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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 92 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 92 – Resign (1)

"Comrades, quickly go to my Weibo to vote for your President Jiang!" Bei Xiaoxiao shouted in the group.

Zou Xiaoyu: "Vote? President Jiang still needs us to vote?"

Tang Qian: "President Jiang's Weibo is full of responses. Many girls regard her as husband, and when husband speaks, the wives in the harem will respond."

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard this, she hurriedly said, "No! Taro Ball doesn't know about this at all."

"What's the matter?"

"What President Jiang doesn't know, we dare not intervene!"

"Yes, although President Jiang is kind, she has an aura that makes those who obey prosper and those who oppose perish!"

"I'm President Jiang's little servant. I don't dare to do anything that President Jiang doesn't know!"

"..." These people were too cowardly! Bei Xiaoxiao hurriedly typed: "It's Shenda University's school flower selection! Jiang Yu didn't sign up at all!"

Zou Xiaoyu: "As expected of the boss, she disdains to compare with these vulgar fans!"

"President Jiang has a style and is already the most beautiful face, more than any school flower!"

"President Jiang is already a fairy, she doesn't participate in mortal affairs!"

"..." Bei Xiaoxiao was so angry that the people couldn't make any sense. Like Jiang Yu, they didn't take this competition seriously at all.

How to do this? Bei Xiaoxiao thought angrily that she had already signed up for Jiang Yu, if no one voted, Jiang Yu would sit at the bottom of the rank and she would lose her face then!

Ah! She could find the senior brother! Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly had a flash of inspiration and then quietly sent a private message to Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu had a large number of fans and he received a lot of notifications on Weibo at any time. These private messages were not necessarily seen by him, but if he didn’t close the private messages, he could let fans have a place to vent when they needed to talk or encounter things. This was his persistence. He opened the private message and glanced at it casually, but saw a familiar name.

Bei Xiaoxiao? She seemed to be Jiang Yu's roommate.

"Senior Brother, help!"

Gu Shenliu frowned slightly and replied, "?"

"Senior Brother!" Bei Xiaoxiao didn't expect Gu Shenliu to really reply to herself, so she hurriedly said, "Senior brother, I helped Taro Ball sign up for the school flower competition."

School flower? Gu Shenliu raised his eyebrows lightly, his eyes were dark. Shenda still had such non nutritious competition?

"Senior brother, Taro Ball doesn't know about this. She didn't like this kind of competition in the first place."

Gu Shenliu tapped the keyboard: "As expected."


"Crushing an ant, will you feel pleasure?"


Bei Xiaoxiao wondered, why did she think her brother's words were so profound?

After all, it's her idol, Bei Xiaoxiao's heart was still thumping, she hurriedly said: "Master, but this time is different, although the opponent is very weak, but the first place Yao Yiyi has been bullying Jiang Yu before. How can such a person be the first?"


"Yeah! Senior Brother, you may not know. Jiang Yu was introverted in the past and didn't like to talk. Yao Yiyi always led people to bully her. Jiang Yu even thought about suicide because of this, but fortunately, her personality changed. Do you think it was still a joke?"

Gu Shenliu frowned. Jiang Yu was bullied? Based on his understanding of Jiang Yu, she seemed to never care, but she had her own principles. She was bullied by others, so how could she let that person stand and walk in Shenda still? This was clearly not her style.

"Send me the link!"

Gu Shenliu opened the link, glanced at the photos of the girls participating in the competition, and said: "In the past few years after I graduated, the girls of Shenda University have gained a lot of confidence."

"How is it? Senior Brother, hurry up and help Jiang Yu to gather votes!"

"No hurry." Gu Shenliu's tone was calm.

"No hurry? But the voting ends tonight! How can you not hurry?" Bei Xiaoxiao's tone was urgent.

Gu Shenliu was silent for a moment, then turned off the computer.

