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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 97 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 97 – Tmall (2)

Mu Ran also heard from Ye Fang that Gu Shenliu's recent cooking skills were for the sake of Jiang Yu and only then did she know that the two were really together! To be honest, even people like her who never watch TV were full of girlish hearts watching <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>. Now they were waiting for updates every week, which was more active than waiting for men.

When the two met for the first time, Jiang Yu smiled at Mu Ran: "There are worms in the mung bean soup that Old Gu cooked!"

Someone who was promoted to Old Gu said in a low voice: "Strange, there were no worms before cooking, could it be from the pot?"

Mu Ran pushed the door and came in, glanced at the worm, and smiled: "This is the mung bean elephant! It is the bugs in mung bean. You can't see it when washing the mung beans, because there is only a small black spot on the mung beans eaten by the bugs, but when they are boiled, these bugs will burrow out!"

After speaking, Mu Ran concluded: "That is, your mung beans are full of bugs!"

Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu were stunned and looked at each other.

"Where did you put the mung beans? In the refrigerator?" Mu Ran asked Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked dazed.

Mu Ran laughed: "At first glance, you are not the person in charge of the family!" She turned her eyes to Gu Shenliu again.

Gu Shenliu coughed, lowered his head and said truthfully, "Put them in the kitchen cabinet."

"That's it! In summer, mung beans are the most prone to bugs. Generally, they are kept in the refrigerator for a while and the worms will burrow out by themselves when washing. You can also put them in a closed container! Don't eat your mung beans if they are cooked with the bugs!"

"No wonder..." Gu Shenliu then realized that although many life experiences were very simple, for a person like him who rarely cooks, there was still a lot to learn. It was only after Mu Ran that he knew mung bean bugs were inside the beans.

Mu Ran glanced at the mung bean soup and smiled brightly: "If I guessed correctly, your mung bean hasn't been cooked for a long time, right?"

"..." How did she know?

Seeing Gu Shenliu frowning, Mu Ran smiled enthusiastically and said, "It's not the audience of my food show! Raw mung bean can't be boiled directly in a pot, you need to soak them a few hours first. Only after soaking you then can put the beans into a pot to cook!"

"As expected of a chef!" Jiang Yu praised.

"There is a specialization in the art industry!" Mu Ran said very enthusiastically: "I like the clothes you designed. In fact, I often buy clothes in your Taobao store!" After speaking, winked her eyes: "Next time, let me go through the back door! Save me not being able to grab it every time!"

Jiang Yu laughed.

With three babies, Ye Fang urged, "Let's go first! If not, you will be late watching the drama!"

"Here comes my husband!" Mu Ran followed with a smile.

Under the sun, the family of five left talking and laughing.

Jiang Yu watched them go away, and said enviously: "Their relationship is so good! The dragon and phoenix twin is obedient and sensible, and Ye Xiaobao is so chubby and cute! There is nothing in this world that is more important than family happiness!"

Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu into his arms and said, "We will be happy too!" However, for now, let’s get the mung bean soup done first! This mung bean was already infested with bugs, so it couldn't be used! Gotta go to the grocery store to buy some more! Just now Mu Ran said how to make mung bean soup... Mr. Gu Shenliu, a new chef, felt that his knowledge was not enough!

July was destined to be an unusual month, and it was destined to be a turning point in Jiang Yu's life. The news said it was the hottest summer in 30 years, and today was also the hottest day in 30 years. Sultry, fidgety, and steamy, that eggs cook instantly on the ground.

And today, Jado's Tmall was launched.

"Jiang Yu, what should I do? I'm so nervous!"

Early in the morning, Jia Xing sent a video to chat with Jiang Yu. He didn't sleep all night and felt uneasy. Although Jado was very popular in China, would the opening of Tmall really be recognized by everyone? How much sales could be achieved on the first day? Jia Xing pondered over and over again, and felt that this matter was uncertain! So he didn't sleep all night thinking about it until dawn, and when Jiang Yu was online, he came to find her.

Jiang Yu was very calm, she smiled and looked at the camera.

"Don't worry! Popularity is certain! It's just a question of how popular!"

Jia Xing was laughed at by Jiang Yu: "Why do I feel that any major event is not a big deal in your eyes? I have never seen you in a hurry!"

"It's a trivial matter! Well, Jado Tmall is launched today, I'm going to the company to keep an eye on it. You keep an eye on the factory, must ensure the quality!"


After she finished speaking, Jiang Yu applied a lucky makeup, and applied some YSL glossy lip stain. After painting, she took some photos and posted them on the Internet. She said with a smile:

[This is the lucky makeup invented by Jiang Yu! Dedicated to those who need moral support for interviews, job applications, and blind dates! I hope the beautiful lucky makeup bring good luck to yourself! See the photos for the specific application method, if there is any you don't know, I'll broadcast it next time! 

