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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 98 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 98 – Grand Event (2)

Jiang Yu was lying on the sofa and her clean back appeared in front of Gu Shenliu.

Jiang Yu was a little sleepy and couldn't open her eyes. She only felt a pair of big hands rubbing back and forth on her skin. This numbing and itchy touch made her curl her toes in satisfaction. Really comfortable! When she was tired, smelling the aromatic fragrance and having someone massaging her where she just needed to lie down, help her to the extreme.

Her mind was dizzy, but her thinking was always active, many things flashed in Jiang Yu's mind.

Even though Gu Shenliu and Gao Jing didn't talk about it, Jiang Yu still felt that Gu Shenliu didn't go to work recently to make time to spend time with her. He had always planned silently for her, but never said it. A man like Gu Shenliu, standing next to her, brought her not only a handsome and caring boyfriend, but he seemed to naturally know how to fill the gap in her. He always knew what she wanted, and he knew how to enter her life comfortably and how to exit gracefully to still leave some private space for herself. He was also very good at housekeeping, not to waste every day, and to live with fireworks and quality.

Jiang Yu had no doubt that she, who was now accustomed to Gu Shenliu's loving breakfast, couldn’t do without him at all.

"Jiang Yu." Gu Shenliu squeezed Jiang Yu’s shoulders.


"Feel better now?"

Jiang Yu rested for a while and felt much better. She smiled and turned back: "Much better!" She hugged Gu Shenliu's neck, her slender legs hooked directly around Gu Shenliu's waist. "Mr. Gu, let’s exercise?"

Gu Shenliu raised his eyebrows: "You are provocative, do you know that?"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu's fingers traced Gu Shenliu’s chest and the corners of her mouth curled up: "Why, Mr. Gu not like it?"

"Not like? Those two words are not in my dictionary!"

After speaking, Gu Shenliu lifted Jiang Yu up, left a kiss on the corner of her mouth, and carried her to the bedroom. He supported her on both sides, his deep eyes flashed with light, and he breathed quickly: "Jiang Yu, I really want to eat you now, but you are too tired, so just have a good rest tonight." After he finished speaking, he kissed her and said through gritted teeth, "Let’s owe it first tonight and double it tomorrow!"

Hearing Gu Shenliu say good night, Jiang Yu felt at ease inexplicably. She told herself not to fall asleep, to accompany him to enhance their relationship, but her body was out of control, her eyelids became heavier, and she soon fell asleep.

Jiang Yu was woken up by the phone ringing. She looked out the window with her sleepy eyes narrowed. It's already bright and the sun shines through the gaps in the curtains.

Jiang Yu answered the phone and said in a lazy voice, "Hello."

"Hey! Little taro ball! You haven't gotten up yet?" Su Ye's voice came.

Jiang Yu was startled, coughed, and said, "I'm still sleeping."

"Where are you? I'll give you something!"

Jiang Yu sat up and then remembered that Su Ye went to Japan for an event recently. Originally, she wanted to buy some skin care products and make-up thru purchasing agent but Su Ye found out and wanted to help her. Jiang Yu didn't want to trouble her, but Su Ye insisted so she had no choice but to list the items to her.

"You've come back?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment and then pondered: "I'm in Xiang Song Garden!"

"Xiang Song Garden?" Su Ye immediately smiled, "With Gu Shenliu?"

"Yeah!" Jiang Yu replied with a smile, without concealing it. "But how do you know that Gu Shenliu lives in Xiang Song Garden?"

"Hey! What's the secret? Xiang Song Garden is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Shencheng. When I went there to see the house, the agent told me that Gu Shenliu, Huo Erye, Wang Shensuan, Ye Fang, and Mu Ran Du lives there. The real estate agent was also a thief and treacherous, he told people about this famous tenants and take the opportunity to raise the price, so when you say Xiang Song Garden, I know that Gu Shenliu must be there. "

Early in the morning, Jiang Yu just woke up but told Su Ye that she was in Gu Shenliu's house. Obviously, the two had already lived together. Thinking of this, Su Ye smiled. Jiang Yu was able to tell herself this without concealment, which made her very happy.

"I'm here. If you're busy with work, tell me where you are, I'll ask my Old Gu to get the things!" Jiang Yu said with a smile.

