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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 101

WBVDEC Chapter 101 – Vacation

"Vacation?" Jiang Yu made no secret of her surprise. She glanced outside the glass door and saw that the company's employees were looking at her office from time to time, with gossip expressions on their faces. The relationship between her and Gu Shenliu had not been made public. Except for Zou Xiaoyu who vaguely knew about it, everyone else just heard about it and guessed it. 

Although there were rumors about the two on the Internet, but because the web drama was still being broadcast, most fans only thought that the two were hyping when they saw the news. In addition to the relationship between senior brother and junior sister, Jiang Yu signed a contract with Gu Shenliu's studio. It was normal for the two to communicate more frequently. Therefore, so far, there had been no stone hammer saying that the two were dating.

Jiang Yu glanced at the employees and they immediately lowered their heads and began to look more secretly.

"Where to go?" Jiang Yu thought that it should be a day trip to the suburbs or surrounding cities. After all, with their current popularity, scenic spot couldn’t be visited, and they could only go to some private villas with few people.

"Maldives!" Gu Shenliu said solemnly.

"Maldives?" Jiang Yu's surprise was beyond words, such a sudden decision was more of a shock than a surprise.

There was nothing special about vacationing in the Maldives, with her current income and savings, even going to Antarctica was a matter of time. She also went to Maldives for vacation in her previous life. The scenery there was very good and the hotels on each island were good. She went to Rangali Island at that time and ate at the iconic underwater restaurant. Although it was not as amazing as she imagined because the color of the sea water was turbid, after seeing fishes swimming around while eating, she was still in a good mood. 

Jiang Yu had always had a good impression of Maldives and she would agree with both hands when she was asked her to go there for vacation, it's just... it's really too sudden! Just leave? To a place like Maldives! She subconsciously felt that Gu Shenliu was joking.

"Shenliu, this is not funny..."

Gu Shenliu stared at Jiang Yu expressionlessly, his eyes narrowed slightly with a faint smile. "You think I'm joking? It's just a vacation, it's not a big deal!"

Jiang Yu frowned slightly, "It's not about going on vacation, but I haven't packed anything... People prepare for vacation months in advance, but look at us..."

"People prepare in advance to buy clothes, sunscreen, and other daily necessities in advance, but you don't need any of these! You have at least a few thousand clothes in your wardrobe and at least a thousand daily necessities in your dressing table! If you need sunscreen, there are probably more than 50 bottles, what do you want to buy?" Gu Shenliu's voice was low, without a trace of ups and downs. "As for the swimsuit, flotation pad, jellyfish suit, flippers, underwater cameras, etc., they are all available at the hotel! Air tickets are also arranged, you don't need to worry about it! Just grab your laptop and sketchbook then go to the airport with me!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu was sure that Gu Shenliu was not joking! Vacation... Wow! She wanted to go! Now that it had been arranged, there was absolutely no reason not to go, as for work... Let it be, gotta make way for a vacation!

Jiang Yu immediately smiled and said, "Ok! Wait for me to explain to the staff!"

"I give you ten minutes!" Gu Shenliu turned and left.

As soon as Gu Shenliu left, Professor Zhou's call was connected again, Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Teacher Zhou!" She has always called the professor teacher, which seemed to make them seem closer. Professor Zhou also liked to be called that way.

Zhou Cunguang squeezed his moustache and hummed, "You stinky girl! Have you done anything bad lately without telling the teacher?"

Jiang Yu was startled and smiled: "Teacher, I'm so obedient, how can I do bad things?"

When people get older, they always liked the younger generation to be closer to themselves. Zhou Cunguang heard Jiang Yu say this and hurriedly said: "Then why did I hear that the First Lady of the country called you to make clothes, but you rejected it?"

Jiang Yu's face remained the same, only a smile was on the corner of her mouth. Teacher Zhou's call today was obviously because of that incident, she guessed it before answering the phone.

Zhou Cunguang said again: "Jiang Yu, I hope you can accept this challenge!"

