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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 95 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 95 – Cooperation (2)

"You want to represent Jado?"


"Where are the counters located?"

After hearing this, the manager scolded Jiang Yu for being treacherous in her heart. In Kafan, the location of brand counters was very particular. Kafan was a duty-free shop for imported goods. There were many brands, not to mention bags. There were not only small brands such as Coach, but also big brands such as Chanel. Jiang Yu himself had worked at Kafan, of course she knew this. Then, this question was interesting, put Jado's counter next to Coach? This was tantamount to classifying Jado into the class of Coach. Even if the price of Jado was higher than that of Coach, customers sometimes only looked at the surface. Once such an inherent impression was formed, it was difficult to change, but if Jado was intentionally placed on the side of LV, Celine, and Chanel, it would be very different!

The manager said in her heart that Jiang Yu was worthy of being a little fox. In the past, she only thought that Jiang Yu was lucky and the audience was good, but now that she looked at it, it was not the case! She only mentioned cooperation, but the other party already thought of counter location. This question made her very embarrassed!

"Haha." The manager laughed dryly: "We still need to discuss the placement of the counter before deciding."

"Manager, why being perfunctory with me? It's just a counter, it's just for you to set up our counter next to a big brand so that customers know Jado's positioning and grade, how difficult is it? ?" Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows.

The manager couldn't decide, so she said, "I'll ask the boss!"

5 minutes later, the manager went online again and said directly: "The boss said everything is at your command!"

Jiang Yu almost cheered for Kafan's boss in her heart. The boss looked stupid but was actually smart. If nothing else, the boss asked the manager to send famous brand products for her use, which seemed to be a loss, but Kafan sales doubled because of this. They sent many famous brand bags to the drama crew, and after the drama was broadcast, people who went to Kafan to buy things had to queue up to pay. This was Kafan, a luxury store, not a store selling radish and cabbage!

After these few things, Jiang Yu praised the boss! Even more curious, she didn't know what Kafan's boss looked like.

Jia Xing had never been involved in decision-making. He was very excited when Jiang Yu said this, because he had long wanted to start his business in China. When he thought that Jado could enter China, he couldn't help but want to worship Jesus three times! Yeah! He can go to China! He can make a lot of money! he can buy meat to eat! He can switch to better cat food!

"No, Jiang Yu, by opening a store, will it affect Jado's Tmall sales?"

"No!" Jiang Yu said with certainty: "Kafan is very famous and has stores in many cities. If our brand can really set up a counter next to Chanel, I can guarantee that it will be beneficial to us and not harmful at all. Besides, Kafan does not have stores in every city, but Tmall can target all Chinese population! The popularity of the store can also introduce traffic to Tmall! I think you can give it a try!"

"Really?" Jia Xing has been expanding its scale. The original Jado had only a few stores in Italy, so handmade bags could be done slowly, but now it was different. If they wanted to open Tmall, they couldn’t underestimate the purchasing power of the Chinese people. It was imperative to expand the scale, plus the package had to travel across the ocean, so the delivery cycle was long. The last time Jiang Yu put Jado's package in her Taobao store, it was sold out in a few hours, that speed... He still felt unreal to this day!

Therefore, Jiang Yu specially delayed the opening, so be sure to make thorough preparations.

"That's good! I agree!"

Therefore, while Jiang Yu was busy with the opening of the high-end haute couture store and the opening of Jado Tmall, she also had to prepare for Jado to set up a counter in Kafan.

On Kafan’s side, they just did what the boss said. Just adding a counter was a trivial matter. Besides, Jado already had some stock in China, which was saved to prepare for the opening of Tmall! Now they were just enough to be used in Kafan.

It's not a big problem to decorate a counter. Jiang Yu personally designed the style and decoration, and handed over the following to a special person to supervise the work. In short, after Shencheng's counter was made, she was quite satisfied, at least it was placed next to Chanel. 

At this moment, the final exam came. This time, Jiang Yu was the same as last time. She read at night with the lights on before the exam. She felt that she needed to do well in the exam. In fact, she had very low requirements for herself, as long as the grades were not too ugly!

After several exams, Jiang Yu did not stop and went directly to work in the company.

Soon it was time for the students to leave school, and everyone was happy for the upcoming summer vacation. But Jiang Yu didn't feel it at all. She had to work all day in summer vacation. When she only occasionally heard the news about the summer vacation, she would think of the so-called relatives far away in the small county. It was strange that those people didn't come to Shencheng to ask her for money, which surprised her. 
Five days after the final exam, Kafan’s counter decoration was completed. A store like Kafan couldn't wait for the counter to dry before moving things in. Time was money, so once the decoration was finished, the manager urged them to stock up.

Jiang Yu was surprised to hear the news. "It's on sale so soon?"

