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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 94

WBVDEC Chapter 94 – Turning Point

Gu Shenliu recently bought some strange props and forced her to share the torture tricks he saw in some color film.

Jiang Yu looked at the tools in front of her, shook her head, and refused: "No! You have to play by yourself!"

"It's needed to cultivate relationship!" After speaking, Gu Shenliu picked up Jiang Yu and went to the bedroom. He unpacked the newly bought stuff, fiddling for a while.

Jiang Yu lied on the bed, frowning lightly: "You never used it?"

Gu Shenliu glanced at Jiang Yu and didn't say anything, but this thing was simple, and it should be easy after thinking about it for a while. Gu Shenliu, in the spirit of seeking knowledge and exploration that all students of Shenda University, had a great time playing.

So Jiang Yu watched Gu Shenliu treat herself like a piece of meat and rolled around with that thing. The effect of this thing was still there, um, the feeling of numbness was easy to make people into the play, and when Gu Shenliu really wanted her, it could make her suffer less.

Jiang Yu felt a little strange. The relationship between the two was not a one-off, two-time relationship, and Gu Shenliu loved to toss her around the bed. It could be said that they had tried every trick, but every time he entered, she still felt pain, which made Gu Shenliu more careful to take care of her body.

The clothes were quickly removed and Gu Shenliu carried Jiang Yu into the bathtub.

A place like a bathtub was easy to use and easy to do. Gu Shenliu entered from the back, sweating all over his head, and asked, "Does it hurt?"

"It's okay." Jiang Yu said very seriously: "But I forgot one thing."


"I should get my sketchbook and draw. I feel inspired!"


"After all, you also know that every time we did it, I will be very inspired!"

Gu Shenliu was speechless and said in a muffled voice, "Mrs. Gu, it's an honor to bring inspiration to you, but when we do this kind of thing, can you please pay attention?"

"Didn’t you ask……"

Under Gu Shenliu offense, Jiang Yu was soon unable to speak. This time it was hard to even think about anything else.

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu went to class, and Gu Shenliu went out with a lunch box to send her.

"You really want to take me there?"


"If your fans know that I'm with you, let you cook, do laundry, and drive me every day, they'll be heartbroken!"

"If I let you do them instead, I'll die of heartache!"

Jiang Yu was stunned. After a while, she raised her lips and smiled. Strange, why did she have the illusion that she had picked up a treasure?

After taking Jiang Yu to class, Gu Shenliu had nothing to do, so he went back to see his parents. Mother Gu was at home, and when she saw him, she said in surprise, "You're not working today?"

"I am taking a rest recently."

Mother Gu smiled: "You, I persuaded you not to work so hard for a long time but you don't listen. Now it's good. As you fall in love, you have even changed your temperament!"

Gu Shenliu said nothing.

Mother Gu asked again: "By the way, Shenliu, I heard from Aunt Hu, you haven't let her come for a long time, how can you do without an aunt at home? You are so busy, who will do the cleaning and cooking in your place? "

Gu Shenliu was startled, and after a while, he replied expressionlessly: "This kind of housework, of course, is done by women!"

"Oh! Stop joking!" Mother Gu laughed directly: "I don't think Jiang Yu can do housework and you don't know how to cook, let Aunt Hu go!"

Gu Shenliu didn't tell Mother Gu that he had been learning cooking from Mu Ran for the sake of Jiang Yu. He had the potential to be a chef.

"No!" Gu Shenliu stared at the TV and said, "Since ancient times, housework and cooking have been done by women! Jiang Yu dare not stop doing it. With her around, I never go into the kitchen at home…" Well, what should I eat for dinner? Jiang Yu has been too busy recently, and she is a little angry. Should I make some food for her to clear the fire, eat more vitamins, or have some broccoli and shrimp?

"Never clean up..." When I left this morning, I forgot to wipe the floor of the cloakroom in the bedroom. If I don't wipe it, it is easy to cause dust allergy. Well, I will go back early to clean up the rest of the room as well.

"Jiang Yu has always been doing it!" After Gu Shenliu finished speaking, he stared at the TV with the same expression, as if he really believed that a woman should do these things! He was an actor, how could people not be deceived if he wants to deceive them? 

Mother Gu was stunned by what he said. Seeing what her son said was so natural, she made up her mind about the picture of Jiang Yu kneeling in Gu Shenliu's villa of several hundred square meters to clean up, and she couldn't bear it anymore. She kept criticizing his son: "I'm telling you, you haven't married her yet, so don't scare her! I'll let Aunt Hu do things for you tomorrow! Don't tire her out!"

