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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 93 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 93 – Eat you (1)

Jiang Yu kept self-examination when drawing. After the design team completed the new product design for the next half year of the brand, a rival company dug out the team and they brought the design drawings, which caused great losses to the original company. It happened from time to time in the circle, and it was too difficult to defend rights.

Therefore, Jiang Yu needed to set up the company as soon as possible, put the company on the right track, and handed over trivial matters to the people below. She needed to delegate other tasks as she needed to hold the core part of the design department in her own hands. She has to be the soul of the brand, she needed to focus more on design. She shouldn't panic if something like this happened.

The 10 former employees didn't know, but she knew that even if the design drawings were leaked, she was not afraid, because she had dozens of new product drawings ready at any time, which was enough to prevent her from getting caught off guard in emergencies.

Don't push yourself into a corner and don't let others manipulate you at will. This was the experience that Jiang Yu had after being the workplace for many years. In an iron-clad company with flowing employees, she shouldn’t be upset because the employees left, but she had to reflect on whether she was really so busy that she neglected to manage the company.

"Peijun!" Jiang Yu called.

Bi Peijun came right away. "President Jiang." She felt a little guilty. She was very responsible for something like this in the company. Besides, she received two salaries, Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu were both good to her, but she didn’t get things done properly.

"Peijun, it is over, you don't need to blame yourself." Jiang Yu took a sip of the coffee bought by Zhong Xiaoping, "Before joining the company, employees in each department should undergo a week of training to familiarize themselves corporate culture and guidelines. They needed to familiarize themselves on history of clothing, legal knowledge of the design industry, clear responsibilities, and let them know that it is not impossible to leave, but they need to give notice at least one month in advance, and if they leak any design drawings, even if they run to the ends of the earth, we will let lawyers chase after them! "

It’s hard to defend rights, but they couldn’t stop just because they were afraid of it. Wouldn’t this allow those who leaked secrets to go unpunished?


"Also, hold accountable the regular employees among the 10 design team as per the contract! Find a professional law firm to cooperate and leave all related matters to them in the future!" Jiang Yu explained calmly.

"Okay." Bi Peijun wrote the matter down in a notebook.

Bi Peijun took a look at Jiang Yu. To be honest, Jiang Yu was very calm from beginning to end, she didn't even understand what Jiang Yu was thinking, didn't she care? Impossible, it was impossible for her not to have any thought when an entire team left, but to say she cared, Jiang Yu's mood did not fluctuate at all. Even her tone of speech was the same as usual.

Furthermore, from this matter, Bi Peijun suddenly realized that she underestimated the company. She originally only thought that this was a new type of clothing company. If something happened, it would be shocked, but she didn't expect to be completely wrong. The collective resignation of 10 people this time not only did not have any impact on the company, but also didn’t affect any other active employees.

And, somehow, those 10 employees didn't go to Suxi Company! She heard that the company didn’t actually exist at all. Now these people were looking for jobs everywhere, but because their collective resignation had been leaked, although it was not uncommon, it showed that these employees had some professional ethics issue. In addition, they could negotiate the conditions when someone take the initiative to poach, but when they were the one that take the initiative to apply for the job, it was not their turn to talk big.

After a few rounds of applications, Hua Jie and Su Nishang were surprised to find that they could not get 20,000 yuan, even 10,000 yuan was scarce. Many companies clearly wanted to lower the price and said that their design ability was not good enough! How was this possible! The clothes they designed were placed in Jiang Yu's store and tens of thousands had been sold! As long as the design was selected for listing, it would be swept away every time! How could it become a worthless thing in the mouth of others!

At this meeting, they realized that it wasn't because of their outstanding talents, but because Jiang Yu's platform was good. Not because they were talented, but because Jiang Yu's Weibo gathered a group of fans who could appreciate their niche designs. They suddenly realized that they were nothing at all and that they were not completely irreplaceable. Many people in the company that Jiang Yu recruited were newcomers, but she didn’t despise their design.