"Oh! It’s already Old Gu?" Su Ye teased and said with a smile: "It is estimated that you are the only one in the world who can instruct him like this. If you are known to Gu Shenliu's fans, they will be distressed to death! Okay, I happened to be nearby, so I'll send it to you!"

Ten minutes later, Su Ye came, and Jiang Yu opened the door for her, only to see her come in with a box of things.

Jiang Yu was very surprised: "I didn't want so many things!"

"I know you're too embarrassed to ask me, so I brought you all the things with high praises. This way you can slowly plant more grass and review it. If you think it's good, tell me, and I'll buy it too!" Su Ye blinked at Jiang Yu: "Miss Jiang, I'm also your little fan!"

Jiang Yu laughed.

While talking, Gu Shenliu, who was wearing a pink apron, came out of the kitchen with a cup of soy milk. Seeing him like this, Su Ye almost dropped her jaw in shock. She glanced at Gu Shenliu in disbelief. He still looked handsome and she could vaguely identify him as the previous male god, but what's up with this Snoopy apron? This family man image was really eye-popping! The legendary Gu Shenliu should be aloof, he was the kind of guy who made headlines by only going to the toilet! How did he become like this?

Su Ye felt heartbroken for a while!

"Gu Shenliu, you..." She glanced up and down at Gu Shenliu's outfit. "What's with this apron?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "I designed them! Our company has just negotiated with snoopy and we can use the patterns. I paid for the copyright so I must make money back. I have made all things with this snoopy patter and I intend to sell them at a good price!"

Wait, this was not point! The point was why Gu Shenliu become the one wearing it!

The image of the male god in Su Ye's heart completely collapsed!

Jiang Yu took the soy milk and took a sip.

Gu Shenliu glanced at Su Ye and said in a low voice, "I'll give a cup for you too?" This appearance was vaguely cold as usual.

Su Ye swallowed. Soon, the soy milk came, she took a sip, and was surprised to find that there were a lot of other beans in the soy milk.

"I love soy milk..." Su Ye sighed again and again: "Jiang Yu! Can you teach me some tricks in training men! How did you train the male god into a family man wearing a snoopy apron?"

"What?" Jiang Yu laughed: "How can I train him? We are willing to change for each other! This is the power of love!" 

"Yes! You look like a woman in love. Look at your skin, it’s all shining!" Su Ye raised her eyebrows.

Jiang Yu was stunned by what Su Ye said. She coughed, waved her hand, and said, "Go! Next question!"

"I'm not kidding you! But if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it, it's actually Gu Shenliu!"

Jiang Yu smiled and went directly to the cloakroom to get a few bags. "Hey, it's for you. Help me take a few pictures and send them on Weibo!"

Su Ye hugged Jiang Yu and smiled: "Okay~ taro ball! When did I not post for you? My Weibo has been filled by advertisements of your items!"

Both of them laughed. 

Before Su Ye left, Jiang Yu gave her a lot of useful skin care products and also gave her a few boxes of red ginseng to make tea.

As soon as Su Ye left, Jiang Yu opened the suitcase and saw that there were about a hundred kinds of skin care products in it. She flipped through it and thanked Su Ye for her diligence. Su Ye brought her products with good reputation and the clinical evaluation of the products was also more reassuring. Although some of them were relatively cheap, they were also Internet celebrity products. Such products with high performance but low cost were most suitable to be introduced to everyone. The target audience was relatively wide and there would be no situations where people say they couldn’t afford them.

Jiang Yu picked out some items for her skin care and makeup. Soon, her experience of using it was revealed. Jiang Yu took pictures of these products and also took a photo of a box of skin care products. 

Jiang Yu took a few days to edit the picture and post it on the blog:

[Thank you @Su Ye for bringing me a box of treasures from Japan! There are new grasses to plant! 

