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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 98 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 98 – Grand Event (1)

Jiang Yu's Tmall currently only sold the clothes from the drama and it had not been officially launched yet. Therefore, although Jiang Yu had Tmall in her hands, it had never experienced the real traffic of Tmall!

The operation mode of Tmall was different from that of individual store. Tmall was not suitable for special niches. It followed the style of boutique stores, which was simple and professional.

Jiang Yu looked at the real-time sales report from Qiu Qiu, and the corners of her mouth became higher and higher. Although she had to give Taobao a 5% commission for every order sold, the traffic of Tmall was not comparable to individual store after all.

In addition to the traffic from Jiang Yu and Jado Weibo, Tmall's advertisements had been rolled out in all aspects, keyword searches, events, homepage promotion... Although sky-high advertising fees were burned every moment, they were mixed in front of all Taobao users. This made everyone know that Jado had entered Tmall strongly!

Sales had been increasing, but some weakness started in the afternoon. Upon seeing this, Jiang Yu convened all department leaders to hold a meeting. "All departments sum up the work in the morning, and talk about problems and improvement measures."

The leaders of all departments were elite talents in the industry. Everyone had been in this industry for many years, especially the manager Qiu Qiu. In her early years, she worked in the luggage industry. Later, she moved to the Internet and had been working in a luggage company. She was hired by Jiang Yu with a high salary, and also had Jiang Yu’s high hopes.

Qiu Qiu said: "Everyone, according to President Jiang's instructions, gather together the problems and improvement measures, and summarize the work of your own department."

Several department leaders began to report, saying that the customer service could not cope with the traffice in the morning, the estimation was insufficient. Also the conversion rate of the advertisement was not high enough, so they had begun to adjust the quotation of keywords. There were problems encountered in the delivery, etc.

Jiang Yu nodded and said, "Qiu Qiu!"

"President Jiang." Qiu Qiu said cheerily. To be honest, although Jiang Yu was nearly twenty years younger than her, she didn’t dare to underestimate Jiang Yu at all. No one would succeed so young casually. Since Jiang Yu could start from scratch up to where the company's market value and personal valuation of Weibo was in the hundreds of millions of yuan in just one year, the other party must not be a mortal.

"Is there room for improvement in the gift box packaging?"

Qiu Qiu thought for a moment, and then said: "The packaging is still in the form of a gift box with a portable shopping bag so that everyone can enjoy the same treatment as going to a store. In addition, the gift in this batch is a hand-held mirror. This mirror was made according to President Jiang's design, the quality is very good!"

After speaking, Qiu Qiu showed the mirror to everyone.

The hand-held mirror was white and inlaid with crystals. The European style made the mirror look very high end. The abbreviation of JY was printed on the back of the handle, which helped to remind all the girls who receive the gifts to think of Jiang Yu’s perfect service.

"In addition, shopping manuals, luxury bag maintenance methods, cleaning methods... We made manuals and sent them to customers together so that everyone can take a look at the maintenance measures when they get the bags, which not only shows the perfection and professionalism of our services, but also extends the life of the bag!" Qiu Qiu said.

Everyone nodded frequently.

"Qiu Qiu, come and demonstrate the packaging process!" Jiang Yu pondered.

Qiu Qiu was stunned, thinking that Jiang Yu focused on the packaging this time. She wondered if there was any dissatisfaction, or else she wouldn't let her demonstrate it after she finished speaking.

Qiu Qiu did not dare to neglect and hurriedly demonstrated the packaging process according to the delivery process. Put the bag in, stuff the sides with sponge, wrap the box, take a shopping bag, put it in a cardboard box with the gift, and stick the tape! This was almost the best packaging that Taobao stores could do!

Even Qiu Qiu, who had worked in the Taobao industry for many years, had never seen any company willing to spend so much on packaging!

Jiang Yu glanced around at everyone and said with a blank face: "Do you think there is any room for improvement?"

Everyone shook their heads and no one spoke.

