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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 80 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 80 – Straight A Student (1)

On that day, Jiang Yu kept walking around in high heels in order to abuse herself, she was trying to make her feet hurt. She also danced zumba in high heels, but to her surprise, she could stand very well even when dancing in high heels steadily. No matter how she abused herself, her feet didn't hurt at all. She could say without exaggeration that if she wore shoes from other brands, even world-renowned one, at least few blisters would come out. But there was nothing on her feet.

Jiang Yu wore the heels all afternoon and all night, until she took it off before going to bed that night. Her feet were clean and not hurt at all. Jiang Yu was amazed: "Gu Shenliu, you can invest in this factory. Mr. Pang's skills are excellent. These are the most comfortable high heels I've ever worn!"

"Really?" Gu Shenliu glanced at her feet and said, "It seems that my information is correct. Pang Jichun has done a good job in this regard."

"It's really amazing!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she raised her lips and smiled at Gu Shenliu: "Mr. Gu, is it too late to hug your thigh now? After you invest, you must give me a discount price!"

Gu Shenliu's eyes shifted and the corner of his mouth smirked: "Depends on your performance!"

Jiang Yu smiled lightly, kissed Gu Shenliu directly on the corner of his mouth, and said with a smile, "How was this?"

"So so!"

One more kiss. "How about now?"

"Not bad."

This time, Jiang Yu directly hooked Gu Shenliu's neck and kissed his lips fiercely. The tip of her tongue was deliberately teasing. After a while, she pushed him away and asked out of breath, "Mr. Gu, how about now?" 
"80 points!" After speaking, Gu Shenliu sniffed on Jiang Yu’s neck and took a deep breath: "Obviously it's not enough!"

Jiang Yu coughed and changed the subject: "80 points is not bad, let’s leave some room to improve later."

Gu Shenliu's eyes narrowed slightly and the corner of his mouth smirked: "Mrs. Gu's instructions, how dare I not obey?"

Jiang Yu laughed.

After washing up, the two of them squatted on the carpet in the audio-visual room, with their backs on the sofa, watching a movie.

Gu Shenliu adjusted the player and asked, "What type of movie do you want to watch?"

Jiang Yu thought for a while: "Thriller."

Gu Shenliu searched for a while and finally selected a movie. After it started, Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Blake Lively is such a beautiful woman!"

Gu Shenliu turned his head, glanced at Jiang Yu, and whispered, "You too!"

Jiang Yu shrugged and smiled very calmly: "Thank you!"

This movie was called "The Shallows". At first, Jiang Yu thought it was a traditional shark thriller similar to "Jaws", which told the story of sharks killing people. Unexpectedly, almost all of them were the heroine's scenes. At the beginning of the movie, she was attracted by Blake Lively's figure. When the heroine went into the sea and encountered a shark and was forced to go ashore by the shark, she could only spend the night on the reef. She got nervous together with the protagonist.

"When this kind of movie was made, it was purely based on imagination?" Jiang Yu asked for advice in a low voice.

"It's basically based on imagination. Occasionally, some plastic sharks are used instead. So this kind of play seems simple, but it actually tests the actors' acting skills." Gu Shenliu said.

Jiang Yu nodded. It was also the first time that she noticed that Blake Lively's acting skills were always online. From the beginning to the end, the number of people who appeared in this play was very small. Basically, the picture stayed on the heroine and the great white shark, but the heroine used the medical common sense she has learned to save herself, and used her wisdom to deal with the great white shark. The whole movie made people who watched very nervous, which was remarkable.

When she was nervous, Jiang Yu put a popcorn in Gu Shenliu's mouth to ease the atmosphere. "You don't eat when you watch a movie."

"I'm not a woman."

Jiang Yu shrugged and smiled: "I wonder if you haven't seen the movie? After all, you are so famous early. If you go to the movie, you will be easily discovered."

Gu Shenliu domineeringly hugged Jiang Yu into his arms, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice was low: "I wronged you with me."

Jiang Yu was puzzled by Gu Shenliu’s mindless words. "I'm still wronged when I'm with you? If your fans hear this, they'll beat me into jerky." She was half-smiling.

Gu Shenliu hooked his lips and kissed the corner of Jiang Yu’s mouth: "With me, you can't go shopping, you can't go to the cinema, and people will follow you wherever you go."

Jiang Yu shrugged, "Anyway, I don't like shopping very much. Besides, Taobao is so convenient now, what can't I buy there? As for the cinema, it's not bad for us to do things like this now."

"You are optimistic."

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "I think you are the one that will be wronged when you are with me."


"I'm very busy, unlike many women who revolve around men every day."

Gu Shenliu said seriously: "You don't have to worry about that. I like you, you just need to be yourself."

The two laughed and continued to watch the movie.

In the next few days, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu went directly to the crew to take over the scenes of the two of them. They still acted like ordinary brothers and sisters in the crew, but others didn't think so.

Only Gao Jing rolled his eyes in the corner, thinking these two people, their eyes were going to be twisted into wool. It’s really as if they thought everyone else's eyes were blind! Gao Jing often sighs.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, everyone in Jiang Yu Company went to work. Bi Peijun also announced the recruitment at Jiang Yu's request, intending to recruit all positions, so that when the new company building could be used, they could move in directly.

The new building had finished being renovated a long time ago, but there was still some smell. Jiang Yu specially let the smell got aired for a period of time, fearing that it would be bad for the health of the employees. 