"No!" Gu Shenliu directly refused: "She can learn. I also expect her to take care of the children in the future. What if she can't do anything? Practice makes perfect, learn now, and then she can be a good mother and wife!"

"..." Mother Gu looked at her son with a grumbling expression on her face. She blamed herself very much. She raised her son for so many years and spent at least several hundred tens of millions of dollars in charity work. How can he become a scumbag with a wrong view when it comes to marrying a wife? When exactly did she raise Gu Shenliu crookedly?

When Gu Shenliu said this, Mother Gu only felt that Jiang Yu was really not easy. The little girl who was still in college, not to mention going to school every day, she had to take care of the company, and she had to support more than 100 employees under her. Just those things were already very tiring, but she also needed to do housework? Mother Gu swallowed her saliva, thinking that she must treat Jiang Yu a little better in the future to make atonement for her son!

So when Jiang Yu went to Gu's house for dinner the next day, she received a lot of gifts from Mother Gu. Emerald the size of pigeon eggs, Chanel bags that have not been used more than 40 years ago, Cartier necklaces and earrings, pearl powder, and LAMER exclusive intensive revitalizing essence.

Jiang Yu didn’t feel much about the other, but she liked the Chanel bag and this essence very much. She had only seen this Chanel bag in photos. Now that she saw the real thing, she could take it home for collection. She also had used the essence in her previous life, which was more in line with her more mature skin, but the price of 511 yuan for 1 ml was expensive even for her.

"Jiang Yu, come and play here when you have nothing to do! You can choose anything here, as long as you like it!"

"..." Jiang Yu was puzzled and kept asking Gu Shenliu on the way back: "What's wrong with Auntie? This time she seems to be very enthusiastic?"

Gu Shenliu's face was as usual, but his voice did not fluctuate: "She is going to be a mother-in-law, so she is happy!"


Jiang Yu was at a loss and really didn't understand why she received a gift worth hundreds of thousands just within a quick meal. However, she secretly reminded herself that the next time she went to Gu family, she must bring return gifts!

For many people, a day was a day, and as the day goes by, nothing seemed to have changed in the evening compared to the morning, but it not for Jiang Yu. She has calculated that she was working on four categories of projects, Jado's bags, Taobao Store’s and Tmall’s clothing, Huajianji's acne-removing products, and online dramas that had already been broadcast. Strictly speaking, these four items were all about clothing and cosmetics. As for online dramas, they were already in past tense. She was not going to stay in the entertainment industry, but people outside would praise her acting skills and agree with her aesthetic vision. They would blow her to the sky, but for her, these were just things that could be discarded at any time. What she wanted was business and design success!

Jiang Yu had observed the business and she could make millions in one day, which means that she in the evening was no longer the one she was in the morning. During the day, the numbers on her account were rising constantly. After earning 100 million, she had completed her small goal.

However, Jiang Yu felt that it was not enough. The speed of accumulation of assets was too slow!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu focused on the original goal – the establishment of a high-end fashion studio.

As soon as she thought of it, Jiang Yu quickly asked people to find a place and invited a professional interior designer to discuss the decoration plan. Her goal was very clear. If she wanted to set up a haute couture studio, she had to work hard towards the highest goal.

Renting a 2,000-square-meter facade on the most prosperous street in Shencheng was already a big news. The clothing circle in this city and even in China had already paid attention to Jiang Yu’s actions. Everyone was discussing in private, guessing how much was the rent for this 2,000-square-meter building? Maybe tens of millions a year? But how much money could Jiang Yu made with haute couture? Big-name haute couture didn’t make money, let alone a small brand like hers. Besides, rich people in China paid more attention to foreign designers and brands. Jiang Yu’s fame, although she was famous, was obviously not enough.

Jiang Yu also realized this. She found that if she left Weibo, she didn't seem to have any works that people could speak of. As for Taobao... Taobao's clothes were small, but they could only be said to be ahead of the trend, not creating a trend. An excellent designer must have creative thinking, break the traditional constraints, and create a series of works that shock the world.

To give a simple example, in the annual Paris Fashion Week catwalk, many people look at the series of works, but many of them were too eye-catching and people often complain behind, saying why such ugly clothes could also be used on the catwalk? It's not as good as the clothes I'm wearing that I bought from Taobao! 

