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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 100 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 100 – Misunderstand (1)

When Jiang Yu received the news, she was very excited, but then she refused. "Sorry! I've been busy recently and I really don't have time to make clothes for you!"

At that time, the studio was full of people, and everyone was so excited when they heard the news. Bei Xiaoxiao even cried with excitement! That's the First Lady of the country! If it was the Ancient time, it will be the queen empress. Although she did not engage in personal worship, she still liked First Lady of the country very much. The First Lady of the country was beautiful, sweet, elegant, and her image was close to the people. Bei Xiaoxiao had always been very fond of her. It should be said that not only her, everyone liked First Lady of the country as well. Her parents even regarded her as an idol. They always said that the First Lady of the country was like a loving mother.

Jiang Yu could be favored by the First Lady of the country, this was an honor that many people couldn't get by burning a lifetime or 10,000 truckloads worth of incense! Even if the ancestors burned high incense, they could not ask for such an event with a lower probability than winning the lottery! Moreover, there were so many outstanding designers in China, and the First Lady of the country would wear the clothes when she visited foreign countries, had to wear them to approach the queen of a certain country, a female president of a certain country, the wife of a president of a certain country, etc! If the clothes were not good-looking or not fashionable, it would not only lose the face of the First Lady of the country and the designer's own face, but also the face of the whole China!

However, since the First Lady of the country came to the door and directly appointed Jiang Yu as the designer, with this kind of glory, Jiang Yu should kneel down to receive it!

Everyone thought so... Agree! Agree!

Everyone waited for Jiang Yu's approval, but unexpectedly Jiang Yu smiled and said to the other end very gently after receiving the call: "Sorry, I've been too busy lately..."

Everyone almost fainted! They were pointing fingers and beckoning Jiang Yu to agree! Sh*t! If she didn’t agree to this, did she want to go to heaven? Or was she stupid and didn't know what this means? This was the glory of a lifetime! Otherwise, why did many restaurants still carry signs such as "Qianlong Emperor's Plaque", "Palace Cuisine" and "Imperial Chefs"? Wasn't it because the royal family had higher requirements on food, clothing, housing and transportation? Whatever it was, Royal's had always demanded the best in the business! Therefore, everyone would follow the royal family!

So, once Jiang Yu became the designer for the First Lady of the country, even her children would be proud of it. In the future, when she walked down the street, who would dare not give her face? Such a resume was really not something that anyone could get casually! 

How could Jiang Yu not understand? As long as she nodded and agreed, there would be many companies that would cooperate with her in the future, holding the money and begging her to cooperate! Media who wanted to interview her would line up from here to the Alps! The men who wanted to marry her and bring her home could fill the entire Atlantic Ocean!

Was she a fool! Not agree and refuse? Everyone vomited blood... everyone wanted to die! Wanted to die!

Over there, the First Lady of the country was not annoyed, she only smiled gently: "I watched your video, you little girl is really thoughtful. In fact, your professor, Teacher Zhou, has designed clothes for me before. Professor Zhou is a very good teacher. I appreciate his views on fashion. I also admire his character. After I know this relationship, I think we are really destined. Judging from the nine series of clothes you showed in the video, you have more than enough in and out between tradition and fashion. I think you can do it. So, I really hope that you'll agree to be my designer..."

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. From her point of view, Professor Zhou was a bad old man who taught pattern drafting. Although he was good at teaching, his style was really not fashionable. He always wore a plain old white shirt with simple suit trousers, very similar to someone from the 90s, with messy hair and unshaven image. At first glance, he didn’t look like a professor at all, but an old man enjoying the shade on the street.

In addition, Professor Zhou had always been taciturn, never liked to show off, and didn’t like to take credit. Jiang Yu had never heard him talk about his past glorious history. In her impression, he was a simple teacher who taught and educated people. Although Jiang Yu liked Professor Zhou very much, but she did not expect this old man to design clothes for the First Lady of the country when he was young.

"It turns out that you and Professor Zhou know each other." Jiang Yu's tone was gentle and respectful. Even if the other party was not the First Lady of the country but an ordinary elder, she would not lose her courtesy.

The First Lady of the country seemed to appreciate Jiang Yu’s attitude of being neither arrogant nor impetuous, neither humble nor arrogant, she said kindly: "He is an old acquaintance. I heard that Professor Zhou admires you very much, and the students he admires are definitely not ordinary. Although I like your design, I actually hesitated because I was afraid that you would not be able to control clothes for middle-aged people at such a young age. But after seeing the clothes you designed in your videos, I don't think it's a problem at all!" She was continuing to persuade, but Jiang Yu's refusal was also sincere.

"To tell you the truth, I'm preparing for the opening of my haute couture studio, so I'm very busy. I'm really afraid that I won't have enough time to do it well and I will live up to your expectations!"

The First Lady of the country smiled and said: "You think about it again and give me an answer later."

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu looked at the phone in her hand and felt unreal! However, the people around her were about to explode. Everyone kept talking, one sentence at a time, and chattering non-stop.

Bei Xiaoxiao: "President Jiang! Agree! That's the First Lady of the country ! What an honor this is!"

Zou Xiaoyu: "D*mn! President Jiang, if you design clothes for the First Lady of the country, it will be a high honor. The secretary of the county party committee in your hometown will probably take special care of your family!"

Tang Qian: "President Jiang! After you take over, I will help you do part-time job, with only this my whole family will feel that we have a lot of face!"

