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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 86 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 86 – Broadcast (2)

"Xiaoping, what is this?" Qiao Qiao asked.

Zhong Xiaoping said shyly: "It's not something amazing, it's a costume design sketch I drew."

"What? You can also draw a costume design sketch? Let me see it!" Qiao Qiao snatched the drawing and was immediately surprised. She said: "The sketch is not bad! Xiaoping, do you want to be a fashion designer?" 

Zhong Xiaoping nodded, she looked at Jiang Yu on the TV, her eyes flickering: "Actually, I really want to give Jiang Yu my design drawings. I hope she can tell me whether I'm suitable for this job, if it is just wishful thinking, I also hope she can scold me so that I can go back to being a good customer service in the telecommunications company."

Qiao Qiao was very emotional. She suddenly smiled and said, "Xiaoping, since you like it, try it! There are always many possibilities in life, maybe Jiang Yu will really appreciate you?"

"Really?" After hesitating for a long time, Zhong Xiaoping finally made up her mind and sent the design sketches to Jiang Yu.

At the same time, the broadcast of < Dancing Stars > ended, and all the audience watching the show watched the TV with endless interest. They felt that today's episode was particularly good-looking, where did it look good? Hmm... It seemed that the girl named Jiang Yu had been seducing everyone's hearts since she appeared on the camera without makeup, the same with her company and the Latin dance costume she designed for Su Ye...

So, the audience who were still not satisfied was all talking about the show online.

At the same time, someone on Tianya Forum made a live post:

[Have you watched this issue of Dancing Stars? Please check out Su Ye and Jiang Yu! Do you also think the clothes designed by Jiang Yu for Su Ye look good? In short, the landlord was shocked! Also, Jiang Yu's company is too rich! Come along, I'll post pictures next!]

——I saw it, I just finished watching it, this issue is pretty good, and Su Ye dances well! Beautiful!

——I think the dress is indeed beautiful, now I realize that Jiang Yu is quite talented.

——Jiang Yu looks good and Su Ye is also pretty.

——It's a bit unscientific to be so beautiful. Did she have plastic surgery?

——It looks like there is no trace of cosmetic surgery, but this girl's company really shocked me! I heard that the company is still recruiting, I have already planned to apply!

——Me too!

There are also many discussions on Weibo.

Soon, some people started to brush the topic #There is a kind of friendship called Jiang Yu Su Ye# #National girlfriends#. Many people were envious to the two and they were also clamoring to ask God to give them a girlfriend like Jiang Yu.

In some netizens' imagination, Jiang Yu's action of slapping Su Ye's buttocks was very aggressive, maybe they really had something to do with each other!

When the Weibo guessing that the two were having an affair was wildly forwarded, netizens actually applauded and said that it would be a pity not to be together for such two beautiful girls.


At the same time, when Gu Shenliu saw netizens talking, he frowned and sent a WeChat message to Jiang Yu: "Wife, I was away for only a day, do you plan to pull the girls from all over the country into your harem?"

Jiang Yu smiled: "Your wife is very attractive. It can't be helped!"

"I'll go back tomorrow, it's time to remind you who your real husband is!"

Especially when Jiang Yu told Su Ye that a designer bag could be given to her, netizens all stared at each other and asked Jiang Yu if she had a shortage of pets, the kind that would only eat and sleep.

When Jiang Yu saw these comments, she couldn't help but laughing. What surprised her even more was that her company's topicality was higher than her friendship with Su Ye.

@Flying Flowers: [Oh my god! I was shocked by @Stylist Jiang Yu's company! It's really too rich! Especially this brand-name bag and brand-name clothing showcase, everyone look at the pictures!]

Below were 9 collaged photos. It focused on the famous brand bags and clothes display cabinets on the wall, it explained how rare the bags were, explained the history of each big brand, and also pointed out that many bags were out of print and belonged to the priceless type.

