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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 93 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 93 – Eat you (2)

Hearing this, Zhuang Xu frowned. He said to his assistant impatiently, "Call the mental hospital and tell them that their patient ran out!"

——Haha, mental hospital, this is a big misunderstanding!

——Gu Shenliu is so handsome and his acting skills are good. It is not exaggerated at all! This is a non-mainstream president.

——Although it is not a big production, because the costumes and makeup are so sophisticated in all aspects, I don’t feel that Gu Shenliu’s force has been lowered when I watch the play.

——Yes, it feels like a movie.

——Jiang Yu is still very powerful.

——Passer-by turn to Jiang Yu’s fan.

——The lighting is really good, although many actors are not famous, but the character setting are amazing so it is really attractive. This crew is very good at picking actors!

After the third episode, <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> became the most discussed drama in the first half of the year, and all netizens were talking about it. At this moment, a netizen cut everyone's clothes in the play, and specially compiled the clips while the actors and actress were walking into a video. The finished video gives people an illusion as if all the actors were walking on a stage and the clothes on them were the clothes for a catwalk.

——Wow! Who is so talented? This video is simply a collection of costumes from <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>!

——Awesome! The clothes are so pretty! Are these clothes sold on Tmall?

——Jiang Yu's Tmall store is selling it. Jiang Yu is really a winner in life! Rich and talented! She also looks beautiful, hey, if such a person marries into a wealthy family and finds a handsome man, her life will be complete.

——Jiang Yu married? Except for Gu Shenliu, I don't accept anyone else!

At the same time, Zheng Lan, the head of Tmall, sent a message: "President Jiang, the video has been released and the response is not bad!"

"I see!" Jiang Yu exited the video and laughed: "Give the editing staff more bonuses! This video is well done!"


"By the way, put the video on the Tmall website and then go to the bottom and post the Tmall link! Tmall ads must keep up!"

"Understood!" Zheng Lan said.

Tmall only sold the clothes in the drama so far. These clothes were the hard work of Jiang Yu team, but there was also Jiang Yu's hard work in it. If it was not worn in the drama, it was no doubt that the clothes wouldn’t be as productive. In other words, she invested in the drama and made costumes for this drama, her goal had always been very clear, to make money! Improve her style! Let her Jiang Yu brand became better known.

Judging from Tmall's sales, this goal had been achieved.

In fact, many Tmall brands had sponsored idol dramas, such as the three squirrels snack company. The money-burning model had allowed the brand to expand rapidly. Although the quality was difficult to guarantee after expansion as products with problems were often found, but sales had been rising and the brand's exposure had also increased!

Jiang Yu's goal was achieved because just the day after the third episode aired, Zheng Lan came over excitedly and said: "President Jiang! It exploded! It exploded!"

"What's going on?" Jiang Yu raised her eyes.

"Sales exploded!"

"Oh?" Jiang Yu pondered for a moment and said lightly: "Over 100 million?"

"..." Zheng Lan was killed in seconds, she said weakly: "It's over 50 million…" She slipped away! OMG! President Jiang was so terrifying, her heart was too big! Not long after its establishment, the sales volume of over 50 million was actually nothing to her! She asked for 100 million, really not letting others live!

Behind, Jiang Yu laughed. 50 million? It's a nice number!

That night was destined to be a sleepless night, because after Aiqiqi's money arrived, Jiang Yu casually flipped through her cell phone text messages and found that her savings was over 100 million!

Over 100 million?

Looking at so many figures, Jiang Yu only felt that all this happened too fast, like a dream. In her previous life, in order to start a company and to speed up the pace of listing, she had to accept angel financing, but for her now, financing? She couldn’t even finish spending her own money, so why spend other people's money?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu was thinking about spending the money well!

100 million sounded like a lot, but what could she do? Buy house? Just now, Jiang Yu heard other people's comments, saying that the house in the school district of Second Elementary School had exceeded 10 million. The price of 10 million was not high in Jiang Yu's opinion, but when she asked, she found out that the house was only 40 square meters! Thinking about it this way, her money was not enough to buy a few school district houses.

Now that houses were subject to purchase restrictions and property tax was also being promoted, buying a house was no longer a high-return investment. Because of this Jiang Yu would definitely not use all her money to buy a house.

Sitting on the boss chair, Jiang Yu looked out the window, thinking in her heart, how should she spend all this money!

At this time, Jado's Tmall was ready, but it had not yet opened. Because Jado's bags were all handmade, the factory in Italy was quite slow. Jiang Yu was afraid that the shortage would affect the sales, so Jado needed time to stock up first.

Jiang Yu analyzed her source of funds and found that one-tenth of her income came from the acne treatment products! It was unimaginable that such things as acne mask and acne repair cream could bring her such a large income. Also, the reason for the high income was not only because of high sales, but also because of large profits. Skin care products were the most profitable!

In addition, many fans on Weibo were clamoring for her to make makeup line and skin care line. Jiang Yu had included a makeup brand in her next plan and had begun to headhunt and look for chemical-related talents to do research. She had also been in close contact with some companies, intending to reach cooperation and launch truly cost-effective products.

Just then, a little girl left a message on Jiang Yu’s Weibo and asked:

[Jiang Yu, I found that you haven't done any cream foundation so far. There are many easy-to-use products. Do you have any recommendations?]

Cream foundation? Speaking of this, there was a trend to replace liquid foundation. Now many people think that foundation was heavy and not light enough, so they would choose cream foundation instead. Just like Koreans advocating the use of makeup primers, the Japanese disdained the use of air cushions, but a lot of cream foundations had been invented.

