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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 95 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 95 – Cooperation (1)

Just like Wang Weiwei's family-sponsored $4 million in 1990 to open her first wedding dress store in Manhattan, such a large-scale business was destined from the beginning to be different from others. The 2,000-square-meter, three-storey front facade rented in the prosperous area had to open haute couture store had become discussion topic everywhere. As everyone talked about it, they also guessed which brand with deep pockets would do such a stupid thing? After all, the business of brick-and-mortar stores, which had been hit by Internet shopping, was very sluggish, and therefore, even big-name clothing store had let go of this facade.

People in the industry were all waiting to see the joke, the tone of this matter was somewhat disapproving.

"Jiang Yu? Is she the only one who can stand up such a big store? She really doesn't know how high the sky is!"

"Take herself as a Lafayette? Even Lafayette would not dare to have such a big deal!"

"This little girl designs Taobao clothes and thinks she is a professional designer?"

"For fifty cents, bet she can't keep up for a year!"

However, what other people think, Jiang Yu was not interested to know. Her store was located in the most expensive shopping mall in Shencheng. LV, Chanel, Armani and other brand stores were all opened in this mall. The consumers of these brands were also one of the potential customers of Jiang Yu in the future.

It was destined to be linked with force from the beginning. As for profit, it was not in Jiang Yu's consideration for the time being, but she was sure that the name she got from it would definitely bring her unexpected profits. 

Jiang Yu told the interior design and decoration team not to neglect, on the other hand, she also started to design a few treasures for the store. Opening a store would inevitably require some exhibits, which should be displayed in the glass windows of the store, so that all customers who passed by could see her designs. This would be the first impression of her brand for customers. Besides, she also needed some products in her advertising, so she had to make a decent batch of clothes first.

Jiang Yu negotiated with Durres, and he made the promotional videos and advertisements. During the process of making clothes, Durres sent people to shoot all the time.

"President Jiang, the beading process you requested on this dress is too complicated, and my colleagues in the design department can't handle it. Please give instructions." Zhong Xiaoping was a little apprehensive. To be honest, it was only at this moment that she realized that she, like her colleagues in the design department, couldn't help Jiang Yu much. Whether it was design or production, they couldn't keep up with Jiang Yu's pace, which also showed their lack of knowledge and ability.

"This kind of craftsmanship is ancient, and it's normal for them not to know." Jiang Yu did not embarrass them, but said: "You let them in, I'll show them!"


The staff of the design department came in immediately, and Jiang Yu showed them how to do this kind of beading and how to connect the embroidery. All the staff was surprised and felt that Jiang Yu was talking about something that was impossible. Ordinary designers usually didn’t know these things, special things needed special talents, for embroidery beads they usually would find a special master.

"That's it, right?" However, several designers looked at each other in dismay, and dared not say that they couldn't get these things at all.

Jiang Yu had some headaches. The couture studio naturally needed to recruit people, but she didn’t want to look for them at random. With her current reputation, she could recruit ordinary designers but these designers were not enough for couture. She wanted to wait for the studio to be a hit before bringing in talent.

No one could do the intricate detail process, but she really had no time to do such a thing herself. For a time, Jiang Yu was in trouble.

The next day, Gu Shenliu sent Jiang Yu to school, and saw that her expression was a little sleepy and sad. "Having trouble?"

"Small difficulty, you also know that my high-end store is being renovated. Although there is still some time before it can be opened, the clothing for the store's display case and the first batch of samples must be made quickly, but you also know that something like this is very troublesome to make. Sometimes a team may not be able to do a good one in a few months, and I also lack help now, which makes the progress a little slow.

Jiang Yu paused and was worried: "But what I worry most about is the lack of professional brand marketing talents."

Alex didn't reply for a long time and it was difficult for Jiang Yu to find suitable ready-made talents.

"Marketing talent?" Gu Shenliu was silent for a moment, "I remember that Eldest Brother knows a few people who have worked in big brands. I'll ask him later when I come back."


Before she knew it, it's the end of June, and the annual exam month. Jiang Yu had rarely attended classes this semester, but she had been handing in the homework diligently. She was still very attentive to her studies despite her business, so the teacher also let her be.

The exam was coming, so the teacher played a few documentaries for everyone to review. The documentaries were about Chinese embroidery skills.