Gu Shenliu never replied back and Bei Xiaoxiao was in a hurry. She didn't dare to leave for a moment and kept looking at her laptop for fear of Gu Shenliu's instructions. At 11 o'clock in the evening, Bei Xiaoxiao was even more anxious. There was only one hour left to vote, seeing that Yao Yiyi had 120,000 votes, she was 50,000 votes ahead from the second place and 110,000 votes ahead from Jiang Yu!

That's right, because Jiang Yu had never canvassed for herself, the only votes were cast by the students, so Jiang Yu's votes were the least among all the contestants.

"What should I do? If Yao Yiyi gets the first place, she will definitely die of pride!" Thinking of this, Bei Xiaoxiao almost hit the wall!

Meanwhile, Yao Yiyi looked at her vote count, her lips were raised. After 11 o'clock, the matter was basically settled. As long as she became the school beauty and then find someone to hype it up, would she be afraid that she will not be popular? As for Jiang Yu... There were only 10,000 votes so far, so it was impossible to surpass her. Thinking of this, Yao Yiyi was so happy that she turned off the computer and put a mask on herself, just waiting for midnight to enjoy the victory.

"Yiyi, congratulations!" Wu Jiatian said, "You have such a high number of votes, you must be the school flower of Shenda University!"

"Oh, the results haven't come out yet. It's too early to say." Yao Yiyi pretended to be modest.

"You are so many votes higher than the second place so it is impossible for anyone to surpass you. What's even more funny is that Jiang Yu, who pretended not to care, finally signed up for the competition at the lat day!"

Yao Yiyi snorted coldly: "She just pretends."

"By the way, Yiyi, have you watched Jiang Yu's web drama? I heard that the ratings are very good. Many people in my circle of friends are talking about this drama and the WeChat public account has also been talking about the clothes in the drama. Jiang Yu also establishes Tmall to sell clothes in the dramas."

"I didn't watch it! What's so good about such non nutritious drama?!" Yao Yiyi was very disdainful and said coldly: "Very few of the ratings on video sites are true, most of them are false reports. I watch the news that said the second episode of this drama has over 1 billion clicks? Hehe, even if it is bragging it is still too much. Thinking that they can keep up with other dramas full of stars? Dream about it!"

"That's right, Yiyi, you are an insider, so naturally you know more than us!" After speaking, Wu Jiatian turned on the computer and smiled, "It's 12 o'clock in one minute, let me see how many votes you got in the end. Let’s see how our Yiyi crushes other people!"

After she finished speaking, Wu Jiatian went in. In the last hour, Yao Yiyi's votes increased by 20,000 votes, that was to say, she now had nearly 150,000 votes! "Yiyi, you have 150,000 votes! Let me see your ranking..."

Yao Yiyi closed her eyes and hooked her lips with a faint smile: "150,000? This result is still to be expected. Wu Jiatian, help me to see how many votes the second place has!"

"Okay!" Wu Jiatian checked the ranking with a smile, but when she saw Yao Yiyi's ranking, her expression changed and she didn't speak for a while.

"What's the matter? How many votes are the second place?" Yao Yiyi urged impatiently.

Wu Jiatian said hesitantly, "150,000!"

"150,000?" Yao Yiyi sat up suddenly, frowned, and asked, "How is it possible? I have 150,000 votes and the second place also has 150,000 votes?" Suddenly she thought of a possibility and hurriedly came to the computer.

Yao Yiyi's face sank completely.

Wu Jiatian glanced at Yao Yiyi cautiously, frowned, and said, "How could this happen? How could you be second? Could it be a mistake? The previous second place was obviously 70,000 votes lower than you, how could this be possible to her to overtake you easily?"

Yao Yiyi hurriedly clicked into the ranking page, but when she saw the photo of the first place, her face became even darker.

"Jiang Yu?" Wu Jiatian scolded: "This slut! She must have bought the votes! How could she suddenly become the first?"

Yao Yiyi clicked into Jiang Yu's page and saw that Jiang Yu had 790,000 votes!

