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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 81 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 81 – Live Broadcast (2)

After writing the post, Jiang Yu uploaded it directly, went to wash her face again, and put on JAYJUN's moisturizing mask.

After finishing the mask, looking in the mirror, the skin of the person in the mirror was smooth and shiny. After all, she was young, so the effect of ob absorbing the nutrients on the mask was still very good, Jiang Yu sighed more than once. She refreshed her Weibo and saw that in just a few minutes, the comments on her previous post had exceeded 10,000.

——Dada, I always thouthght why I often feel my face is dirty, it turns out that I haven't cleaned it well.

——Have already used Foreo Luna and now I am adding a cleansing mask, then I should be OK? It's all the grass you planted.

——Yes, it is very important to use cleansing mask because the skin care products will be well absorbed after.

Jiang Yu saw that everyone was busy placing orders and she smiled. Only those who value cleanliness could have a good skin

As it's almost time, Jiang Yu changed into an early spring rose pink loose knitted sweater, a denim skirt, and sneakers. Although this kind of dress was not particularly fashionable, the color was very suitable for her skin. With no makeup, her face looked clean and it was easy to make people feel good.

"Jiang Yu Jiang Yu! Drink a glass of water and then start the live broadcast!" Bei Xiaoxiao brought a glass of water, "Soothes your throat."

Jiang Yu finished drinking with a smile. When the time came, she turned on the screen and started the live broadcast!

"Hello everyone, we meet again. This time the village anchor Jiang Yu has become an internet celebrity! Have you read the review of the cleansing mask that Jiang Yu just posted? The weather is dry in the spring, so everyone must remember to moisturize, otherwise the skin will have problems!"

——Dada, your skin is so good!

Jiang Yu: "Thank you, after learning skin care with Jiang Yu, you can also have good skin."

——Dada, let’s talk about the anti-acne medicine, I can't wait!

"Don't worry, it's here!" After speaking, Jiang Yu took out a box from the side with a smile. "This is the anti-acne medicine that everyone has been waiting for a long time! The brand name is Huajianji."

——Set of Flowers? Nice.

——Nice, full of freshness.

——I like this name too.

Jiang Yu explained with a smile: "It is good that everyone likes it. There are two products in this set. One is an anti-acne medicine which is what many fans call small white powder. Here, this is the package!" She took out the product packaging.

"In order to reduce bacteria, we increased the cost and made them into this kind of capsules. One capsule is exactly one dosage. You can mix it with the water we sent and then apply it on your face. I know some people felt that this small white powder has too many positive reviews on the Internet and was afraid that the comments are written by myself…"

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she smiled gently: "It is understandable to have doubts. In order to prove that our products are really good, I asked a customer service person from the company who has been plagued by acne for many years to come up and test it for everyone."

After speaking, Zou Xiaoyu who was nervous appeared on the camera.

Jiang Yu introduced with a smile: "This is our lovely customer service Xiaoyu. Anyone who has bought things at Jiang Yu's store should remember her, right? Xiaoyu, like many people, has always had acne. But you can see that the acne on her face is red, which indicates inflammation, this is more serious!"

Jiang Yu asked Zou Xiaoyu to lie down.

"Okay, I'll make the mask next." After speaking, Jiang Yu took apart one capsule of small white powder, dripped the prepared pure water into it, and then stirred it with the stirrer that was also provided. After that she applied the mask to Xiaoyu's face.

"Okay, now we just need to wait for the mask to dry. Generally speaking, according to the dosage, it can be washed off after 20 minutes, but when I apply a thicker layer to others, the time can be extended. "

——It looks amazing. Since Taro Ball dares to broadcast live, it should be really effective.

——I bought it last time and it was very good! But the amount is too small, so this time I plan to buy a one set directly.

——I'm Wen Yu, the acne on my face is almost healed, you don't have to worry about the effect, it definitely works!

——Wen Yu, thank you for sharing. Let us fight acne together successfully!

When Zou Xiaoyu applied the mask, Jiang Yu interacted with the fans.

Unexpectedly, when the live broadcast was going on, Jiang Yu's cell phone suddenly rang, She was startled, picked it up, and with a swipe of her hand, the call was connected.

"Hello." Gu Shenliu's low voice came. In the past few days, he had been busy filming his solo scenes. The two of them were so busy that they didn’t even have time to kiss.

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, but then glanced at the screen again. She said bravely, "You say it."

Gu Shenliu paused and asked in a deep voice, "Jiang Yu, what are you doing?"

"Live broadcast!"

"..." Gu Shenliu was silent for a while, but Gao Jing, who was beside him, listened, kept approaching the screen, and shouted, "Ouch! Live broadcast! That's the end. Has anyone heard Gu Shenliu's call?"

Jiang Yu cleared her throat and said, "I'm hanging up!"


Jiang Yu hung up the phone and tried to return to the live broadcast as naturally as possible. Who knows, a group of fans joked:

——Dada, who called just now? I noticed something wrong with your face.

——Is it a Dada’s boyfriend? You are so good, I don't know how good your boyfriend must be to be worthy of you!

——Taro Ball’s boyfriend must be handsome, stylish and tall! He must be the second generation of the rich and powerful!

——Or pull the national husband to match?

——He? He is so ugly! I think our elder brother fits perfectly!

Everyone swiped the screen, everyone smiled and shouted: 

——I see! Brother Shi Brother Shi!

——Senior brother and sister are only CP!

——Brother Zhan, handsome, rich, and good character!

Jiang Yu coughed and quickly changed the topic: "Don't go too far! Let's just talk about products and not personal matters! Well, 20 minutes have passed, let's see how Xiaoyu is!"

