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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 90

WBVDEC Chapter 90 – Broadcast

"School flower?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. Why did Shenda University still have the tradition of selecting school flowers? In such a school, shouldn't students speak with strength?

"Yeah, this kind of selection is held every year on our school forum, and every year, photos of the school beauties of our Shenda University will be circulated on the Internet. Before, there was a circle of school beauties that became famous and even got opportunity to participate in a movie, and the box office was pretty good. Since then, the competition for the selection of school beauties has attracted a lot of attention, and everyone who is nominated will strive hard to gain votes!" After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao asked in confusion, "Jiang Yu, have you signed up yet?"

"No!" Jiang Yu lowered her head and continued to draw, "I don't have time to sign up for this kind of competition! I'm so busy that I don't even have time to eat."

Bei Xiaoxiao opened the page and looked at it, she said, "Except you, our school's beauties usually sign up by themselves."

"That's just right! Save the trouble!" Besides, how could she sign up for the selection of school beauties, Jiang Yu thought, and continued to lower her head to draw.

Before class, the students shuttled back and forth between desks. Originally, everyone was talking about gossip, talking about the world, and talking about things that had nothing to do with learning. However, for some reason, the noise suddenly disappeared, and the classroom was silent.

Jiang Yu raised her head and glanced suspiciously. The class hadn’t started yet. What happened to the students? "The teacher is here? Why didn't you speak?" she asked in confusion.

Now Jiang Yu's relationship with her classmates had eased a lot. Except for her ex-roommate and Yao Yiyi, everyone got along just fine. Especially her relationship with male classmates was much better.

Zhou Zhou laughed, shook his head and said, "It's not the teacher who is here, it's because of you!"

"Because of me?" Jiang Yu was confused.

"Yeah! You, the person who won a scholarship, started a company and even film a drama, are still drawing between classes, studying obediently when you are in class, do you think we still have the shame to talk? "Zhou Zhou expressed everyone's thoughts.

"Right? Jiang Yu was now a millionaire and her drama was about to be broadcast. Even someone like her still worked so hard. Thinking about it, I really feel helpless." Jiang Wei sighed.

Everyone saw that Jiang Yu, who was already very powerful, was actually lowering her head to draw. They were very touched. Not all people were afraid of being inferior to others, but they would be afraid of those who were already stronger but still work hard! If Jiang Yu was still working so hard, what qualifications do they had to not do the same if not more? Thinking of this, everyone began to study, read books, and draw, so one by one they stopped speaking.

"That's fine!" Jiang Yu did not humble herself, but smiled: "Life is too short, so don't force yourself. However, I can say that you will never know how good you are unless you work hard!"

The students were silent when they heard the words and everyone entered the state of learning.

Suddenly, Jiang Wei came over, smiled and handed Jiang Yu a portfolio of works: "Jiang Yu, I would like to ask you to help me see if there are any obvious problems in my portfolio."

"Huh?" Jiang Yu took it suspiciously.

"I want to apply for a master's degree at Parsons School of Design and I need to prepare a portfolio when applying for admission there, so I want you to help me take a look. It would be better if you could give me some pointers!" Although Jiang Wei was reluctant, but she had to admit that Jiang Yu was too far ahead of the other classmates in terms of design. Sometimes Jiang Wei even thought that with Jiang Yu’s current level, even if she became the one to give them lectures, she would be completely competent.

"Okay." Jiang Yu did not refuse and opened Jiang Wei's portfolio, "If it were me, I would deal with it like this..."

"Jiang Yu, I want to open a Taobao store, can I ask you for some experience?"

"Jiang Yu, I want to do a live broadcast. What do you think about genre that can attract fans?"

"Jiang Yu..."

The classmates rarely saw Jiang Yu, so when they saw her agreeing to answer, they wanted to ask all the questions. 

Jiang Yu couldn’t help laughing and said: "Everyone, don't worry, take your time..."

Seeing everyone gathered around Jiang Yu, Yao Yiyi gritted her teeth with hatred, her eyes were red. She looked at Jiang Yu with so much jealousy that she wanted to tear Jiang Yu to pieces.

