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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 214

ICRAB – Chapter 214

Saibandes became manic, but Anna and Liu Weiwei were obviously used to it. The two were chatting beside him at the same time.

Liu Weiwei's belly was a little bigger. Although Anna was a single woman, she also noticed it keenly. As an all-round assistant, Anna freely chatted with Liu Weiwei and asked her for a lot of experience, the two talked very happily.

"Ah, so it doesn't matter if you come into contact with beast pets. I have heard that they have germs on them."

"It's okay, all my beast family members go to the veterinarian for regular check-ups and get vaccinated. Also, the two in our family are cleaner than most people, they will take a bath by themselves after they got back from going out."

Saibandes:  … Hello? He was still talking to them, why did he feel abandoned?

"Chef Liu, can you give up your love for this red wine?" Saibandes tried to attract Liu Weiwei's attention.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Anna, "I'm going to sell it. I originally wanted to ask you to help with wine tasting so that I can set the price more accurately. I don't drink much, so I'm not very good at this." She didn’t want to be a profiteer either. But when she looked at it, the base price given by the system was at least 100,000 credits per bottles. Speaking of Saibandes, he was also an old acquaintance, and his brother was her man's partner. So when she got in touch, she really felt that he was a local tyrant with an extremely simple inner world, commonly known as a good person.

She trusted Saibandes’ vision, as well as his character.

Saibandes glared, "Let me set a price?"

"That's right, the positioning of this wine is for the wealthy in the upper class. It has a price but no market." Liu Weiwei was not modest, "What you just tasted is a luxury product I plan to create."

Saibandes nodded again and again, "It's indeed a worthy of luxury. Can I look at the bottle again?"

Liu Weiwei was very glad. The wine bottle looked unremarkable, at least that's what she thought, similar to red wine bottles on ancient Earth. However, according to Zhen Nuli's statement, what best visual arc, what golden cut... Anyway, this glass bottle alone was enough to win the current Design Award, an empty bottle could be sold for one hundred thousand.

Saibandes was indeed a knowledgeable person. When he took the bottle, his eyes were full of light. He touched it with his hands, as if he was touching the body of a beautiful girl... His fiery gaze made him linger. "Excellent... Whether from the beautiful bottle to the blood-red wine inside, the long-lasting tannin fragrance and the top-notch enjoyment on the tip of the tongue, it is enough to be regarded as one of the top ten bottles of wine in the world." His blue eyes were bright again and again, "Chef Liu said that there is no market for the price, is it going to be released in limited quantities?"

Liu Weiwei's business acumen was not as good as the Saibandes’, but at least she knew about this. When there was no market for the price, this would lead to the price of the goods getting higher and higher, but then the supply would exceed the demand. If a thing was publicly released globally with unlimited supply, no matter how expensive it was, it couldn’t make the rich people feel satisfaction.

"Because of the difficult production, it can only be sold in limited quantities." Liu Weiwei smiled, "After several experiments, we have basically mastered the brewing technology of this type of red wine, but to restore such a top taste, we need the strongest light and sweetness, the most moderate degree of grapes that were neither sour nor astringent. Among thousands of kilograms of grapes, we may not be able to find a single one that satisfies us, so often a large number of bottles produced can only be considered ordinary wine in the end. The output of such a bottle of fine wine is extremely unstable. We have only produced three bottles in the past three years of constant production."

As expected, Saibandes’ eyes became more and more fiery with Liu Weiwei’s words. He was like a beast that smelled blood, aroused by a primitive hunting desire.

"Only three bottles? Was the one I just drank one of them? I want to ask, is it the last bottle?"

Liu Weiwei smiled bitterly, "This is not the last bottle. This bottle is just for wine tasting and there are still two unopened bottles. I don't plan to sell one bottle as I will keep it for myself. So there is only one bottle that can be sold."

Saibandes was short of breath and said, "One hundred million!"

Liu Weiwei stared, "What?"

"One hundred million, I will buy the bottle you are about to sell!" Saibandes’ expression was very serious. Just now he said he wanted to give Liu Weiwei one of his assets, but she rejected with contempt, so now he simply made a direct bid.

Liu Weiwei closed her mouth. Sure enough, she still had to be friends with local tyrants. Unique collectibles were enough to make the rich go crazy and lost their minds.

Saibandes thought Liu Weiwei disagreed, "If you still have this kind of fine brew in the future, you can sell it to me exclusively. I can buy it all." Anyway, he just wanted to monopolize. If he could own this kind of superb wine that was enjoyed by Emperors, it would be the most wonderful and fulfilling thing!

Liu Weiwei touched her forehead.

"By the way, Chef Liu, can you write a sentence for me on the bottle?"


"To my dear friend, Mr. Saibandes. Then sign your name."

"…… Can." Liu Weiwei sold a bottle of wine for 100 million, so what would a simple signature be? "Then this bottle of wine for tasting will be given to you as well, let it be a buy-one-get-one-free deal."