Under Bi Peijun's suggestion, Jiang Yu asked Bi Peijun's friend Master Wang Shensuan to make a calculation. It was concluded that the company's address was not conducive to the development of Jiang Yu’s company in all aspects. It could be said that the place was suitable for any company, but it was not suitable for clothing companies. But Jiang Yu's life was already strange and full of supernatural things, so in this way, only a few decorations were simply changed for the company and an auspicious day in March was chosen to move the work there.

Few people in Shencheng didn’t know the name of Wang Shensuan. Jiang Yu believed in this kind of thing because of her own rebirth. Therefore, she listened to the meaning of Master Wang and waited for an auspicious day to move.

On the seventh day of the first month, Bei Xiaoxiao also came to Shencheng. Jiang Yu was surprised when she saw her: "Why are you here?"

Bei Xiaoxiao smiled, hugged Jiang Yu and rubbed her, "Taro Ball, I'm afraid you'll be lonely, so I'm here to accompany you!"

Jiang Yu laughed: "You should spend the Lantern Festival at home."

"No! I'm coming to accompany you!"

Bei Xiaoxiao learned from the customer service staff that Jiang Yu came back to Shencheng on the New Year's Day. She speculated that Jiang Yu must have encountered something at home, but Jiang Yu had a strong temperament and seldom shared such things, and she dared not ask. She could only use actions to support her friend.

Bei Xiaoxiao picked up a plastic bag and said: "Look, I brought a lot of dishes from home, we don't have to cook today!"

Jiang Yu smiled and watched Bei Xiaoxiao fill the house little by little.

"By the way, Jiang Yu, how did you do in the last exam? I asked you on QQ before, but you never got back to me."

"Results?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, "Are the results out?"

"Eh? You don't know yet?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked in disbelief: "You didn't check your results? We can already check our grades on the school's official website, you can use your student number to check directly!"

"Really?" Jiang Yu's face was blank. In fact, she had been away from school for a long time in her previous life and she rarely attended classes in this life. She really forgot that there was such a thing as online checking.

"You're really a lost case!" After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao turned on the computer to help Jiang Yu check the results. "What's your student number in Taro Ball?"

Jiang Yu reported to Bei Xiaoxiao, "You check first. I was filming all night last night, so I want to go to bed first."

Bei Xiaoxiao's final exam result was better than she expected. She compared it with others and found that her total score was in the top three of the class. Meanwhile, she felt that Jiang Yu's grades could not be too high. After all, Jiang Yu seldom took classes and the exams were crammed. She only studied a few nights before the exam so she should not have achieved a high score. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was even a little worried that Jiang Yu would fail. The teachers of the fashion department were very strict and would never let water. Once a student failed, they might not pass the make-up exam. Thinking of this, she was a little frightened.

However, after reading the pulled up scores, Bei Xiaoxiao rubbed her eyes, thinking that she must have read it wrong.

"D*mn it!" Bei Xiaoxiao stood up abruptly. She pointed at the screen and shouted: "Jiang Yu! You are too perverted! You got the highest score! Why do you have such a high score when you have so many things to do? You are a full 30 points better than me! Was Professor Zhou being too biased to give you such a high score?"

Bei Xiaoxiao rushed into the room and saw that Jiang Yu was already asleep. After thinking about it, she shook her head in anger! God was unfair! Jiang Yu even had such a high score in the test, it seemed that there was no way for ordinary people like her to survive.

Bei Xiaoxiao sent Jiang Yu's score to the class chat group: "Everyone, Jiang Yu actually forgot to check her score. I checked it for her and she got this score! Are you not angry?!"

——Oh my god!

——Sh*t! Abnormal!

——Oh God, help me! Can she leave some way out for me?

——Kneeling and licking! The scholarship seems to be hopeless for me!

Seeing that everyone was hit together, Bei Xiaoxiao nodded in satisfaction. Right! That's the right reaction! She didn’t want to die alone, if she needed to die, everyone should come together.

 Bei Xiaoxiao posted the photo to the group, originally intended only for people in her class to see it, but she didn't expect that this photo would be passed out for some reason. Because of Jiang Yu's recent popularity, that afternoon, there was a person named on Weibo named @Little Fish Ru that posted:

[The legendary child from someone else's family. This is a screenshot sent to me by a friend. It is the recently popular Internet celebrity Jiang Yu. She scored very high in the test and almost every sudject is close to a perfect score. I checked her Weibo and found that she has been very busy doing design, opening Taobao, planting grass on Weibo, filming, and under such circumstances, she can still take such a perverted score, I admire her so much!]

The accompanying picture was a screenshot of Jiang Yu’s score.

Many people had commented.

——It's someone else's child! Heartbroken!

——I always lied to myself that Internet celebrity can't do anything but being beautiful! Jiang Yu gave me a knowing blow. If my future children become this kind of Internet celebrity, I will definitely welcome it.

On the other side, Bei Xiaoxiao was watering the flowers on the terrace when Chen Xu, a boy in the group, said: "Bei Xiaoxiao, Jiang Yu's score was posted on Weibo. Do you know this little fish?"

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  1. Give me such good high heels, the ones that don't fall off with every step and are comfortable to wear all day. Now I either got blisters and blood scratches or hurt toenails. And that is when I finally find the ones that aren't too wide for me :(
    If there will ever be such godly shoes, I will buy them!


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