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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 92 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 92 – Resign (2)

"10,000?" He really dared the lion to open its mouth! Jiang Yu sneered. Saying that the salary she gave these people low was too unconscionable! Speaking of which, Hua Jie and Su Nishang were not senior designers. The reason why she invited these young people to come here was because she thought that young people would have more ideas and there would be more room for improvement in the future. There would always be something to talk about and the working atmosphere would also be relaxed. To be honest, it was already not bad that a designer with their such qualifications could get a salary of 10,000 yuan a month in a large company, but the price offered by Jiang Yu was a basic salary of 10,000 yuan plus the corresponding design commission. Because her company's clothes were always selling, any clothes she chose to put on the shelves could always have tens of thousands of sales. In this way, each designer could bring home at least 20,000 yuan per month.

Frankly speaking, designers sounded high-end, just like senior editors, real estate managers, and housing designers. They all seemed to be very high-end, but only those who were engaged in this profession know that what they do was nothing more than the most basic work. There were 10 people in the design department, the works they delivered in each launch rarely meet Jiang Yu’s requirements. In order to encourage them, Jiang Yu had always given them a high commission. However, she did not expect that she did not cultivate loyal employees but cultivated this gang to come to her office to demand pay raise.

Ten thousand? After adding the original10,000 basic salary, everyone could get 30,000 yuan, that means for just one design department, Jiang Yu needed to pay 300,000 yuan a month. Yes, this money was not much, but these designers created how much profit for her again?

Seeing that Jiang Yu seemed to think the price was too high, Hua Jie showed his trump card in a hurry. He sneered: "President Jiang, you earn a lot of money in your own pocket, but you are so harsh on your employees. Is your conscience okay? Without us, how could your store have such high sales? Let me tell you the truth, there are already companies that offer double our current basic salary to dig our entire team over! The so-called good birds choose wood to live in, if you don't give us a salary increase, we will go to other companies that can offer more!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu even wanted to applaud this group of people. No wonder they came to her office to make a fuss at the risk of tearing their faces. It turned out that asking for a salary increase was fake, the truth was that the team wanted to leave! They came to make trouble, so she definitely couldn't give them all a salary increase. In this way, they had a reason to leave. Through their troubles, the rest of the company's hearts would definitely be scattered and many people would do a wait and see attitude. 

For a design company, it was undoubtedly a huge blow for the design team to leave together, not to mention that these people were already in contact of the design drawings for all new products in Jiang Yu’s Tmall and Taobao store for the next few months! Once they brought the design drawings to the rival company, the other company would release the items step by step, which means that Jiang Yu's company would suffer incalculable losses.

As for non-disclosure agreements... Jiang Yu knew very well that it was too difficult to defend rights in this industry.

Jiang Yu was unmoved. She looked at the group of people calmly. "20,000 plus commission? Did the other party say how much the commission is? If you can't get a penny of the commission, what's the difference with here? Besides, if I'm not wrong, the other party also does Taobao, right?" Hua Jie didn't speak, so Jiang Yu continued: "A Taobao store is willing to open 20,000 commissions to dig your team, you have never thought about this strangeness?"

After speaking, Jiang Yu said to Xiao Yi in the team: "If I remember correctly, you only graduated this year, and you have practiced with me for three months. If there is no accident, you can become a regular next month?"

Xiao Yi was stunned, never expected Jiang Yu to remember this matter so clearly.

Jiang Yu said with a smile: "I really don't understand, what kind of company can give an intern a salary of more than 20,000 yuan? To be clear, no one's money comes for nothing. You should think differently. If you are the boss, will you do this?"

What Jiang Yu said was not unreasonable, but since these 10 people had decided to leave, even ten cows couldn't pull them back.

Su Nishang sneered: "Jiang Yu, if you don't want to give us a high salary, you also won't allow others to pay? Do you really think that other bosses in the world are the same as you? To be honest, each of us is no worse than you! Why should we let you be the only one getting the benefits?"

There were many people in this circle who have high self-esteem. Jiang Yu didn't get angry but laughed, she kindly reminded them, but since these people didn't listen, they couldn't blame her. Thinking of this, she glanced at the anxious Bi Peijun, her voice did not fluctuate at all: "Peijun."

"Yes!" Bi Peijun was about to cry. How did she do this? She was actually kept in the dark about a team leaving together and even let these people come to President Jiang's office to perform such a farce!

"Since they want to terminate the contract, they will pay according to the contract!"

Hua Jie snorted coldly and said confidently, "Pay? Suxi Company said that they would help us file a lawsuit. If there is nothing more, then President Jiang, we will go first."

Jiang Yu heard the words and said with a smile, "Xiaoping, open the door and let Mr. Hua go out!"

Before they walked out of the office, Jiang Yu smiled and reminded: "The road is slippery on a rainy day, please walk slowly! After all, we have been working together. If anyone forgets to bring an umbrella today, they can borrow the company's umbrella as long as they remember to return it!"

