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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 96

WBVDEC Chapter 96 – Stage

After being tangled with clothes, Jiang Yu began to tangle with makeup. What kind of makeup should she apply? Out of bath makeup? No! This makeup look was only suitable for a closer look. There would be many fans on the scene and many fans would be standing far away. Painting such a makeup look could easily make fans in the distance unable to see clearly, leaving a faint impression. Su Ye makeup? No! Jiang Yu also denied this idea. Su Ye Makeup's eye shadow, blush, lipstick and other colors were very particular. Speaking of which, it was more suitable for particular dresses, so it would be more limited and difficult to change in short time.

Jiang Yu rejected these two makeup looks and looked at the time again. If she didn't hurry up, she would be late. After thinking about it, she decided to paint herself a retro makeup look that was popular in the web drama!

This makeup look was designed by Jiang Yu for Lan Xiaoxiao in the drama. Because of the popularity of the drama, this makeup look had also become very popular on the Internet recently. Many fashion bloggers were analyzing the application method of this makeup look and also listed lipstick and eye shadow brand used.

Fashion was a cycle and retro was undoubtedly a retrospective of the popularity of the old times. However, retro, which era, was very particular. As far as Audrey Hepburn's elegant little black dress makeup in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", to as close as the smoky disco look from the 80s and 90s were both called retro.

And the retro makeup that Jiang Yu wanted to paint was actually very simple. Its essence was just a clean one!

Jiang Yu looked at herself in the mirror. Her facial features were three-dimensional, her eyes were deep, and her outline was clear. Her face was especially suitable for retro makeup. The reason why retro makeup was good and saved time was because the retro makeup that Jiang Yu wants to paint was simple and clean, but still beautiful. It made people feel very eye-catching just at a glance, but it wouldn’t feel too coquettish.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu started to apply a primer. Retro makeup had higher requirements for primer, requiring an even skin tone. After applying the primer, Jiang Yu carefully applied some foundation. After, she looked at even base in the mirror. She then swiped a very light blush and then painted her eyebrows into dark one-line eyebrows. Because her natural eyebrows were already very thick, she did it quickly.

Normal ordinary makeup required at least eye makeup and blush, but Jiang Yu felt that it would be a bit cumbersome to paint these two things in the retro makeup she created. The retro makeup that she wanted was just even skin base, eyebrows, and then a big red lip was enough.

Jiang Yu primed her lips, took out Givenchy's Le Rouge red lipstick, and smeared it with a lip brush from the inside to the outside. Just like that, she looked at herself in the mirror and raised the corners of her lips in satisfaction.


There was a knock on the door. "Done?" Gu Shenliu's voice came.

"Let’s go!" Jiang Yu walked out the door with a smile.

Going downstairs, Gu Shenliu carried Jiang Yu’s suitcase to the trunk, and then sat directly in the driver's seat.

"Are you going with me?" Jiang Yu was surprised.

"If I don’t send you, are you going to drive there yourself?" Gu Shenliu raised his brows lightly and glanced at the Maserati parked in the garage.

After the Maserati was bought, Jiang Yu never drove it, only Gu Shenliu once used it to the market to buy vegetables.

Jiang Yu said that it's not that she couldn’t drive the car, but that she didn’t have a driver's license. "Forget it? I'll take a taxi, in case someone sees us..."

"It's good to see us. A relationship needs to be exposed to the sun occasionally so it stays healthy!" Gu Shenliu said solemnly.

"..." Do you think it was a tooth?

"Jiang Yu!" They heard Gao Jing's voice from a distance.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Are you here?"

Gao Jing had long promised to accompany Jiang Yu to participate in this offline event. Gu Shenliu was no longer taking jobs and he didnt want to bring other artists. After all, bringing artists was like buying gems. After seeing Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu, when seeing the other, although they all had their own characteristics, some were dazzling, some were big and full, and some had straight luster, but they were still not as good as these two gems.

Because of his own pickiness, Gao Jing was almost in semi-retirement. Gu Shenliu didn't work for a day, and he didn't get a commission for a day. Fortunately, there was still Jiang Yu. He comforted himself that when the husband was gone, his wife could take over!

"Jiang Yu, don't be nervous later, adapt accordingly, I will teach you to deal with any emergencies." Gao Jing whispered.

"Okay! With you here, I can rest assured!" Jiang Yu smiled lightly. Although it was a light smile, she had red lips painted, and this smile had ten thousand shines, which made the car full of spring.

Gao Jing was a little embarrassed and thought, look at Jiang Yu's temperament! Look at how they looked! Look at this style of people! As expected of a woman Gu Shenliu liked! She was indeed a highly competitive artist! Going out like this, killing popular stars 10,000 times in seconds, where could he find such a girl nowadays?

Soon, the nanny car was parked near Kafan Mall, the bodyguards came over, and Gao Jing got off the car while protecting Jiang Yu. The battle preparation was huge! But... where was the people?

Jiang Yu looked around the entire square and saw no one, it was empty! It didn’t look like there was any activity at all! There was no one, why would they need so many bodyguards to escort them?

The two were dumbfounded.

What about those fans on Weibo who said they were coming to the scene? What about the iron fans of Jiang Yu’s Support Club? None came?

Jiang Yu didn't feel embarrassed. She only glanced at Gao Jing and said, "Hey! You said that I should be the only one present at this event, right? If I can't find someone to interact with later, it would be embarrassing! "

"Don't be embarrassed! If no one is there, I'll hire two or three thousand people!"

"..." Could you be more reliable?

Gu Shenliu glanced at the empty square and said in a low voice: "If no one is there later, remember to call me. I will be your enthusiastic audience!"

The two teased, not at all afraid of Jiang Yu's embarrassment.