Jiang Yu thought about it and recalled 2 pictures of cream foundations from her mobile phone, and posted it on Weibo:

[There have been a lot of people asking about cream foundation recently. The reason why I didn't give a review is because the price of cream foundation is generally expensive. In fact, several cream foundation on the market are good. Let me talk about the two I use frequently, Kanebo Twany Century and EXCIA.

Let's talk about Kanebo Twany first. This brand also has spring, summer, autumn, and winter versions but the effect of using it is much worse. The price of the ultimate cream foundation is more than 1,000. It is the legendary lady's cream! It's expensive, but it's worth it! Moisturizing enough, not too heavy, not dull, and long lasting! Although the price is high, it is almost the most comfortable to use among all the creams.

Although EXCIA was a slightly heavier type, it is good in terms of coverage and moisturizing! It is more moisturizing than Kanebo Twany.

In addition to these two, Cle de Peau Beaute foundation is also very cost-effective, it will create an egg shell effect, glossy and translucent, but not concealing, so suitable for people with already good skin.

Meanwhile, Decorte AQ foundation is too moisturizing and greasy, so I will not recommend!]

——Dada, I hope you plant grass every day.

——By the way, the Japanese really like to invent cream foundation. Do they really not like air cushion?

——Indeed, there seems to be no air cushion foundation in Japan.

——I've always been using liquid foundation, is a liquid foundation different from a cream foundation? I really want to buy it!

Jiang Yu: "Foundation is divided into three types: liquid foundation, cream foundation, and powder foundation. The texture of cream foundation is cream-like, which will be better than liquid foundation for concealing and repairing."

——You plant grass again? Happy!

At the same time, Taobao's small purchasing agents went to major shopping malls in Japan to snap up cream foundations. They needed to act fast, it they were late even for one minute, someone else would snap everything in seconds!

The salespersons in Japan saw that cream foundation was selling well, so she quickly gave a thumbs up and praised: "Cream foundation is easy to use! Air cushion is garbage, it can't be called a foundation at all!"

Planting grass to others made Jiang Yu in a good mood. When it was time to get off work, Gu Shenliu came to pick her up on time.

"You seem to have been out of work recently?" Jiang Yu was a little strange.

Recently, the two have been living together in a semi-cohabitation state. Sometimes Jiang Yu would sleep in the office if she worked late, but most of the time, as long as Gu Shenliu was there, she would go to Xiang Song Garden. But recently, the more often Gu Shenliu came to pick her up, the more Jiang Yu realized that Gu Shenliu seemed to have been out of work for several weeks.

It shouldn't be! For an actor like Gu Shenliu, normally his work should be scheduled at least until next year, so how could he not work?

"I want to rest." Gu Shenliu said softly.

When the two arrived at the house, Gu Shenliu skillfully buttoned up his apron and said as he entered the kitchen: "The fruit is cut for you! Eat some fruit and watch TV and take a break. The meal will be ready soon!"

The tall figure walked into the kitchen, looking a little out of line. He was wearing a T-shirt she designed, his lower body was casual home trousers and he wore a pair of flip-flops. He was tall, handsome, and very stylish! Not to mention anything else, Jiang Yu noticed that Gu Shenliu's hip line was very nice just by looking at the back. It should be said that no matter what aspect she looked at, this man was perfect and impeccable. In bed he was also always perfect.

But it got weird!

"..." Jiang Yu gave Gu Shenliu a strange look.

To be honest, this Gu Shenliu made her feel very unfamiliar. How could she say that Gu Shenliu, who had always been very high-profile, had actually become a family cook? This was so weird, it didn’t look right!

Jiang Yu glanced at the fruit plate in front of her again, frowning even tighter.

Speaking of which, Gu Shenliu was a very sentimental person. For example, whenever he was at home, he would light a good incense. He also had high requirements for the quality of household items, the fruit plate in front of Jiang Yu had dragon fruit, kiwi, mangosteen, passion fruit, pineapple... All were cut and placed in a delicate three-layered order. The colors also matched well. There were also a few macarons and delicate pastries on the side, making Jiang Yu had an illusion of having afternoon tea at a luxury hotel.

Jiang Yu glanced at Gu Shenliu in the kitchen again. Strange! Too strange!

Jiang Yu suddenly realized that their positions seemed to be reversed. After entering the door, Gu Shenliu would light incense, choose household items, cut fruit for the family to eat, cook, etc. These were things that were usually done by women! But she unfortunately found that she had never done these things! She seemed to have work harder to contribute in the household and not just work on her business!

As soon as Gu Shenliu came out, he noticed Jiang Yu's inquiring gaze. "What?" he asked in a low voice.

"Do you want to boil a frog in warm water?"

Gu Shenliu raised his brows lightly, the cold god was still there: "Why do you see it like that?"

Jiang Yu said piece by piece: "Because you are so strange recently! Picking me up from work on time, prepare fruit for me, bring me food, come back at night to cook for me, and soak my feet before going to bed! I always have the illusion that I am a frog and will be cooked by you."

Gu Shenliu's long and narrow eyes were stained with a little smile. The corners of his mouth twitched into a smile that was not a smile: "So, do you have a sense of panic?"

Jiang Yu nodded silently. Was this human inferiority? She was just not used to being treated like this all of a sudden.

Gu Shenliu touched Jiang Yu’s head and said solemnly: "What the hell are you thinking about? Boil frogs in warm water? Do you think warm water can really boil frogs?"

After he finished speaking, Gu Shenliu said: "Let Senior Brother tell you that a frog will not die if it is boiled in warm water, because it will jump out of the pot ahead of time."


Gu Shenliu's body came over. He directly hugged Jiang Yu and hooked her waist. He then held her hand and leaned down. His voice was dyed with lust: "Little frog, what should I do? I want to eat you!"

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