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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 99 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 99 – Publicity (2)

Jiang Yu didn't like to have bad relationships with others. She quickly analyzed in her heart that she had no grievances or enmity with the Anna, and the other party definitely knew that she had her own clothing company and that she had a little money, but even so, Anna still didn't want to smile at her. Huh, even if she was Durres' friend, why so bad?

Jiang Yu quickly realized that Anna's attitude was entirely because she did not hand over a satisfactory answer sheet. In other words, her achievements in the fashion circle were not enough to impress an editor-in-chief like Anna. 

Taobao? Tmall? Those were indeed popular but selling FMCG didn’t mean fashion. Those clothes on Taobao often had nothing to do with fashion at all! Jiang Yu admired Anna more. She was able to be the editor-in-chief of a top fashion magazine for so many years, perhaps because of the other party's rigorous attitude towards fashion.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu still smiled and said, "Editor-in-chief Anna, I have been busy with haute couture store recently and did not attend Fashion Week! I hope my haute couture works will leave a good impression on you, editor-in-chief!"

When Anna heard the words, she was stunned for a moment. She didn't expect Jiang Yu to be indifferent to her deliberately making things difficult at such a young age. Yes, she admitted that she was deliberately making things difficult for the girl, compared to those designers who had worked in luxury brands for many years, this girl's resume was simply kindergarten level! Taobao? How could a good designer open an ordinary Taobao store in a place where imitation goods were plentiful?

Thinking of this, Anna shook her head. "I hope the works you come up with are not the bad goods of Taobao!" After that, she hung up the phone.

Jiang Yu didn't appear depressed because of Anna’s words. Well to be exact, she was so busy that she didn't even have time to be depressed.

Three days later, the promotional video for Jiang Yu’s haute couture studio came out.

The black and white picture quality captured Jiang Yu's heart since the beginning. The picture of the video was very clean and simple, and it had the style of a blockbuster. From the beginning, it explained the hard work of a designer and the current situation of the design industry. Then, the camera moved to Jiang Yu, who was drafting a design to show her difficulties. It expressed the entanglement and pointed out the problems and solutions that Jiang Yu encountered in the design process.

Clothing was also progressive from pre-historic to the Republic of China, and the story was expressed by the way of storytelling. For example, when talking about the original style of clothing, Durres edited the story script like this:

[Sang, who lived more than 20,000 years ago, often went out to hunt. The prey he caught became his lunch and the animal skins left behind were made into clothes. Sang used animal bones to sew animal skins and animal teeth, bone, stone beads worn as bracelets or necklaces. The sleeveless animal skin clothes made by Sang and the skirts that cover the buttocks, even today, are also linked to fashion. Later, Sang's descendant Hu Yu discovered the stone and ceramic spinning wheels, he began to spin clothes with vegetable fibers, and later, people also invented crowns, boots, headdresses, accessories, etc.]

Durres wrote the history in an interesting way and combined it well with Jiang Yu's costumes, making this promotional film very documentary-like, and at the same time, it looked very high end.

After watching, Jiang Yu admired it very much: "Durres, you are really talented!"

"That's right! I, Durres, is not just bragging! Just taking pictures and making videos, no one in China can compare to me!" Durres snorted, very proud.

"Haha! Although there is a taste of boasting, it is the truth! By the way, I plan to release this video tomorrow night!"

"Okay, I'll send it to you right away!"

Jiang Yu closed the computer with a smile and the clips from the video flashed in her mind. She had to say that even after watching the video, she felt agitated in her heart and could not calm down for a long time. She would love to travel back and experience the clothing of each era! There was also an urge to wear the clothes she made!

At 8 p.m. the next day, Jiang Yu released the video and edited Weibo to say:

[Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to tell you the good news that the first Haute Couture store of Jiang Yu Studio is about to open! It's located at No. 303 XX Street, Shencheng! It covers an area of 2,200 square meters, has three floors and 270-degree floor-to-ceiling windows! This is our store's promotional video "China’s Fashion"! Produced by my good friend @Photographer Durres, I hope you like it!]

After this Weibo was sent out, Jiang Yu refreshed it again, but saw that this Weibo did not have any repost or comment!

Jiang Yu was startled, suspecting that something was wrong with her Weibo! How could this be possible? Usually there were at least a few thousand reposts and comments by now! This unscientific! Was it possible that everyone was not interested in the video?

After a few minutes, Jiang Yu refreshed again, only then she saw 300 people reposted it. Seeing this data, Jiang Yu's heart sank completely. How could it be so bad? In the past, she used to have at least 10,000 or 20,000 reposts shortly after she posted a new Weibo, and the number of reposts in 24 hours could reach 30,000, but this time... just because everyone was not interested in haute couture? She had a lot of die-hard fans and these fans recognized her fashion taste and would not lose it easily. Why did people pay so little attention to the Weibo?

20 minutes have passed and there were still less than 1,000 reposts. Jiang Yu's heart completely sank to the bottom.

"Taro ball! Don't worry, maybe the Weibo data is delayed!" Durres comforted on WeChat. He was even sadder than Jiang Yu. He worked so hard to make the video for a long time. With patriotism and great love, he worked overnight to make it regardless of gains and losses. He knew that there was less interest in traditional clothing, but he didn't expect that fans would not buy it at all.