Jiang Yu laughed, but she was not afraid. She shook her hair and said casually, "It's okay if no one comes! I'll drag all the prizes from the lottery back for the employees."

He he!

The two were talking when they saw Kafan’s manager running over and said anxiously, "Oh! Two ancestors! Why did you only come now?"

Jiang Yu wondered: "It's not time yet!"

"It's indeed not, but the fans have already arrived! If you don't show up quickly, the scene will be out of control!" The manager was sweating.

Jiang Yu swept the empty square again with a blank face. Seeing Jiang Yu like this, the manager knew that she had misunderstood and laughed: "Wrong! Not here! In the North Square!"

"Jiang Yu! Jiang Yu!" Fans shouted frantically.

Gao Jing listened to this wave after wave of shouting and looked at all the people under the stage. So many? He counted the number of people in his heart in disbelief. There were at least 3,000 people, right? Just an ordinary promotion, but so many people! 

Even first-line superstars might not have such treatment, not to mention Jiang Yu was not famous in the entertainment circle at all! She had only acted in one web drama, and since she was mainly active on the Internet, few people in reality should know her! Unexpectedly, there were men and women, adults and children among the fans in front of me, and there was even an 80-year-old grandma in a wheelchair!

Such fans gathering ability! Such an audience! This was what many stars pray for in a lifetime!

Gao Jing couldn't help but sigh in his heart! Some people's lives were really amazing! What they wanted, even what they didn’t know they wanted, God had made things ready and sent them directly! Many stars couldn’t achieve this things their entire lives, but Jiang Yu could!

Today's Jiang Yu was probably the hottest person in the fashion circle, right?

It was very hot today, and it was so stuffy early in the morning that people couldn't breathe. According to the weather forecast, it was 35 degrees today. On such a hot day, fans came from all over the country early in the morning to guard the venue early, just to interact with Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was also a little moved for a while. She unscrewed a bottled mineral water and handed it to the grandmother in a wheelchair. Which fan's grandma was this supposed to be? It was estimated that she was tasked to take care of her grandmother but also wanted to see Jiang Yu, so she brought the grandma here. 

The scene was crowded and hot, and it was not ventilated. Jiang Yu was worried that the old grandmother would be out of breath, so she said, "Grandma, drink some water!"

"Thank you, taro ball!" The old grandmother expressed her heart to Jiang Yu, tilted her head, and smiled: "Taro ball! I am your fan!"

"..." Jiang Yu was really surprised: "You know me?"

"Of course I do! Although I have bad eyesight and can't see your Weibo, every day I ask my granddaughter to read your Weibo to me. I bought the fashion magazine with your cover and I also bought your clothes. Although I can't wear the clothes out because I mainly stay at home, I'm happy just to see them!" The old grandmother's face was filled with joy and the excited expression was the same as that of other fans.

Only then did Jiang Yu believe that the grandma in front of her was really her fan! She was quite moved and said, "Thank you for your love! I will definitely work harder!"

"Jiang Yu, you're already very good! As long as you maintain this kindness, grandma will continue to support you!"

The granddaughter of the grandmother pushed the wheelchair and smiled: "My grandma likes you very much. Because she often asks me to help her read Weibo, this makes me a fan too! This time you come here to visit, grandma wants me to bring her over and said that she wanted to see you while she's still alive!"

Jiang Yu's eyes were wet when she heard this. She took a breath and said, "Let's take a photo together!"

Other fans also shouted: "Jiang Yu! Lan Xiaoxiao! We love you!"

"I love you taro ball, just like a mouse loves rice! Jiang Yu backers will always support you!"

Hearing these shouts, Jiang Yu was deeply moved, and she reminded herself to make today's event a success and not let everyone down.

Soon, the host brought up the bag and said with a smile: "Next, let's first invite Jiang Yu to carry Jado's beautiful bag for a stage show!"

Offstage, Gao Jing stared nervously at Jiang Yu. Bad! If he knew that so many people would come today, he would have conducted an intensive training on Jiang Yu. But because of the limited preparation, he did not have time to do so. It's over, this was Jiang Yu's first public offline activity! Would she be nervous?

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu on the stage looked calm, only the corners of her lips were slightly hooked, and she calmly took the first step. Although this was her first time doing an activity in this life, it didn't bother her.

Jiang Yu walked forward with a smile, showing off her bag as she walked. After walking back and forth, when she returned to the middle of the stage, she smiled and said:

"Look at this bag, it was designed by myself, and it is also very popular color this year, smog blue! This kind of grayish blue bag looks very refreshing, very suitable for summer. With Jado's unique fabric, it is also very durable, so you can't go wrong with this one! The inner design of this bag is also very thoughtful. Generally, girls will have a lot of cosmetics and rubber bands to put in, and the hidden compartment in the bag can conveniently house these small objects. This bag has only one hidden button on the top, so many people are afraid that such a bucket bag will be unsafe, but it is not, because this bag has a bag within a bag..."

Jiang Yu was very detailed! After finishing, she smiled and said, "If you like this bag, you can go to Kafan to line up and buy it!"

Later, Jiang Yu changed her clothes and introduced other bags.

During the period, fans have been very excited to interact with Jiang Yu. Seeing everyone's reaction, she also had the illusion that she was a popular movie star.

The originally 2-hour event dragged on for 2.5 hours, just because the fans were very enthusiastic, they kept shouting Encore and asked Jiang Yu to come on stage to interact with them more.

Finally, Jiang Yu specially asked everyone: "Jiang Yu had introduced all the bags today. If you like it, you can go to Kafan's store to line up!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu left the stage, but when she had just come to the backstage to rest, she heard Kafan's manager shout.

"Jiang Yu! Exploded! Exploded!"

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