Jiang Yu thought for a moment and said: "It should be said that in terms of packaging, our products are almost perfect! Impeccable! But from the customer's point of view, when customers receive the goods, they not only want to see the high-end packaging, but also want to know the maintenance of the leather, and more importantly they want to know our after-sale measures! In case of leather tempering within one year, that we will unconditionally bear the freight maintenance and the unconditional return and exchange policy is not mentioned in our packaging, which is insufficient! In fact, I think unconditional return to the factory within one year should be our main concept, which is enough to reassure customers when shopping! Let our brand be more trusted!"

After hearing this, everyone was silent. The one-year unconditional return to the factory was proposed by Jiang Yu, but even big brands dare not take this as their main concept.

In foreign countries, it was understandable to do this. It was not because they look down on the Chinese people, but it was because some Chinese people were very good at taking advantage of the loopholes. If a company said unconditional return and exchange, there would definitely be a group of people who bought a product to use for a while and then return it.

"Predient Jiang, some people will take the opportunity to find fault! What if there is vandalism?" Everyone was worried.

"We have a special appraisal agency. In case of man-made damage, we can charge a small maintenance fee to help them repair it!"

"Then what if someone deliberately finds fault?"

It's not that Jiang Yu had never met such a customer. Take high heels as an example. Her high heels were almost the best shoes in the industry. So far, customers still often praise Jiang Yu, saying that the shoes had given their feet a new feeling. For some customers who had their thumbs deformed because of wearing high-heeled shoes, after wearing Jiang Yu's high-heeled shoes, the problem gradually improved.

Even if it was such a shoe with almost 0 bad reviews, some people would still attempt to return it after wearing it for a month! The returned goods were dirty and they had been worn for a long time at first glance. Such shoes couldn’t be sold again.

Jiang Yu pondered: "It cannot be ruled out that there will be many problems, but mutual trust is a concept we need to instill in our customers. I believe that such customers are a minority after all! I launched this policy precisely because I want to establish an extraordinary brand! I have confidence in the quality of our products!"

The crowd was silent. This was true, the quality of Jado was really good!

"The bag is really good. My wife was carrying groceries on her back yesterday and she encountered a robber halfway. The robber tried to stab her with a knife and my wife blocked it with the bag. The knife didn't break the bag!"

"It's really good! It feels better than LV's leather!"

"The old bag also feels very good. The color will be darker, but this kind of darkness will not be ugly, but it will instead give a retro taste!"

Jiang Yu's fingers tapped on the desk a few times, and then said: "If it's all right, let's end the meeting! The traffic should pick up tonight! Everyone go back and prepare for tonight's small traffic. All department leaders will send an analysis report to my mailbox before tomorrow!"

"President Jiang." Qiu Qiu followed.


"I will follow your instructions. I will contact the people in the gift design department to design after-sales guidelines. I think we should make them in a book form, how about it? Write the after-sales guidelines on the cover of the book so that everyone can use it and always remember our brand!"

Jiang Yu said: "You guys have a meeting to discuss this kind of issue!"


Jiang Yu returned to her office and began to draw. The decoration renderings of the high-end studio had been determined, and the construction team had started construction. For the Chinese, efficiency was everything. In order to deliver the work on time, the construction team had been working overnight. She sent someone to the store to track the construction and the staff took pictures for her every time. The photos show that the decoration had new progress every day!

The overall transaction volume of Jado's Tmall was not as high as that of Jiang Yu’s store, it was not even comparable to the new transaction volume of the store each launch. But the low transaction volume and low transaction order didn’t mean that the total transaction value was low. As a light luxury brand, the price of Jado had always been high, even the cheapest bag was more than 2000 and the average price was 3000. The more expensive bags had special materials with precious leather such as crocodile skin, and this directly led to an increase in the price. Under such circumstances, it was normal for the sales volume to be less than 10,000. Just imagine, if a 3000 bag was sold for tens of thousands of pieces, that was, with only this single product, the sales volume would exceed 30 million! This number is staggering!

Therefore, Jiang Yu was not in a hurry about the situation that the transaction volume was not as good as expected. The huge transaction value in the background had made her understand that the things that made more money were never low-priced products, even if her store had a lot of transactions volume, even if her profit ratio for the acne products was very high, so what? 200 pieces of these low priced things generated limited profits, but things with an average price of several thousand were different. Not to mention, Kafan's activities had brought direct sales as well. Most of the more than 1,000 customers who did not buy the Jado bag in store had moved to Tmall. Therefore, Tmall's sales had been rising stably

Jiang Yu closed her laptop and brought a cup of coffee to the window. The sales situation of Jado Tmall gave her new ideas.