"No, it's impossible..." Yao Yiyi shook her head in disbelief: "How could she have such a high vote?"

Wu Jiatian opened Weibo and saw that Gu Shenliu openly voted for Jiang Yu. He forwarded it to his own Weibo saying, "This is the normal aesthetic of Shenda boys!"

——Senior brother said it well, the school flower of our Shenda University is Jiang Yu! Not this Yao Yiyi!

——Senior brother, you are too partial to Jiang Yu. Speaking of which, other girls are also your junior sisters! Why don't you help them as well?

——Ouch! Sprinkling sugar again, what is the relationship between the two of you?

——Suddenly I feel that Jiang Yu is really a winner in life! Just cast a vote, so many boys support her, it is simply a group favorite!

And all this, Jiang Yu herself did not know at all until fans left a message on her Weibo telling her that she was chosen as the school flower of Shenda University. Only then she realized that someone had signed up for her. She frowned and looked at Bei Xiaoxiao next to her.

"Oh! Jiang Yu, don't be angry!" Bei Xiaoxiao shrank, "I just can't stand Yao Yiyi. If a person like her becomes our school flower, won't she lower the grade of our university?"

Seeing Jiang Yu neither happy nor angry, Bei Xiaoxiao walked over and asked in a low voice, "Jiang Yu, senior brother deliberately chose to vote for you few minutes before 12 o'clock so that you can instantly crush Yao Yiyi who probably was sure she would be ranked first at that time. Do you think he was doing this on purpose?"

"Of course."

Bei Xiaoxiao was startled: "So I guessed right. He specially made Yao Yiyi full of hope and then finally fell down from the sky. It is said that the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Senior brother's move is really cruel!"

"Are you sure this isn't bad joke?"

"Ah?" Bei Xiaoxiao was at a loss.

Jiang Yu hooked her lips: "He reposted Weibo casually in the last half hour, 700,000 to 800,000 people voted and overwhelmed Yao Yiyi who had worked so hard to gather vote for a long time. Because of this she probably gets so angry and wants to vomit blood. I think this is just his evil taste."

Bei Xiaoxiao was startled, and after a while, she said, "As expected of my idol! In terms of ruthlessness, I'm not half as good as my brother!"

At the same time, Gao Jing received a call from a Paparazzi Studio.

Zhuo Yi was the most well-known paparazzi in the circle. He had dug up a lot of secrets in the circle. A few years ago, Zhuo Yi vowed to dig out Gu Shenliu's black material, but he didn't expect after following Gu Shenliu for more than half a year, expect knowing that Gu Shenliu often stayed up late, he didn’t find anything wrong.

Gu Shenliu went out for a run at three in the morning once and greeted Zhuo Yi when he saw him. At that time, Zhuo Yi had a dog-like expression on his face.

After that, Zhuo Yi never pestered Gu Shenliu again. After so long, how did Zhuo Yi think of contacting him? "President Zhuo!" Gao Jing laughed.

"Mr. Gao is very polite. I wonder if Mr. Gao is interested in meeting and chatting?"

"Mr. Zhuo and I have always had very little in common." Gao Jing was half-smiling.

"There will be more things in the future!" Zhuo Yi words had a deep meaning: "For example, Gu Shenliu brought a woman home in the middle of the night, for example, this woman is Jiang Yu..."

F*ck! Gao Jing scolded, but still smiled: "What do you want to talk about, Mr. Zhuo?"

Zhuo Yi was silent for a moment and said, "I won't talk to you, I want to talk to Gu Shenliu!"

"What?" Gao Jing frowned but still decided to told Gu Shenliu about it.

Gu Shenliu called Zhuo Yi. "Mr. Zhuo."

"Movie Emperor Gu, congratulations first, your little girlfriend is young and beautiful, which is something others can't help but envy!"

Gu Shenliu's expression did not change. He calmly said: "Thank you Mr. Zhuo, you have been with me for so long. When we get married, we must invite Mr. Zhuo to the wedding scene and let you take photos openly and honestly!"

