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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 97 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 97 – Tmall (1)

"What happened?" Gao Jing asked.

The manager excitedly pointed at Kafan's cash register and said, "Today there are too many people and too much money paid. My cash register has exploded!"

Jiang Yu frowned and asked, "Can't you swipe cards at your store? Can't do  WeChat or Alipay? Do you have to use cash?" This was deliberately not giving face! 

The manager smiled and said, "Yes! But there are too many people paying cash! Many people came to shop with a bag of cash so the machine kept heating up and couldn't work at all! Do you know how many people were queuing outside? It is said that there were more than 1,000 people! The queue has already been lined up on the next street! There are even armed police in the queue to maintain order!"

"So exaggerated?" Gao Jing glanced out in disbelief, the people in the queue at a glance expanded to the distance.

While talking, one salesperson came out and said anxiously: "Manager! It's not good! We are out of stock again! The stock is not enough!"

"Not enough? Hurry up and ask the Kafan store in the neighboring province to sent their inventory over by truck! Also contact the Chinese agents of major brands, talk to them about cooperation and let them ship all their inventories!"

The salesperson was about to cry: "But the customers are so crazy! I was almost crushed to death by them! Jado's counter was sold out as soon as it was put on the shelves. Those people didn't care how much money they needed to pay, they didn't care whether there were any discounts, they just rushed to buy, I estimated that the current inventory can't keep up with their buying speed!"

Jiang Yu glanced at Kafan's store, but saw that it was full of people. Even if the number of people in each batch was controlled, the madness of these people was still unbelievable. Jiang Yu felt that the scene in front of her was quite impressive, it even felt like Black Friday and Double Eleven! It's so crazy that people who didn't know might think that the store was doing crazy promotions, but it's not, it's just Jado's bags!

Jiang Yu smiled, took a photo, and sent it directly to Jia Xing.

At this time, it was already evening in Italy, and Jia Xing was about to go out to exercise. When he saw Jiang Yu's photo, he was stunned! He couldn't believe it and asked: "The Chinese are so enthusiastic about Jado? It seems that our brand will definitely be able to establish a foothold in China!"

"It's more than that!" Jiang Yu took a picture of the people queuing outside and sent it also, "There are more than 1,000 people queuing outside! Now more than a dozen media have come to interview passers-by to ask them what they think. Yes, it is said that even CCTV has come to report on such a grand event! By the way, some people even compare the photos of the queue with the release of new iPhone, comparing which one has the longest queue! In short, this time Jado will completely become popular in China, confirmed!" With so many media reporting them for free, it's hard to imagine not being popular! This was much better than expected.

After hearing this, Jia Xing was still in shock. After a long while, he said: "All the people who came in line were my relatives! Sure enough, the people of our motherland are the most enthusiastic, the most powerful! I want to immigrate back to China!"

"Sure, come!" Jiang Yu welcomed Jia Xing: "Come and help us absorb the smog together! One more person means one more strength! Let’s contribute to environmental protection movement!"

"Err… wait, I'll think about it again..."

The news of Jado's sales in the mainland did not cause much sensation in the media. It was just a small brand. Now every brand in the world was staring at the Chinese market. When filming a movie, they had to make a special Chinese edition. No matter how big or small the characters were, they had to bring in a few Chinese stars with the intention of taking more money out of the pockets of the Chinese people!

But, Jado was not a big brand after all, what kind of attention could such a brand start to attract?  Don't even think about it!

In fact, at the beginning, even Jiang Yu thought so. Unexpectedly, the grand occasion of queuing made her stunned!

The media reported one after another, and some reporters asked the people in line: "Excuse me, what is it that keeps you queuing up to buy bags here in this hot summer?"

"Do you think I want to buy it?" The man rolled his eyes blankly and said in a bad tone, "If I don't buy one for my wife, she threatened to divorce me! She also said that if I can't queue up today, I don’t have to go home! Do you think it's easy for me? It's harder to be a man in China than any other places!"

This sentence made the man unexpectedly popular, and the video of the man was cut and posted on Weibo that night, causing heated discussions among netizens.

And Jiang Yu's Weibo was captured by fans.

——Taro ball! I saw you today. Although it is far away, you are really beautiful! I like you more and more!

——Taro ball are so beautiful, there are pictures to prove it (picture)

——So beautiful! Prettier than the photo! More beautiful than Lan Xiaoxiao! In the legend, being photogenic is equal to disfigurement?

——Visually, the long legs are 1.8 meters! Beautiful legs, face and chest!

——Beauty is justice! Jiang Yu, I won't object to anything you say in the future, even if you say I'm made of sh*t! I will agree too!

——Friends, I'm still lining up, I haven't bought Jado's bag after 7 hours of queuing! Really tired! I don't know if it's still in stock or not!

