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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 85

WBVDEC Chapter 85 – Variety Show

I found that I missed uploading a chunk of chapter 84 Part 2 yesterday.
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"Mr. Pang." Jiang Yu called Pang Jichun directly.

Pang Jichun answered Jiang Yu phone and said casually while eating, "Miss Jiang?"

Jiang Yu heard the sound of Pang Jichun non-stop chewing and immediately knew that he didn't mind a small customer like her to heart at all.

Pang Jichun had always wanted to take orders from big brands, but unfortunately, big brands usually had their own cooperative factories, so it was difficult for him to win such cooperation but it was also a waste of his time to cooperate with small merchants. Small merchants always made small noises every day while only having small orders of at most several hundred pairs of shoes at a time. The shoes he made were very expensive and few people dared to buy them in large quantities. If this continues, when would his factory earn profit?

However, Jiang Yu didn't seem to notice Pang Jichun indifference at all, she smiled and said: "Mr. Pang, I want to ask you to make me a pair of Latin dance shoes."

"Latin dance shoes?" Pang Jichun asked in confusion, "What do you want these shoes for?"

Jiang Yu didn't hide it, "A friend of mine wanted to participate in a TV show and asked me to help design a pair of shoes. They were designed, but I have no experience in making dance shoes, so I was afraid that they would not be comfortable in the feet when wore. I knew that you have done all kinds of shoes, so I want to entrust this matter to you. Of course, we can negotiate the price."

After all, Gu Shenliu had just invested in a factory, so Pang Jichun would ignore Gu Shenliu's face. Thinking about it, he reluctantly said: "Okay, since Miss Jiang has spoken, I will definitely comply. When do you want it?"

"In five days."

Pang Jichun thought for a while and agreed, "Okay, I'll do it for you."

"I'll send you the design later! By the way..." Jiang Yu suddenly remembered and said, "I have to trouble the factory to also make a batch of goods for our store."

"Oh." Pang Jichun couldn't lift himself up. He responded lazily and asked casually, "How many pairs do you want?"

"Around 30,000 pairs!"

"What! Thirty thousand?" Pang Jichun widened his eyes and stood up abruptly from the stool. He suspected that he had heard it wrong, so he confirmed again in disbelief, "Say it again, how many pairs do you want?"

"Thirty thousand!" Jiang Yu said again.

"Wait, President Jiang..." When Pang Jichun heard the number, he couldn't believe it for a long time. He had heard people say that Miss Jiang was a Taobao seller, but how many orders could a Taobao seller need? What's more, it was the first time she made shoes. To be honest, he had cooperated with a lot of Taobao sellers but it was a pre-sale, and the goods would only be shipped within a month. This was all because of lack of money and worry about not being able to sell, a common method used by Taobao sellers. Using pre-sale, they wouldn’t have the pressure of inventory. But this was the first time he heard a Taobao seller that was selling shoes for the first time ordering 30,000 pairs! Thirty thousand! What concept was this?! Even many big-name specialty stores couldn't sell this high amount in a year! Was Jiang Yu crazy?

Pang Jichun swallowed his saliva, then frowned and said: "Miss Jiang, you young people are impulsive, reckless, and aggressive, which I can understand. But as Mr. Gu's partner, I advise you that selling shoes on Taobao is also very risky, and inventory is the most overwhelming thing. Other ordinary merchants mostly do pre-sale and has 0 stock, but you asked for 30,000 pairs at once, isn't this self-inflicted loss?"

Pang Jichun felt that his words were polite. Thirty thousand? He sneered coldly in his heart, such a weak and delicate girl was probably like other Internet celebrity sellers. She probably thought that shoes were easy to sell as long as they looked good. Of course it was not the case, shoes were much harder to sell than clothes! Clothes could be one size fits all, but what about shoes? From size 34 to size 40, the amount of stock would be different for each size. If the shoe design had several colors, it would be even bigger. 30,000 pairs on the first try? Insolent!

To be honest, Pang Jichun didn’t like Jiang Yu's style of doing things. This young woman was not practical and too idealistic! He commented in his heart.

Jiang Yu smiled. She didn't blame Pang Jichun for his distrust, but instead felt that this person had a good character. As a stranger, who cared if she live or die? Generally, when factories heard her placing an order, they couldn’t wait to collect the deposit immediately. As for whether she would be able to sell the goods or not, they didn't care about it! However, 30,000 pairs were actually not many, because she designed a total of three types of shoes, each of which had multiple sizes. For her shop, it's not too much, and the reason why she wanted to bet on this was because she hoped to use Su Ye's competition in the variety show to do free publicity for her shoes. "Mr. Pang, I have confidence in myself. I will send you the deposit. I hope you can ship it sooner."

Since Jiang Yu didn't listen, Pang Jichun also didn't want to offend further. After thinking about it, he sighed and said: "Okay! I'll ship on time!"

"Also remember!" Jiang Yu emphasized: "All shoes should be the ones you showed me last time, painless heels."

Pang Jichun was startled and said hurriedly, "In that case, the price cannot be low."

"I know! Do as I say!"


In the next few days, Jiang Yu was busy filming during the day and sometimes went to school to attend classes. When she came back at night, she was busy making clothes for Su Ye. 

Jiang Yu originally wanted to leave this to the staff of the design department, but after thinking about it, she thought it would be better for her to go out in person for such an occasion. In the end, after finishing the design, Jiang Yu finished the Latin dance costumes, only some more beaded decorations left because they needed to be sewn by hand, this part was completed by the staff of the design department.