Jiang Yu looked fascinated.

Soon, after the documentary was broadcast, the teacher asked: "Remember the embroidery workshop we visited in our sophomore year? Ancient embroidery crafts like this are hard to see now, unless you go to places like Suzhou and Hangzhou, but even in such places, many embroidery crafts are gradually lost, I hope When you go to work in the future, don't forget your responsibility as a Chinese designer to inherit our excellent traditional culture and memory and bring it to the world!"

Everyone fell into deep thought, thinking about the teacher's words.

"Okay, do you still remember the embroidery in the sophomore year? I'll invite a few people to come up and play a little game!"

Suddenly, all the students aimed at Zhou Zhou for no apparent reason, everyone had nominated him to go up, so Zhou Zhou had no choice but to go to the podium.

"Come on, Zhou Zhou, show it to everyone!"

Zhou Zhou didn't refuse, he quickly threaded the needle, his hand shuttled back and forth on the cloth, and soon, a beautiful peony embroidery was completed.

Jiang Yu stepped forward to look. She saw that the peony was very vivid, with its leaves open and seemed to be blooming. She was surprised: "Zhou Zhou, you actually know how to embroider?"

"Jiang Yu doesn't know yet?" Chen Dekai smiled and said, "Zhou Zhou is very skilled!"

"F*ck you!" Zhou Zhou laughed: "I have a strong hands-on ability since I was a child, and I remember playing Rubik's Cube. Because of my good memory, I can embroider things like cross stitch much faster than others. This peony was something I saw when I visited last time, I just copied it down, it's nothing special!"

What Zhou Zhou said was light, but Jiang Yu was very shocked. After that, Jiang Wei came to the stage to embroider as well. Only then Jiang Yu knew that Jiang Wei was a descendant of a famous Su embroidery family. Because she was fascinated by his childhood, she simply learned clothing design when she grew up. The descendants of Su embroidery at the beginning of the year were very intimidating, but in fact they had no advantages. Embroidery was no longer in its peak era. The invention of machines had left many people's embroidery works uninterested. The price of manual embroidery was high, but few people were willing to pay a high price to buy it.

But Jiang Yu really needed such talents. After class, she went directly to Jiang Wei and Zhou Zhou to explain her intentions.

"Are you willing to help me?" Jiang Yu asked with a smile.

"What?" Jiang Wei exclaimed directly.

No wonder she was shocked. Jiang Yu was now famous. According to the news, Jiang Yu's assets had already exceeded 100 million yuan. If this was placed on ordinary businessmen, she would not be surprised, but Jiang Yu was still so young! She was only a junior this year, she had such a small asset of over 100 million yuan, and there were still Taobao stores and Tmall that could make profits and collect money. 

Jiang Wei didn't come back to her senses for a while, she still couldn't believe it: "You really want me to help you?"

"Would it be fake?"

"That specific job..."

"My JY couture studio needs a batch of ready-to-wear, I'm working on it, so now I need someone who can help!"

The two of them were still in a state of shock. The students in the class had long heard that Jiang Yu had established a high-end studio with 2,000 square meters facade. How much did the rent cost? Not to mention the luxurious decoration! When they first heard the news, Jiang Wei and Zhou Zhou, classmates with high self-demands, were a little disappointed.

They also thought about looking for Jiang Yu, but they were both classmates and couldn't hold their faces. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu took the initiative to find them.

"If you want, you can start with me first. Of course, if I have the opportunity to study and visit, I will definitely take you there. When you have the ability to be on your own, you can complete the customization independently."

The two looked at each other and couldn't help but be overjoyed. Did this still need to be considered? Wouldn't they be a fool not to pick up the pie falling from the sky?

"I agree!" Jiang Wei was very straightforward.

"I agree too!" Zhou Zhou was not far behind.

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows, "Don't think about it a bit more?"

"I still need to consider this?" Jiang Wei smiled: "Ms. Chanel has dominated the fashion circle for half a century, so who is the next trend-setter in the fashion circle? Who said it couldn't be you? Jiang Yu, I know it. I may not achieve much in my life, I can only be a moderately successful person at most, but you are different! You are likely to change the aesthetics of this world, so I will not feel unwilling to follow you!"