 By this time, Hua Jie and Su Nishang's guts were all green, what could they do with eight or nine thousand a month? After paying taxes and paying rent, the money left was not enough to buy clothes. At their old company, gifts were given often and there are more than 10,000 worth of commissions every month. If they did well, it was possible to get 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month not including quarterly awards, team awards, year-end awards... How could they be so stupid?

Not to mention the few interns...

Ending the internship at Jiang Yu Company? Was there a stamp proof? No? Internship salary? What salary! They still couldn't figure out what part went wrong. How could a company as big as Suxi disappear?

The old-fashioned tube housing in Shencheng was a 45-square-meter house. There were four generations living in the same house and at least seven people live in them. When someone entered the house, there would be an unpleasant smell. This kind of house was not well ventilated and the area was small. With seven people live in it including a bedridden old lady in her 80s, how could it be nice smelling!

Yao Yiyi's mother was drying the quilt in the house. It was inconvenient to dry the quilt inside, so she needed to prop the quilt outside the house.

The video of Yao Yiyi being beaten was posted online. Yao Yiyi's aunt saw it and asked Yao Yiyi's mother in disbelief: "Yiyi’s mother, why do I think this beaten mistress looks like your Yiyi?"

"How is that possible?" Yao Yiyi's mother rolled her eyes, "My family Yiyi can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, how could it be possible for her to be a mistress! Besides, Yiyi has her own boyfriend, called Sun Jincheng, haven’t you seen him too?"

"No, Yiyi's mother, this person seems to be really Yiyi. Look at what the netizens said below. She is from the Fashion Department of Shenda University! Isn’t this Yiyi from your family?"

This auntie had always been at odds with Yiyi's mother. The two had been fighting for many years. They had been comparing their children since kindergarten. Recently, Yao Yiyi's mother was very proud, because Yao Yiyi often bought gold and jade for her when she made money and she also sent her to travel abroad. Yao Yiyi’s auth became jealous and kept staring at Yao Yiyi, wondering how she made money! And then, she saw the video.

Yao Yiyi's mother noticed the aunt’s schadenfreude and she hurriedly denied: "Impossible! My Yiyi is a good girl!"

"Good girl? A good girl still steps on two boats and acts as a home wrecker? She earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, but I think it was what this old man gave to her, no? Before, my family Qianqian said that Yiyi's nude photos have no bottom line and I don't believe it, but I didn't expect it to really be like this!"

After speaking, Yiyi’s aunt left in disdain. In less than two minutes, all of Yao Yiyi's relatives knew about this.

But Yao Yiyi's mother couldn't get through when she called her daughter.

Yao Yiyi's mother was so anxious that she hurriedly called the head teacher. The head teacher then knew that Yao Yiyi did not come back at night. She knew that when students didn’t come back to the dormitory, if something happened, she, the head teacher, would take responsibility. She had to call the police, but not long after calling, she heard the police say:

"Oh? Yao Yiyi? We just brought back a dispute case to the police station. This girl is also called this name."

After hearing this, the head teacher and Yao Yiyi's mother hurried over. They then saw Yao Yiyi's disheveled clothes, bruised nose and eyes, and she was crying at the police station.

"Yiyi!" Yao Yiyi's mother was so distressed of her only one daughter. She asked quickly, "Who hit you? Mom is going to fight her!"

Xiao Meifeng heard the words and said: "It’s me, what do you want?! How did you teach your daughter, ah! Let her seduce an dead old man in my family, d*mn it! Isn’t she ashamed! A 20-year-old girl and a man in his 50s , as expected of a college student! They go to school to learn this kind of thing!"

The head teacher frowned and glanced at Yao Yiyi, saw her guilty conscience and silence. How could she not guess what happened? Thinking of this, the head teacher directly reported the incident to the head of department. Because this incident had a bad influence on the Internet and seriously damaged the reputation of Shenda University, the school decided to punish Yao Yiyi with demerit! This misconduct would be written on her file!