Zheng Lan, the head of JY Tmall: "President Jiang, why don't you agree? I really think this is a good opportunity! If you really design clothes for the First Lady of the country, we at JY will be different from the past! It is even possible to go public!”

Zhong Xiaoping: "President Jiang, although I'm just your assistant and I'm not qualified to interfere in your decision, I really think this is a good opportunity. Don't you always want to prove yourself? Why don't you seize the opportunity?"

Everyone was chattering so Jiang Yu had a headache, she frowned, her face pale: "Go back to work, it’s still working hours!"

Everyone was stunned, only to hear Jiang Yu say again: "Out of this door, you are not allowed to tell anyone about this, whoever leaks a word will be fired immediately!"

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and after a while, they understood what Jiang Yu meant.

Jiang Yu had never been the kind of person who liked to be in the limelight. If this matter spread out, the media would definitely explode and it would also cause a lot of heated discussions. However, the design had not been released and Jiang Yu hadn’t even agreed to this matter yet. If it was announced first, there would be a feeling of putting gold on one’s face. Even if she later agreed, designing clothes for the First Lady of the country needed to be kept secret. In short, before everything was settled, it was better for them to keep silent!

Everyone nodded at the same time.

"Get out!"

When there was no one in the office, Jiang Yu looked at the hot sun outside the window and was in a trance. Did she really receive a call from the First Lady of the country and refused? 

Jiang Yu didn't feel regret, because she was really exhausted recently. She was busy with the haute couture studio and had not slept well for more than two months. She worked all day every day and spent the time with Gu Shenliu at night. She often fell asleep and didn't even care about her relationship with him. She always felt that she was too obsessed with work and lacked personal life before, but with everything now what was the difference between her in this life and previous life?

Everyone's pursuit in life was different, and Jiang Yu greedily hoped to have a good harvest in both career and life, but now she was really too busy. The studio would be ready in a month, but haute couture was not so easy to make. Rent was a huge expense every day, so she couldn’t let the façade stay empty after the renovation. And after the establishment of the haute couture studio, she needed to do an opening show, which was another big thing that would make her even busier! She had long been too busy to take care of herself and if now she needed to get away to help the First Lady of the country design a series of clothes? Really unrealistic!

If Jiang Yu was not sure that she could dedicate her time and do well, she would never take it. But... to say that there was no hesitation, that was false! After all, such an opportunity didn’t always come along easily.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu called Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu was swimming, when the phone rang, he stuck his head out of the water and dried his hands before picking it up. "Jiang Yu."

They rarely called each other's by sweet nicknames and always called each other by their names.

"Shenliu, err, I seem to have turned down a good opportunity just now."

"Huh?" Gu Shenliu didn't say anything and waited for Jiang Yu’s explanation. She was a very assertive person and the things that needed to be told to him were obviously not trivial.

"That... the First Lady of the country called me just now and asked me to make clothes for her, but I refused." Jiang Yu's tone was calm, as if she was talking about a very ordinary thing.

Gu Shenliu paused for a moment. Although he had experienced strong winds and waves and had seen various things in the entertainment industry, he knew how precious such an opportunity was for designers! For example, as an actor, he might have the opportunity to contact some provincial and national leaders on some important occasions, but what else could such an opportunity bring besides glory and popularity? 

However, designing clothes for the First Lady of the country was different! The clothes worn by the First Lady of the country would be used on important occasions and attracted the attention of the whole public. Such an opportunity brought not only glory, but also tangible benefits and fame! For a designer, even working hard for a lifetime wouldn’t result in this good of an opportunity. Besides, if a person was used to using one particular designer, they would rarely change it again. Designing clothes for the First Lady of the country designs was even more difficult for others to replace, alas, if Jiang Yu refused at this time, it would be almost impossible to get this opportunity again in the future!

Who would give people a second chance like this? This was almost at the impossibility level of winning 100 million lotteries twice in a row!

Gu Shenliu thought a little further, climbed up directly from the water, was silent for a moment, and said: "Jiang Yu."


"If you don't seize such an opportunity, it may become your lifetime regret."

Jiang Yu sighed and stroked her forehead tiredly: "I know, Shenliu, but I've been too tired recently and have no inspiration. For several months, I not only have to design clothes for JY Tmall and Taobao Store, but also have to work on the haute couture studio. This still not include the preparation for the opening catwalk of the Haute Couture Studio, so my current work life is a mess! I am so busy that I don't even have time to eat! In my current working state, I am often in the dark and my mind is always in a mess, I really don’t have any inspiration for the design. Designing clothes for the First Lady of the country in such a state, I’m afraid that I will smash my own brand and disappoint the other party."

After speaking, Jiang Yu said again: "I really want to go out for a vacation!"

"Then go!"

"But there's still work ahead..."

"You can still design when you are vacation! It's not impossible!" Gu Shenliu suggested.

"Hey, forget it, when I think about going on vacation, having to book flight ticket, pack my luggage, and apply for visa... I think it's better to forget it!"

"You need to relax!" 

Jiang Yu had been really tired recently. It's a miracle that she could handle such high work intensity with her physique.

As for vacations... Gu Shenliu hung up the phone and thought about it.

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  2. I don't understand why she refused. She said she is busy with her Haute Couture business. But isn't that Haute Coutoure supposed to be? To design bespoke gowns for your client? The first lady would be her first client.

  3. Just unnecessary drama just grab the opportunity girl


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