"Soon? We only need a month to renovate a little bit for a small counter. What's the problem?" After finishing speaking, the manager smiled and said, "The day after tomorrow is a good day. Our boss said we will open for sale at 8:00 am the day after tomorrow, so please help us promote it when you arrive."

"Okay!" Jiang Yu agreed.

"By the way, do you still owe us a visit right? Why don't you help us on the platform the day after tomorrow?" The manager reminded.

"..." However, after all, Jado was Jiang Yu’s own brand. For the promotion of Kafan, she could help Jado stir up the heat. Now the drama was on the rise and the click rate had been rising. The latest episode had passed 2.5 billion clicks, and the leaders of Aiqiqi were smiling when they sleep!

Now there were news related to the drama everywhere. There were discussions on Weibo, discussions in fashion magazines, and hot posts on Baidu every day. In short, news of the drama could be seen everywhere.

But of course Jiang Yu liked it.

It was not unwise for Kafan's boss to choose to get the selling rights at this time! Under the blessing of the popularity of the drama, fans wanted to buy Jado's bags every day.

Jiang Yu posted a Weibo that night and said with a smile:

[Taros! Let me tell you good news, Jado is about to cooperate with Kafan and set up a counter there! That is to say, from now on, you can buy Jado's bags in Kafan major cities’ stores! Guaranteed all Imported from Italy! All handmade! Excellent leather! Some models can be guaranteed to last for 3 years! People who are planted by Jiang Yu can go and see! The opening time is 8 am the day after tomorrow! I will also be there at that time. Congrats to those who went to buy bags! You can see Taro live!]

——I rely on! Jiang Yu, are you going too? Wow! I must go! I like you so much!

——I didn’t see you appear in the previous drama promotion. My home happens to be next to Shencheng’s Kafan. I will go there then!

——Taro ball Dada, in fact, I have seen you once, it is really beautiful! Long legs! Legs are better than anything!

——The appearance of taro ball is very high. I am an alumnus of Shenda University and I have seen her!

——I'm going to buy a bag!

——I like everything you've used Taro ball!

That night, this Weibo was reposted wildly and it became the highest number of reposts ever made by Jiang Yu’s Weibo!

Even Jiang Yu was surprised. In just over a day, there were 170,000 reposts! And many people said they wanted to come to see her, which made her stunned!

The next day, Jiang Yu reposted this Weibo and said with a smile, "See you at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning!"

——Oops! I will meet my favorite idol tomorrow! May I ask what clothes should I wear? urgent! Wait online!

——Upstairs, I know and I won’t tell you, because I’m going to see my husband tomorrow too! I won't let you rob me!

——You are good or bad! Woohoo... I go to school in Japan and can't go!

——Dada, you are also very famous in Japan. Come to Japan to do an event another day!

For her first live event, Jiang Yu was really inexperienced and she was in a hurry. She was thinking about the styling she was going to do in the morning that she didn't even do any work. Now, Gu Shenliu's wardrobe was almost filled by her, and it was full of her clothes.

Women were scary! Women who were fashion designers are even scarier! The cloakroom was simply filled with clothes. Most of them were designed by Jiang Yu herself, and there were some that she liked after watching a show, so she asked buyers to go to places like Paris Fashion Week to buy them for her. Buy, buy, buy, spend at least 2 million on skin care products and clothes every month. If she was not a designer herself, she was afraid that even 20 million would not be enough!

But there were too many clothes, and there was only one person, so it was impossible to wear them at all. One more problem – too many options!

For the difficulty of choosing, facing so many pieces of clothes, Jiang Yu only feels a headache!

Gu Shenliu stewed a bowl of bird's nest for Jiang Yu, and he couldn't help touching her lower abdomen. His expression remained the same, but his voice was low: "Are you going to visit Kafan tomorrow?"

"Yeah!" Jiang Yu flipped through her clothes and asked Gu Shenliu: "Which suit do you think I should wear tomorrow? I look so beautiful in anything that I can't choose!"


What was it like to have a narcissistic designer wife? Gu Shenliu felt that he could answer such a question.

Jiang Yu continued to struggle: "What style do you think I should go tomorrow? Is it sexy, cute, playful, youthful, or a retro beauty?"

"..." Gu Shenliu had no choice but to give an answer that couldn't go wrong: "You look good in whatever you wear!"

Jiang Yu also gave a sentence that women all over the world would say: "Your answere is the same as not saying anything!"

Gu Shenliu shrugged, narrowed his long and narrow eyes slightly, looked at a few of her clothes, and said, "Or you wear them all?"

"Wear all?" Jiang Yu was surprised for a moment.

