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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 215

ICRAB – Chapter 215

Sang Long really almost passed out, almost. He had never seen a chef that was called by him saying they wanted to finish eating first. He had taken for granted thinking that Liu Weiwei would give him face so that he didn't even know what to say. Could he wait for her to finish eating? She was obviously still chewing the pig's trotters in her mouth... There's no way to chat right now!

"Sure." The Vice President of Chef Association was humbled like this. Sang Long didn't have the face to tell Liu Weiwei not to eat.

But the group of people from the association that accompanied Sang Long were all shocked by Liu Weiwei's thick skin.

"Vice President, this is the cafeteria chef that Director Xue mentioned?"

"She doesn't just cook her but also eats it herself?"

"I just took a look. The food here is really cheap. Is there a problem?"

"I've never seen such a chef, stealing food from the back kitchen..."

With one person questioning, it immediately aroused suspicion in everyone's heart. The point was, why did they have no money to open such a cheap cafeteria, but Liu Weiwei could? How could she keep the price so low?

"President Sang, I'm going to buy a meal, let’s appraise it together."

"Yes, everyone is idle anyway."

The person who came up with the idea was obviously eager to try the food.

"Okay." Sang Long nodded solemnly.

But soon everyone turn back, they found that the queue was very long. But it didn't prevent them from running to the front to take a look first. As a result, everyone in the association was taken aback and even forgot their intention to buy food.

"This dish is not freshly made!"

"What's up with that big pot in the back?"

"The one selling is all robot? Just five to six dishes in one window, so shabby?"

Everyone came back in a hurry and reported to Sang Long. Each other's expressions became very strange. They had never seen such a form. 

As the director of the education bureau came to them, the association also studied the posts on the Internet. But most of the photos taken by the students were close-ups of the food on their plates. There were some photos of the cafeteria windows, but only very few. As Sang Long and the others didn't read every post carefully, they obviously missed it.

In the Interstellar Alliance today, there were very few cafeteria windows like this, so it was the first time they saw it. In such a large school, there were at least 10,000 to 20,000 live-in students. 

Before, Sang Long and other members of the association studied together for a long time and felt that there must be a large team behind the female chef that supported her. Because only with a large team and a large number of chefs could they made enough dishes for so many people. And they had counted while looking at the food in each post, there were all kinds of cuisines, at least there were nearly a hundred different dishes. This was definitely not something that one person could cook alone. But today, they were all confused.

"President Sang, I didn't see any chef at the window."

"I thought it was Elder Dou and the others that support behind her back and help her. Today, I see that there are very few dishes and they are not the Elders’ specialty."

"Old Chen, is it the same person? Look at it!"

"It's been three or four years, how can I remember it? Also, how could I stare at the female chef's face back then? I'm not a hooligan!"

"Hey, if she is the one from the past, then her sword skills have reached the level of perfection. And the Dragon Beard Noodles a while ago were also first-class, right? Why would she go to the academy to toss?"

Sang Long frowned more and more, "Let’s go with the original plan, taste the food first." If nothing else, he could still recognize Elder Dou Kou's cooking. If Elder Dou participated in this cafeteria, he would definitely be able to taste it. The old guy wrote to him last week saying he's running a new restaurant, cooking for a bunch of pets and having a lot of fun. Originally, he hadn't thought about it too much, but in retrospect of these days, was the old guy referring to the students?

Sang Long gave the order, but he did not expect it to be very difficult to execute. The members of the Chef Association were all chefs, so their combat effectiveness was definitely not enough. 

They were all normal civilians. Civilians arrived at the military academy, the birthplace of the army, and they soon found themselves unable to move. 

The man who just came up with the tasting idea looked like he was in his 30s, and he was also the strongest physically. But, when he had just taken two or three steps and was about to reach the end of the line, he didn't know from where a group of tall and mighty male students came, all of them with bulging muscles and long legs. They surpassed him and instantly grabbed the queue ahead of him.

The rest of the association didn't do much better either. They were ranked at the bottom of the queue in an instant, completely unable to match the strong and fierce students.

In the military academy, the teachers who were mostly retired soldiers were more ferocious than the students. Therefore, from the first day students entered the school, there was no concept of disrespect to the teachers. The teachers' fists were stronger and bigger than the students, and their physical fitness was even better.

As long as others not yet lining neatly on the queue, the chance to take the place would depend on who could sprint faster and who had longer legs. After all, when every dish was sold out, who knew if there would be anything left to eat? If they missed a dish, they would be sad for at least four hours during the afternoon class!

