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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 89 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 89 – Intertwined Drama (2)

Che Cheng watched helplessly as the more expensive car in front of him sped away. His face was so dark that none of the sales ladies at the scene dared to speak up.

And the sales lady who was dismissive of Jiang Yu, her face was darker than Che Cheng, she asked in disbelief: "What's the background of this woman? How can she buy a car without even blinking?"

The sales lady who sold the car to Jiang Yu still couldn't believe it herself. She just gave a few words and sold a car worth 2 million. She murmured: "I remembered, she seems to be the Internet celebrity and now she's playing a drama opposite Gu Shenliu!"

"Which one?"

"Have you forgotten? It's the one with a turnover of over 80 million on Double Eleven last year!"

"What?" When Che Cheng heard this, his face turned darker. So Jiang Yu had always been so rich? She wasn't the kind of woman that would rely on men to enter the upper class like he imagined, but Fang Huai never mentioned this to him.

Tsk! It's just a web drama, which girlfriend of his has never made web dramas? But the results? Nothing. She thought she would be famous? Stop dreaming! The street drama deserved to die! Besides, what kind of drama could Fang Huai make?! He was not as talented as himself. With Fang Huai's expression just now, the drama was obviously not sold yet. He originally wanted to help Jiang Yu, but now? Hehe, it would already be nice if he didn't step on her instead!

"What's so amazing!" Che Cheng kicked his car door angrily and left in a very unhappy mood.

Driving a Maserati was different from driving ordinary car. When Fang Huai finally drove the car to Jiang Yu's company, he took a breath and said: "Oh! It scared me to death! This car is too difficult to drive, but fortunately nothing happened!"

"President Jiang, have you bought a car?" Bi Peijun came out after hearing the news.


"You don't seem to have a driver's license?"

This was indeed a problem.

"Then this car..."

"Let's leave it for now!" Jiang Yu walked into the room expressionlessly without the slightest excitement on her face, not like someone who just spent two million on a luxury car. "Wait until I got my driver's license, then I’ll drive it!"

"..." So, just let the car collect dust like this?

Back at the company, Jiang Yu washed her hands and went do some design drawing.

"What are you doing?" Gu Shenliu's message came.

Jiang Yu slightly curled her lips, "Just arrived at the company, how about you?"

"Filming an advertisement." After speaking, Gu Shenliu took a photo and sent it to Jiang Yu on WeChat. It could be seen from the photo that it was an advertisement for an off-road vehicle. The car was a famous car that was highly recognized by Chinese. She had to say that Gu Shenliu's temperament was really good. As he stepped to the side, he abruptly raised the level of the car.

"The handsome man is even more handsome!" Jiang Yu laughed.

"You have good vision." Gu Shenliu only replied.

Soon, Jiang Yu signed the buying contract with Aiqiqi video website and it was negotiated that <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> would be released on the website in early July, locking in the summer peak season. They were striving to bring maximum traffic to the drama.

At the same time, the hype masters from Gu Shenliu's studio have posted on various forums in the tone of fans.

[Anyone pay attention to the drama <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>? The spoiler photos are really beautiful!]

[<The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> is the first TV series that Gu Shenliu has shot in the 8 years since he went on the big screen. Is it a downgrade or a conceit? Let's see together.]

[Jiang Liu's cp is so cute and loving! Looking at this still, it's a match...]

Not only forums, but also Douban, Weibo, press releases, various forms of propaganda were overwhelmed. Gu Shenliu's hype expert was simply too high-level and they would never post something that could be seen as fake at first glance. The quality was very high and the posters were almost all old users of the forum. They were familiar with the tune of various forums and knew how to lead the opinion war. They also knew how to use the navy to guide the wind direction after the war. In addition, fans were also very concerned about the drama. Because of this all, the major forums were full of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> news.

This overwhelming discussion of the drama generally made an illusion that the drama would be a super big IP broadcast on a big TV station such as CCTV or Mango TV. As a result, many people searched and, eh? They found that it was just a web drama!

At this moment, the official broke out the official promotional trailer, this trailer was so explosive that fans were hooked and couldn’t wait!

——Jiang Liu CP is still on! Like real love.

——Speaking of which, Gu Shenliu's eyes looking at Jiang Yu are so warm, does he really fall in love?