Durres quickly reposted the Weibo: "Everyone supports it! This is the promotional video of Jiang Yu’s Haute Couture Studio!"

However, after reposting, there were still few comments. The two were completely silent.

Jiang Yu didn't expect this result. It was worse than any of her Weibo. Even those casual grass planting Weibos could have 20,000 or 30,000 reposts, so why was this Weibo as low as 2,000? Could it be that everyone was really not interested in this kind of traditional national costume? Or was the scientific and educational style of this video too strong for fans to buy it? Or were the consumer groups mainly born in the 80s and 90s unable to appreciate such promotional videos?

Jiang Yu pondered various possibilities.

Everyone in the company realized what happened, and everyone looked at each other. For a time, the atmosphere in the company was very stiff.

Bei Xiaoxiao walked into the office and comforted in a low voice: "Jiang Yu, don't be sad, I believe that everyone will see your intentions!"

Jiang Yu rubbed her forehead. She was just looked down upon by the editor-in-chief of <VQ>. She thought she could use this promotional video to show everyone her design, but she didn't expect that no one would buy it! Could it be that because she hadn't done couture design for so long that the level had dropped?

"Forget it! It’s not a big deal if no one see it, let's start all over again!" Bei Xiaoxiao said.

Jiang Yu frowned and was about to speak when she saw Bei Xiaoxiao's eyes staring at the screen as if she saw something incredible. She then rubbed her eyes and stared at the screen for a while: 

"Jiang Yu! Is there something wrong with your computer? Why did the repost volume suddenly increase from 2,000 to more than 50,000? Is the computer error?"

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, lying in front of the computer in disbelief.

"How is this possible?" The number of reposts and comments suddenly jumped three levels, jumping from 2,000 to 50,000 at once! Refresh again, jump directly to 70,000! Just 5 minutes after, it jumped directly to 90,000!

Jiang Yu swallowed her saliva. She was also frightened by this number! This was not the Weibo that usually got hot fast. It was not an explosive news of an actore marrying an actress or proof that a good man in the entertainment industry was actually a cheater, it was just an ordinary clothing promotional video. She originally thought 50,000 was a good number, but she didn't expect it to jump directly to 90,000! And the number was still increasing!

Every time Jiang Yu refreshes, the number was rising. At 11:00, the repost volume directly exceeded 100,000!

At the same time, everyone was frantically leaving messages.

——Sh*t! I just finished watching! I cried badly!

——I just realized that I didn’t forward the message after reading it, so I come back and make up one! It's very different from other fashion promotional video!

——OMG! I was hooked by Jiang Yu!

——My friend Durres? What the hell? Is that a real name? Ha ha! LOL! Why not call it Okamoto? It’s also extremely thin! (TN: As reminder, Durres name is pronounced the same as a condom brand :P)

——Taro ball! I used to dislike traditional Chinese clothing, but after watching your promotional video, I suddenly felt that I was not worthy of being a Chinese. Our primitive ancestors started fighting for fashion more than 20,000 years ago, but I didn’t expect that us Chinese people now are not as good as other countries in terms of clothing!

——Koreans are very supportive of their local things, why don't we support our own country's clothing?

"Jiang Yu! Great! It's not that everyone doesn't forward or comment! It’s just that everyone is busy watching the video!" Bei Xiaoxiao said happily.

Seeing everyone's messages, Jiang Yu's eyes were moist. These 80s and 90s born people not only understand the spirit she wanted to convey, but were more patriotic and had a sense of national responsibility than she imagined!

——OMG! My heart gets agitated, I really want to travel back to see the clothes our ancestors wore! I really want to go to Jiang Yu's store to try on these clothes!

——Jiang Yu, your design is great! Can I go to your haute couture store even if I don't have the money?

——What a great design! Although I don't understand it, I find it inexplicably awesome! Just like the clothes on the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture show! Or even better!

——I must support domestic clothing more in the future!

——My taro ball is amazing, ah, ah, ah! ... The people in the video is also so cute, especially the expression of using animal bones to make clothes, hahaha! Naturally cute!

——Taro ball is so beautiful! The action of bending over when making clothes, suddenly her long legs look like they were 180 cm! I want to marry you home!

The video was going viral on the Internet! 

It caused a great sensation. For a time, everyone was talking about the video and many also reposting it crazily on WeChat moments. Newspapers and media were scrambling to report it. Many people went directly to the door of the company to block in order to interview Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu had no choice but to escape through the back door!

However, under such circumstances, an explosive opportunity came

After seeing the video, the First Lady of the country found Jiang Yu, expressed her appreciation for this series of clothing designed by Jiang Yu, and said: "Miss Jiang, I hope you can design clothes for me!"

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  1. i knew it, i also would watch and replay the vid if its that great yk

  2. Like many people in position of power Anna was acting rude in name of "testing" a person. Such is the excuse of people who believe they are better than others as it just shows how thry lack manners. I seriously don't get it. Do they get high on it or something?
    I was taught to be polite to everybody regardless of status, job etc., at least until the person shows with their behavior that they don't deserve respect.


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