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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 221

ICRAB – Chapter 221

When Liu Weiwei was sadly in confinement, she finally learned the new news from the mouth of an apprentice she was visiting. When the president of the Chef Association was unconscious and the vice president absconded with the association’s money, and he was now being wanted by the Interstellar Alliance police.

After the announcement, the base camp of the Food Association was surrounded almost every day. It's not just the chefs who were chasing tuition fee refunds, but even the staff were starting to chase their backlogged salaries.

"Master, don't worry, he will be caught." An Hao handed the incubator to the robot and said with a smile, "Junior brother also went crazy. After the chaos in the past few days, he also ran to ask for refund. The Chef Association is really shameless."

Zhen Nuli also paid a lot of tuition fees before. Now the most fortunate person was An Hao. If he hadn't met Liu Weiwei, it was estimated that this situation would also affect him greatly.

Because Liu Weiwei temporarily lived in the first military academy’s dormitory, they simply chose the location of the culinary school on the same planet. An Hao and Zhen Nuli recruited students together with the Education Bureau, so it was also very convenient for them to come and visit Liu Weiwei now.

An Hao thought of his Master who saved his small treasury and he kept running over these days to bring some meals he made himself. "What about little sister?"

When Liu Weiwei heard this, she immediately rolled her eyes, "She goes with her dad to see the flowers." What flowers, it was obliviously to show off! The girl's eyes were still closed most of the day.

The so-called flower viewing was something where Qin Mo held the baby, stood at the window, and showed her to people passing by outside! If not doing this, he would be taking pictures, showing the baby to his circle of friends, change the angle, change the background and change clothes multiple times every day!

He was sick...

An Hao smiled, "The Colonel is excited. He likes his little daughter so much."

Liu Weiwei shook her head, "I don't care about him anyway. But fortunately the girl followed him and she has a strong physique. So it is fine."

In the past two days after giving birth, Liu Weiwei often got visited by guests. Because of this, Comrade Qin Mo finally let her wash her hair. She also reached a gentleman's agreement with him, where she would allow him to fool around and take pictures in exchange of a little bit more freedom... Anyway, people who were forced to see the baby photos in his circle of friends couldn't beat him.

Soon, Liu Weiwei’s attention returned to Zhen Nuli’s issue.

"This money has been swept away, so it's actually useless for him to make trouble. I think he just wanted to join in the fun." An Hao summed it up with laughter.

Liu Weiwei nodded, "The escape rate of criminals is very low now. Face and fingerprint recognition are used everywhere for payments, so there would be very little space that went undetected. The vice president also wouldn’t be able to spend the money because as long as he dared to swipe money from his account, he will be caught immediately."

"Maybe he wanted to be a rich man even for just a few days." An Hao touched his nose. He despised this kind of person to the extreme.

The two talked for a while and soon returned to the discussion about the culinary school. This school would officially open in July.

At that time Liu Weiwei would be out of confinement, but she had to continue to take care of the baby. She couldn’t really let Qin Mo take their daughter to stand by the window and watch the flowers every day... The robots at home couldn’t beat Qin Mo and she could only watch at home, she couldn’t go to school to teach for now. But fortunately, An Hao and Zhen Nuli could both help. They had studied with her for so long, so they were already more qualified than the average intermediate level chef.

An Hao would be in charge of the teaching of Zhejiang and Sichuan cuisine, while Zhen Nuli would be in charge of the art of plating, Shandong cuisine and also dishes that uses mold. Elder Gao and the others had agreed to be visiting professors and also agreed to let their disciples come to teach. They had all read Liu Weiwei's notes, so the eight major Chinese cuisines and pastries were all buttoned up.

In the first year, the school temporarily didn’t recruit senior chefs, so all classes would be taught from the most basic level. According to Liu Weiwei's idea, the original recipes from the Chef Association were incomplete, so it would be better to recreate it altogether.

"I'll leave it to you, I'm very relieved~" Liu Weiwei was lying down beautifully. But after a while, she still warned, "By the way, if there are chefs from the Chef Association that submit resumes for teaching positions, let them try only if you find them suitable."

An Hao quickly agreed.

By the time the culinary school officially started, Liu Weiwei put the now sturdy little girl on Xiao Hei's back, trying to make them know each other and get closer.

Xiao Hei, who had completely recovered from his wound, put away his claws and sniffed the little girl's body gently. He remembered that the girl was his family, so he would let her lie under its belly to prevent the little girl from chewing his ears all day long.

Comrade Qin Mo, forced by Liu Weiwei, had to accept his daughter's contact with an opposite sex other than him.

When the little girl started to slowly crawled on the ground like a caterpillar, Liu Weiwei almost ready to return to work. But as soon as she was about to teach in the culinary school, she was attracted by a proposal from Saibandes.