After reading this comment, Jiang Yu was really distressed, she forwarded it and said: "Don't wait too long! If you can't buy it in Kafan, you can go to Tmall! You must know that Jado's Tmall is about to open, so don't be discouraged! It is said that Jado Tmall will have many Chinese-specific styles and design, so there will be more options you can choose! There are also classic models, so everyone doesn’t have to persistently suffer like this at all!”

To be honest, seeing everyone queuing desperately, Jiang Yu felt a little distressed. She would rather not make this money and hope that everyone would go back and cool off in an air-conditioned room.

——Thank you for Dada’s concern, I will go back and wait to buy on Tmall if I can’t buy any today.

——Daily confession to the goddess of taro ball! My Jiang Yu is really beautiful!

——Really beautiful, I really envy the students of Shenda University. They can often see Jiang Yu.

——Shenda said that senior sisters seldom go to school now.

——Goddess, I heard that your haute couture studio is going to be established. I hope you will get better and better, but please continue to plant grass for us!

Seeing this comment, Jiang Yu couldn't help but raise the corners of her lips. Her high-end studio opening had not been announced on the Internet, but everyone knew and had been caring about her. For fear that her practice of renting a 2,000-square-meter store was a bit rash, many fans had been advising her on Weibo.

Looking at the fans' words, Jiang Yu suddenly felt that she was extremely lucky! How could she receive so much kind attention!

It's getting hotter and hotter, so Jiang Yu couldn't leave the air conditioned room anymore.

With the broadcast of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>, the original novel had also received attention again. One day Jiang Yu went home at night and opened the Jinjiang website when she had nothing to do, only to see that the original novel was directly ranked on the homepage gold list because of the popularity of the drama.

Jiang Yu clicked in to check the fans' comments, but saw that most of them were encouraging.

——Twisted Flatbread Dada, I like this novel very much, but of course I prefer Zhuang Xu played by Gu Shenliu! So handsome and restrained, and the acting is simply overwhelming!

——I have followed Gu Shenliu and read the original book. I think Gu Shenliu's acting is more attractive than the script. He is worthy of being an award winning actor. His acting skills are really good, the details are in place.

——Gu Shenliu was originally handsome, but he was made even more handsome by the styling! It's exactly the Zhuang Xu in my heart!

——I like Gu Shenliu and of course I also like the heroine. The style of this play is still made by the heroine Jiang Yu! I really admire her!

——Actually, the life is very good. To be honest, this novel would not have achieved such an effect if it hadn’t been picked up by Jiang Yu. If someone else made this movie, I still don’t know how it would be destroyed!

Most of them gave affirmation to the web drama, which Jiang Yu did not expect. She smiled and closed the book's web page. She wanted to read novel, but the website kept getting stuck. She had to close the website and simply went to sleep.

The next day, Jiang Yu entered the gate of Gu Shenliu's villa in Xiang Song Garden, and saw a man in a black T-shirt standing at the door. He was holding a pot and she was not sure what he was looking at. His profile face was angular, his facial features were excellent, his figure was perfect, and his body exuded hormones! She couldn’t take her eyes off. Such a man should be more matched with fashion, sports cars, famous watches, and suits, but who knew what Gu Shenliu frowned at, but he was seriously thinking about the pot in front of him.

It was very hot, Jiang Yu almost got sunburned and took off her makeup along the way, so she leaned over in a puzzled way. "What's wrong?"

Gu Shenliu's voice did not fluctuate: "There are bugs!"

"Bugs?" Jiang Yu was shocked. If someone asked her if there was anything she was afraid of, it would be bugs! She was especially afraid of bugs, moths, cockroaches, maggots, silkworms... She was afraid of everything! As long as it's bugs, she's disgusted.

In fact, Gu Shenliu was also very puzzled as to where the bug came from. It was a hot day, so he wanted to cook some mung bean soup for Jiang Yu to take to the office to relieve the heat. After searching the Internet, he put some mung beans into the pot and boiled them. Who would have thought that when he went to the kitchen to take a look, he saw four bugs floating in the pot. It was little black bugs, they were not small and looked a bit like a cockroach. They were black and kept floating in the pot, making Gu Shenliu frown.

He quickly poured out the pot of mung bean soup and cooked a new pot. Who knew that there were still bugs in the second batch after it was boiled, so he brought the mung bean soup outside and studied it carefully with the help of sunlight. As a new family cook, he definitely couldn't let Jiang Yu eat bugs.

Jiang Yu was a little scared and asked inexplicably, "Where did the bugs come from? Did they come from the pot?"


The two studied for a while and there was a sound of footsteps. They saw Ye Fang and Mu Ran, holding Xiaomi, Xiaomo, and Ye Xiaobao, their three children. The family of five saw the two leaning to the side to study a pot. Mu Ran, who often cooked couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing?" After she finished speaking, her eyes swept back and forth on Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu.

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