Maybe if it was Zhou Cunguang himself, he would also make the same choice as Jiang Yu. After all, he didn’t like to be busy and didn’t like to be disturbed by being in the spotlight. Once she became the designer for the First Lady of the country, there would be no personal space in the future, but Jiang Yu now was also an actor and she had even filmed a web drama, so there were no such troubles. Besides, after all, she was his own student. Zhou Cunguang knew that acceptance would be a good choice for her. "Being a designer of the First Lady of the country is not easy."

"Huh?" Jiang Yu was puzzled. With so many designers in the country, if the First Lady of the country found someone else, everyone should agree. The other designers were composed by an entire team, so it's not easy.

Zhou Cunguang said with a smile: "Our country is different from other countries. For example, the First Lady of the country visited M country today and met with the First Lady of M country. With the character and aesthetics of the First Lady of M country, it is very likely that Vera Wang was asked to design the dress. Vera Wang is a celebrity and she has absolute right to speak in the design of dresses, she is also a famous figure in the world. If such a person designed the clothes, the First Lady of M country looks very good, but what about our country? Chinese netizens can’t accept that kind of tube top dress and the First Lady of the country also doesn’t like that kind of style. Besides, to make clothes for the First Lady of the country, it must be integrated into the traditional Chinese design! This will limit the designer’s play. Just imagine, there are not many famous designers in our country, how many can be compared to Vera Wang? It sounds ugly, but probably no one! Under such circumstances, the First Lady of the country's clothes must be accepted by the public, but also reflecting the universality of the world. If you want to show the fashion and style of Chinese women, then the degree to be grasped by this design is very delicate!"

Jiang Yu listened carefully.

Zhou Canguang continued: "Although you are young, I have paid attention to the homework you handed in this semester, and you are also quite popular! You design and I will check it for you, so don't be afraid! Believe in yourself!"

Jiang Yu could feel that Zhou Cunguang was really good for her, she smiled and thanked him for this kindness. "I just wanted to tell you, even if you didn't call me, I just called the First Lady of the country and I accepted the challenge! I also hope to make a good design and not discredit you!"

Zhou Cunguang was stunned for a moment and then he realized that he was defeated by the girl. He persuade for a long time while actually this girl had already agreed?

"Haha!" Zhou Cunguang burst out laughing and said again and again, "You kid! Just like me!"

No matter what, Jiang Yu was relieved from the bottom of her heart. With Zhou Cunguang taking care of her, she felt that the steel scale was completely put down in her heart.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu opened her phone and glanced at the time. It had been 8 minutes and there were only 2 minutes left. She smiled and called to Zhong Xiaoping: "Help me pack the clothes for the next few launches! I'll take them abroad to take pictures!"

"What?" The news was too sudden and Zhong Xiaoping was stunned for a moment before asking, "Filming abroad? Have you made an appointment with Durres?"

"No, I'm going to Maldives on vacation and by the way I’ll finish shooting the clothes for the first anniversary sale. The weather in Maldives is clear, the water is clear, and the sand is pretty, so it is very suitable for shooting these clothes!"

When Zhong Xiaoping saw Jiang Yu packing up her laptop, she realized that the boss really planned to go on vacation. "Then who helped you shoot?"

Jiang Yu smiled but did not answer. Who else? Mr. Gu, a free photography master, she didn’t need to be polite!

Gu Shenliu glanced at Jiang Yu's suitcase, frowning slightly, "Why did you bring two big suitcases?"

"The clothes to be photographed for the store’s big promotion!" Jiang Yu blinked: "Mr. Gu, I need to trouble you to help me take photos by the way."


"Mr. Gu is so good at taking pictures, so why don't you help me take pictures of the clothes and post them for our big promotion!"

"..." Gu Shenliu smiled, what about the vacation? Jiang Yu must be a workaholic, right?

"Have you exchanged some money?" Jiang Yu asked after getting on the plane.

"I bring some small denominations of dollars and just pay with card for the rest, don't worry."