"Chef Liu, the Chef Association is on the verge of destruction. Almost all of its restaurants on the market are now in terrible chaos. Once the association ceases to exist, the grassroots below will be leaderless. Coupled with investment mistakes and continuous losses, the chefs have lost their minds and no longer have basic professional attitude to focus on cooking." Saibandes was in a lot of pain. "As a regular diner, I was having a hard time during your vacation, especially this recent period when my tongue can’t stand the food in the restaurants anymore." Some of his personal chefs were apparently also influenced by the chaos in Chef Association.

A chef’s inner confusion would naturally lead to a decline in the taste of dishes. Ordinary people might not feel it, but Saibandes, who had eaten a lot of food, had a very sensitive tongue.

"I heard that you are ready to work, so I have a bold idea." Saibandes’ eyes flashed.

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips, "If it's about being a private chef, don't mention it."

"No no no, your brilliance should be seen by more people, I can't be so selfish." Saibandes held his heart, "I am going to launch the most perfect gourmet restaurant group and I hope to cooperate with you. In this regard, obviously you are the most professional."

Saibandes was fully prepared and he immediately asked Anna to turn on the projection screen. "Existing restaurants now have low satisfaction and you should be a role model for them to cheer up and join the ranks where you are."

Liu Weiwei didn't understand it at first, but after reading the detailed market analysis data, she realized that the crazy Saibandes, wait no, the local tyrant Saibandes was really awesome. As a businessman, he had clear ambition, vision, and adventurous spirit! He wanted to acquire more than half of the restaurants on the market and reorganize them.

"I heard that the Chef Association has left many chefs in debt and whether they will be able to recover from it in their lifetime was unknown."

"It doesn't matter. The last thing I need is money. They work for me, follow your orders, and I will pay off all the debts for them. Of course, they still have the right to pursue refund from the Chef Association."

Saibandes’ brain was not ordinary.

"I had this initial idea from the day I became the school manager of the culinary school. All chefs come to the school to study, pass the exam, and the school will also give them corresponding star certificate so that they can go to restaurants with different star ratings to work. Whether it's an old chef from the Chef Association or a new chef, as long as they are willing to learn and have talent, they can go to an ordinary restaurant to a five-star restaurant, or even be a private chef for the rich."

Liu Weiwei listened for a long time, looked at Saibandes admiringly, and answered slowly. "Your idea is great, but I can't help you."

Saibandes was stunned, "Unifying the uneven tastes on the market..."

Liu Weiwei waved her hand, "You also know art, how can art have a standard answer?" She couldn't help laughing, "Every diners have different tastes. Just on this basis, there are thousands of recipes in the world, and this doesn’t even count the chef’s personal taste affecting the recipes outcome. My culinary school is just to allow more people to find a way now. But maybe one day, they will continue to optimize and improve, and form a new system. Maybe they will set up a new cooking school in the future. I don't want to see the birth of a second Chef Association, much less contribute to it."

Liu Weiwei looked at the system on her brain. "I think the most important thing in the world is that no one should monopolize food."

Saibandes opened his mouth. Chinese civilization had been reincarnated for thousands of years, and the major cuisines had been mixed and changed for a long time that it was even difficult to distinguish them from the original.

This was what the system said back then. After thousands of years, one dish might not even have one gram of ingredient listed in the original recipe. Liu Weiwei had been studying for a long time in recent years and she had long suspected that the ultimate task of the system was not dominating the world at all. This kind of thing that dominates the world, wouldn’t it just be the second Chef Association?

Monopoly was the biggest enemy to diners.

[Ultimate mission: Invite the host to integrate hundreds of cuisines, create a new food culture, and awaken the taste system of the current world. From then on, you will dominate the universe and reach the top of the food industry!]

Originally, when Liu Weiwei established the Culinary School, she thought that the task of being in charge would end after the school started. But she found that although the task progress bar had been rising constantly that even the naked eye could almost see that it was almost completely filled, but it was never completed.

When Liu Weiwei was in confinement, she remembered the headache.

Saibandes smiled bitterly, "Chef Liu, you really are a very particular female chef. Just like your cooking, you can surprise me every time."

Liu Weiwei was stunned, "What did you just say?"

"Huh?" Saibandes glanced at Anna. "Particular? Oh, this is a compliment, not a slander..."

"No, no, the thing about surprising you in the last half of your sentence?" Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up. She might know how to get the task done!

The ultimate task that was long overdue. The Chef Association had collapsed, but since Liu Weiwei’s confinement, the progress bar had been extremely slow. She stopped going out to work, no longer cook for people or experience the joy of serving diners. "The point is, I also have to find my original intention of becoming a chef!" She came to this world because she was selected by the system, so she did not follow the path of cooking because of her own intention.

Liu Weiwei happily gave Saibandes a thumbs up, "Thank you for your reminder."

Saibandes: ... Huh?

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