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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 212

ICRAB – Chapter 212

Ordinary people didn’t have the scruples of high-level people. If they were unhappy, they would go crazy. 

Everyone originally thought that those who had no money wouldn’t be able to afford gourmet cuisine as it was a luxury life for the rich. Ordinary people thought like this, so their mentality is balanced. But now it's different. They saw that ordinary people like themselves, even people whose family conditions were not as good as themselves, were able to eat delicious food, and they were instantly dissatisfied.

Chief Xue and Sang Long finally broke up.

This fire of food demand quickly spread from the forum of the Education Bureau to the forums of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Social Security Bureau, and even the Consumer Association. Even the website of the Interstellar Alliance Headquarters was sprayed.

This people that sprayed the government bureaus were ordinary people. A neighbor’s son went to the first military academy and was able to eat high-end cuisine in the cafeteria every day with pocket money of only 3,000 credits a month, so why couldn’t they eat egg fried rice with 5,000 of pocket money?

Unfair! There was a shady scene!

The ability of the masses to do things could never be underestimated. This was not a mess initially, but they were messed up now. Even if the Education Bureau came out and said that the first military academy was subsidized by the military, ordinary people were not convinced.

They would think that the children of the military were a treasure, but not the other children? We also paid taxes and also contributed to society, who didn’t work hard and try to be a small screw that promotes the progress of the Alliance? How could they be treated differently!

Humans were really strange creatures. For the same thing, if they were wronged, many honest people could just bear the bitterness. But if children were involved, they would explode with infinite power and demanded for justice. No poor man could have a poor child. They could suffer themselves but couldn’t suffer the children.

Back then, when the children received the same score line on entrance exam, there were no benefits like meals stated when applying for the first military academy, so the forums were full of dissatisfaction and unbearableness. 

Also, the people who pay taxes were violent. Soldiers were great and could definitely be subsidized with no problem, but why were the military students already treated differently when they didn’t even graduate and not a formal soldier yet? A soldier's child could eat more expensively than ordinary civilian’s child since he was a child?

As a result, the Chef Association, which had a good relationship with the Interstellar Alliance, instantly became the target of public criticism. In every public sector, people watched the association and found it annoying.

This fire had all affected the Chef Association greatly. The employees couldn’t do any work every day just to deal with the complaints, just to clear the forums. Just doing this already took most of the day, so it was almost impossible to work.

Soon, when the Alliance news station broadcasts any news, everyone would swipe the screen and spray it thoroughly. Even the variety shows that everyone usually loved to watch were not spared.

——The actress is so beautiful, please give the children a bite to eat!

——Hey, what kind of planet is this member of parliament visiting? Thank you! Pay more attention to the child's meal, okay?

——The cafeteria problem couldn’t even get a report on the TV station but old men playing chess in the nursing home can? Director, your brain is empty?

——Have you explained it today?When will it be explained?!

Everyone was rioting and the government personnel had a headache. They were going to directly meet the president and vice president of the Chef Association. When they came to drink tea and chat together, Liu Weiwei was still ignorant.

At home, even Xiao Bei knew that his mother couldn’t be exposed to electronic radiation now. She couldn't watch TV and couldn’t surf the Internet.

Liu Weiwei was really bored, so the little bun took out some paper books that Qin Mo bought back to relieve her boredom.

As for the cafeteria, Liu Weiwei was busy cooking and surveying everyone's satisfaction with the dishes, so she didn't find anything unusual at all. Although the family left the military base, but in the military school, the lecturers and professors were originally from the military, so the entire militarization management was still quite strict.

There was no one at all who dared to find fault with Liu Weiwei. Starting from the principal all the way to the ordinary lecturers, no one was a coward. 

Just because of a few words of criticism from others, the army would withdraw the cafeteria and rations? In your dream. That’s why the military academy couldn’t do that either. Everyone ate according to their ability, why wouldn’t they just because of a few words of public opinion?

The academy itself gave Liu Weiwei a little subsidy for the meals in the cafeteria and they reported it to the Education Bureau truthfully. Those who speculate that they had used military resources were just pure slander.

The principal was not afraid at all. The cafeteria was opened with the correct channel and using appropriate resources, so it could continue to open calmly. He walked to the cafeteria by himself every day and ate three delicious meals. Usually, he also chatted with the students in the cafeteria. If he found that their pocket money was not enough to eat, he also thought about whether to start a work-study program to help the students.

But the students of the military academy were actually a little at fault. The fuse of this whole thing was caused by their showing off. So when they entered the cafeteria, they had a tacit understanding to never tell the female chef about the negative public opinion and the protest of the chef association. They were all afraid of affecting the female chef and made her close the cafeteria in fear. If that happened, it would be over for them.

Therefore, Liu Weiwei never knew the situation outside. On the contrary, she felt that the teachers and students had been very polite to her recently, for example, the college student who was eating vegetables in front of her. It was a familiar face, one of the student of the mecha department taught by Qin Mo.

