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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 84 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 84 – Entrust (2)

When Jiang Yu woke up, the sun was high. She struggled to get up as she felt sore all over her body. While rubbing her waist, her eyes fell on the chair. There was a set of woman's clothes on it.

Jiang Yu picked it up and saw that Gu Shenliu had prepared a new change of clothes for her. He had good eyesight, and Jiang Yu got changed with satisfaction.


"Well." Jiang Yu entered the kitchen, and directly saw Gu Shenliu cooking seriously in an apron.

"The meal will be ready soon, you go wash up first."

"Okay." Jiang Yu left a kiss on Gu Shenliu's cheek.

After washing up, the two had lunch together. Although there were only two dishes and one soup, Jiang Yu was very satisfied. Gu Shenliu's cooking level has improved, and the taste of the dishes was quite good. At least much better than last time. She smiled and said, "This beef soup is well done!"

"It's a recipe from Baidu." Gu Shenliu said, "I called Ye Fang this morning. Because his wife is a chef, I thought that he should know some recipes, but who knew that he could only asked three questions, and finally came back. He said, 'There is no room for me in our kitchen!' Tsk! Look how proud he is!"

Jiang Yu smiled, Ye Fang was also a movie star, but now he rarely acted. Since he had his third baby, Ye Fang had been in a half-hiatus state. According to the newspaper, he had been taking care of the children at home. Sometimes Mu Ran moved her restaurant to other countries and he would take the children with him, as if he had become his wife's sidekick. But even so, they were a family of five, and they also occupied the news headlines all year round.

Gu Shenliu continued: "He doesn't know how to cook for his own woman, it's a different kind of experience."

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows, this kind of straightforward words really didn't look like what a normal Gu Shenliu would say. Sure enough, she heard him say again: "After all, feeding a woman in all aspects is the highest achievement of a man."


Jiang Yu, who was fed, was silent. Thinking of the madness in the bathroom before, she only felt that that woman was not herself. She had always been an abstain person, but she didn't expect to also had this side. She felt amazed.

In the afternoon, the two were exercising at the gym in the basement. Gu Shenliu lifted iron and Jiang Yu did yoga. She tried to teach Gu Shenliu to do yoga, but found that Gu Shenliu's physical fitness was very good and his flexibility was also good. He could complete many difficult movements as soon as they were taught and he also did them well. 

Jiang Yu tried to cooperate with Gu Shenliu and did a difficult movement, which was the classic pose in double yoga. Gu Shenliu lied on the ground with his legs upright and his feet on her buttocks to push her up, meanwhile had her back arched.

Doing couple yoga was good to promote feelings, as two people cooperate to complete a pose, there would be an illusion of facing common struggle, weal, and woe together.

Jiang Yu smiled, but she saw Gu Shenliu pondering for a moment and said solemnly: "Well, it seems that your flexibility is not bad. Next time, we can try to use these poses in bed."



The two stayed together for the whole weekend. The weekend was relaxing, but for Jiang Yu, the past two days were more tiring than anything else. When she finally came home, she couldn't straighten her waist and she also had heavy dark circles under her eyes.

There was no way for someone who was often disturbed to wake up in the middle of the night to sleep well. If she had known, she wouldn't have agreed so soon. Jiang Yu regretted it too late.

"Jiang Yu, what's wrong with you? Not feeling well? Why do you keep hunching over?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked in confusion.

"It's alright." Jiang Yu quickly straightened her waist: "Maybe the aunt is coming." (TN: Aunt in here means monthly period.)


After Bei Xiaoxiao finished, she stared at her computer screen with a crazy face. She looked at a man on the screen, Obsessed: "Taro Ball, look, Luo Yi is so handsome! He looks so handsome! I am fascinated by him!"

Jiang Yu approached suspiciously only to see a very handsome face on the screen. The man was young, had blond hair, small face, and outstanding facial features. It was Luo Yi, who had recently become popular.

"Xiaoxiao, isn't your male god Gu Shenliu? When you stop falling in love with him?"

"Taro Ball!" Xiaoxiao snorted: "Gu Shenliu is yours and I can't rob you, but Luo Yi It's everyone's! So he is also mine!"

"Okay! He is yours!" Jiang Yu smiled, picked up her sketchbook, and continued to draw.

The next day, Jiang Yu received news from Gu Shenliu that he had officially invested in Pang Jichun. That was to say, if in the future Jiang Yu wanted to make shoes, she could go directly to Gu Shenliu.

Even better, according to Gu Shenliu, Pang Jichun's factory could also customize handmade shoes, and the craftsmanship was very good.

Jiang Yu had long seen the capabilities of Pang Jichun's factory. She had no doubt that Pang Jichun would be able to make shoes of comparable quality to international big brands.

In fact, in the fashion circle, luxury goods were not only bags and clothes, shoes were also a very profitable item. High heels were originally worn by French men, but later extended to women. Even three-year-old children liked to use their mother's high heels as toys. In the child's sub consciousness, mothers wearing high heels must be very charming.

Were high heels good for the body? The answer was no, high heels would cause a lot of damage to the human body and also hurt the feet. 

The feet would easily bleed at every turn and calluses would appear on both sides of the feet. Wearing high heels for a whole day would undoubtedly cause both feet to be severely hurt, but even so, women were still insistent.

