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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 100 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 100 – Misunderstand (2)

On the other side, the First Lady of the country hung up the phone and called Professor Zhou directly. "Professor Zhou!"

Hearing her voice, Professor Zhou smiled and said, "Long time no see! How are you?"

"Not very good!" The First Lady of the country joked.

"What?" Professor Zhou was taken aback, "Why is it bad?"

Was the country flooded? Or an earthquake? Or maybe the diplomacy with what country had not been done well? or……

"No clothes to wear!"

"..." Woman! Professor Zhou laughed: "If you want clothes, it's not like someone cannot design it for you every minute!"

She smiled and said, "But the designer I fell in love with rejected me!"

"Oh?" Professor Zhou was very interested, "I'm very curious, who is so lucky to be attracted by you? Besides, who is so individual that he would reject you?"

She continued to laugh: "You know this person too."

"I know?" Professor Zhou suddenly became serious, there were still such talents among the people he knew? Have the ability to design clothes for the First Lady of the country? After thinking about his colleagues, Professor Zhou shook his head, impossible! Those people could teach, but few could really design! "Who is it? After thinking about it, there are not many people I know who have such a personality and regard fame and fortune as a cloud! Don't say it, this temperament is really similar to me! I thought about it, and suddenly felt that this person’s temperament is to my taste!"

After speaking, Professor Zhou burst out laughing!

The First Lady of the country smiled and said: "Isn't it? If there is a teacher, there must be an apprentice! The personalities of you master and apprentice are really carved out of the same mold!"

"What? Master and apprentice?" Professor Zhou frowned, with a shocked expression on his face. Even the wife beside him was surprised. She came over and measured his chin with her hand, suspecting that she could put an egg in his mouth.

Master and apprentice? How could that be possible! None of his apprentices were able to take the job that could make people at the level of the First Lady of the country specifically look up to. His students were all part-timers and none of them were particularly talented or creative, except for the one who didn’t come to class often...

Professor Zhou suddenly opened his eyes wide! "You mean Jiang Yu?"

"Right? She rejected me in one bite! She said she didn't have time and is afraid of not being able to do it well! See, it's the same as when you were young! You were like that back then, no matter how big the other party is, if you don't want to do it, just reject it. Does not consider any fame and fortune at all!"

Hearing this, Professor Zhou thought for a moment and suddenly burst out laughing:

"Not bad! This girl is interesting! She has a personality! Hahaha!"

"Look at you... I'll say that both you teacher and apprentice can be maddening, really!"

However, Professor Zhou immediately became complacent: "Don't say, I have brought students for so many years, but very few could be called talented! She, she is qualified to design clothes for you! This girl does everything, and humbly speaking, her future achievements should not be underestimated! She will be the highest-achieving designer in China! Just see!"

"You, you are so proud of your students... Anyway, I called you today hoping that you could persuade her to take this job. After all, I really like her designs!"

The two hung up the phone, and the more Professor Zhou thought about it, the more awed he became! It's hard to explain this feeling. He had taught all his life, and he had such a proud disciple. Although Jiang Yu was very talented herself, he still felt that this energy was like him!

After a night of no dreams, the next day Jiang Yu got up and looked for Gu Shenliu subconsciously, but found that the other party was not at home at all. She came to the kitchen and saw a bowl of cooked red bean porridge in the table. It was already cooling down on the bowl and when she took a sip, she found that the temperature was just right.

After drinking a bowl of porridge, Jiang Yu went into the kitchen to wash the bowl. Who would have thought that just after washing, she would see a few black spots in the kitchen. Since she moved to Gu Shenliu's place, she had rarely been in the kitchen, and it was even rarer to see the floor dirty. Thinking that Gu Shenliu had always been the one doing housework, she felt a little uneasy, so she took a sackcloth and knelt on the ground to wipe the black spots.

While wiping, Jiang Yu heard someone open the door. It must be Gu Shenliu, right? Jiang Yu didn't look up after thinking about it.

Who knew, after a while, Jiang Yu suddenly felt a few people standing in front of her. She was stunned for a moment and when she raised her head, she saw Mother Gu standing at the door of the kitchen with a few little sisters.

Jiang Yu paused for a while and said hello: "Aunt Gu, hello aunties!"

Several people nodded stiffly.

Mother Gu glanced at Jiang Yu's kneeling on the ground to wipe the floor and suddenly remembered what Gu Shenliu said before. He said that Jiang Yu was responsible for cleaning the house, saying that he never did housework, and he didn’t want any helper so that Jiang Yu could practice being a good wife and mother.

At that time, although Mother Gu believed it, she felt that Gu Shenliu should be talking big. After all, men always wanted to save face, just like her Old Man Gu, who always bragged about how obedient his wife was to him outside. He even bragged that if the wife was disobedient, she would be beaten! For such words, Mother Gu always rolled her eyes and treated it like fart! After all, not everyone could see the scene where Gu Changming closed the door and begged for her forgiveness after entering the bedroom! Mother Gu felt that her son was like his father, so Gu Shenliu should have the same temperament.

