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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 81 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 81 – Live Broadcast (1)

The branding of the anti-acne medicine was set at a high price. Jiang Yu also knew when it was time to establish a brand, it was difficult to choose a good name. Many cosmetic brands were named "Water Flower", "Rose Perfume", "Green Poetry", when Jiang Yu got these names, her brows frowned. But because she was in a hurry and because it was difficult to find a good name, in the end, she chose the name "Huajianji" among the unbearable names. (TN: 花间集/Huajianji = set of flowers.)

The packaging of the anti-acne medicine was designed according to what Jiang Yu said. The powder was divided into single use packs, so that when the customer needed to use it, they only needed to mix it with pure water to form a mask. In fear that some girls would unknowingly mix with tap water instead of pure water, Jiang Yu simply provided the water as well so that the customer only needed to mix this water into the powder and stir it.

At the same time, Jiang Yu also adjusted the proportion of ingredients so that an acne repair cream was also produced. The acne repair cream was packaged in a ceramic bottle. The pattern on the ceramic was painted by Jiang Yu herself and the lid design was also very good. I had an ancient palace styles that in general, just looking at the outer packaging, people would feel that the products were very trustworthy and very high-end.

It took Jiang Yu a lot of time to design these things, especially the bottle, which was reworked many times, before she finally achieved satisfactory results.

After getting the sample, Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and fell into deep thought. "Peijun, call everyone to a meeting."

"Yes, President Jiang."

After everyone arrived, Jiang Yu sat in the conference room, squinted, and motioned to Bi Peijun, who quickly projected the product on the big screen.

"Wow..." Everyone exclaimed: "President Jiang, the packaging is so beautiful!"

Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled lightly: "Today's meeting is mainly to discuss the naming of the products. Let's talk freely about what kind of nicknames should be given to these two products?"

Just like "smiley bag" and "small brown bottle", many products needed to have a simple and easy-to-remember name. This name would be attached to the product like a label, making it easy for everyone to remember. (TN: Smiley bag, Chinese nickname for CELINE Nano Luggage. Small Brown Bottle, nickname for Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum.)

Zou Xiaoyu raised her hand: "I think it's better to call it 'acne removal artifact'! Now Taobao still  filled with such a gimmicky name."

"I think 'acne remover' is a bit too common. Every acne product can be called 'acne remover'."

"The words 'acne-removing artifact' can be written in the title of the baby. Since this acne-removing powder is white in color, it is better to call it 'small white powder'." Hua Jie, a new employee in the design department said.

"Xiaobaifen*?" Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, "This name is interesting, what do you think?" (TN: Literally small white powder.)

"I think it's not bad, but can the word 'white powder' be published? Wouldn’t it be screened?" Tang Qian asked.

"Let me search." Zou Xiaoyu quickly searched Taobao, "There is no screening. Many people are selling Qibaifen*, it has the same white powder words." (TN: Literally seven white powder.)

Jiang Yu nodded, glanced at everyone, and asked, "What do you think of this name?"

Everyone said yes. Jiang Yu nodded and said: "Okay, then the acne-removing powder will be designated as 'small white powder'. Now, let's talk about the repair cream for acne marks."

Jiang Yu had tried this repair cream on her legs in her previous life and the places with some scars would fade in a few days. The reviews from the entertainment circle were also good back then. To develop the cream now, she read some Chinese medical books and combined it with the old doctor’s recipe from her previous life. After the research, she found that some skin scar repairing ingredients could be added more, but finally gave up. This was because the ingredients on skin care products had to be upgraded all the time. If it was already too perfect, it would be difficult for improvement in the later stage.

Su Nishang from the design department thought for a moment and then said, "President Jiang, since the packaging is designed by you and is also one of the selling points of the repair cream, I think it's better to call it 'small porcelain bottle'. This not only highlights the characteristics, but also is easy to remember. For example, when people use small brown bottle, they might also think of our product."

Everyone heard it and said it was good. Jiang Yu felt that it was not bad. Finally she looked around the conference room and said: "Let’s set these two names and go back to the content editor to improve the details of the products. At 8 o'clock tonight, the small white powder and the small porcelain bottle will be launched."

After speaking, Jiang Yu said again: "Do you have your own views on this new launch?"

Everyone looked at each other, and then Hua Jie said: "President Jiang, our company has always relied on your Weibo to attract traffic. I wonder if you have thought about setting up a promotion department?"

Jiang Yu motioned for Hua Jie to continue.

Hua Jie said: "My original company also has a Tmall. Within many departments, the boss pays more attention to the promotion department, because if the promotion is well done, the brand can rise higher! Relying on your Weibo to promote it may not be a big problem is a short term solution, but after a long time, it is impossible for customers to buy our items like this all the time. The effect of the Weibo promotion may also not be as good as it is now."

What Hua Jie said was justified and well-founded, which made Jiang Yu impressed. In fact, she had asked Bi Peijun to recruit some staffs promotion department, but there was no suitable one. Good promotion could indeed determine the life and death of a brand.

"President Jiang has instructed the recruitment already." Bi Peijun said.

Jiang Yu said softly: "My team does not need mediocre people, so I hope that every employee I recruit is an elite and a talent. The principle promoting thru my Weibo is better than nothing for now, but I have discussed with Sister Bi to recruit some more talent so that we can combine more strategic promotion. This department will specially focus on promoting our company's brand, responsible for importing traffic to the brand from the Internet, and even sponsoring TV dramas, these kinds of things. If you know relevant talents, you can also recommend them to me."

After speaking, Jiang Yu said solemnly: "Now back to the main topic, do you have any suggestions for tonight's new launch?"