"Yiyi, look at Jiang Yu's pride! She's a celebrity now, so the classmates are rushing to curry favor with her." Wu Jiatian said sourly.

Yao Yiyi was very upset, but she said, "What's so amazing! It's just that she managed to make some money!"

"But after the TV series airs, Jiang Yu's popularity should go higher again, right?"

"What TV series! It's just an online drama!" Yao Yiyi snorted coldly: "How much splash can an online drama make? Just look, this drama is sure to flop! We have never seen a drama about transmigration from the past to the present, people definitely can't accept it!"

"Yeah! If you want me to say, I think you are more beautiful than Jiang Yu. When you enter the entertainment industry, you will definitely be better than her!"

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi felt a little better. She broadcasted large-scale videos online, which attracted a lot of popularity. In addition, she also posted a lot of boudoir photos, which made her become a popular Internet celebrity, so she also applied for V certification. Although Yao Yiyi did not break up with Sun Jincheng, but because of the relationship with the boss of the Internet celebrity incubation company, she managed to succeed in taking the position. Now she was planning to develop into the entertainment industry and film a campus drama. In addition, she had always regarded Jiang Yu as an imaginary enemy, so she naturally liked to compare.

Yao Yiyi said coldly: "Wu Jiatian, look at it! I must ruin Jiang Yu's reputation! Let everyone see her true face!"

Wu Jiatian looked at Yao Yiyi's distorted smile and couldn't help sneering in her heart. She couldn't even respect Jiang Yu, so how could she respect Yao Yiyi? Yao Yiyi had become popular by selling meat. However, since Yao Yiyi went like this, the reason behind Jiang Yu's popularity was definitely not simple! Thinking of this, Wu Jiatian scolded in her heart, neither of these two was better than the other, they were all rubbish!

During this time, the post production stage of the drama had been rushed to finish faster. The professional team in the industry introduced by Gu Shenliu had packaged the drama into 30 episodes with both quality and quantity. When Jiang Yu saw the cut content, the corners of her mouth raised higher and higher. Even from her critical eyes, the drama was impeccable!

"Jiang Yu..." Fang Huai cried after watching the first episode. The post-production effect was even better than he imagined. He couldn't even believe that such a drama was directed by him. "Jiang Yu, you are so beautiful! I can guarantee that after this drama is broadcast, there will be no other actresses that can compare to you this matter!"

Jiang Yu in the screen had a perfect body, slender legs, and a beautiful face. It was the kind of appearance that was easy to remember. Her facial features were relatively deep and she looked more aggressive. She was not as quiet and innocent as most drama heroine favored recently, but Fang Huai didn't think this was necessarily a bad thing, because now the audience had seen too much little white flower heroines, and they had began to hate the repetitiveness. Jiang Yu looks were with the aesthetics of netizens, her appearance was high, and very in line with her personality. These combinations perfectly formed the transformation from a favorite concubine to a female actress.

And the drama also had a strong sense of CP with the male lead Gu Shenliu, no wonder everyone was so facinated by these two!

"By the way, Jiang Yu, I just received news from Aiqiqi that this drama will be broadcast in advance!"


"Yes, this drama will  be broadcast two episodes a week, so only 16 episodes can be broadcast in a summer vacation. In addition, the first few episodes of the drama will be for free, the viewers will only be charged if they wanted to watch the rest of the episodes. Therefore, if it is broadcast in advance, viewers can also be accumulated first, in this way, when we start charging during the summer vacation more fans will pay!"

Jiang Yu nodded: "Okay! I will let the team hurry up and do the last wave of publicity!"

In mid-June, the weather was already very hot. During this time, Jiang Yu was so busy that she couldn't even remember when winter and spring ended until she walked out of the company and saw the glaring sun. When she thought that she needed a good sunscreen, she realized that summer was already here!

At this moment, the much-anticipated <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> finally aired.

