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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 99 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 99 – Publicity (1)

"Jiang Yu! This batch of ancient costumes is all ready!" Jiang Wei rushed into Jiang Yu's office and said excitedly.

Jiang Yu was startled, and hurriedly followed behind her to the garment room, "Have you finished all your embroidery?"


Several employees also followed up to watch the fun. Jiang Yu had always been kind and did not stop it. She entered the dressing room and saw that the black mannequin was wearing the clothes she designed. There were many series of these clothes.

The first series was a very original fur suit, this fur suit was combined with modern design, three-dimensional cut, made into various colors and styles, with halterneck tube top, with diagonal cut open skirts, maxi dresses with tube tops... the design and fabrics were both modern and original.

The second series was linen in muted color. The linen cloth didn’t give people a bright feeling, but it had a charm. This series of linen clothes, there were beige, gray, black, mint green color... There were cross-strap styles , buttoned, one-piece long skirts... The design seemed ordinary but ingenious.

The third series was long skirts mopping the floor, large sleeves, loose clothes, loose belts, and layers of bags decorated on the clothes. It looked messy but very beautiful. Combined with the design of the clothes, there was a kind of elegant beauty.

The colors of the clothes in the fourth series were brighter, with round necks, high waist, short sleeves and half arms, also tube tops, and wide cuffs with exposed arms...

The clothes of the eighth series were completely different from the previous seven series. They were no longer wide cuffs, and no longer have layers of decorative belts. They had become simple and convenient. The materials were simple and easy to make.

Everyone could see that the ninth series was cheongsam style that girls in the Republic of China era love to wear! Cheongsam was very particular. Now there were fewer and fewer shops that make good-looking one. One with traditional patterns and embroidery were even more hard to see today. If nothing else, it was difficult to find pattern-making masters. Therefore, today's cheongsam were no longer what it was before. The cheongsam made by Jiang Yu is completely the same as the taste of decades ago, but the strange thing was that it had been slightly changed, so it was still very fashionable. 

Zou Xiaoyu glanced at it and suddenly realized: "Could this be the advanced history of clothing?"

After being reminded by her, other people also came over, Tang Qian pointed to the clothes and said: "So the first series was prehistoric clothes, the second series was Qin and Han Dynasties clothes when most of the clothes were made of linen, and the third series was from Wei and Jin Dynasties with loose-fitting clothes, the fourth series is Sui and Tang Dynasties..."

Zou Xiaoyu hurriedly said: "Then the following series, which are Tang, Song, Ming, Qing, and the Republic of China?"

Bei Xiaoxiao, who stayed at Jiang Yu Company to work during the summer vacation, also smiled and said, "You guessed it right! Jiang Yu really made ancient Chinese clothing. She used the clothing series to directly produce the development process of ancient Chinese clothing. Everyone intuitively sees the fashion evolution of my country's clothing, right? Jiang Yu?" She blinked.

Jiang Yu smiled and reached out to touch the clothes in front of her. These clothes were designed and made by herself. She had feelings for all of them. Women who know how to dye cloth since ancient times, their craftsmanship was much higher than that of the famous masters outside today.

There was also Jiang Wei, who could do Su embroidery. Jiang Yu also invited people who can embroider in her family. In addition, she also invited a lot of people who know ancient craftsmanship to use all the ancient stunts that was almost lost. It could be said that these clothes were completely handmade, which was the condensed history of Chinese clothing and the embodiment of ancient Chinese craftsmanship that was about to disappear!

Of course, all of her production process, including the arduous process of hiring a professional teacher, was filmed by Durres. These seemingly simple but fashionable clothes in front of her were the efforts made by Jiang Yu for Chinese clothing!

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Yes! I often wonder, what is wrong with our people today? Why do people like ancient clothes but pay little attention to traditions. After reflection, I realized that it's not that people don't like traditional clothes, but they had not kept up with the fast pace of fashion. Traditional clothes are defined by everyone as old and unfashionable, and many ancient Chinese clothes are too large and restrictive, so people feel uncomfortable when they wear them every day. In this face changing world, anything that can't keep up with the times will be eliminated. Therefore, I want to try to make these series of clothes and let everyone know that tube tops, one-piece skirts, cheongsam... These things are inheritance from our ancestors! We don't need to admire any big foreign brand, we just need to pay attention to the things of our ancestors, and then we can still grasp the fashion!"

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Although they were in the company, they always felt that they were doing ordinary things. They felt that the company was just an e-commerce company, just to make money. Suddenly they realized that they were wrong. Maybe making money was only a goal of Jiang Yu, but it was by no means the ultimate goal. This also explained why Jiang Yu spent so much money to rent the 2,000-square-meter facade in the most prosperous part of Shencheng!

They felt that they were in a ditch, but Jiang Yu's goal had always been the stars and the sea.

"President Jiang... When you say this, I think your idea is awesome! I don't even think about this kind of national cause! It's too far from my vision!"