There were a few people who were not so determined, they wanted high wages but were reluctant to leave. Hearing this, there was a trace of reluctance in their eyes. After all, Jiang Yu had always been good to them, and for some reason people like Jiang Yu being their leader made them feel at ease for some reason. However, after struggling for a while, they finally succumbed to the temptation of high wages. Hua Jie was right, others were willing to give 30,000 yuan, but Jiang Yu only gave 20,000 yuan. As long as they were not fools, they would know how to choose!

As soon as they left, the employees of the company were all talking in a low voice. Seeing this, Bi Peijun asked in a low voice: "President Jiang, what should we do? They know our designs for the next few months!"

Jiang Yu didn't say anything and looked out the window silently. As a leader, she didn't even notice such a big thing as a collective resignation of employees. Speaking of which, it was her dereliction of duty.

In the evening, Jiang Yu went directly to Xiang Song Garden.

Gu Shenliu, who was wearing a black sweater and an apron, was busy in the kitchen. Seeing Jiang Yu entered the door with a low expression, he went to the study, took out a stack of photos, and handed it to her.

Jiang Yu looked at the photos. "It's too late. They have resigned collectively!"

Gu Shenliu frowned: "This is a photo taken by Zhuo Yi, he followed you and me for a long time in order to photograph our black material, but I didn't expect to find out that your company's design team was approached by a woman. He noticed that something was wrong, so he simply took a picture of this woman in exchange for a favor."

After speaking, Gu Shenliu took out the photo of this woman.

Jiang Yu glanced at it, frowning even tighter. "Yao Yiyi?" There was a sneer on her lips. She never expected that although she had always left room for Yao Yiyi, but the other party actually reached out to shake her company.

Yao Yiyi really thought Jiang Yu was a soft persimmon?

Jiang Yu was suddenly annoyed. For this classmate, she really didn't want to see the other person jumping in front of her eyes for a moment.

An hour later, a same city courier was sent out.

Xiao Meifeng was a woman who came out of the mountains. She and her husband started from scratch, starting from the housekeeping industry and slowly survived in this city. At first, in order to save money to support her family, she work three jobs every day, cleaning, coaxing children, and washing clothes. She worked hard to support her family, and after she had some savings, she listened to the advice of her brother who was studying in college. She and her husband started an Internet celebrity incubation company to cultivate Internet celebrities and also did live broadcast along the way.

Saying it was cultivating was actually a lie. Who wouldn't brag? The so-called marketing courses worth tens of millions were nothing but hype every day. If she could really incubate successful Internet celebrities and stars, then it was better for her to be an Internet celebrity and make money quickly! This matter was just like those fortune-telling liars. Did people really think that someone that had the ability to make a person earn tens of millions, let the other person earn 300 million, will still tell fortunes for others?

Don't even think about it!

Xiao Meifeng reached her life now after many hard works. She had always had a good relationship with her husband before, but she never imagined that once company started making money, and her dead ghost husband actually showed his true nature. The company's Internet celebrity flirted with him every day and this was something Xiao Meifeng absolutely couldn’t bear!

She hated home wrecker the most! Why should other women spend her hard-earned family moeny? Want to sleep with Xiao Meifeng's husband? There was no way! 

Xiao Meifeng gritted her teeth to observe the company's Internet celebrity, but because she had no evidence, she could not catch her husband's affairs. One day, she was taking care of the children at home, but suddenly received a letter. She opened the letter and saw that it was full of photos of her ghastly man opening a hotel room with other women! And… the woman was the college student of Shenda University... What was her name? Yao Yiyi?

Xiao Meifeng was furious. When her sturdy strength came up, she wished she could chop these adulterers like corn stalks! Dare to betray Xiao Meifeng? Did they really think that Xiao Meifeng was weak?

Xiao Meifeng picked up a kitchen knife from the kitchen and stuffed it into her bag. She then went to the hotel in a rage to catch these traitors!

At a Hotel.

Yao Yiyi sneered, the depression of being robbed of the school flower title by Jiang Yu was finally swept away today!

Not to mention how happy she was! Thinking of Jiang Yu's expression when she saw the collective resignation of her design department, she couldn't help applauding her strategy! Of course, all this was thanks to the help of her old man, otherwise where would she have a fake company documents to deceive those stupid designers?

Thinking of this, Yao Yiyi smiled tenderly. She threw herself into the arms of the old man and said, "Godfather, you still love me!"

After hearing this, the godfather squeezed Yao Yiyi’s ass and said slyly: "Yiyi! Would godfather ever hurt you? Since godfather has done so much for you, let me kiss you."

The two were making out, but suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" The old man put on a nightgown and opened the door. However, he looked at the person in front and didn't speak for a long time.

"Ahhh!!!" A woman rushed in with a kitchen knife.

Yao Yiyi was frightened! Where did this crazy woman come from? She didn't come out of a mental hospital, did she? As she took a closer look, wasn't this Xiao Meifeng, the boss of the company? She was her godfather's wife.

"Meifeng, what are you doing?" The old man said angrily, "I'm just chatting with Yiyi!"

"Chat? You need to strip off when chatting? Do you think I, Xiao Meifeng, stupid? I tell you, I'm going to show you how a pig was killed today!" After speaking, she picked up the knife and slashed at the two.

