the world!

Netizens zoomed in on the photo without missing any clues. As a result, everyone was surprised to find that the photo was taken on a beach. Everyone asked the poster: "Hello, where was the photo taken?"

@Yellow Croaker Does Not Eat Fish : "Fans, I asked the staffs at the hotel! Although the staffs refused to say the name, they still agreed that it was a famous Chinese movie star who was proposing, so you can decide for yourself!"

——Wow! See that the address of the posted is in the White Horse Manor in Maldives? White Horse Manor has a great sense of design, inexplicably I think it matches my aesthetics.


——Hey, I remember that Jiang Yu posted on Weibo this morning that she was taking pictures for the store’s anniversary promotion in Maldives! At that time, everyone suspected that she was on vacation with her boyfriend. Maldives, the beach... Am I thinking too much?

——I also think something is wrong... 

——Hype? Web drama hype! For things like Gu Shenliu's marriage, I refuse! How dare Jiang Yu marry Gu Shenliu! My family Shenliu worths billions and he still have a listed company in his hands. Even if he doesn’t film, he is still rich! What ability does she have to marry my family Shenliu!

——Jiang Liu CP is king!

There had been a lot of trouble on the Internet and all the gossip accounts on Weibo had contacted the entertainment industry, wanting to know if this was true or not.

However, Gu Shenliu's phone was turned off! Gaojing's mobile phone is turned off! All members of the Gu family's mobile phones were turned off! Even if they wanted to inquire, they couldn't find out.

Mrs. Pa, who liked to gossip about the entertainment industry the most on Weibo, posted a blog:

[Don't be impatient, everyone, I haven't received any news yet! Although some people say that Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu were together a long time ago, everyone knows that it's just a hype! So, don't believe the rumors!]

All the reporters from the entertainment magazines were dispatched to block Gu Shenliu in all the places where he might hang out. Some people also inquired about Gu Shenliu's return flight and planned to intercept him at the airport.

"Oops!" Bei Xiaoxiao looked at the comments on the Internet and was a little anxious: "Jiang Yu doesn't know what's going on and she can't be contacted at all. I have to tell her to handle this people online!"

"Maybe it's because the network in Maldives is not good? Besides, President Jiang has been busy all the time and it is rare for her to take a vacation, so she probably doesn't want to surf the Internet!" Zhong Xiaoping said.

Bei Xiaoxiao looked sad, "My taro ball! Actually, I want to know more about whether this is true or not! Did Movie Emperor Gu really propose? As a best friend, if it is true, I really want to witness it with my own eyes! "

Zhong Xiaoping heard people talk about Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu, but Jiang Yu had always kept a low profile. She had never seen the two of them get close with her own eyes, and she had always been skeptical about this matter. But following Bei Xiaoxiao’s tone, were the two really together?

Although Zhong Xiaoping was not a fan of Gu Shenliu, she was a fan of Jiang Yu! When she thought that Jiang Yu was likely to marry Gu Shenliu, she couldn't help being excited: "The other party is Gu Shenliu! If President Jiang can marry him, doesn't it mean that she is holding a golden thigh!"

Bei Xiaoxiao hummed: "Although I care about the conditions very well, it's true! But my taro ball is also not bad!"

"Yeah!" Zhong Xiaoping looked adoring: "President Jiang is only 21 years old, and she is already a master! She has her own company and is worth hundreds of millions. Even the First Lady of the country asked her to design clothes. This kind of life trajectory is simply textbook style.!"

After Zhong Xiaoping finished speaking, she couldn't help feeling disappointed. She had always regarded Jiang Yu as a goal, but even if she ran and chased, she couldn't keep up at all.

And these things, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu naturally didn't know.

White Horse Manor.

Any man who propose would be so uneasy, even if he knew that if there was no accident, the other party would definitely agree, but during the time Jiang Yu was silent, Gu Shenliu knelt on the ground and still felt that his heart was about to jump out of his body.

After the marriage proposal was over, he put the ring on Jiang Yu's finger, and only then Gu Shenliu's heart dropped.

The two walked back hand in hand.

Gao Jing snorted, glanced at the young couple in front of him showing affection, and said sourly: "I said, Eldest Brother Gu, do you think Shenliu is a little too caring? He's not married yet, but he already gave up his career for his girlfriend and became a family cook. Wouldn't it be worst when he really got married and had children?"