A group of elegant people in the association were instantly crowded by the running students. As the vice president, Sang Long naturally chose a clean table to sit down and waited for others to buy the food for him to taste. But soon, his table was taken by others.

"I'm sorry, I have six people here." Sang Long frowned and waved his hand directly at the other party, motioning him to go to another table.

In a normal restaurant, if someone wanted to share a table with others, they had to ask politely first. They could only sit down after getting the permission of the other party. This was a restaurant etiquette that many people knew.

However, Sang Long used the etiquette in the wrong place. The reason was very simple, the space in the military academy’s cafeteria was very tight. No matter how domineering they were outside, the students of the military academy were all good babies in the cafeteria. It didn’t matter who it was, as long as they saw a free seat, they could sit down. Even if the opposite was an unpleasant guy who was previously involved in a duel with them, they could sit and have a good meal together.

These guys with full muscles, in order to eat, had reached the point where they could resolve their hatred. There was no concept of asking first before occupying an empty seat. 

Hoarding seat was absolutely not allowed! Anyone could occupy any empty seat, so everyone already accepted that only the fastest runner in the academy could occupy the seat. Most of the people in the cafeteria had to eat while standing!

Hoarding seats was obviously a practice that was collectively opposed and even despised in the cafeteria. So, Sang Long quickly kicked the iron plate.

Holding a bowl of spicy fish ball noodles and preparing to sit down, the male student sneered at Sang Long. "You're not from our school?" The male student concluded with certainty.

Sang Long suddenly felt a little embarrassed. The male student's voice was very loud, so it instantly attracted the unkind eyes of the students around him.

Originally, this was nothing. There were always some parents who came in and out of the school, but this cafeteria was now a piece of pure land where every student present was very sensitive. It was also a restricted area where others were not allowed to enter at will.

If Sang Long sat down and eats obediently, it’s fine. But as an outsider, he still wanted to break the rules and hoarding seats? Ha ha!

Sang Long also wanted to explain and wanted the student to vacate his seat. But he soon found himself surrounded. The people who were going to line up gathered around and the people who were eating at several tables next to him came with dishes and blocked his front.

"Is this a spy from another school?"

"Lookso old? This is a spy who has been repeating study for many years!"

"Want to come and steal? D*mn it, you're very courageous!"

"He looks like a weak chicken, is there anything special about him?"

"Hey, don't just watch~ Is there anyone who has finished eating? Someone drag him out and throw him away!"

Sang Long: "!" Before he realized what it meant to lose, he found that his two arms had been twisted!

"You, what are you doing?! Is there any Alliance law here?! You let me down!" Soon Sang Long's eye level rose directly to the height of the window... No table, no dishes, no one could see. There were all the whispering voices of discussion in his ears.

"Where are you throwing him?"

"Isn't there a trash can in the back?"

"Don’t you see his long feet? What if you throw him in and he climbs out again!"

"Idiot, of course he needs to be thrown outside the school gate!"

"Okay, okay, you blindfold him, I throw him out now."

Sang Long: … Did he go to a rogue school?

"I-I'm here to eat! You guys let me down or I'm calling the police!"

"F*ck, this weak chicken still wants to call the police?"

"Our cafeteria does not allow men and dogs from other schools to enter, don't you know?!"

"Sh*t, are those guys from the Food Protection Team reliable? Some people even dare to break in!"

"Wait a minute, is this old man illiterate? If he doesn't see the warning, you can let him go. This is not a good example."

Sang Long didn't even have a chance to complain, he just wanted to vomit blood. He now knew why the director of the education bureau was suddenly so vicious to them. It was because the current college students were also very vicious. But at this time, he forgot an important word from ancient times.

The wages of avarice was death. If people couldn’t even eat enough, then making money was obviously meaningless. Pushing people to the end would lead to an uprising.

After Liu Weiwei finished eating the pig's trotters and patted her stomach, she felt full and comfortable. But as soon as she looked up, there was no shadow of the group of people from the Chef Association, and she couldn't help frowning. "It's weird? Everyone's gone? I just ask them to wait for a while, so impatient."

Military school gate.

Sanlong lying on the ground:  …

Soon, he saw the other members of the association being thrown out one by one to keep him company. All the military academy students who were very tall sneered around them.

"Haven't you studied reconnaissance? How dare you come to us to steal food in a group?"

"You have no bar code to show your lecturer's identity, you dare to lie to me and said you are a teacher, hehe!"

"D*mn, next time you dare to come, it won’t just be us throwing you out!"

"Get more up to date with your tactics~ Big Brother!"

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