"I think President Jiang can start a live broadcast while we launch the new products at the same time. In this way, everyone will buy it while watching the live broadcast and feel it is effective."

"I agree. We can also edit the live broadcast into a video later and put it on the Taobao details page."

"It can also be cut into a short video so that everyone can see the before and after comparison picture."

"We can also invite Wen Yu, the girl from the Polytechnic University last time, to make an appearance."

Everyone spoke freely, Jiang Yu smiled when she saw this. In fact, she had thought of most of these methods, but she had to leave things to the people below. When the company was on the right track, she could spend more time on her own design.

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Your suggestions are all very good, and I will start a live broadcast tonight. But because I don't have acne, we need to find a girl with acne to go live with me and show the results directly to everyone."

Zou Xiaoyu raised her hand weakly: "President Jiang, do you think my acne can be saved?"

Zou Xiaoyu looked good, but her acne was also a lot. When she Jiang Yu first introduced the anti-acne medicine before, she was a little worried about the side effect, but now she regretted it too much. This time, after finally waiting for the new product to be launched, she hurriedly recommended herself.

"Okay! Zou Xiaoyu can get ready to go live with me tonight. Let’s end the meeting here!"

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she directly edited a Weibo:

[I have good news. The anti-acne medicine is ready to be launched to the market! As shown in the picture, the packaging is also very beautiful. The small porcelain bottle in picture 2 is designed by me, so I hope everyone likes its packaging and can feel my sincerity. I gave trial packs for you before and many people said they are effective. Until today, thousands of people are still urging this product on my Weibo every day, but it is finally ready now! I will show the effect for everyone in a live broadcast tonight so that everyone can see the result directly!]

——It's finally here! Teary eyes!

——Live Broadcast is back? Taro Ball, I like watching your live broadcast the most!

——Jiang Yu's live broadcast can cause heated discussions every time, which is simply phenomenal.

For people that had tried the trial packs, Jiang Yu’s anti-acne medicine was the best anti-acne product they had ever used! It had 0 bad reviews, so people were eagerly waiting for the product to be launched formally. Unexpectedly, this day came earlier than they thought.

There were still a few hours before the live broadcast. In order to live broadcast in a perfect state, Jiang Yu applied a cleansing mask.

During the waiting time, Jiang Yu lied on the sofa and listened to some music. She then took a selfie and posted it online. In the photo, she was wearing a headband with rabbit ears, pulled up her hair, and green mud was smeared all over her face.

As a result, netizens looked at the photo and asked:

——D*mn, what brand of cleansing mask do you use?

——Why use a cleansing mask? Is it necessary?

——Taro ball, I am looking for a cleansing mask that is easy to use.

——Ask for a review of cleansing mask products!

——Dada, you are really a headband expert. Let's also sell a few headbands in your store!

When Jiang Yu refreshed her Weibo, she saw that although there were not many repost on the post, many people left comments. After a while, there were already tens of thousands of people asking for cleansing masks review and many people asked her to sell headbands. She smiled and directly took a screenshot of the comments about headbands and sent it to the design department's group.

"Received!" A member of the design department replied.

Jiang Yu looked through the comments and found that many people didn’t know enough about cleansing masks and some even think that cleansing masks were very useless, so there was no need to spend money on it.

Jiang Yu was idle and bored, so after thinking about it, she came to her dressing table, picked out all her cleansing masks and put them aside. She took a big group photo, edited it, and posted:

[Many people think that there is no need to use a cleansing mask, but this is not true. Our skin will naturally secrete oil and the air pollution was getting worse day by day, so dirt will easily clog the pores. Because of this clogged pores, we often feel that many good skin care products become useless and not easy to absorb. The skin also becomes dull, the pores looked large, and the face always feels dirty. In this condition, you should consider applying a cleansing mask. It can be said that if the cleansing routine is not done well, no matter how good the skin care products you use, it is a waste…]

Because the number of words that could be posted on Weibo was limited, Jiang Yu typed this directly in her phone memo and then posted it as a screenshot.

[Look at the picture, these are several cleansing masks I have used. This is my review below:

1. DMC Deep Cleansing Pack: With Bamboo charcoal ingredients, it cleanses the skin, has good decontamination and waste removal effect. This product is the nemesis of blackheads and whiteheads, but also very cost-effective. Disadvantages: It takes a long time to apply and there are many fake products on Taobao.

2. Eve Lom Rescue Mask: Suitable to use in the morning. It has the effect of first aid and the effect of removing blackheads is obvious. Disadvantages: Expensive.

3. Borghese Active Mud: Internet celebrity mask, entry-level product. If you don’t know which one to buy, you can buy this, it is cost-effective.

4. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask: The cleaning power is average, not recommended!

5. Origins Active Charcoal Mask: The cleaning power is very good and the effect of removing blackheads is also amazing. After washing, it is obvious that the skin can finally breathe.

6. Lush mint mask: Can clean and shrink pores, great value for the price, recommended!

7. Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque: Once you use it, you will know its power. It is a very good mask. Jiang Yu likes this one very much.

8. Sanoflore Masque Magnifica: This brand is not used by many people in China, but I would recommend it to everyone. It has good cleaning power and is very effective to reduce small pimples caused by clogged pores! It is the new favorite of Jiang Yu.

Summary: Cleansing mask must be used, but after using a cleansing mask, it is best to re-hydrate. After doing both, you will find that your skin has undergone qualitative changes!]


TN: Disclaimer once again, all product reviews on this novel is purely from the author~ I never tried any of them, so I am not sure of the effect. Please do your own research if you are tempted to buy any of them - MD 

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