"Aren't you going to promote for Jado tomorrow? You are not a star, so don't be too burdened. You can stand on this stage as you wish. You can change your clothes at any time and then match them with different styles of bags. This way, fans will buy when they see that you match well, and these combinations can also be posted on the Internet to stir up heat!"

Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu in surprise: "You have figured out all the routines!"

Gu Shenliu grinned: "As a man who is the lover of a well-known designer, I still have this ability!"

"Love you!" Jiang Yu kissed Gu Shenliu twice on the cheek and was about to leave, but Gu Shenliu grabbed the back of her head with his hand and gave her a deep kiss.

Jiang Yu's breath was a little disturbed by the kiss, but a certain man was obviously lustful, and he couldn't let go of her. He pushed her directly to the floor and they played in the cloakroom.

Jiang Yu hurriedly said, "Don't! I'm still choosing clothes!"

"Isn't it solved?" Gu Shenliu snorted coldly: "Take a few more clothes tomorrow! If it's really impossible, I'll take the cloakroom to you in a truck!" He untied Jiang Yu's clothes impatiently: "Okay, the plan has been given to you, so the rest of the time will be allocated to the left-behind man in your family!"

"..." Jiang Yu laughed, left behind man? So pitiful?

Gu Shenliu directly carried her to the table in the cloakroom.

Jiang Yu hugged Gu Shenliu’s head. He lowered his head and happened to lie in front of her softness.

After kissing for a while, Jiang Yu's body trembled slightly, feeling Gu Shenliu’s lips exploring her body.

"Gu Shenliu..." Jiang Yu was crying, and when she shouted, there was a hint of begging for mercy.

Gu Shenliu looked at Jiang Yu. Under the light, her skin was a little too good, like a freshly peeled egg, like porcelain, without the slightest blemish, with its own collagen, which made people want to take a bite. In fact, he did just that. He bit Jiang Yu's face and licked it. He loved her skin that was soft. In addition, her eyelashes were trembling, and there were a few tears hanging from it. Her voice was soft as if she was begging for mercy, it seemed that she was in urgent need of someone's love, so that he couldn’t refuse. He couldn’t wait to rub her into his body and fall in love a few more times.

When the two became one, Jiang Yu was about to cry. Recently, she was feeling better and better. She even seemed to be able to feel happy from this kind of thing. She finally understood why people love sex. "Gu Shenliu..."

"Huh?" Gu Shenliu groaned and licked her throat lovingly.

"Your skills are good!" It's not as unfamiliar as it was at the beginning, now Gu Shenliu was completely an old driver!

"Thank you Madam, for your affirmation!" Gu Shenliu grinned, his body trying harder to please Jiang Yu until she slumped in his arms and her body trembled slightly.

Both of them were happy, and Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu lovingly and went to wash. Seeing her sleepy appearance, he blamed himself. Did he ask for too much and tire her out? However, it wasn't because he had strong desires, but because Jiang Yu was too busy. 

When he was busy before, the two of them rarely met each other, and Gu Shenliu felt very guilty because of this. He wanted to be with her every day like any other boyfriend. After a long time, he simply asked Gao Jing to reject most of the work and stayed at home with Jiang Yu, but he didn't expect that he was not busy now, but she was as busy as a spinning top. Sometimes she slept in the studio after working all night. In addition to his distress, he could only develop more cooking skills and cook something delicious for her. Because of this, the two of them didn't spend much time alone. For a man like him who had just started eating meat, how could once every two or three days be enough? So, as long as she was free, he pulled her to do this kind of thing. It's also sad to say, making love depended on her schedule, to see when she had more than half an hour free. Was there a man more pitiful than him?

Thinking of this, Gu Shenliu kissed Jiang Yu's forehead, put her in the bathtub, and served her the whole time.

As for Jiang Yu, her eyes narrowed, his toes curled up, and he was so comfortable that he almost groaned. Seeing her unserved appearance, Gu Shenliu reacted again, however, considering that she would have an event tomorrow morning, he still held back.

A night without a dream, the sun was shining.  Sex really was a good thing, not only for inspiration, but also for a good night's sleep.

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu woke up refreshed. She glanced at the time and said anxiously:  "Oops! I forgot to pack my clothes last night! I haven't done my makeup yet! I'm going to be late!"  She hurried to the cloakroom and saw two suitcases lying on the ground.

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. She hurriedly turned to look at Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu's lips curled slightly, and said, "I have packed your clothes for you, you can go do your makeup!"

Looking at the handsome man in front of her, Jiang Yu smiled and stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips.  Scratching his hair again, she said lazily, "As expected of the man I like! He can do things!"

 "As expected of the woman I liked! Her mouth is so sweet!" After speaking, the two were starting to get crooked together again, and there was a deep kiss.

 If Gao Jing saw this scene, he would be calling dog abuse again!

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