Finally, Pang Jichun's dancing shoes and costumes were finished.

On the day when the delivery was agreed with Su Ye, Su Ye suddenly called: "Jiang Yu."


"I am at your company right now!"

Jiang Yu opened the door for Su Ye, but was surprised to find that there were several reporters behind her. After thinking about it, she understood that many TV programs liked to conduct raids with the intention of giving the audience a sense of authenticity and freshness.

Su Ye winked at Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu saw this and quickly understood that Su Ye did this also to help her. By letting Jiang Yu go on TV, this was more or less free advertisement.

Jiang Yu gave Su Ye a hug and the two laughed heartily. The camera also faithfully recorded all this. (TN: Well, plastic sisters in its true form lol)

"Jiang Yu, are my clothes ready?"

"Yes! I'll take you there!"

Jiang Yu took them to the design department. When other employees saw someone coming to record, they deliberately avoided looking at the camera and pretended to work very seriously. Jiang Yu wanted to laugh when she saw this.

Suddenly, Su Ye looked at the bag on the wall and could no longer walk. She shouted in surprise: "Jiang Yu! Don't tell me that the bags and clothes on this wall are all genuine? There are more than a dozen in Hermes only, are they for real?"

"Of course it is genuine!" Jiang Yu smiled and said generously: "Which one do you like? Take it home!"

"..." Su Ye suddenly hugged Jiang Yu and said happily, "Little taro ball! I love you, muach muach!"

Jiang Yu smiled. The camera gave a close-up here in time and also took a picture of Jiang Yu's company. As people involved in the circle, they knew what kind of things could trigger public discussion. Only when there was a topic that the ratings would also rise. They guessed when this episode came out, Jiang Yu's company decoration might be able to overwhelm the hot discussion of other stars! Not to mention, Jiang Yu herself was so beautiful! Even without make-up, she was already very beautiful! When the audience saw this, how could they not be curious? If they got curious, they would want to gossip, and every gossip would bring up the topic of the show.

But this girl was really so pretty... This was not scientific! The cameraman looked through the lens for a while and his face turned red.

Jiang Yu opened the door of the clothing room, smiled, and said to Su Ye: "Su Ye, the clothes are inside, go in and see for yourself!"

A black velvet cloth was covering a mannequin. Su Ye approached and lifted the velvet cloth only to see a black Latin dance costume in front of her.

Su Ye was stunned and circled in disbelief. It was not that she had never seen beautiful clothes, but even in the fashion circle where beautiful clothes appeared frequently, Jiang Yu's design was very outstanding. The simplicity was well integrated and highlighted even the mannequin’s figure very well. Su Ye only glanced at it and said to herself, this was her dress, she would wear this dress on the stage of < Dancing Stars > and conquered the audience in the whole country! She wouldn’t be surprised if this time she would gather more attention than < Base Camp >.

"Su Ye, these are the dance shoes!" Jiang Yu said and handed the dance shoes to Su Ye.

Su Ye only glanced at it and her eyes couldn't help getting warm. She hugged Jiang Yu, cried, and said, "Wuwuwu, Jiang Yu, the things you designed are so beautiful. Fortunately I found you, otherwise, I can only be ugly, how dare I come to the stage!"

"Who said you were ugly? A beautiful woman like you still says you are ugly, how do you let us ordinary people live!"

Su Ye took the opportunity to say, "In order to comfort me, for tonight's recording, you have to go with me and do make up for me! Don't refuse! I can't do it without you!"

After Su Ye had finished speaking, Jiang Yu had to retract her intent to refuse. She shook her head and laughed, patted Su Ye’s buttocks, and said: "Okay! I'll give you makeup, you Little Ancestor! Try on the clothes first! If you feel uncomfortable, I'll change it for you!"


Then, Su Ye went to try on the clothes, and when she came out, everyone was stunned for a moment.

< Dancing Stars > recording site.

Jiang Yu put makeup on Su Ye and used a blush brush to add a darker tint to Su Ye’s makeup today.

Su Ye, who had put on makeup, looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but be startled. To be honest, as a star, she wore makeup almost 365 days a year. After all those application, it's easy to get aesthetic fatigue. But when she saw Jiang Yu's makeup, she felt that there was indeed a big gap between a master and a Master. Her special makeup artist could be called a master at best, but Jiang Yu was clearly a Master, with capital M.

To be honest, the steps of Jiang Yu’s makeup were not much different from other makeup artists, but the things she drew were different from others. This made Su Ye feel that the makeup and costumes inexplicably give her a sense of luxury, as if she was not going to participate in a dance competition, but the red carpet event of a certain film festival.

The camera was shooting the whole time, and at this time, someone came in to call: "Sister Su Ye, it's your turn to play!"

Su Ye took a deep breath. Jiang Yu saw it and smiled lightly: "Little Ye, don't be nervous, I'll cheer you on from behind!"

"Okay!" Su Ye smiled: "With the clothes and dancing shoes you designed, I shouldn’t be nervous!"

After speaking, Su Ye walked out.

The audience was silent and the lights were completely dark. Suddenly, some colored lights projected a circle in the middle of the stage, reflecting Su Ye's face. Then the circle became larger, gradually allowing the audience to see Su Ye’s whole body clearly.

A dynamic music started to play and Su Ye began to twist her hands, waist, and hips. After dancing solo, she began to dance with her partner, and everyone's eyes were attracted to her.

The audience was surprised to find that they didn't care whether Su Ye danced well or not, because such Su Ye was already so beautiful to look at!

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