Jiang Yu closed her eyes, her spirit suddenly relaxed. Watching the plane rise to the clouds and the dazzling sunlight coming from the sky, she realized that she was really going on vacation. It's such a good feeling having someone else arrange everything for her where she didn't have to worry about anything as someone would lead her forward. Fortunately she already had passport, she was afraid that she would need one for work so she made it a long time ago, otherwise, there would be no such trip!

After a seven-hour flight, Jiang Yu stood on the land of Maldives. 

Tall coconut trees, exotic flowers and plants on the roadside, and heat waves come... All reminding Jiang Yu – this is the Maldives!

Compared with the heat in the tropics, the heat in Shencheng was still insignificant. However, although the tropics were hot, it didn’t make people feel uncomfortable, unlike Shencheng, which was always sultry.

When the sea breeze blew, people from the hotel came to pick them up. Because it was late, they had to spend the night in Male before going to the island. The two washed, rested, and directly ordered room service for the meal. 

After eating, Jiang Yu stood on one foot in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Gu Shenliu came over from behind, hugged Jiang Yu and smiled, "Exercise?"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow.

Gu Shenliu said meaningfully: "This kind of thing, you don’t need to do anything, I'll help you..."

It was a rare relaxation, Jiang Yu only felt that she could let go from spirit to body. She hugged Gu Shenliu back and kissed him on the lips. Her lips brushed on his beard stubble and it was very itchy.

Gu Shenliu kissed Jiang Yu back abruptly, put his hand in under her T-shirt, and touched her softness. The strangeness of this real touch made both of them intoxicated. The kiss deepened and their tongues danced together. The two of them could only hear each other's gasps, until the clothes came off and the feeling of touching their skin seemed to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

Gu Shenliu turned off the light, spread a bath towel on the ground, and held Jiang Yu against the floor-to-ceiling window.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows was a faintly visible sea view. From Jiang Yu’s angle, she could see the narrow streets not far away. The streets of Male were really narrow. It was said that the widest street could only accommodate two cars side by side, but there were still many cars on the road.

This real scene made Jiang Yu inexplicably frightened. A place like this floor-to-ceiling window would not be seen from the street, right? But she had to admit that under such circumstances, the more exciting it was. "Will anyone see it?"

"No!" Gu Shenliu's lips curled up, "This is one way glass, you can see the outside from the inside, but you can't see the inside from the outside."

"How do you know?" Jiang Yu was puzzled.

"I saw it when we checked in." After Gu Shenliu finished speaking, he focused on unbuttoning Jiang Yu’s pants.

Jiang Yu was taken aback, "You wanted to do it in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows since then?"

Gu Shenliu remained silent and a fine kiss swept across Jiang Yu's neck, leaving a shuddering pleasure.

"Hey, Gu Shenliu, I'm talking, you..."

The following words were swallowed up by passion, leaving only a vague cry.

After breakfast, Gu Shenliu packed everything and took Jiang Yu to check out. The hotel car came to pick them up. Looking at the logo on the hotel car, Jiang Yu asked in confusion: "The name of this hotel looks familiar! Cheval Blanc? Seems like I have seen it somewhere."

The concierge carried their luggage into the car and Gu Shenliu said, "A hotel under the LVMH group."

"LVMH?" Jiang Yu just remembered that in her previous life, she had thought about choosing this hotel when she went on vacation, but she had no money at that time and the hotel was extremely expensive, so she gave up and chose Rangali Island instead.

The Cheval Blanc Hotel was a hotel owned by LV and Hennessy. At first, the Chinese liked to call it "LV Hotel".

The plane took off and Jiang Yu flew up from the water to overlook the islands of Maldives. As everyone said, it was like a string of pearls scattered in the Indian Ocean. The blue ocean was surrounding the green islands, the white beach skirt on the islands was really beautiful!

After 40 minutes, they stopped and arrived at the White Horse Hotel. (TN: Cheval Blanc literally mean white horse.)

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