Gu Linlu raised his brows and asked, "Jealous?"

"Jealous? Jealous?" Gao Jing swallowed and said, "Me, jealous? Jealous of Shenliu? Haha! He could almost be called househusband!"

Gu Linlu looked at the two people walking hand in hand in front of him, and said solemnly, "Shenliu... it's his luck to meet Jiang Yu!"


Gu Linlu said: "Didn’t you notice that Shenliu's dark circles have faded a lot? The redness in his eyes is also gone? To be honest, although he had a stable personality in the past, I was always worried when I looked at him, I was afraid that my youngest brother would lose his mind and jump down from a building! I understand Shenliu's character, even if he is about to die, he will leave rationally and will never bring any discomfort to his family. Our whole family has been worried about him. Isn't it great that the noise can disappear for a while? As long as the two are together, my brother will be fine! What's the big deal about the rest? As for the money...we take care of the family a lot, we don't need him to make money, what we have is already enough to spend or a few lifetimes! If he still wants to act, I will invest in a few movies for him to play! These are small things!"

Under the hot wind in the Maldives, Gao Jing only felt his heart bow! Has the brother-complex of this man advanced to this level? Show off his youngest brother while showing off his wealth in a fancy way... Gu Linlu, so you are such a person!

Everyone left, Gao Jing looked at the sky reddened by the sunset, and couldn't help but smile. Although he often joked that Gu Shenliu was about to become a wife fearing househusband, but in the end, as a friend, he was happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

In the evening, they had a family dinner at the restaurant on the island.

The available restaurants were all very expensive. These so-called delicacies were expensive but very little in portion. Looking at the long bill at checkout, Jiang Yu suddenly missed the taste of instant noodles.

"It's still far worse than Mu Ran's cooking..." Jiang Yu wailed.

"Indeed!" Gu Linlu wiped his mouth and put down his fork gracefully: "Chef Mu is really good at cooking, once you eat it, it's unforgettable."

After the meal, Jiang Yu played with the sand on the beach while holding Xiao Q.

"Auntie, Xiao Q has been talking a lot recently!"

"Yeah!" Mother Gu said with a smile, "Xiao Q talk a little bit late. Unlike his uncle where he started speaking many times at the age of one. When he is as old as Xiao Q, he can already sing and recite poetry!"

Jiang Yu was startled and then realized that the so-called uncle was Gu Shenliu.

"It doesn't matter if it is early or late, to be able to talk and express himself, Xiao Q is already good!"

"Yeah, Xiao Q likes his aunt. When he is at home, he said he wants to find the aunt every day."

Jiang Yu heard the words and smiled: "Auntie, next time can I bring Xiao Q to our company to play? Our company has a children's playground and there are many children there."

"I know!" Mother Gu was a knowledgable fan. She smiled and said, "I saw your company's decoration on Weibo."

Jiang Yu hugged Mother Gu and smiled, "Auntie Gu, you are so kind!"

"Haha, you child!" Mother Gu laughed: "It is his blessing that my family Shenliu found you!" After she finished speaking, she took Jiang Yu's hand and said solemnly: "Shenliu has been suffering from that problem for many years and there has never been a cure. When we found out that you could cure his problem, our whole family was very very happy!"

This remark made Jiang Yu unable to regain her senses for a while and she asked in confusion: "Problem? What problem?"

Mother Gu was taken aback: "The problem where he always hear train sound in his ears, why? He didn't tell you?"

Jiang Yu was obviously startled, "The sound of a train?"

Jiang Yu's expression didn't seem to be pretending. Only then did Mother Gu knew that Jiang Yu didn't know about this. She thought that because the two had been together for so long, Jiang Yu must have known. After all, the two got along day and night, how could Jiang Yu didn’t know about the noise in Gu Shenliu's ears?

"What? Shenliu didn't tell you?" Mother Gu understood for a while after thinking about it. "He, that's his temperament. He definitely doesn't want you to sympathize with him or treat him differently. He thinks it's his own business. Even if he's tortured to death by the noise, he still wouldn't want to bother you!"