Their lives were at risk, how could the two of them pay attentuon of getting dressed? So, the old man was wearing a nightgown without underwear, while Yao Yiyi wrapped her body in a bath towel and ran out.

"Help! Murder!" Yao Yiyi was so angry that she was about to cry, what could this towel cover? There were many people in the hotel. Many people had guessed what happened and took pictures of her with their mobile phones. 

When Yao Yiyi saw this, she cried immediately. She was a local and her relatives were all here. If this matter spread out and became known to her parents and relatives, how could she still have the face to stay in Shencheng? Also, in case her classmates find out, where should she put her face?

"You b*tch! You can eat such an old man! Let me ask you, is he okay? Are you rushing to stick to him?" Xiao Meifeng scolded. After speaking, she stretched out her hand to hit Yao Yiyi.

Yao Yiyi's small body was not an opponent of Xiao Meifeng. She was beaten down by Xiao Meifeng in a few moments.

Soon, the police came. 

All three were taken to the police station and the farce was stopped.

Yao Yiyi was taken to the police station so Hua Jie and the others couldn't contact her. That's when they realized something was wrong. They went to the company they had interviewed on and saw that the company was half empty.

"Uncle..." Hua Jie was anxious, he grabbed the cleaning uncle and asked, "What about the company called Suxi before?"

"Company?" The uncle recalled for a moment: "Oh, you mean the filming crew?"

"Filming?" Hua Jie frowned.

"Yeah, this place has always been empty. Not long ago, some people came to clean up the place and put up a company sign. Soon, a group of people came here for interviews and when these people finished their interviews, the companies moved away! What do you think it is if not filming?" After speaking, the uncle said with reason: "In a big city like ours, people often set up such companies for filming purposes!"

The 10 designers were dumbfounded when they heard this!

"How could this be?" They looked at each other almost crying! What about Suxi Company? Such a large company had disappeared out of thin air! So where did the company they interviewed for before come from? Suxi promised high wages, but they did not expect that after they resigned collectively, the company would disappear?

10 people stood in the empty company building. They just wanted to cry. Only then did they realize that they had been deceived!

"Or let's go back and beg President Jiang? She has always been good to us..." Several people discussed. Unexpectedly, when they entered the company, they saw that their original seats were already full of people.

Jiang Yu came out of the office with a calm face. When she saw them, she didn't forget to say hello: "Why, did you forget to take something?"

"No... not..." The arrogant Hua Jie, Su Nishang, and others said with tears: "We just came to see!"

"Oh." Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips and smiled lightly: "There are too many applicants for the company recently and I was still worried because so many outstanding designers can't be my employees. Fortunately, you left. I really want to thank you all for giving the company an opportunity to recruit new people. The new employees are all good, they work very seriously, and their words are full of gratitude. They all said that if you hadn’t left, they definitely wouldn't be able to join our company!"

Hearing this, the employees of the design department cried without tears. How could things be like this? What part went wrong? Why did they have the illusion of being used?

After closing the door, Jiang Yu pursed her cold lips tightly, picked up the pencil, and started to draw, as if there were no people outside the door.

"I heard that they were deceived!"

"Really? They don't know how to be grateful. Hua Jie used to be in our last company and only got 9,000 yuan a month. President Jiang gave him 20,000 yuan and it's already very good, but he is dissatisfied and has high self-esteem. They are really stupid. They don't even know that the core of our company is not any employee, but her..." The speaking employee clenched his chin and looked at Jiang Yu's office.

Another asked: "You mean boss Jiang Yu?"

"Of course! So far, most of our company's bestselling designs are made by the boss. Hua Jie's gang is the most useless but the boss is very good. She recruited them to save their hearts and probably also for the purpose of cultivating slowly! I just didn't expect that some people won't know how high the sky is after a few months of high wages..."

Hearing this, Zhong Xiaoping couldn't help gasping for breath. She patted her chest and secretly rejoiced that fortunately she was loyal enough to Jiang Yu, otherwise she would end up like these people! Thinking of this, Zhong Xiaoping reminded herself that she couldn't be like this group of people, she must know gratitude! Furthermore, Jiang Yu was not a stingy person, not to mention others, the salary of her as an assistant alone was not low.

Believe in Jiang Yu, you would live well forever! Zhong Xiaoping thought to herself.

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  1. total dumbass, yall fresh graduates now can find other job🤪
    with the best prospects, yall still didnt satisfied

  2. Although it’s good as a plot line, the collective resignation didn’t fit the story. Resigning is one thing, but their bad attitudes and disrespect toward her was not in line with how she was viewed by her employees. And they’d have to be pretty stupid - even if another company will offer more, would you burn your bridges with a company that pays far more than industry average? She offers a lot of benefits in hers, like bonuses, gifts, and an amazing working environment. You can resign without being an ass about it. Also…did they not look up the other company? You want to go to a brand with a good reputation, and one that is stylish, right? Who would go to an unknown company when your current place is famous and going up? Despite the mention of this, it doesn’t seem like their knowledge of her future designs isn’t going to be an issue, since Yiyi didn’t even keep up the facade of a company long enough to steal her designs….


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