Zou Xiaoyu went to the bathroom to wash her face. Jiang Yu followed her directly with the camera and showed the audience the washing process so that everyone would not wonder if Zou Xiaoyu was using powder to cover up her acne after washing her face.

After washing, Zou Xiaoyu kept her head down. She was a little nervous, not only because of the live broadcast, but also because she was using the product for the first time. She was afraid that it would not work for herself. In fact, even if it didn’t work this time, it wouldn't have a big impact on her, but she was worried that the fans would see that it didn’t work and affected Jiang Yu's business.

Zou Xiaoyu raised her head very uneasily, glanced at it in the mirror, and was stunned. The girl in the mirror had a good-looking face, clean facial features, and fair skin. At first glance, she was a beauty.

"This is me?" Zou Xiaoyu's tears were about to fall. She said to Jiang Yu in surprise: "President Jiang, my acne has really disappeared, it's not as red as before!"

"Everyone can see the effect of Xiaoyu's use." After speaking, Jiang Yu pointed the camera at Xiaoyu: "Everyone, the redness of the acne on Xiaoyu's face has improved a lot and many small acnes have became flat. Because of this, Xiaoyu's face was much cleaner, making her beauty appear at once!"

Although Zou Xiaoyu's face was not as serious as Wen Yu's where it was full of pits, Zou Xiaoyu's redness was much more serious. Even if the camera had a beauty filter on, everyone could see the big purple and red acne. But they didn't expect that after using the mask just one time, the condition actually improved significantly. Zou Xiaoyu's skin looked a lot less red.

——If I hadn’t watched the live broadcast, I would have thought that Jiang Yu had replaced people!

——What a shock! I never believed it before!

——The effect is so fast and obvious? Are there hormones?

After reading this comment, Jiang Yu smiled and took a test sheet from the side: "This is the product test result. It shows that our products do not contain any hormones and our products are just many Chinese herbal medicines grounded into powder mixed with pure water, how can it contain hormones? Well, let's open the other product, the small porcelain bottle."

——Wow, what a beautiful bottle!

——Good design! I like it very much!

——Beautiful! As expected of a design by Jiang Yu! Much prettier than the bells and whistles of Korean skin care product packaging!

Jiang Yu opened the bottle with a smile: "After using the acne-removing small white powder, you can rub the ointment in the small porcelain bottle on the face. This has the effect for removing acne marks. Use it every day, and your acne-prone skin will definitely improve! More importantly, when you get rid of the pimples all over your face, you will be surprised to find out that you are also beautiful. Believe in yourself, you are more beautiful than you think!"

It could be said that the following few sentences was like chicken soup for the soul and were very useful to fans. After seeing Xiaoyu's comparison, everyone was so excited that they couldn't wait to try the medicine themselves. They also wanted to make their faces as clean as Xiaoyu!

——Jiang Yu Dada, did you invent this medicine yourself?

Jiang Yu replied with a smile: "To be honest, no, I just improved it. I got this medicine recipe from an old Chinese medicine practitioner. It is a family secret recipe that has been passed down for thousands of years!" Such an answer casted a layer of mystery on the Huajianji brand.

At this moment, the planned live broadcast time was over. Jiang Yu smiled and said to the camera: "Okay, everyone should be able to see from today's live broadcast that this product is really effective. You can believe that Jiang Yu will not disappoint you! If you want to buy it, go to Taobao to place an order now!”

——Haha, I bought it already!

——Me too. I secretly placed an order, I was afraid that I would not be able to buy it in the end, but fortunately I am smart!

——I also bought it. I deliberately didn’t say it during the live broadcast for fear that everyone would go crazy and grab it.

——Sh*t! You are so nasty! I'll go now!

Jiang Yu was amused by them: "Don't worry, this time there is really no limit on purchases!"

——By the way, Dada, are there easter eggs in this live broadcast? We want to see your dresser.


——Yes yes! I really want to see it too! You have been planting grass all the time, so your dresser should be very full, right?

Seeing that everyone was curious, Jiang Yu turned the video to her dressing table with a smile. Immediately, a series of exclamation marks flashed through the live broadcast!

——The dresser of my dreams!

——A lot of skin care products! I'm going to go there to rob!

——I really want Jiang Yu's dressing table.

The viewers saw a princess-style dresser with a length of approximately 1.8 meters full of bottles and jars. It had almost all easy-to-use brands on the market, from Lamer to Cle De Peau, from Estee Lauder to The Ginza. The sheet masks container alone is one meter high and there were also more than a dozen beauty equipment. At first glance, everyone will definitely think that this is a makeup artist's dressing table!

——Dada, how does it feel to use The Ginza? Every single item of this brand is tens of thousands yuan.

Jiang Yu smiled and replied seriously: "To be honest, I don't feel much. This brand has no flaws, but it's also not too bright. After using it, the skin is very stable and it won't break out. It's very gentle, but the price vs performance ratio is really low. I don't plant this grass for you!"

——Not recommended is right! My annual salary is not even enough to buy a set of skin care products from this brand.

——Am I the only one who noticed that Dada seems to have moved house?

"Haha, yes, I moved! Well, today's live broadcast ends here, good night everyone! If you need the medicine for acne, come to my store to place an order!" After speaking, Jiang Yu directly closed the live broadcast.

Suddenly, there was a bang.

Bei Xiaoxiao ran in from outside the door. She was out of breath and shouted to Jiang Yu very excitedly: "Jiang Yu! Look at Taobao’s backend!"

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