Yao Yiyi wanted to die. She always wanted face and pretended to be arrogant, but now everyone knows that she relied on an old man to rise to the top. When she thought of her classmates she didn’t even dare to go to school.

"Jiang Yu, have you heard? Yao Yiyi is a mistress and is being cared for!" Bei Xiaoxiao asked in a low voice, "Do you think this is true?"

"I don't know." Jiang Yu said blankly, "I'm not interested in her affairs."

"Hey, it's really embarrassing! Yao Yiyi has always claimed to be the proud woman of the sky and has always been proud of her identity as a local. I didn't expect that in order to compare with you, she would actually be reduced to where she is today."

The corners of Jiang Yu's mouth held a sarcastic smile and she said, "I can't bear this pot!"

"I know. It's her own bad decision!" Bei Xiaoxiao said hurriedly.

For the next few days, Jiang Yu had been busy doing class at school. It was strange to say that after Yao Yiyi was gone, the class became very quiet and the school life was calm. Overnight, the classmates became very friendly. At one time, she passed by the basketball court after class and saw the boys playing energetically on the basketball court. She only felt that such a campus life was what she dreamed of.

As for Yao Yiyi... Jiang Yu sneered, she would never take the initiative to offend others, but if others put their hands in her face to hit her, she would always hit back.

That night, the third episode of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was broadcast.

The crew was filming a costume drama and the actress playing concubine in it needed to have excellent guqin skills, a skill good enough to surprise the entire court. There were indeed sound effects on post-production, but if the crew just come up with this level of things to fool the audience, how could they make a good TV series?

Lan Xiaoxiao was nibbling on an apple. Seeing this scene, she threw away the apple core and said, "Let me try!"

"You?" The director snorted coldly, a 180-line small supporting role was clamoring for one more shot, it's too shameless! Let her try? "Other professional musicians and masters cannot even produce the effect I want, you think you can?!"

Obviously looked down!

"Yes!" Lan Xiaoxiao looked directly into the director's eyes.

For some reason, Lan Xiaoxiao had an aura of a superior person. Sometimes the feeling of her speaking often made the director mistake her for an Empress. The director was startled and suspects that Lan Xiaoxiao was too deep into the play.

Lan Xiaoxiao was not annoyed either, sitting directly in front of the guqin, closed her eyes, and began to recall her past life. In her previous life, when she first entered the palace, she was just an unfavorable concubine. Only once, the emperor overheard her guqin sound and judged her to have a different personality from others. The emperor followed the guqin sound and walked into her room. The two chatted all night, and the more they chatted, the more they felt that they had met each other too late. It could be said that Ruo Lan was very excited at that time, not only because the Emperor noticed her, but because she met a confidant. Someone who understood her completely!

After that, the Emperor looked at her with admiration, often went to her palace, and slowly the two of them became friends, began to know each other, and fell in love. Lan Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and started to play, the beautiful piano sound flowing...

At the end of the song, everyone in the crew was still in shock. They stared at Lan Xiaoxiao, unable to believe that she played the wonderful guqin sound just now, and, what kind of song was this, why they never heard about it?

The musician asked in disbelief, "Little girl, what's the name of the piece you played?"

"Autumn Moon"

"What? Why haven't I heard this song? I've never heard anyone play it."

"Never heard of it?" Lan Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, only to realize that many ancient songs had now been lost. She hurriedly said, "I also heard a teacher play it by accident. Maybe the name is wrong!"

Unexpectedly, the video of Lan Xiaoxiao playing the piano was posted on the Internet, surprising all netizens! It also went a little famous.

At this time, the male protagonist Zhuang Xu passed by the crew and glanced at Lan Xiaoxiao indifferently. This glance made her run towards him in shock.

"Your Majesty..." Lan Xiaoxiao shouted.

It turned out that Zhuang Xu looked exactly like the Emperor!

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