I recommend YSL's glossy lip stain today. What I want to focus on is color No. 9 where the disadvantages and advantages of lip stain coexist. The disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to the teeth and rub off, also the thin application has almost no effect, but the advantage is that thick application resulting a beautiful color! Use some after primer and it will make you know yourself again! 

If the so-called goddess and ordinary women are just the difference between a tube of lip stain, then it must be this one! It is red! It is especially suitable for girls who like retro makeup!]

——666! The color of this lip stain is so pretty! I love so much!

——It really stick to the teeth! But YSL's lip stain really looks good!

——Although it is a little expensive, I still bought it and liked it! Nice color! Very beautiful!

——This color is very suitable for taro ball!

——Lucky makeup? Awesome my taro ball! The live broadcast will be on another day!

To Jiang Yu's surprise, when she came back after washing up, the post happened to have been reposted 6666 times! It's an auspicious number!

Eight o'clock this morning was the day when Jiang Yu invited people to count.

Jiang Yu was not a very superstitious person, but after starting a business, she encountered the matter of rebirth. She often felt that life has destiny, when do you live, when do you die, what kind of soul do you have now, what kind of soul do you have last? Fate was destined from the moment of birth, otherwise, why would she be reborn instead of someone else?

Furthermore, making money also depended on luck. Therefore, when Jiang Yu encountered a major decision, she still searched for someone to do calculation. She always felt that this would make her feel more at ease.

Before, Wang Shen helped her figure out the days of moving the company, and set the company's feng shui. After that, Jiang Yu’s business really went smoother! Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but Jiang Yu still asked Wang Shen to do the calculation again, and figured out that eight o'clock this morning was a good time for the Tmall to open. Opening a business at this time would bring good luck and wealth!

Jiang Yu couldn't help but waited until eight o'clock before posting a Weibo at the same time as Jado's official account:

[Hello everyone, I'm very happy to tell you that Jado Tmall has been established! Those who haven't bought the bags, go to the Tmall to buy them! The Tmall is directly managed by the official company and it is exactly the same as the goods sold in the Italian store. If you don't believe me, welcome to buy it back and check. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return it at any time! Not much nonsense, just poke: 243EDHYS##]

Fans received this news unexpectedly and they were about to explode!

——I thought it would take a long time! Set up so soon?

——I want all the bags in the smog blue series!

——I like the bag made by Jiang Yu based on the bolts of ancient Chinese buildings! There are also Chinese ceramic elements which are my favorites!

——Buy buy buy! Is it expensive?

Jiang Yu didn't have time to reply to the message. She came to Jado's Tmall affairs department early to give guidance. So far, because her identity as Jado's partner had not been disclosed to the public, Jado's Tmall staffs had not merged with Jiang Yu's Tmall. Jado was set up in an office building not far from the Jiang Yu company.

At eight o'clock, all the products were put on the shelves. The official account announced that Jado's Tmall was officially launched! The price was not particularly expensive, only about 15% higher than the price in Italy! Everyone could accept this price. If it was as expensive as foreign skin care products, it would kill people!

Jiang Yu designed a batch of new bags for Jado to sell in this Tmall launch. These new bags were very big and had name brand characteristics. At first glance, they also had Jiang Yu's personal color. It could be said that the bags designed by Jiang Yu completely injected new life into Jado. Just like the meaning of the Dionysus bag to Gucci, it was irreplaceable!

Originally, Jado was just a brand that middle-aged women liked because of its quality. Under the transformation of Jiang Yu, the quality was still maintained but the style also upgraded. As a result, the current Jado had the quality and appearance of big name brand and it looked more beautiful. It gave everyone some kind of pride when using Jado!

Now many stars would buy Jado's bags in order to match clothes when they go out on the street. Many fashion magazines also focused on introducing Jado's bags to white-collar workers. Who made that the price and style of this brand were very suitable for white-collar workers?

The 15 newly designed bags were greeted with admiration as soon as they hit the shelves.

Weibo fans kept discussing.

——Are these bags new? Looks great!

——But I prefer Jiang Yu styling, I don’t know why Jiang Yu Back makes me want to buy!

——+1, Jiang Yu’s dressing and collocation feels very good!

——1 has been snapped up! Actually like it! No money regrets whatsoever.

The sound of deals kept ringing in the background. Even when the average price was around 3,000 and the top price was 4,500, under the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, they had the illusion of selling cabbage.

Dozens of transactions were being made and more and more people were asking. One customer service person had to deal with more than 200 customers at the same time. Everyone was busy, and the delivery department was constantly packing orders and shipping.

Such busyness brings joy.

The successive transactions let Jiang Yu know that Tmall's return to her would be far more than the previous number!

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