This Weibo was posted just 2 hours ago and it became a popular post because of the popularity of the variety show, it now had more than 40,000 reposts.

——Wow! Someone else's company!

——Best boss in China!

—— After watching this show, I was impressed by Jiang Yu. I didn’t expect her to be so generous and so kind to her employees!

——Stop talking, go apply for a job!

Everyone praised Jiang Yu, which she didn't expect.

At this moment, Jiang Yu's long-awaited comment finally came.

——Dada, Su Ye's dancing shoes are also from your store? Why do I think that these dance shoes are not traditional short ones? They seem to be high heels, but are these high heels good for dancing? Ask for clarification!

The comment was reposted by more than 30,000 people.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu directly posted on Weibo: [Everyone probably already knew that I designed the dance shoes and clothes that Little Ye wore in the show. The following is my design concept.]

Below, Jiang Yu attached 9 pictures. These 9 pictures were very long. Jiang Yu took pictures of her design concept and production process. She also emphasized that dance shoes were new products on her Taobao, using a special hand-made method to make the high heeled shoes become painless!

This one stone creates a thousand waves! Painless high heels? 

As a result, netizens questioned one after another, saying that Jiang Yu exaggerated the effect!

Jiang Yu smiled and released the link directly, and said: [You can click on Taobao to watch the video, the video has the shoes being worn on all day. In fact, the 3 pairs of shoes in my family are handmade, which can completely eliminate pain. It won't pinch your feet and it won't cause blisters or calluses on your feet! We also give a 7-day unconditional return policy! It also gives insurance for everyone that if you buy it and found that it is not suitable, you can return it completely free of charge! But I believe that these are a pair of high heels that you wouldn't want to take off. After wearing them, the comfort level is comparable to sports shoes, they are really very comfortable!]

After hearing this, everyone clicked suspiciously. In the store, they saw that the three new shoes on Jiang Yu's shelf were really beautiful! Dreamy! Stylish! It was not at the level that couls be made in China at all, and it was a few level more beautiful than other shoes in other stores.

——The shoes are so beautiful! So tangled, I am most afraid of wearing high heels!

——To buy or not to buy? Buy or not? Although 499 is not particularly expensive, I am really afraid that I will not wear it if it is uncomfortable!

——499 is not cheap on Taobao, it is about the same price as big brands.

——I have been planted, I really want to buy it! In the spring, I want to wear high heels.

Netizens were very confused. However, Jiang Yu was not afraid that they would not buy it, because more and more people watch TV, search Baidu and directly enter Weibo to follow her. As a result, her Weibo followers reached as many as 25 million that day! This was something she never imagined!

Most of the new fans were converted into her Taobao customers, and for a while, the number of visits to Jiang Yu's Taobao store reached a new high.

As a result, many pairs of shoes had been sold. Although the customer's order time was much longer than before, some sizes had been taken off the shelves. These were the commonly worn sizes 37 and 38, which were sold out in just 2 hours!

Watching the numbers 37 and 38 turn gray, customers who were still on the sidelines became anxious. Not buying? Not reconciled! Buy? What if they don't wear well!

Immediately afterwards, the other sizes kept coming off the shelves. The next morning, Zou Xiaoyu shouted to Jiang Yu: "President Jiang, come here! All shoes sizes have been taken off the shelf!"

"Oh?" Jiang Yu said calmly. When she came to the computer, she took a look and saw that all 30,000 pairs of high-heeled shoes were taken off the shelves! She glanced at the turnover again, nearly 14 million!

Jiang Yu's face still didn't fluctuate at all, she nodded, and sighed softly.

Sigh? That's it? Zou Xiaoyu had the urge to hit someone. She said: "President Jiang, with so much money, can't you be more excited? We were excited all night that I didn't even sleep well. I was very excited to see the numbers soaring!"

Who knew, Jiang Yu swept Zou Xiaoyu away with a glance, she said blankly, "I'm used to it!"

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