Zhuo Yi was stunned, he thought it was a trick, but he didn't expect Gu Shenliu to take it seriously. He directly stated that the girl was his future marriage partner. To be honest, seeing his reaction, Zhuo Yi felt no sense of achievement! After following for so long, he thought it was an exclusive, but Gu Shenliu didn't take it seriously at all.

"Okay, Mr. Zhuo, when you decide to send the scandal, remember to let me know. I can help you forward it and give you some popularity!"

F*ck! It was Zhuo Yi's turn to curse.

Seeing that Gu Shenliu was about to hang up, Zhuo Yi hurriedly said: "Wait Mr. Gu! I haven't finished speaking yet, I actually have something to tell you..."

Gu Shenliu frowned and said calmly, "There is more? I'm not interested in this kind of thing!"

Encountering such a master, Zhuo Yi was completely defeated. He hurriedly said, "It's about Jiang Yu!"

In the first half of this year, there had not been a decent TV series in China. It should be said that there had been no decent modern dramas in the country for many years. In the past few years, ancient costumes and fairy tales had become very popular. Although there were modern dramas, they were of low quality. The main war dramas were mainly focused on war and there were very few dramas that could really be watched. Although Jiang Yu's <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was not so perfect in terms of screenwriting, it was fortunate that the plot was novel and had the hot element of traveling through time and space. Coupled with the blessings of Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu, this drama had become the most popular drama in the first half of the year, which had never been achieved by any web drama! Even, the ratings of the web drama had a tendency to surpass those of star studded dramas on TV stations, which had attracted the attention of several major radio stations.

At the same time, Jiang Yu received a lot of invitations for TV dramas and even a famous director asked her to make a movie, but Jiang Yu refused without any reluctance.

Jiang Yu knew that her ideal was not in the entertainment industry. The glitz of the entertainment industry, let others enjoy it! She even declined most of the interviews and continued to work in a very low profile.

However, Jiang Yu stood in her office and looked at the other departments of the company through the glass. It was very strange. Everything was so smooth that it was becoming outrageous. She succeeded in everything and the company was operating normally, but she always had a bad premonition.

So what was it?

At this moment, Bi Peijun walked in with a bad expression. She was followed by all the staff of the design department.

Zhong Xiaoping glanced at them and stood behind Jiang Yu nervously.

Jiang Yu's expression remained unchanged. She finally understood why she had been worried recently. The crux of the matter was here. The group of employees entered her office with a faint smug look on their faces. They looked at each other, and finally, Hua Jie was sent to take the lead.

Hua Jie stared at Jiang Yu and said very strongly: "President Jiang, I'll just say it straight, our design department is here this time to talk to you."

 When Jiang Yu heard the words, the corner of her lips hooked. She then took a plate of incense from the side, lit it up, and put it in the incense burner. When the smell of sandalwood drifted away in the office, she said quietly, "What are we talking about?"

Seeing Jiang Yu like this, Hua Jie snorted coldly, what's the use of being calm now? He didn't believe that after he opened his mouth, Jiang Yu could still be as calm as she was now.

Hua Jie sneered: "President Jiang, after our design department discussed, we felt that the salary you paid us was too low. After all, for a clothing company, design is the soul, and our design department has done everything for your online drama, Tmall, and Taobao store. But in the end, it's too unfair for us to only get only so little salary!"

Jiang Yu raised her eyes and glanced at Hua Jie. Suddenly, she raised the corners of her lips and showed a saint-like smile. Bi Peijun and Zhong Xiaoping on the side couldn't help swallowing. Others that were not close to Jiang Yu might not know her habits, but they knew that once Jiang Yu shows this expression, it meant that someone was going to suffer!

Saint Jiang smiled slightly and asked with a hint of encouragement, "How much salary increase do you want?"

Thinking of the popularity of the web drama, Hua Jie snorted and said, "We ask for a 10,000 raise on the basic salary!"

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