Zhou Zhou felt the same way. He said, "Jiang Yu, who would have thought that the little girl who was bullied a year ago would have the right to speak in the fashion circle in just one year? Let the people in the entertainment circle take the initiative. Invite you to design clothes? I also want to follow you to create miracles!"


Although she was used to hearing praises from fans on Weibo, Jiang Yu felt numb. Those words of praise did not make her feel much ups and downs, but affirmations from peers were more inspiring.

Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and nodded with emotion: "Don't worry! I must be the one who changes the world! I promise!" After speaking, she held out her hand.

Three hands crossed and they all laugh!

Perhaps, these three people did not realize that the situation they imagined would come true so quickly! Not long after, as Jiang Wei and Zhou Zhou were promoted to the international stage by Jiang Yu, they would sincerely appreciate their decision today in their hearts.

Soon, they went back to the company with Jiang Yu and she gave them a demonstration. Zhou Zhou tried it, although he did not complete the whole embroidery, but it was already better than Jiang Yu imagined. Meanwhile Jiang Wei was indeed a Su Embroidery family’s descendant, her skilled embroidery techniques and good craftsmanship were highly appreciated by Jiang Yu.

"Zhou Zhou, learn from Jiang Wei first and then do it together with her!"


With their help, Jiang Yu workload was much easier, she just needed to concentrate on completing the design

Because Jiang Yu often carried Jado's bag in <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>, with the blessing of the popularity of the drama, Jado's bag became more and more popular. The voices of netizens asking Jado to set up Tmall and formally brought the brand into China were also getting louder and louder. Every day, people left a message on the official blog, but as they were afraid that Jado's top management would not see it, they changed their mind and urge Jiang Yu to cooperate with Jado.

——Taro ball! I want, I want, I want! I want Jado's bag! I want those bags in your TV series!

——Taro ball, I especially like the messenger bag you carried in the TV series!

——Taro ball, when will you sell Jado's bags again? Last time I didn't buy it and it was taken off the shelf!

——The bags of this brand are all good looking! Recently, fashion magazines are talking about it every day, I feel uncomfortable if I can't buy it.

——It is often not possible to purchase on the Italian side, hey... It is so difficult to buy a bag, it is more difficult than buying Hermes.

Jiang Yu smiled when she saw everyone's comments. In fact, it's not that there was no stock, it's just that she intended to let Jia Xing tighten the supply, because Jado's Tmall was about to be launched and there were plans to open a chain store later. 

If the goods were hard to buy, buying now had the illusion of earning. It was also the legendary hunger marketing. Of course, hunger marketing could only be used occasionally. If used all the time, they would starve themselves to death!

Jiang Yu replied with a smile: "Don't worry, everyone! I heard from Jado's official that their Tmall will be established soon!"

——Really? Great!

——Will it be limited? Can I buy?

——Tmall will not have fakes, right?

——When will it open?

Jiang Yu: "There will be no fakes! Tmall is directly managed by Jado!"

Jiang Yu would not open Tmall's agency rights to other people. The previous generation of businessmen often did this. After the authorization of the brand, they would sell genuine goods when they open, but they would bring fake goods locally made or imported later on. Nowadays, the gap between real and fake goods in the manufacturing industry was not particularly large, and some customers couldn’t see it at all. Although these Tmall were authorized, customers also needed to pay attention! 

Some purchasing agents and stores that claimed to deliver goods in the bonded area would also play such tricks often. Going abroad to buy hundreds of thousands worth of goods, there were documents and purchase records, but when they went to sell in Taobao, they could sell millions or even tens of millions of goods. 

Jiang Yu was also from Taobao, so of course she would not underestimate Chinese businessmen. She absolutely couldn’t authorize Jado to be sold by others.

At this moment, Kafan's manager found Jiang Yu.

"Jiang Yu, long time no see." The manager was very polite. Since the online drama became popular, Kafan had benefited a lot. Now the store had queues every day and they all came to get the styles worn by Lan Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Yu made a smile and went over.

The manager smiled and said, "Jiang Yu, our boss asked me to talk to you. She said that she wanted to win Jado's selling rights and asked me to talk to you!"

With this, Jiang Yu couldn't help raising her eyebrows. She had never announced that she was a shareholder of Jado. To get the selling rights of Jado, they came to her instead of Jia Xing?

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