"Sister, I'm so nervous!" Twisted Flatbread contacted Jiang Yu on WeChat. (TN: I will change the drama original book’s author name as its English translation because it flows better. Previously Mahua Big Cake will be Twisted Flatbread.)

Jiang Yu smiled. Although the Twisted Flatbread was her junior in university, no one knew about it. "I'm nervous too."

"Are you still nervous?"

"Of course!" Jiang Yu slightly curled her lips. She didn't lie. If she was designing clothes, she would definitely not feel nervous even if she was dragged to the Paris Fashion Week show now. However, this is her first time acting, the feeling of seeing herself on the screen playing someone else made her feel unfamiliar.

"Oh! We have to calm down! Senior sister, you are good. I have watched a few episodes and you acted very well. Although you are not professional actress, you acted very naturally because of this, and didn’t look fake at all. I really like your way of acting!"

"The drama has started, let's watch it!" Jiang Yu put down the phone.

Gu Shenliu came over wearing a nightgown and handed Jiang Yu a glass of red wine: "Are you nervous?"

"A little bit!"

"Have a drink to ease the mood." Gu Shenliu said and took Jiang Yu into his arms. The two sat on the carpet, drinking red wine while watching the broadcast.

Finally, after 2-minute-long ad, the opening song rang.

This opening song was a lyric that Jiang Yu invited a well-known online person to fill in. It was composed and produced by a young student of the new generation. The song was very beautiful and the melody was pleasant. Jiang Yu only needed to hear it twice for it to be stuck in her head.

Then, the drama started.

Ruo Lan woke up in a modern basement, she sat up, looked around in disbelief, and then the memories came. She realized that she was too favored and killed by other concubines, after that she came to this world.

Lan Xiaoxiao was a person who couldn't act at all, but acting was Ruo Lan's specialty! Thinking of this, Ruo Lan, wait no, Lan Xiaoxiao went to the crew.

At this time, what the crew was going to film was the scene of an unloved concubine crying alone in the cold palace. Ruo Lan listened to others reading the script and suddenly thought of herself in her previous life. At the beginning, she also foolishly waited for the emperor's favor, it was a pity that the kerosene lamp always burned out of gas but no one ever came. She foolishly sat waiting until dawn, and when she finally heard the living beings in the distance, the sounds of people greeting the Emperor as he went by, a tear fell.

So Ruo Lan quickly entered the play...

It could be said that the first episode was almost supported by Jiang Yu alone, so her acting skills became the main focus. To be honest, Jiang Yu felt ashamed and embarrassed when she watched herself acting, but because all the scenes were not linked together when filming, she watched the first episode with curiosity as well. Although she already knew the ending, she felt very excited, especially when she saw the clothes she designed and made on the screen.

At the end of the first episode, Jiang Yu did not return to her senses for a long time.

Gu Shenliu pursed his lips, realizing that the drama was far more successful than he imagined. At the beginning, he came to play this drama entirely to help Jiang Yu. In his opinion, if he pulled a hand like this, Jiang Yu's road would be smoother, and he also knew how much women in the entertainment industry had to suffer in order to become popular. He didn’t want the woman he loves to experience these things, that's why he wanted to be the male lead. As for what others think of him, he doesn't care at all!

Unexpectedly, the quality of the drama was higher than that of the other big IP productions!

Jiang Yu came back to her senses, coughed, and asked, "Give me a fair assessment, how did I do?"

Gu Shenliu stared at the TV and said solemnly, "It's remarkable! It's already good to be able to act like this for the first time."

"You are just consoling me!" Jiang Yu said, shaking her head.

"Consolation? If you don't believe me, you can search on the Internet. Netizens' words are relatively pertinent!" Gu Shenliu said.

Jiang Yu heard the words and turned on her laptop. It was rare for her to be a little nervous checking people’s reaction to her works. It was because netizens had high expectations for this drama that she was even more afraid. She was always afraid that she would not perform well enough to meet everyone's expectations and disappoint everyone. However, what should come will always come. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu took a deep breath and clicked on the comments of netizens.

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