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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 91

WBVDEC Chapter 91 – Ratings 

Jiang Yu habitually opened Weibo first and saw a well-known skin-picking account on Weibo, @Mrs. Love Gossip, in a Weibo post:

[818 <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> Jiang Yu's appearance. Speaking of my wife, I didn't have any hope for this play at first. After all, the heroine of this play is a newcomer, the director is not famous, and the screenwriter and production team are all unknown. The only one who can be called a professional is the male lead Gu Shenliu! So, I rejected this drama at first! I just didn't expect that after watching an episode, I was actually attracted by the newcomer Jiang Yu. It's unscientific that her acting skills is actually good! Moreover, her beauty is beyond the sky, and her body is so good! Any of her clothes can attract me, so I have been staring at Jiang Yu from beginning to end!]

——Not surprisingly, I have been holding my phone in my hand since the beginning of the broadcast. You ask me what I am doing? I took screenshots of all the good-looking clothes the actors wore. After all, the name of grass planter is not for nothing! Anyway, after I paid attention to Jiang Yu, I didn't save a penny.

——Indeed, the costume designs can be given full marks. This should represent the highest level of modern dramas in the country, right?

——It is better than many Korean dramas. The costumes and makeup are the highlights.

——Anyone knows what kind of makeup Jiang Yu put on in the play?

——Please ask Mrs. Love to look in 818 again!

Although there were also critics on Jiang Yu, most of the netizens recognized her. Seeing this result, Jiang Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. At this moment, she had become calm, what if she really couldn't act well? She had done her best, the rest, leave it to God to decide!

Gu Shenliu came over, got close to Jiang Yu's back, and immediately put his arms around her waist and asked: "You still think I'm consoling you?"

"Everyone seems to have a good opinion of me."

"The eyes of the masses are sharp." Gu Shenliu's eyes were burning and the corners of his lips were slightly hooked.

Jiang Yu smiled and opened her Weibo again only to see that her Weibo followers had suddenly increased by more than 5 million people. Now she has 32 million followers! This was a number she couldn't reach in her previous life.

——Dada, in the first episode, although you and your senior brother don’t have much interaction, you still made me a CP fan.

——Jiang Liu CP is king!

When the two saw this comment together, Jiang Yu coughed and said, "You said what would happen if fans knew we were really together?"

"They will be surprised!" Gu Shenliu flexed his legs, stood up and said, "When we get married, they will be surprised again. If that's the case, it's better to let them save up and have a surprise combo."

"..." What kind of joke was this? Marriage or something... how could he say it so naturally? Who agreed to marry you? Jiang Yu muttered.

Jiang Yu thought about it for a while, smiled, and then said, "That is to say, next is to deal with the fatal blow?"

Gu Shenliu laughed inexplicably

——Dada, your shape is very offensive! I really like the short dress you wore in the first episode and I also like the little black dress with slits in the last scene.

——Will these clothes be launched? I really like it. I really want to wear the same clothes as Lan Xiaoxiao.

——What color is Lan Xiaoxiao's lipstick? Ask for a recommendation!

——Seeing Lan Xiaoxiao washing her face with a face wash, I doubted my life! So I secretly went to buy the same face wash.

As Jiang Yu expected, the attention of this drama in terms of styling achieved the effect she wanted, and fans had been begging Jiang Yu to update sooner on Weibo. This had achieved the purpose of her investment in the drama. From beginning to end, she did not film to become famous, but to promote her own brand. Now, her goal had been achieved.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu contacted Zhong Xiaoping on WeChat and said, "According to the plan, send me the information I need."

"Okay, President Jiang."

