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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 80 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 80 – Straight A Student (2)

Bei Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, clicked on the screenshot, and saw that the Weibo had been forwarded more than 30,000 times. Because of Jiang Yu's recent popularity, many people had forwarded the post and left comments. 

Bei Xiaoxiao clicked on the hot search again and found that it had been forwarded by most local news media account. Even the official blogs of Shenda University and Shenda University Fashion Department had forwarded the post also. It could be said that the total number of forwardings on all Weibo was at least more than 200,000, which showed how popular the Weibo was.

Bei Xiaoxiao swallowed and realized the horror of the Internet for the first time. At the moment, #Jiang Yu's transcript# had become a trending topic.

"Who is Little Fish RU? Is it in our group?"


"This person is from Sichuan and should not be from our group."

"Are they relatives or friends of the people in the group? Who sent the transcripts?"

Bei Xiaoxiao was a little anxious: "Oops! Jiang Yu is still sleeping, she doesn't know about it yet. I've caused her trouble again." Although on Weibo, it was almost one-sided praise.

At this time, Wu Jiatian said, "It's really funny. Netizens praises her anyway, so what’s wrong with the post?"

Listening to Wu Jiatian yin and yang strange words, Bei Xiaoxiao said petulantly: "Posting private documents on the Internet without consent, how do you know that Jiang Yu is willing?"

After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao didn't dare to delay. She rushed directly to Jiang Yu's room, shaking Jiang Yu to wake up. "Taro ball, it's not good! I sent your transcript to the class group for everyone to see, but someone posted it on Weibo. Now many people are talking about you."

Jiang Yu opened her eyes and looked at Bei Xiaoxiao. She sighed and asked calmly: "Is my result good or bad?"

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she laughed and said, "Of course it's good! If it's bad, why would I post a screenshot!"

Jiang Yu heard the words, thought for a moment, and then said: "Bring me my laptop."

Turning on the laptop, Jiang Yu looked at Weibo for a while, and saw that most of the people were kneeling to her, clamoring to study hard, and strived to be like her in the future, beautiful, able to make money, and had good grades.

Jiang Yu nodded, "If this report card can urge these children to study hard, it will be considered a merit!"

"So you're not angry?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked worriedly.

Jiang Yu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao and smiled: "If you send my ugly photos without makeup, I may be angry, but if you send my beautiful photos without makeup, do you think I will be angry? Thank you for censoring my personal information. Since you didn't reveal my privacy, if this kind of thing still makes me angry, it seems hypocritical."

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she smiled and said, "Fortunately I've censored the personal data!"

Jiang Yu smiled, picked up her phone, took a picture of the topic page, and sent it to Gao Jing. She didn't forget that Gao Jing was her agent now, so this kind of thing should be resolved by him.

Gao Jing was also very powerful. At present, Jiang Yu's transcript was already popular enough, but after Gao Jing's contribution, it had become more popular. Many media even issued announcements, which also made Jiang Yu got fired up again.

And other little stars who were thinking about how to get on the hot search every day, seeing that Jiang Yu was always on the list and could be said to have semi-permanent contract in it could only laugh. They had long been used to this phenomenon.

At the same time, there was a good netizen who actually mentioned Gu Shenliu: "Gu Shenliu, what do you think about your junior sister's high score in the exam?"

Everyone thought it was impossible for Gu Shenliu to answer such a question, but he actually forwarded the post and replied: "Similar to my style back then!"

When everyone heard it, they all fell down. This answer... was too cruel!

Gu Shenliu's forwarding brought new popularity to Jiang Yu.

Thanks to Gu Shenliu's blessing, in the next few days, Jiang Yu's Weibo followers rose directly to 20 million! Her lottery post also had more and more reposts. Because there were a lot of prizes, the volume of comments had been increasing.

Many new fans, after they were full of joy seeing Jiang Yu’s Jado collaboration announcement on Weibo, they went to Taobao and saw that all the items were taken off the shelves already. They were so disappointed that it was indescribable in words, so they all posted on Weibo asking Jiang Yu to top up more stocks.

Jiang Yu was very moved but still refused.

That was to say, under such circumstances, Jiang Yu’s Taobao gained more and more followers.

At the same time, Jiang Yu began to realize a problem – she lacked a professional marketing plan.

Jiang Yu had her own team, and almost all problems could be handled by the team, but the general marketing direction had always been from herself. Even if she had many ideas now, there would always be a day when she would be exhausted. Now she had Jado and the Taobao clothing brands, one was bags and one was clothes, so the directions of the two were completely different. The bag brand positioning was light luxury and would transform into luxury in the future, however the clothes were a mid-to-low-end brand. 

There was an obvious gap between the two. The two brands needed Jiang Yu’s input to work, but her energy was limited and it would be difficult to plan so many events so that the brand could be accurately marketed. Therefore, what the company needed most was not employees for trivial things, but someone with a very good marketing plan.

Just like Jado, although it was now gaining popularity, it still had a long way to go. To make Jado really had a place in the highly competitive market, Jiang Yu’s current means alone were not enough, not enough to make Jado go international.

