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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 82

WBVDEC Chapter 82 – Move

Jiang Yu listened to Bei Xiaoxiao’s words and snorted lightly. She poured a glass of water and took a sip before asking: "Sales are good?"

"How do you know?" Bei Xiaoxiao walked in, still excited: "Jiang Yu, I suggest you don't drink water and look at Taobao quickly."

Jiang Yu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao and said with a smile: "I live broadcast today to promote new products, plus the trial packs I sent last time, with just this, it's normal to have several thousand sales in more than an hour." The price of the small white powder was 128, the price of the small porcelain bottle was 148, and the discount price of the new product in a set was 199. The reason for this was to encourage everyone to buy the set because they would see that it was more cost effective.

"Several thousand?" Bei Xiaoxiao said anxiously, pulling Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, I advise you to open Taobao and take a look!"

Seeing that Bei Xiaoxiao was really in a hurry, Jiang Yu wondered, why was Bei Xiaoxiao so excited? She thought about it, opened the link of Taobao and saw that the monthly sales volume for small white powder was 2333, while the small porcelain bottle sold 1890 bottles.

Jiang Yu said with a smile: "It's about the same as what I estimated. It's not bad to sell one or two thousand bottles. After all, the price of our family's anti-acne products is not cheap."

"Oh! Not only that! Look at this again!" Bei Xiaoxiao was so anxious that she simply clicked on the set products with the mouse: "See for yourself!"

Jiang Yu was stunned and looked over. Immediately, even she, who had experienced double eleven 8o million turnover, was shocked. "So many?" She looked at it carefully again and saw the set products which clearly stated that the monthly sales were 10,349 pieces.

Jiang Yu's calm heart had some waves.

"Jiang Yu, why don't you get excited? There are more than 10,000 pieces sold and it's just over an hour since you finished the live broadcast. Do you know how surprised I am after watching it? I can't believe that you just started a live broadcast and so many people already come to buy?" Calculated at 10,000 pieces, that meant, a turnover of nearly 2 million, which was only the set products.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu understood that it was not the first day that the anti-acne products became popular. After Su Ye posted on Weibo, fans were already waiting. After the trial package was given as a gift to indirectly drive the sales of clothing, it could be said that quite a few fans on Jiang Yu’s Weibo were there for the anti-acne products. The effect of her live broadcast just now was also very good, Zou Xiaoyu's before and after comparison could completely confirm the miraculous effect of the medicine, so if everyone believed on it, it was normal.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips, with a smile in her eyes: "Let's witness the miracle together!"

The hot sale of the anti-acne products had brought 5 million sales to Jiang Yu in just one week. In addition to the normal launches of clothing as well as the sales of Jado's bags, she had earned around 20 million!

On this day, the finance department indirectly invited Bi Peijun to come to Jiang Yu, but Bi Peijun glanced at Jiang Yu in embarrassment: "President Jiang, the finance told me to tell you that when you are free, take the time to withdraw the more than 30 million turnover on Taobao's backend! If we got hacked and it was stolen by others, then we will lose a lot!"

Jiang Yu put down the pen and pondered: "Ah? I haven't withdrawn the cash yet?"

"Yes! Not Yet! That's a lot of money!" Bi Peijun worried for Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu sighed, but there was no reaction at all, as if the more than 30 million funds in Taobao were fake. "That's fine! I'll take the time to do it later!" After that, she continued to draw more designs.

"..." Bi Peijun said with a smile, "Or can you take the time to do it now? The finance told me that you said you would take the time to withdraw 2 weeks ago, but there was no movement at all."


By the end of March, Jiang Yu's lucky draw Weibo finally had more than 300,000 repost. 

Seeing this result, Kafan's manager was so happy that she couldn’t fall asleep. At the beginning, when she heard that the boss actually promised Jiang Yu more than one million, she still complained in her heart that the boss was stupid. But as the final result came out, many netizens remembered Kafan's name because of this and they would also stop by Kafan when they went shopping. Of course, for those who entered the store, she would find a way to make not leave before buying something, so Kafan's sales rose again and again. Every salesperson took their huge commissions happily. In the past, they were begging customers to buy, but now it was almost the other way around. Why? Because it was easy to run out of stock!

When customers came to shop, they would say: "Ah, Kafan, it's the shop recommended by Jiang Yu..."

The manager therefore admired Jiang Yu very much.

In the end, the eye shadow came across the ocean, Jiang Yu sent all the lottery prizes. Although some people could not be contacted and there were some courier problems, finally, the winners that received the goods came to Jiang Yu's Weibo to thank her. Many people also posted the received palette on Weibo and mentioned Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu saw that everyone was happy and was also happy for everyone from the bottom of her heart.

Just then, it's time to move the company.

Gu Shenliu wanted to come to help, but Jiang Yu refused. There were so many staffs in the company and she didn't want her relationship to be published on the Internet. 

"President Jiang, everything has been moved, shall we go?" Bi Peijun asked.

Jiang Yu glanced at the empty loft. She remembered that when she first rented the house, there were only Bi Peijun and a few customer service staff. At that time, she felt that the two-story loft was very spacious. Unexpectedly, the company now had more than a dozen employees, looking at it again, she recently felt that the house was really too crowded. 

For a company, the environment here was really not high, but Jiang Yu started her first business in this house. She had feelings for this place, this was the starting point of her dream.