Let's talk about the first one, Les Merveilleuses Laduree's goat hair brush, with a white palace-style handle and a pearlescent luster. The white goat hair brush head makes a girl's heart burst out, and when you hold it in your hand as you apply makeup, it can improve your style! 
I would also like to recommend this Shiseido's Snow Beauty powder. First of all, this powder has a very good-looking appearance. The box is exquisite and snowflake pattern is printed on it. From different angles, there will be different polarized colors. It's enough to empty your wallet! Not to mention the special feature of this powder - it can be used day and night! This powder contains M tranexamic acid, which can inhibit melanin. Use it during the day to prevent UV rays and make the skin clear and flawless. It can also nourish the skin when used at night. I feel that it is reassuring to use. I have been using it at night but there is no clogging of pores, and the powder is clear so it didn’t look obvious that I’m wearing makeup. This powder is worth buying! In fact, you can't help but want to buy it just by looking at it.]

After writing, Jiang Yu directly posted on Weibo.

Because of the recent busyness, Jiang Yu had not been planting grass for several days. The fans were extremely unaccustomed to it. In addition, in July, everyone had nothing to do during the summer vacation and they had some spare money. They couldn’t stop swiping Taobao and want to buy, buy, buy! Everyone was calling for Jiang Yu to plant grass quickly!

No, as soon as Jiang Yu posted on Weibo, fans immediately screamed in excitement.

——Planting grass again? I did a search and both of them are beautiful! Make people feel good.

——What a girl! I was planted by you! I really want it, but the price is too expensive!

——The cute thing that makes the girl's heart burst out! I like it just by looking at it. As for the effect... does it really matter?

——Goat hair brushes are so expensive! The day and night powder is so interesting, can you really use it at night?

——Taro! Your grass machine is not for nothing! To be honest, I follow a lot of bloggers, and I don’t want to buy anything that others post, but I don’t know if it’s because you are too high. I can’t help but want to have the same thing as you! Is this is a disease?

Jiang Yu gave this comment a like with a smile: "It's a disease! Shopping disease! It needs to be cured!"

The fan was so excited that they shouted, "Wow! My taro ball husband reply back to me!"

Jiang Yu laughed!

——Darling, is this Shiseido powder give good coverage?

Jiang Yu replied: "It's unrealistic to expect a powder to give coverage! This powder is not heavy, it's very clear!"

Seeing Jiang Yu planting grass, Su Xiaoqi, a small purchasing agent on Taobao, was very excited. Because Jiang Yu had not been planted recently, her business had declined a lot.

Su Xiaoqi hurriedly said: "My store has already put it on the shelves! Our Japanese staff will help you buy it! Contact Su Xiaoqi if you need it! Authenticity guaranteed!"

In just half an hour, tens of thousands of people responded. Seeing that everyone was planted, Jiang Yu was very satisfied!

The grand sales of Jado had attracted the attention of Taobao. A new brand had sold over 100 million on the first day of listing. Such a myth couldn’t be created by just anyone. Taobao's official Weibo soon released a report, which clearly stated that Jado was the merchant with the highest daily sales on Taobao recently.

Jiang Yu originally hoped that Jado could make a lot of money in a low-key manner, but she was pushed to the forefront by Taobao's official blog, so she had to ask Jado's official blog's operation editor to reply properly.

Soon, Jado's official blog replied: "Jado's first visit to the Taobao land, Chinese customers are very welcoming! Jado is flattered, so here, I would like to bow to all the little owners first! Such turnover is both encouragement and pressure! We will use this for motivation to make better products for everyone! In addition, I would like to emphasize that Jado's warranty period is one year! Unconditional repairs for non-artificial damage within one year!"

The sales of 100 million yuan undoubtedly brought Jado to the public. For a while, the news spread rapidly on the Internet. Everyone was surprised that an Italian brand that was not popular before had a trend of becoming a second-tier brand in a short period of time just by the help of Weibo Big V’s Jiang Yu! Hundreds of millions of sales were sold on the opening day and more than 1,000 people lined up to buy on the day it was launched in Kafan! Who created such a myth?

Everyone knew in their hearts that Jado would still be a small brand that opened a store in a university town in Italy if not because of Jiang Yu!

This matter made everyone look at the news with admiration. Everyone said that Jiang Yu the grass planter was really not called awesome for nothing! Just planting a piece of grass could actually make a brand stand back up! Occasionally, it could also increase the stock price of some listed companies! There was no one else that had this kind of grass planting achievements.

At the same time, Jiang Yu's first batch of haute couture clothing was ready!

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