Mother Gu never thought that she would see Jiang Yu doing housework with her own eyes, even kneeling on the ground like a little daughter-in-law! Look at this poor little one!

Mother Gu was so distressed that she quickly helped Jiang Yu up: "Oh! My dear, your knees are all red!" This had been done for at least several hours, right? "Don't do it! Just ask someone to do this kind of thing next time or ask Shenliu to do it for you! You are usually busy with work, so don't torture yourself when you get home!"

Jiang Yu's face was blank, her skin was the kind that would easily turn red when touched. So, what misunderstanding did Mother Gu have? "No..." 

"No? You child! You have to listen to what Auntie says! Don't take housework seriously, there are not so many rules in my house!" Mother Gu was furious and scolded: "This Gu Shenliu! I don't understand him at all! When he comes back, I'll beat him for you!"

"..." Jiang Yu was even more at a loss! She rarely did housework, so why when she just did it once, it became a misunderstanding?!

"That's right! When a daughter married into our family, she can't be a slave! You know the Chen family? They found a daughter-in-law to do housework, cook, and serve the family everyday like a child bride, but Mrs. Chen still says her daughter-in-law is lazy outside every day! Actually, we are very disdainful to hear such words!" said Mrs. A.

"Yes! Men and women are now equal! Housework should be shared equally!" Mrs. B added.

"It's just a matter of finding a helper for the big household chores. You young people are busy with work, so it's very easy for you two to raise a few helpers!" Mrs. C.

"Yes, Mrs. Gu is someone who loves her daughter-in-law!" Mrs. D.

Mother Gu said distressedly: "Jiang Yu! I'll tell Shenliu when he comes back! Men should love their wives! You look beautiful and make money, if he doesn't know how to love you, why do you want him? Why don't you just break his legs!"

"..." Jiang Yu could not laugh or cry. However, Mother Gu's attitude really moved her. With such a kind elder, life should be very comfortable, right?

Because of this, Jiang Yu inexplicably received a bunch of gifts from Mother Gu such as skin care products used by foreign royal families, beauty cards worth hundreds of thousands in beauty salons, ruby necklaces, diamond earrings, etc...

On the same day, Gu Shenliu was inexplicably called to the family house by Mother Gu. As soon as he entered the door, he was beaten up. Gu Shenliu, who had always been unmoved like Mount Tai and never changing his color, could not help but have cracks on his face. He frowned and thought, where did he offend his mother who claimed to be having menopause syndrome every year?

The promotional video of the Haute Couture studio spread rapidly on the Internet and it became a hot topic in a short period of time. In addition, the web drama of Jiang Yu was also broadcast that day. The combination of the popularity of the drama and the popularity of the video made Jiang Yu dominate the heat. In the search list, every hot search keyword were related to her, which makes netizens wonder, was the Weibo hot search list broken? Otherwise, how could there be her all the time?

There were also making up conspiracy theories, saying that Jiang Yu gave 10 million to Sina Weibo and bought the hot search list!

At the same time, the forwarding of the video had reached as many as 250,000! The number had been increasing and unexpectedly it had not weakened. After seeing the video in various places, fans would return to Jiang Yu’s Weibo to express their opinions, so that the number of comments had reached 460,000!

With this kind of heat, Jiang Yu needed to continue to plant grass to consolidate her position as a grass planter!

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu picked out an eye cream that she thought was good from the pile of skin care products Su Ye brought back. Soon, she took a picture and posted it on her Weibo:

[Today, I will introduce an eye cream, Elixir's anti-wrinkle eye cream. This eye cream can smooth the wrinkles around the eyes and lips. It is the second eye cream officially certified by Japan to remove wrinkles after POLA eye cream.

This eye cream is more moisturizing, thin in texture, easy to absorb, and does not produce fat particles. It feels very good to use! More importantly, the price is much cheaper than POLA! As a cheap alternative to POLA, it’s a good one!]
Fans were very enthusiastic after this Weibo was released.

——Plant grass with eye cream!

——So timely! I've always wanted to buy this! After you recommend it, I am determined to buy it!

——The order has been placed! I got it in stock! Fortunately, I start fast!

——You are all bad people! I just go to the whole Taobao to book but you have all robbed the spot.

——POLA is expensive, I would like to try this alternative that has a more affordable price!

——Should be trustworthy!

Jiang Yu smiled and closed Weibo to continue working. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Professor Zhou.

At the same time, Gu Shenliu suddenly pushed open the door and entered. Under the peeping of everyone in the company, he glanced at Jiang Yu and said: "Pack up your computer and drawing books!"

"What for?" Jiang Yu looked blank.

"Go on vacation!"


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