For high-end fashion occasions like Paris Fashion Week, what a designer had to do was usually to convey a thought and concept through their works. Innovation was needed in all aspects and it was these bold innovations that would be favored by those fast-moving consumer brands, such as Z Brand, H Brand, U Brand and other brands that started out as imitations. After simple modifications by the designers, the haute couture in the fashion week became more in line with popular aesthetics. The price had also dropped from the original tens of thousands to less than one thousand yuan.

These fast-moving brands of clothing were not only imitating others, but also an object that was imitated. In places like Taobao, a bunch of merchants and factories would directly buy such clothes and made them into patterns, and then make clothes that cost few hundreds yuan cheaper to be sold to customers. Customers were also very happy receiving these goods, they could buy clothes that were better than the big brands for such a cheap price! But they didn’t know, without the efforts of those outstanding designers, Taobao would not be today's Taobao, and the clothes most of people wear would not be like this!

Only a small number of people really changed the world. And Jiang Yu, what she wanted to do was to become this person! And she was Chinese. There were few outstanding fashion designers in China. Since Jiang Yu iwass about to start, she naturally had to remember her identity as a Chinese and use traditional clothing to make a statement!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu directly sent people to collect all kinds of traditional costumes from various dynasties and regions in China.

Zhong Xiaoping put all the clothes on the mannequin and arranged them one by one. Tang suits, Han suits, Tang suits of the Republic of China, and various representative embroideries made Jiang Yu feel a collision of inspiration. She touched the materials of these clothes, as if she could imagine how people in the past treated themselves solemnly through clothing. Not to mention, in ancient times, in order to wear a good piece of clothing, people would spend a month or two customizing and doing embroidery. This kind of attention was not available to today's people.

"President Jiang, do you want to improve traditional clothing?"

"It's not an improvement." Jiang Yu imagined the collision of these clothing styles and modern craftsmanship in her mind, "As a Chinese, I naturally want to let everyone know that Chinese clothing has always been fashionable. It can be said that our ancestors’ aesthetics has always been more thoughtful than us. Besides, in foreign countries, the popularity of riding clothes, double-breasted work wear, and fishnet stockings were all breakthroughs from ancient clothes. If nothing else, let’s talk about fishnet stockings ! More than a hundred years ago in the United States, thousands of people lined up to buy fishnet stockings. At that time, fishnet stockings were just introduced from France and were a symbol of fashion! A hundred years later, fishnet stockings had become a trend in the world several times over, the combination of fishnet stockings and jeans not only made them popular, but also made ripped jeans popular again! Of course, this was just a trend! What I want to do is to seek a breakthrough from the our own tradition!"

Jiang Yu’s remarks made Zhong Xiaoping sigh long ago that she couldn't keep up with Jiang Yu's thinking.

Jiang Yu quickly returned to the office and began to draw. Zhong Xiaoping watched from the side, her eyes ranged from puzzled to shocked to unbelievable. In the end, Zhong Xiaoping didn't dare to move her eyes even for a moment, she just stared straight at Jiang Yu, for fear that she drew something new that she hadn't seen.

Zhong Xiaoping was very agitated, she never thought that she would be able to see such a work born with her own eyes. She has watched many documentaries of masters, and those masters were undoubtedly very talented, but Jiang Yu, Zhong Xiaoping had always liked her, a confident and beautiful girl. However, it was not until this moment that Zhong Xiaoping realized that Jiang Yu was no longer at the level that Taobao could carry. Jiang Yu should go to a larger sea area, go to the world to compete with other famous designers.

Jiang Yu's pen never stopped. She continued to draw until the evening and then she called the design department for a meeting, asking them to help her set up her own studio in the next few months.

For the next few days, Jiang Yu had been staying in the clothing room. Many of her designs needed to be made by hand. Because of the complexity of the craftsmanship, the hand-making process was very difficult. Her fingers were poked like a hornet's nest, but she still stick to handmade.

Under the dim light, the silhouette of Jiang Yu was particularly charming. Her skin was really good and her makeup was exquisite and special. She deserved to be a stylist who was good at makeup and maintenance! Such a girl was really eye-catching!

Zhong Xiaoping watched secretly from the side, only to feel agitated in her heart! She suddenly felt as if she was witnessing the rise of a fashion legend.

"Xiaoping, scissors!"


Jiang Yu took the scissors and looked at the fabric in front of her with satisfaction. She raised the corners of her lips. Although the clothes were not completely finished, in all aspects, the design was so perfect that even she couldn't be picky.

At this time, Jiang Yu did not realize that this series of works would bring her a major opportunity!

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