Wearing high-heeled shoes would shape a woman's buttocks, legs, and waist nicely. Women wearing high-heeled shoes would visually elongate their legs. Even if their legs were short and thick, they could still create long legs of 1.8 meters illusion. 

Wearing high heels would also make women looked like they have a sexy charm, making people's eyes fell on them without realizing it.

The satisfaction that high heels brought to women was something else and nothing could replace it. It was said that not all diseases could be cured, but who said that shoes cannot cure them all? No matter how bad the mood was, as long as you put on beautiful makeup, put on a pair of high-heeled shoes with confidence and go out to show off the crowd, your mood will always improve unconsciously. 

Of course, some people chose high heels entirely because they were not satisfied with their height. But no matter what the reason was, Jiang Yu, as a woman, could perfectly grasp a woman's psychology. 

Jiang Yu's pen moved on the drawing paper, and soon, a pair of dreamy high-heeled shoes appeared on it. This pair of royal blue high-heeled shoes was very delicate, it didn't have many decorations, but the ingenuity of the design made it look unusual. 
It just so happened that it could be used to match a slim little black dress designed by Jiang Yu in the next launch. This was the first shoe item in Jiang Yu store, so it must be the best. She hoped that everything in her store was always with high quality. 

Jiang Yu just put down the pen when suddenly, the phone rang. 

"Hey, Su Ye." Jiang Yu smiled. 

"Taro ball, help!" Su Ye shouted over there. 

"What's wrong?" Jiang Yu wondered.

Su Ye wailed again and again: "It's over, Jiang Yu, my agent actually  picked up a dance program for me, the very popular < Dancing Stars >!"

Jiang Yu had heard of this program. It was a program of Shencheng TV that invited stars to dance and compete. Its ratings were the first in the time slot and it often caused heated discussions on the Internet. But she did not expect that Su Ye would be invited to participate.

"What dance are you going to do?"

"What else can I dance? It will be a Latin dance!" Su Ye felt a headache when she thought about it, "I learned Latin dance for filming before, but it was not on the level that it could be presented on a stage at all. But my manager has already agreed, so I can't resist. What made it even more troubling was that I really didn't know what to wear on the stage."

"Clothes?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment.

"Yeah, Jiang Yu, my kind taro ball, I know you are very busy, but you must help me this time! Help me make a dance costume!"

"Latin dance costume?" Jiang Yu was stunned. It wasn't impossible, but she was really busy recently. She had to finish the work for the TC Drama and she also had to go to school, meanwhile, the company was also a matter.

"Yeah, Jiang Yu, please don't refuse. To be honest, I'm no more than an amateur in dance so I will definitely be scolded to death by netizens when I perform. They will definitely say that my level is poor and that I shouldn't come! As I think about it, I can only find you to make a special Latin dance dress. In this way, when the time comes, I will still be dressed up a little more beautifully. Everyone will see that I am good-looking and will definitely not embarrass me too much. They will focus on my dress and will have no time to scold my poor dance."

Jiang Yu heard the words and laughed for a moment, "When do you want it?"

"Better to finish this week!"

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu agreed. Although she was very busy, this was undoubtedly an opportunity. Su Ye was going to participate in a show with such a high rating. As long as the Latin dance costume she designed arouses heated discussion among the audience, then would she still be afraid that no people will come to her store to shop? This was a great opportunity to harvest more money from customers.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu nodded and said, "Okay! I'll design it for you. I have your previous size, but have you gain weight since then?"

"No, I have a slim figure that never changes."

"Okay, then I'll show you the design after I draw it." After a pause, Jiang Yu said again, "What brand are you going to buy for your Latin dance shoes?"

"I'm worried about this too." Su Ye sighed, "Ordinary Latin dance shoes are generally not high, so I'm afraid that the shoes will make me look short, but ordinary high heels also can't be used, otherwise, I will definitely buy Manolo Blahnik BB shoes.

Manolo Blahnik was a great shoemaker. The shoes made were pure handmade with smooth lines and were very durable. Even if a pair of shoes cost tens of thousands, it couldn’t stop getting fanatical love from celebrities. If Armani was the winner for suits, then Manolo Blahnik was the ‘designated shoe’ worn by celebrities, which showed how popular this brand was.

Jiang Yu suddenly had a flash of inspiration. A bold idea came to her mind. Latin dance shoes were intentionally made softer and were different from ordinary high heels. But since Pang Jichun could make high heels by hand, it should not be difficult for him to make Latin dance shoes. Then, as long as she designed a special pair of shoes for Su Ye and then she wore them on < Dancing Stars >, could she be afraid that her shoes wouldn’t get popular by then?For her shoes to get the first shot in a high rated variety show, this would be a great start!

With such an opportunity in front, how could Jiang Yu missed it! For a time, she imagined RMB raining in front of both her eyes.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu hurriedly said, "Su Ye, the shoes will also be designed by me!"

"What? Can you really handle it all?" Su Ye was a little skeptical. After all, although Jiang Yu knew how to design clothes, she had never come up with shoes. Moreover, shoes used for dancing had extremely high requirements on comfort. There were many difficult movements in Latin dance, so if the shoes were uncomfortable and difficult to wear, they would definitely affect the performance. 

Thinking of this, Su Ye asked: "Are you sure? Jiang Yu, I'm not doubting you, but you know that I just came back, so I cannot have another drawback."

"Don't worry Su Ye, I promise you, I will never ruin your reputation!" Jiang Yu said confidently.

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