According to reports, 1% of Tmall's merchants accounted for 90% of the turnover on Double Eleven. Whether this number was accurate or not, it also showed that resources had always been in the hands of a few people! Jiang Yu began to think about the way out for her JY brand. The establishment of this high-end studio was her new attempt for the future of JY.

At 12 o'clock in the night, Jiang Yu was still working.

Suddenly, WeChat rang, and Qiu Qiu said excitedly: "President Jiang! It's over 100 million! The sales are over 100 million!"

The screenshot was sent soon, Jiang Yu glanced at WeChat, clicked on the picture and took a look.

Judging from the screenshots, Jado's daily sales were not too many. The best one had sold 10,000 pieces, and the least one had only more than 300 pieces. However, the unit price of more than 50 products was relatively high, so the final sales were very impressive! Therefore, seeing the number of 100 million, Jiang Yu was not at all surprised. She was very calm, but Jia Xing was not.

Jiang Yu directly sent the picture to Jia Xing. It was the afternoon of Italian time then. 

Jia Xing saw the picture and called from a transoceanic call and shouted excitedly: "Jiang Yu! I love you! You are so awesome! One hundred million! Brother made one hundred millionHow can you be so awesome?"

Jiang Yu frowned and said, "Sorry! Don't say you love me, there are too many people who love me, not just you!"

"Hahaha!" Jia Xing laughed: "Jiang Yu! You are so awesome! You are truly talented! If this continues, sooner or later, brother will become a rich man! Hahaha! The people of the motherland, I love you! China is awesome! The purchasing power of the Chinese people is terrifying!"

Jiang Yu took the microphone far away in disgust. In China's Internet sales industry, the daily sales of 100 million was not a small amount, but it was also not such a big deal. Not to mention that the sales of Kafan had been reported by the media, and the promotion of Kafan’s boss had led to the media often mentioning Jado. At this time, Jado’s Tmall opened and the sales were good, shouldn’t it be a good start?

Jiang Yu shook her head, this Jia Xing was still short-sighted! His understanding of the purchasing power of the Chinese was very insufficient!

"Okay, don't be too excited!" Jiang Yu said lightly, "I'm going to rest."

"Jiang Yu, come to Italy in the future! I will invite you to play!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu replied.

On the Internet, many fans gave Jiang Yu feedback.

——Dada, Jado's Tmall service is very good, I bought all the bags you designed!

——I finally bought the Jado bag that you often carry and I am very happy to be able to carry the same bag as taro ball! The customer service said that it has been shipped overnight and I can receive it tomorrow, so excited!

——I also placed an order on Tmall! I'm really excited. Last time I went to queue in Kafan for a long time and I didn't get any, but this time I finally got my wish!

——The Italian purchasing agent said that the Italian side is completely out of stock, so I had to place an order on Tmall! Fortunately, there are gifts included, so there was no issue even if it was a bit more expensive!

Gu Shenliu came to pick Jiang Yu up from work.

As she got on the car, Jiang Yu was immediately paralyzed from exhaustion, she mourned, "I'm so tired!"

Gu Shenliu came over and squeezed Jiang Yu’s shoulders, handed her the U-shaped pillow, and helped her lower the seat. "Take a rest. I'll massage it for you when we get home."

Designers like Jiang Yu often had to use a paintbrush or keep writing and drawing on paper. If she used too much paintbrush, there would be side effects. For example, her index finger joints would have calluses, tenosynovitis which was prone to soreness, and also pain on her little finger where often rubbed against the drawing book and desk. Stiff shoulder, cervical spondylosis and the like also often occur.

When they got home, Jiang Yu was lying on the sofa and Gu Shenliu came over with a bottle of essential oil. He first burned the incense and then rubbed the essential oil in his palm to warm up, after that he took off her clothes and directly covered her back with the warmed hands.

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