Zhong Xiaoping quickly edited Weibo and then sent the information in a good layout. After reading it, Jiang Yu edited some more and sent it directly to Weibo:

[Many people have asked me if I will launch the clothes in the drama? My answer is yes! Not only do they have to be launched, but they have to be put on the ground in a grand manner, well, and systematically! Everyone knows that this drama is the hard work of Jiang Yu team, and these clothes are made by us with hard work. So of course, we don't want these good designs to be dusted. Therefore, Jiang Yu decided that from today, after each episode of the online drama comes out, all women's clothes that meet the positioning of our store will be sold in Jiang Yu's store and it will be sold for unlimited time! We will show the close up designs in the details of the items! I hope everyone can see our sincerity, but there is one thing I want to tell you, <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> clothes will not be sold in our own store, but in the newly opened Jiang Yu’s Tmall! Yes, with the support of the everyone, Jiang Yu brand has established a Tmall! This is the new beginning of Jiang Yu brand and also the new beginning of my personal career! In order to celebrate the opening, today, the clothes will be 40% off! The discount is comparable to Double Eleven! I hope that Jiang Yu’s Tmall can get everyone's love and live up to everyone's expectations! Link: 23UE829# ]

At the same time, Tmall was officially open for business!

The first time it was launched, Tmall offered 15 items on the shelves. These 15 items were all items worn by the actresses in the play, most of which were worn by Jiang Yu. These clothes include skirts, jumpsuits, pajamas, leggings... There were no models, all the pictures of the models were drama stills. These were the pictures that Jiang Yu asked Durres to send people to take as they were filming. The pictures captured the clothes beautifully and clearly!

At work, Jiang Yu exuded an indescribable brilliance all over her body, making her seemed to be able to shine, and people couldn't help but look at her. At this time, she was confident and beautiful. After dealing with a problem, the corners of her mouth were always smiling.

Jiang Yu made Gu Shenliu stare at her for a long time. So much so that he didn't realize that he was just like her, he also had a smirk at the corner of his mouth.

As if feeling Gu Shenliu’s gaze, Jiang Yu turned to look at him. The eyes of the two people intertwined in the air, they smiled tacitly, and then they were busy in their own way.

In fact, today was a big day for Jiang Yu. Because of the increase in Tmall's traffic, Tmall strictly controlled the users who settle in, especially for women's clothing brands, it was very difficult to enter Tmall. At first, Jiang Yu made Tmall for the cooperation with Jado, and they had already approved it, but as Jiang Yu made her own Tmall for her clothing brand, many things need to be prepared before everything finally settled in successfully.

After that, it was to prepare for the opening of Tmall. The two brands, Jado and Jiang Yu brand, worked together, and because of this Jiang Yu worked day and night. Fortunately, today, her Tmall mall launched the <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> clothes as their first step!

All the employees of the company reposted Jiang Yu's Weibo. Fans also cheered and reposted it one after another.

"Xiaoping, let the promotion department run Tmall ads and Baidu ads!"


If it was said that the Taobao store only relies on the drainage of Jiang Yu Weibo, then, for the operation of Tmall, Jiang Yu intended to use the operation method of ordinary online shopping malls. Why? All the traffic of Jiang Yu Weibo had been directed into the Taobao store, so not surprisingly, the old customers gathered in the store all have feelings for it. Shopping habits couldn’t be changed overnight and everyone was definitely not willing to go shopping on Tmall. Unless they encountered such a situation as today, where the clothes they wanted only sold on Tmall.

In this case, Jiang Yu couldn’t divide these customers. Once the traffic was distributed to Tmall, as a formalized shopping platform, it couldn’t emotionally retain old customers. If things go on like this, it would inevitably lead to the loss of old customers. Jiang Yu got to where she was today by relying on these old customers, so she didn't want to see such a result.

Tmall operated on a regular basis, relying on advertisements to drive traffic. In addition to the popularity of Jiang Yu, the clothes designed were different from those in the Taobao store. They were precisely aimed at Tmall's user target, but they still maintained the same design style as the original Taobao store. In this way, the customers on both sides wouldn’t fight, but instead would share common ground. If the customers of the old store liked Tmall clothes, they would definitely go to Tmall for shopping, but they wouldn’t forget their original preference of shopping thru the old Taobao store. It could be said that, Tmall would become a complement to Jiang Yu's Taobao store.

Soon, the Tmall store made by Jiang Yu was advertised.