The first time Jiang Yu heard about this, she was puzzled. It wasn't until Mother Gu told her what happened that she knew that Gu Shenliu had been tortured by this inexplicable noise since childhood and could not lead a normal life.

Couldn't sleep all year round? It's no wonder that when she first saw Gu Shenliu, he looked like a man with serious case of overindulgence. It turned out that he was not overindulging, but that he couldn't sleep well!

How would it feel to be unable to sleep all year round? Jiang Yu couldn't imagine that, after all, she was sometimes busy with work, sleeping less than six hours a day, she would feel sick and nauseous when she woke up in the morning. Besides, she had always liked quietness, in fact, who didn’t like it? She could bear hearing the screeching sound of the train passing by occasionally, but if she kept listening to it, she would probably suffer from mania, right? If someone dared to make loud noises near her when she was concentrating on work, she probably would have the urge to take a machete.

But Gu Shenliu had been tortured like this since he was a child, but he developed such a calm character, without getting crooked, without forming a personality full of resentment, it was simply too amazing!

Jiang Yu listened to Mother Gu talking about how Gu Shenliu was tortured by noise when he was a child and felt very distressed. If she knew she could cure Gu Shenliu's problem, she would have lived with Gu Shenliu long ago. This feeling where only she could cure him in the world... was nice!

After dinner, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu walked hand in hand on the dark beach, the sound of waves kept coming from their ears, there were only a few scattered lights not far away, and the sea was pitch black without any light.

"Gu Shenliu." Jiang Yu said.


"Mother Gu said that there will be a strange noises in your ear."

Gu Shenliu looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief. After a while he whispered, "You know?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Gu Shenliu snorted and laughed at himself: "So what if I tell you? Could it be that you want to stop working and will stay by my side every day? Besides, I don't want you to think too much, thinking that I like you because of this. To be with you is my own business, I should take responsibility. I am a man, so there is no reason for my women to worry about myself."

Jiang Yu understood Gu Shenliu’s insistence. This was a man who liked to carry everything by himself. "However, Gu Shenliu..."

Jiang Yu suddenly raised the corners of her lips, her smile was very gentle, she seemed harmless to humans and animals, but the glint in her eyes made her look like a treacherous little fox.

Gu Shenliu seemed to hear the crackling sound of Jiang Yu’s abacus. His expression remained unchanged and he stared straight at her with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. "En?" His eyes were doting, waiting for her to continue.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Mr. Gu, your future wife is really busy..."


"She has to make clothes for the First Lady of the country, is busy with the decoration of the haute couture studio, and she also has to prepare for the opening show! So, she decided to leave the haute couture opening show to you and let her dear future husband handle it, what do you think?"

Gu Shenliu's expression did not change, he only raised his eyebrows lightly. "Oh?"

Jiang Yu nodded again and again: "Look, you are an insider with a wide network of contacts, and you haven't had much work to do recently, so it's just right for you! It just so happens that the staff of your studio can help me with operations, publicity, planning, and marketing... You have it all over there, just right for the crisis where I have no one available!"

Gu Shenliu laughed heartily. "You cunning lady!"

"How is it? Do you agree?" Jiang Yu said and took one step ahead: "If you don't agree, I'll stay away from you!"

Gu Shenliu frowned slightly, not understanding what Jiang Yu meant for a while.

Jiang Yu laughs: "You can't refuse my request! Otherwise, I will stay far away from you and let you suffer from the noise!"


"If you dare to do anything wrong to me in the future, I will stay away from you and let the train run around in your ears!"


Gu Shenliu suddenly felt like he was on a pirate ship.

Jiang Yu suddenly showed a saint like smile, and at this moment, Gu Shenliu seemed to see the circle of light around her head.

"So, Mr. Gu, you have to work hard! I'll leave the opening show to you! Meanwhile, you also need to arrange my trip to go to Beijing to meet the First Lady of the country so that I can prepare her tailor-made clothes!"

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she even threatened: "Otherwise, I will stay far away from you!"

"..." God, can this wife be replaced?

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    1. I always thought that would be the normal thing then i realised gawd reading so many white lotus fl novels has made my thinking crooked...ofcourse if they have confidence nd trust between eachother they would not suspect the feelings of ur spouse towards u...*sigh*


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