But, there were very few people in China who could plan luxury marketing strategies. Even if there was, those talents had long been poached by big companies. Where could Jiang Yu found one for her company?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu had a headache.

At this moment, Gu Shenliu 121, who had not been in contact for a long time, sent a message: "What are you busy with?"

Seeing this message, Jiang Yu smiled. It seemed that every time she encountered difficulties, Gu Shenliu 121 would appear. "Worrying about recruiting people."

"Which aspect?"

Jiang Yu thought about it and said truthfully: "I want to find someone who can do marketing plans for a luxury luggage brand, who can plan for a luxury bag brand."

The other party paused for a moment before saying, "You should find some headhunters to recruit such high-end talents."

"I understand. I know that it is difficult to recruit people who are really capable. Capable people usually work in big brands for many years, so very few people will be willing to change jobs. This kind of recruitment is actually a bit difficult."

Gu Shenliu 121 was silent for a moment, but finally said, "I'll help you ask."

Hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled. No matter whether the other party could make it or not, but having the intention to help was already very rare. "Okay! I'll wait for your answer."

Jiang Yu was not hopeful about this matter. It was very rare to encounter a really good marketing planner. It could be said that sometimes a good designer and a good marketing plan could change a brand, just like after Alessandro took office in Gucci. He made Gucci series of bags that had not left any impression on people for many years managed to enter the mainstream luxury lovers' field of vision again. It could be said that Alessandro gave Gucci a new development. Similarly, the planning and marketing strategies arranged by a good marketing director would be enough to affect the future development of Jado.

Who knew, two days later, Gu Shenliu 121 replied to Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, I'll give you an email address, you can contact the person directly."

Gu Shenliu 121 sent an email address.

Jiang Yu was puzzled and asked, "Whose email is this?"



"He has done marketing and planning at LV for 10 years and has a wealth of experience. He is of Chinese descent, so if he wants to return to China for development, he needs a platform. I think this is the best time for you to extend an olive branch."

"..." Jiang Yu was really grateful but didn't know how to show it: "How can I thank you?!"

"No need." Gu Shenliu 121 directly refused.

After that, Jiang Yu directly sent an email to Alex. After the email was sent, there was no reply for a long time. Jiang Yu guessed that the other party might be in a different time zone, so she planned to wait and see.

During the waiting time, Jiang Yu swiped Weibo again and found that because everyone ate too much during the vacation, a bunch of people were shouting about excess oil problem, which was even worse than in summer.

A netizen named @teletubbies520 asked: "Jiang Yu, as a big oilfield, I hope you can recommend a liquid foundation suitable for me, preferably one that can also act as concealer!"

This very common question had more than 5,000 likes and Jiang Yu really couldn’t understand it. Maybe there were really many people with oily skin?

Jiang Yu had combination skin so she had no trouble with oil, but she helped an actress with makeup in her previous life. This actress had very oily skin that she even had to wash her hair twice a day. Even then, it was still very greasy that she could scrape off a layer of oil at any time. Her face was also very prone to excess oil production so she often washed her face. But, the more she washed it, the more oily it became. After a long time, it formed a vicious circle. Fortunately, Jiang Yu took over her styling and adjusted her skin care routine. The excess oil phenomenon improved a lot after that.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu replied:

[There are actually many good brands of liquid foundations for oily skin. I recommend Estee Lauder's Double Wear liquid foundation, which controls excess oil, conceals, moisturizes, and has a lasting cover of up to 15 hours. Many people with oily skin gave feedback that the oil control effect of this product is very amazing. The price of around 100 yuan when converted for the medium bottle is also not particularly expensive, so I recommend it to you!]

——Dada, I really need this! Thanks!

——I have oily skin and the foundation I use has never lasted long enough. Who has used this product Jiang Yu has recommended? Is it worth buying?

——This foundation has a good reputation but I have never used it.

——Buy buy buy!

——You grow a little too much grass and my wallet is a little thin.

——Thank you so much. I went to buy this liquid foundation and the oil control function is very suitable for my oily skin with acne marks.

Seeing that she had helped everyone, Jiang Yu smiled and closed Weibo. But she didn't know that every time she posted a grass planting post, it was enough for many Taobao's purchasing agents to be busy for a long time.

In this way, the school started unknowingly. After entering the school, Jiang Yu was the same as before. She spent time to read books and work, but perhaps because it was just after the winter vacation, all the students were lazy. Many of them probably stayed up late during every day the vacation at home. But because of this, no one troubled Jiang Yu. Even Yao Yiyi was rarely quiet.

In March, Jiang Yu had more things to do all of a sudden. She asked her team of designers to design some high-heeled shoes suitable for spring and try producing them in Pang Jichun's factory. Because it was the first time that Jiang Yu's brand designed high-heeled shoes, she told them to come up with eye-catching styles. With the new batches of clothes already prepared for spring style, she wanted everyone to not forget to also buy a pair of shoes back to match while shopping for clothes.

In other words, Jiang Yu needed both word of mouth and sales!

At this time, <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was also in the later stages of filming and everyone on the crew was rushing to work. It was imperative to complete the play with quality and quantity.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yu received a call from the cosmetics factory. Her anti-acne medicine was ready!

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