When Jiang Yu heard the words, she only smiled, but did not refute. She was not a saint, so it was impossible to be so selfless and only care about the traditional development of the national clothing industry. She was just trying to fulfill her responsibilities and obligations as a designer while still pursuing profit, she could also make a little contribution to the development of my country's fashion clothing circle by the way.

Durres also came, and when he saw Jiang Yu's design, he clicked his tongue twice and said: "Oh! Taro ball! It's going to explode! You do it so well? Don't say it, your clothes have a unique taste, some unruly but exploring the traditional contradiction!" He was inherently fashion-conscious.

Jiang Yu hugged Durres and said with a smile: "Durres, your vision is very accurate! You understand my design!"

"Well... Brother knows our little taro ball best!" Durres rolled his eyes arrogantly.

"Haha..." Jiang Yu asked with a smile: "When will the video come out?"

"Pre-production is almost done, just wait for the finished product to be shot!" Durres said, and then asked: "Do you want to put all of these in the Haute Couture store?"

"No!" Jiang Yu smiled: "These clothes are more conceptual, what I want to convey is a concept, not clothes that can be bought and worn directly. They will be placed in the high-end store but it is not the main product. More clothes are still being made, this is only the first batch!"

Durres nodded. Jiang Yu's batch of clothes made him impressed. If the clothes designed by Jiang Yu for Su Mang and others in the past were in line with fashion aesthetics, then Jiang Yu's batch of clothes expressed an advanced concept. It was suitable for the main theme of fashion magazines.

"By the way!" Durres took out a business card: "The editor-in-chief of <VQ> is my friend, I asked her to do an exclusive interview with you and I also want you to do the cover! I know you have always refused the media, but your high–end store is about to open, so I suggest you do one, after all, <VQ> still has a place in the fashion circle, it's good for you to have an exclusive interview!"

<VQ> was an American magazine. This magazine was relatively high-end. It introduced women's fashion, including beauty, media, clothing, art, etc. It often described the clothing and concepts of some well-known designers. Generally speaking, to be able to publish on <VQ> the designers were all top-notch in the industry, and the cover girl of the magazine had an extraordinary status. Su Ye had never been able to appear in this magazine before, but after recovering from an injury, the inspirational story of her nirvana rebirth had been praised by the audience, so <VQ> editor-in-chief thought that Su Ye's strong image was in line with the magazine's requirements, so she invited her to shoot the magazine cover!

Just imagine, a magazine that a celebrity like Su Ye couldn’t get casually must be very high-quality.

"Thank you dear!" Jiang Yu hugged Durres.

"Whoops! Nasty!" Durres shivered and said with curled finger.

Jiang Yu smiled.

The editor-in-chief of <VQ> was Anna. She had been in charge of the magazine for more than 20 years and had an unshakable position in the fashion circle.

Jiang Yu took Anna’s business card and looked at it for a long time. To be honest, she was already busy enough and didn’t have much interest in shooting magazine cover. But since Durres had paved the way for herself, she couldn’t spoil the other party's good intentions.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu called Anna directly.

"Hello, editor-in-chief Anna, I'm Jiang Yu from JY brand."

"Oh? Jiang Yu?" Anna's tone was a little careless. She smiled and said very lightly: "You are Durres' friend Jiang Yu? I remember you, you opened a women's clothing brand on Taobao, selling some so-called niche brands. Do you think such clothes are fashionable?" Without giving Jiang Yu a chance to speak, she asked disapprovingly: "It is said that you are planning to open your own haute couture studio now?"

Jiang Yu didn't expect the other party to have such an attitude, and after a pause, she smiled without changing her tone: "Editor-in-chief Anna has very well-informed news. I am indeed opened a Taobao store and planning to open my own haute couture studio. If editor-in-chief Anna does not dislike it, when my haute couture studio is established, I invite you to come and sit in the store?"

Jiang Yu spoke politely, Anna's tone softened a bit than before, but it was still very bad: "You don't have to invite me to sit down. I'm the editor-in-chief of a magazine, so I'm usually very busy. Even during my breaks, I always travel to attend fashion shows all over the world. For example, the big show at Haute Couture Week a few days ago, did Miss Jiang go to see it?"

When Jiang Yu heard the words, she realized that Anna didn't care about her at all. She often interacted with magazine editors in her previous life. Naturally, she knew that the editors of these magazines had high vision. Other than that, editors like Anna had a position in the fashion circle and her words could shock the base. Someone that could call the wind and call the rain for the rise and fall of the trillion-dollar fashion industry was a person who couldn’t be offended. Let's put it this way, as long as she mixed in the fashion circle, she would inevitably have an intersection with each other.

This was why all fashion designers and even celebrities in the entertainment industry liked to have a good relationship with editor-in-chief of magazines. It's because of the network resources in the hands of the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Celebrities who had a good relationship with the editor-in-chief could be on the cover of the magazine at any time and such an opportunity was something that many people couldn’t ask for in a lifetime! Being on the cover of a magazine such as <VQ> means honor, and celebrities would also compare privately to see who had appeared the most often as a publicity point, as a proof of entering the fashion circle!

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