In particular, keywords like #The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei# #Jiang Yu’s Clothes# #Lan Xiaoxiao’s Clothes# #Lan Xiaoxiao’s little black dress# were all advertised to ensure that customers would see when the items on Tmall when they searched the keywords. Because Tmall was very formal and looked very convincing, the conversion rate of the advertisement was very high, and almost everyone who clicked on the ad will buy something, which was something Jiang Yu never expected!

"President Jiang, look at Tmall!" Zhong Xiaoping sent a message.

Jiang Yu was slightly stunned and clicked on the Tmall page only to see the monthly sales volume displayed in the Tmall sales column: Monthly sales of 14,302 pieces, monthly sales of 13,233 pieces, monthly sales of 9,870 pieces, monthly sales...

Because of the huge discount on the opening day, in Tmall that had just opened for less than an hour, the total sales had reached an astonishing 130,000! In other words, almost every items had nearly 10,000 sales! What a number! This was only an hour after the opening, let alone after.

Jiang Yu was very surprised: "How can it be so good?"

"I don't know. It seems that many of them came from Baidu searches." Zhong Xiaoping said: "If they search for the same style as Jiang Yu's in the drama, they will see our promotion and click on Tmall!"

"The conversion rate is good!" Jiang Yu just felt disbelief at such an amazing conversion rate.

The next day, Aiqiqi's assistant Xiao Tao said happily: "President Jiang, the first episode of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> has reached 200 million views!"

"200 million?" Jiang Yu frowned, why did she feel that the data was very watery? There were only one billion people in the whole country, but her play could actually have 200 million views: "Is this data watery?"

Xiao Tao was amused, "President Jiang, you misunderstood, the number of views is calculated by VV indicator and does not represent the number of people watching the show. Let me put it this way, the 200 million views are probably just 40 million viewers that each contributed 5 clicks, or may also be obtained by 20 million viewers with an average of 10 clicks. It does not mean that there are 200 million viewers."

"I understand." Jiang Yu smiled, no matter what, listening to Xiao Tao's tone, this number was very good!

Xiao Tao was also a loyal fan of the drama, she laughed: "Come on! If the first episode can have this amount of views, it is very easy to break 1 billion for the following episodes! That is to say, it is very easy for the total drama to break 10 billion views! Aiqiqi will increase our promotion, we will continue to promote <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> on the homepage."

"Thank you."

Gao Jing also began to exert his strength, showing the commanding ability of a first-class agent. He asked the people in charge of hype in Gu Shenliu's studio to post various posts on the Internet to discuss <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> constantly. Some gossip accounts of Gu Shenliu's studio posted on Weibo to stir up the heat, making the audience fully curious about this web drama.

As a result, the CP of the lead actors, clothing, makeup, the heroine's legs, the drama background, lighting... all aspects had been hotly discussed. It could be said that as long as Jiang Yu opens internet, the news of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> could be seen everywhere.

As long as netizens were online, they all know <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>, and because of this some people couldn’t help but try to watch. After watching one episode, they acted as if they were deeply poisoned with no cure, if they wanted to survive, they could only watch the second episode at the same time tomorrow!

At the same time, the number of subcription of Aiqiqi had reached a new high. Most of them come to watch <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>.

"Taro ball! I love you to death! I love Lan Xiaoxiao and also love you! This drama is really perfect!" Bei Xiaoxiao's eyes lit up. "No, I will tell my relative and high school classmates to follow the drama together!"

After she finished speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao asked Jiang Yu slyly: "Taro ball! Just do it and tell me what the plot is next!"

Jiang Yu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao and deliberately hooked her lips: "The plot? Want to know?"

"Hmmmm!" Bei Xiao nodded like smashing garlic.

Jiang Yu hummed: "If you want to know, please watch the second episode at the same time tomorrow!"

<The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was an instant hit. Almost half an hour before the second episode aired the next day, everyone on Jiang Yu's circle of friends and Weibo was waiting for an update already.

Finally, the broadcast volume of the second episode easily exceeded 1 billion!