"President Jiang, let's go?" Bi Peijun said with a smile: "The company on Huajian Road is much better than this one. Everyone is waiting for you to start celebrating!"

When Jiang Yu heard these words, the corners of her lips couldn't help but rise. There would always be many things left behind in one's life, but as long as things remained in our hearts, that's enough.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu closed the door without any regret.

The company on Huajian Road was not far from Jiang Yu’s current duplex house and it was also very close to Shenda University. It was very convenient for her to go to the company from the campus.

Opening the door of the company, all the employees said "wow" in unison. They were surprised by the decoration in front of them. Everyone was so surprised that they were touching here and there, only to feel that the working environment in front of them was what they have always wanted!

Zou Xiaoyu said excitedly: "President Jiang, did you design this? It's so good!"

"Yes." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "All are my ideas was realized by the interior designer, I hope everyone likes it!"

The decoration style of the new company was simple but futuristic. It could reflect an advanced concept everywhere. It could be seen at a glance that the person who designed the house had advanced consciousness. But, what was even more surprising was the design department.

"Everyone, come and see the design department!! Oh my God! Are all the products in this wall cabinet real?" Su Nishang asked incredulously. She always felt that she was already quite knowledgeable, but since joining the company, she often behaved like naïve person.

Jiang Yu's face was as usual and she nodded calmly: "Of course all are genuine!"


Everyone gathered around and looked at the entrance of the design department in surprise. It was designed to be pure white. In fact, the company basically used white and silver-gray elements. There was a glass cabinet that filled the whole wall at the entrance of the design department. Inside, hundreds of famous brand bags, 2.55 Chanel Flap bag, CELINE Nano Luggage bag, Fendi Monster bag, Gucci Dionysus bag... All the bags with representative designs that had been collected by Jiang Yu.

"How much does it cost for so many bags?"

Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "It's worth more than four million!"

"What?! President Jiang, you just stuck RMB on the wall for us to pay our respects!"

Everyone was laughing.

There was also a clothing showcase on the side of this bag wall. The mannequin in the showcase were wearing name brand clothes, including Chanel's little black dress and suits, Valentino's fairy dresses, and verawang's wedding dresses... Some representative works in the design world were displayed. These luxury goods were placed in exquisite cabinets. At first glance, it seemed that the changes in the fashion industry over the past century could be seen.

"President Jiang, you are too rich!"

Jiang Yu shrugged and said to the employees seriously: "I hope everyone can rest in such an artistic place when they have no inspiration or are very bored. When you see these luxury goods on the wall, we will feel the gap between ourselves and the world-class masters, this is not only to inspire you, but also to inspire myself!"

Everyone was moved by this, yes! When they were at a loss and didn’t know what to do, looking at these luxury items was enough to get them back on their feet. Not only because world renowned masters had designed them well, but also because... it's so f*cking expensive! Thinking that even their annual salary was not enough to buy one Hermes bag, how could they not work hard to make more money?

In addition, the company also had a gym, library, yoga room, basketball court, billiards room, outdoor climbing wall, psychological counseling room, pet room... Yes, in order to let everyone work with peace of mind, Jiang Yu even provided pet rooms that allow the staffs to bring their pets to work.

The company also had many paintings made by cutting-edge artists as well as very individual graffiti works. Google had always claimed that its company was the most creative in the world, but now it seemed that it might no longer be.

"Fantastic! I love the new office!" Everyone yelled.

Jiang Yu smiled when she heard these words. In fact, it cost her a lot of money to decorate like this, of which the brand-name bags alone were worth more than 4 million. But she didn't feel distressed, she believed that money would be worth seeing. In return, if nothing else, she didn’t believe that after looking at the luxury goods on the wall every day, her employees wouldn’t motivate themselves to work hard! In the final analysis, she was a businessman, not a philanthropist. It was one thing to make everyone have a good working environment and the other thing was of course for her own interests.

Jiang Yu's face was slightly stern, she said in a serious tone: "Soon, new employees will arrive one after another. After the employee training is over, all departments must quickly enter the track and prepare for the next launch! The company's business scope is expanding and we will also open Tmall. Everyone should work hard! Of course, I will also not treat you badly. At the year-end party this year, I will give out 1 million in cash as a bonus and I will also give BMW three-series to outstanding employees. The million-dollar team bonus will be awarded to the best performing team in our company! Of course, for the design department, there will be 4 new designers and 2 new design assistants that come to work tomorrow, so this means our design department will have 10 people excluding me. Whoever designs clothing that in total has turnover of 20 million this year, I will directly reward him/her with one million bonus!"

After hearing these words, all the employees were excited. Saying that they didn't like money would be fake, even if it wasn't for Jiang Yu, they had to work hard for the money. Jiang Yu was really a good leader, if they were lazy and sneaky, they would definitely regret it.Where can such a company with good leader be found outside? If they got fired by the company, they would lose a lot. With this kind of mood, everyone planned to work extra hard.

After that, the company held a simple event. Everyone ate fruit, pizza, and cakes to celebrate the move.

Jiang Yu was happy as she moved to a new company so she drank some wine. She was still celebrating when she received a call from Gao Jing.

"Jiang Yu, where are you?" Gao Jing asked anxiously.

"In the company, what's wrong?" Jiang Yu frowned slightly.

"Come to Xiang Song Garden, something happened to Shenliu!"

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