"Ma’am, you are too great. The food you sell is very cheap and you are very conscientious. You are beautiful, your craftsmanship is good, and you are kind. The teacher is so lucky to marry you. I envy you!"

This praise made Liu Weiwei happy. Pregnant people still needed praise from others., but she immediately realized that there had been a lot of such compliments recently.

Soon other students came too.

"Master, you are so kind~ You must not leave us~ If anything happens, we will bear everything for you!"

"Yeah, today's beer duck is really fragrant! You are ingenious, I give you a thumbs up~"

Speaking of beer duck, Liu Weiwei's strange thoughts were suppressed. This was what she spent a lot of time doing today with the robot. Recently, she had been fiddling with beer recipes exchanged by the system and finally managed to produce a few barrels. Li Sanpang, who had strong hands-on ability and research ability, also saved her a lot of energy.

After the beer was available, this beer duck could finally be promoted in the cafeteria. Stew the duck meat and beer together in a pot so that the nourishing duck meat would have a stronger taste. This way, the duck meat was not only delicious in the mouth, but also had a fragrance of beer.

The cooking method was not complicated. Liu Weiwei chopped the duck that the robot had initially processed and removed the blood. In a pot with cold water, throw some chopped ginger and duck pieces, then brought to a boil over high heat. After that pour out the duck pieces and drain the water, also threw away the ginger.

After this step was finished, heat the large pot, pour some oil, add garlic cloves, onion, star anise, cinnamon, and ginger slices, which were essential meat cooking seasonings, stir-fry together until fragrant, add the boiled duck pieces and pour in a little soy sauce. Then, came the highlight. Pour some mellow beer into the pot and add a little vinegar to make the duck meat more tender.

By using beer instead of water when stewing duck meat, the duck meat would have a strong aroma. When it boiled, the alcohol content would evaporate, so the dish wouldn’t be intoxicating. It could be eaten safely by teachers and students in the cafeteria.

When the lid was closed, the beer duck was cooked on high heat until the soup got thick, then it was changed to low heat to simmer slowly. After simmering, the duck meat was tender and the soup was also fragrant and delicious. Add in some sliced potatoes and mushrooms, cook on high heat and then return to low heat. When the soup was almost all absorbed, add soy sauce to color the dish and stir fry again over high heat, and finally sprinkle with some chopped green onion.

With this, a delicious beer duck was complete.

Liu Weiwei was satisfied with her on-the-spot performance today. The amount of spices she put in the dish was not much. In order to highlight the fresh aroma of the beer duck, some spices were omitted, so the teachers and students wouldn’t feel thirsty after eating. She also let the idle robot go out to collect suggestions from the students. As a result, it was all praises, which made her happy.

"A student said that the duck meat was so tender that he bit his tongue, and it was very painful. But it doesn't matter, he was still very happy to eat. He said, can he have another beer duck in the evening?"

"A professor said that he didn't believe that beer could be used for cooking, but he noticed the unique aroma after eating. He said he didn't know if it was a psychological effect but he wanted to ask if there was beer for sale?"

Liu Weiwei was stunned, "Selling beer?" She had been living in the military region previously, so since she got some wine brewing method, she had never thought about selling it for money. She usually brewed some sweet-scented osmanthus wine and drank a few sips with Comrade Qin Mo to cultivate their sentiments, she didn’t dare take them out.

Liu Weiwei didn’t have the guts to drink with the soldiers. But now that she was in an academy, she still never thought about selling alcohol.

But since the professor asked, Liu Weiwei thought about it and considered it acceptable. That night, she committed the crime against the radiation protection and called Li Sanpang.

"Sanpang, I have something important for you."

Knowing what had been in the limelight recently, Li Sanpang coughed, "What shall we eat tonight?"

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes, "I'll try some wine with you today." She knew many kinds of food because she was a foodie herself in her previous life, but she didn't know much about alcohol. She only knew that low-grade wine was far from the price of high-quality wine, but how was it considered high-grade? She had totally no idea.

"Here are ten small cups, try it. I'm going to sell wine. Why do you look at me like that? I will only sell it to adults, not to the students." Halfway through speaking, Liu Weiwei noticed Li Sanpang’s strange eyes.

When Li Sanpang heard that he would have something to eat and drink, the recent heated condemnation was instantly forgotten and only his saliva stayed behind, "Is it the kind of beer from a while ago? Tsk, isn't this cup too small? I can swallow this small cup with one sip."

"...You are not drinking water, you are tasting, understand?" Liu Weiwei doubted whether the fatty could do it.

The ten cups were sorted by sweetness and alcohol content. From fruit wine, gradually transitioning to high-strength liquor. 

Just in case, Comrade Qin Mo was also there as Liu Weiwei was afraid that Li Sanpang would collapse to the ground after ten cups, and as it turned out, she was right.

"Drink! Drink! I can drink more! I'm not drunk... I'm not, how could I be so... Huh? Why is your ceiling rolling around?"

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