This data surprised everyone. And Mr. Chen, who was originally gnashing his teeth in hatred, fearing that the play would not be able to gain back its original budget, squinted and smiled at the data report every day. If this continued, even when only one third of the play was broadcast, Aiqiqi would already be able to recover the cost. A lot of viewers also often came back to watch the replay, this drama would bring a lot of future income to Aiqiqi.

At the same time, Kafan was almost overwhelmed by fans. How could they think that after they lent something for Jiang Yu's web drama and Jiang Yu thanked them at the end could result in Kafan becoming the most favorite shopping agency store by the drama fans.

Mother Gu stared at the Aiqiqi player on the TV obsessively and said with a girlish heart: "I don’t realize that our family's Shenliu acting as a cold president is also very good, even my little heart is beating wildly. How can these two children be so eye-catching?"

Gu Changming snorted coldly: "No mother will say her own son is ugly, how can any parent say that their child is ugly?"

"I'm telling the truth! My Shenliu is so handsome and Jiang Yu is so beautiful. If these two people combine, wouldn’t their children be unbelievable in the future? Look at the Beckham couple, who gave birth to four children, they are all good looking. I think this should be the target of Shenliu!"

Gu Changming disapproved and said, "Don't put pressure on the children!"

"If there is pressure, they will be more motivated!" Mother Gu picked up the phone and called Gu Shenliu. As soon as the call was connected, she hurriedly said, "Hey, Shenliu!"

Gu Shenliu heard the greeting and frowned slightly: "Mom?"

"Shenliu, Mom wants to ask you, when are you and Xiao Jiang going to get married?"

"..." Gu Shenliu narrowed his eyes and said solemnly, "Why are you asking this?"

"Whoops! Mom wants to say, with your temperament, you definitely can't think of a marriage proposal, so Mom wants to remind you that if you want to make a successful marriage proposal, you must do something that moves women. You don't need to send flowers and sing, it’s vulgar and flowers are easy to wither so not environmentally friendly! Singing is noisy, it’s better to do something real!"

Gu Shenliu raised his eyebrows lightly, "For example?"

"For example, send some cash, a house, a car, etc. It's very simple!" Mother Gu said solemnly.

Gu Shenliu helped his forehead and felt a headache. After a long while, he said helplessly, "Mom, I'll hang up if it's nothing!"

"You child, Mom is serious! Marriage is a big deal, think about it quickly. Don't get rejected by others and then go back to Mom's arms to cry!" After speaking, she hung up the phone.

In the meantime, Bei Xiaoxiao also watched the second episode. The more she watched, the more excited she became. She was completely attracted to Jiang Liu's CP. Seeing Jiang Yu's prosperous beauty, she almost licked the screen, she couldn't believe that this beautiful girl was her roommate.

Today was the last day of the school flower voting. After today, no one would be able to register for the competition or vote. But the current first place turned out to be Yao Yiyi!

Bei Xiaoxiao was very unhappy with this result!

Thinking of this, Bei Xiaoxiao took a screenshot of Jiang Yu at the end of the second episode. Jiang Yu in this photo was pure and sexy, exuding an indescribable spiritual energy. Satisfied with the picture, she said to herself: "How can we Jiang Yu abstain from the competition and let this Yao Yiyi win the championship?"

After that, Bei Xiaoxiao uploaded the photo and filled in the information for Jiang Yu. Soon, the application was approved, and when Bei Xiaoxiao refreshed the page again, she saw that Jiang Yu's photo had been posted on the school forum, becoming the 134th contestant in the competition.

Bei Xiaoxiao clicked the voting button and cast the first vote for Jiang Yu.

Seeing that Yao Yiyi had nearly 100,000 votes, Bei Xiaowei felt that she was a little impulsive to do this. If Jiang Yu's final result was not as good as Yao Yiyi's, wouldn't it be a blow instead? Wouldn’t it also bring a lot of gossip to Jiang Yu?

No! She couldn't let Jiang Yu lose to Yao Yiyi! Thinking of this, Bei Xiaoxiao posted a Weibo.

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