Liu Weiwei felt that at this moment, she and the black-hearted businessman might be no different. She just didn’t know if Mu Ming would rush out of the barracks if he knew.


"I also have some beer here. If you like it, you can take it away together." Westerners were born with genes that are suitable for drinking. Their bodies contain a digestive enzyme that could quickly decompose alcohol, so they were naturally fond of drinking and could drink very well. Whether friends were having a dinner party, happy or sad, they would drink some.

Meanwhile the people of the Eastern decent, even after thousands of years, were still not suitable for binge drinking. Liu Weiwei noticed this when Li Sanpang fell down after just a few cups. The proportion of Easterners who were easily drunk was much higher than the Westerners, and their liver was also more prone to disease after drinking too much.

Saibandes was really the right wine senior clientele.

Liu Weiwei waited until she turned back to the cafeteria before she patted her head. She only realized that she had forgotten her business as she was stunned by the local tyrant with money. She actually wanted to sell ordinary wine as well, not just premium wine. She hoped to promote suitable wine with a lower level in the market.

Easterners could make money from Westerners even if they couldn’t drink.

Liu Weiwei strolled back again, took out a row of wine bottles from her space, and showed them to Saibandes. But who would have thought, the guy would directly went crazy about dark beer. There were at least three hundred milliliters of beer in the large bottle, but he chugged them in two mouthfuls. Was this still the same rich man? No elegance at all!

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

But at this moment, Saibandes was deeply impressed by the mellow and smooth taste of the dark beer. Different from the aristocratic atmosphere of red wine, the bubbling beer was chilled. Directly holding a big glass and pouring it into the body, it was like opening up the eight veins of blood circulation, it was refreshing everywhere. And it was neither bitter or astringent, instead it was slightly sweet.

Saibandes didn't have time to talk to Liu Weiwei as he was busy drinking.

Liu Weiwei simply took out the fruit wines she also had. She poured a glass of lemon sparkling wine, peach wine, and sweet-scented osmanthus wine for Anna. She let her taste it together to avoid boredom.

As a result, Anna also fell in love with the unique light fruity taste, even a small cup was extremely enjoyable.

After Saibandes finished drinking the beer, he came to grab the fruit wines as well. At the end he didn't forget to comment, "Children's taste~", which provoked Anna to slap him.

In the end, without Liu Weiwei speaking, Saibandes took out his business card directly. "Chef Liu, if you want to sell all these wines, you can cooperate with me. Let me be your exclusive sales channel. This is the contact information of my sales manager. You can contact him if you want. All sales matters can be handed over to him and I can promise you a 70% share."

"Of course, this is just a small matter. It must not affect our friendship. You can ask for anything you need. By the way, I seem to be... a little hungry..."

Liu Weiwei was amused, "It just so happens that the cafeteria will be open in a quarter of an hour. You sit for a while, the dishes will be ready soon." She asked the robot to cook a fresh oyster omelette. This oyster omelette was fried with thick lard on a fierce fire. After frying, it would become crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. She also used duck eggs, so that the smell of the oyster would be more fragrant.

Finally, a large round plate was brought to the table. The whole oyster omelette was a thick and golden. It was cut into small triangles like a pizza, so that it was easy to pick up. Beside fresh, fragrant, and tender oyster meat, it also had fried diced bacon. It was topped with a little bit of minced green onion and a sauce plate fish sauce provided on the side.

Saibandes was not polite. He immediately took a quarter of the omelette and stuffed it directly into his mouth. The delicious and thick taste was crispy on both sides and tender on the inside. He could even taste the salty aroma of oyster meat fried with lard mixed with the strong egg aroma. The fish sauce was also so fresh that he couldn’t say a word. Just out of the pot, the hot omelette with a refreshing sip of beer, was simply wonderful.

There was alcohol, food, and deliciousness.

The more Saibandes thought about it, the more he felt that his previous attempt to suicide was the most stupid thing he had done.

"Anna, sit down quickly and eat it while it's hot. When it's cold, the flavor will decline and the taste will deteriorate." Saibandes had something in his mouth, but he didn't forget to call his assistant.

The time was quickly calculated and more and more students stepped into the cafeteria. As soon as they came in, they lined up in a hurry. Even when a local tyrant who always made news headlines was in front of them, they didn’t recognize him.

Of course, this might also be caused to Saibandes’ eating actions at this time. It was too down to earth and humble.

Liu Weiwei looked at the long queue in the cafeteria with satisfaction and was about to appreciate everyone's expressions. But when she was eating dinner with her rice bowl, suddenly a group of people walked into the cafeteria. This group of people was very organized. They wore uniforms with obvious fire signs on their chests.

They finally found the window where Liu Weiwei was sitting through the inquiry. 

"Chef Liu, I'm the current vice president of the Chef Association, Sang Long. Please move, let's talk." Sang Long walked in the front and directly pushed aside the students who blocked his vision.

However, Liu Weiwei was nibbling on today's pig's trotters, raised her face, and said innocently, "Huh? Can you wait until I finish eating?"

Sang Long: "..."

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