——Upstairs, do you think Gu Shenliu can fall in love with an 18-line internet celebrity like Jiang Yu? Stop kidding! So what if she make money? Does the Gu family still lack this money?

——Even if the money was not great enough, upstairs, you must not be on the same earth as me, right? Jiang Yu is not only rich, but also beautiful! That's it, you'll never be better than her!

As soon as the official promotional trailer came out, it swept the hot search keywords on Weibo, and fans who had been waiting for a long time appeared one by one.

——Wow! This is the drama which the costume and makeup designed by Jiang Yu? It's a walking fashion show!

——Why do I have the illusion of watching Paris Fashion Week? Everyone's clothes have a good sense of design and they are definitely not Taobao goods! Absolutely no bad one! I feel that the style adds a lot to the actor. I went to the actor's Weibo and it look very ordinary, but wearing the clothes created by Jiang Yu, they gave the feeling of a first-line star.

——Even Gu Shenliu is more handsome than usual! OMG! I have been fanned by Gu Shenliu again!

——The heroine Jiang Yu is the most peculiar existence, right? I heard that this play is still produced by her? Jiang Yu, are you going to go to the sky?

——The plot is also good! The favorite concubine transmigrated to an 18th-line star. Such a plot is very explosive!

——Starting in July? Look forward to it!

Judging from the reactions of fans, the drama was more anticipated than Jiang Yu imagined. She clicked on the official promotional trailer. Although she was the heroine of the show, after seeing the video, she was attracted by the plot like everyone else, especially the style in the play, with exquisite makeup and stylish hairstyle that suit every style. The clothing magnifies the characters’ temperament and covered the shortcomings. Every piece of clothing, even a pair of leggings, was carefully designed, and there were ingenuity at a closer look. It was by no means an inferior Taobao imitation goods! It could be said that every clothes in the play was more beautiful than the actors themselves.

Seeing that every scene in the video turned into a beautiful painting, Jiang Yu smiled. This was the effect she wanted. She forwarded it on Weibo and said:

[The video is fresh! Fortunately, our team's efforts have not been in vain. Here I would like to thank every actor in the play, my company's designers for their efforts, and my designer classmates for their support! It is because of your help that we have such an effect! Let's look forward to the broadcast of the web drama together]

Jiang Yu posted and fans reposted to help her promote.

——For Jiang Yu that has been planting grass diligently for us, I will forward it for you.

——I got the eyeshadow palette lottery sent by Jiang Yu, so I helped forward it for free.


Gu Shenliu quickly forwarded this Weibo and left a message: [Junior sister! Please give me more advice!]

——Ouch! Knowing that you are brothers and sisters, can you not sprinkle sugar?

——To be fair, you two are a good match! Go get together!

——Even if this drama sucks like shit, I will watch it! Because your looks are enough!

Jiang Yu didn't expect fans to support this way. Soon after the Weibo was released, the number of reposts had reached 50,000. Coupled with Gu Shenliu's reposts, it jumped to 150,000 that night. The next day, it reached 250,000, and in the end, her Weibo had more than 800,000 reposts.

Seeing that <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> had such a high degree of attention, President Chen of Aiqiqi's video, was about to lose his teeth from laughing. Discuss! Look forward! Support! Forward! Let the storm come harder!

At this time, Jiang Yu did not dare to neglect in the slightest in order to meet the broadcast of the TV series. She went to school during the day and went back to the company to work overtime at night, because all the clothes in the drama were from her company, after the web drama was broadcast, she planned to launch a series of the same style. Therefore, she compiled all the women's clothes in the show and with the help of the staffs planned to publish the design so that it could be left to fans to choose. Of course, she had already contacted Cheng Quanyou's factory in advance to make some clothes that Jiang Yu wore in the play, which was sure to be popular. This would reduce shipping time.

In short, although the filming was over, Jiang Yu was getting busier and busier, and all the employees in the company also dared not neglect.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yu had less and less time to go to school. On this day, she went to the school to listen to the class and prepared the homework to be handed over to the teacher. Unexpectedly, when she arrived at the school, she heard Bei Xiaoxiao anxiously say: "Jiang Yu, it’s bad! Our school's school flower selection has begun!"

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