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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 223 (Extra 1)

ICRAB – Chapter 223 (Extra 1)

When Xiao Tuantuan was able to walk and her two short legs always followed behind Xiao Hei, chasing after him and running around the room, Liu Weiwei finally agreed to Saibandes' suggestion for cooperation. Saibandes visited her home almost every year and even invited her family to his luxurious mansion on the top of the mountain. Finally, in the third year of his unremitting efforts, she agreed.

"You pay, and I can build the most luxurious fine-dining restaurant in the universe." Liu Weiwei smiled.

Saibandes originally only wanted to ask Liu Weiwei to teach the chef at home this year, but he didn't expect her to say so suddenly. For a moment, he beamed with joy, "No problem." As a businessman, he quickly narrowed his eyes, "Two months later, I'm going to hold a meaningful gathering of friends. Chef Liu, if you have time, I hope to dine at this restaurant. You don't mind that I'll be your first guest, right?"

There was a rare smug smile on Saibandes’ handsome face. When it came to food, of course, he had to listen to Liu Weiwei. But when it came to luxury and high class, ha, he thought it would be difficult for ordinary people to understand because they were too different from hereditary nobles like him. "I will give the harshest and fairest evaluation according to a real rich man. Chef Liu, if you can't pass me, then I'm afraid this restaurant doesn't deserve the most luxurious reviews."

Liu Weiwei smiled and nodded, "Of course, as you wish. But since it's a high class restaurant, the fees will be very high. Even if you're the boss, I'll charge you mercilessly."

"This is not an issue……" Before Saibandes could finish speaking, he immediately changed his face, because Ana pinched the flesh on his arm.

Two months later, on an unremarkable planet at the center of the galaxy. The most luxurious, extravagant, and most expensive restaurant had officially opened. The restaurant only accepted reservations and only accepted three tables of guests per month. This kind of reservation system alone made its reputation spread rapidly in the upper circle before it even opened.

There were many local rich friends in Saibandes’ circle. In fact, these friends were not only rich, but also had social status and had a long family heritage. Of course, he also invited his dear brother, Mu Ming. In addition, there was also his very talkative friend in recent years, Li Sanpang.

Li Sanpang was also a foodie, so he had endless common language with Saibandes every time. Since the two met at the military academy, they had been together at almost every meal. 

"Saibandes, I heard that this is your restaurant? Oh, this most extravagant title is very similar to your style." A grey-haired man with an excessively pale skin, dressed in a tailored suit, hooked a glamorous actress, and walked into the door of the restaurant.

"Lacey, if I said that none of this has anything to do with me, would you believe it?" Saibandes shrugged innocently.

But when everyone walked in, they found that on the lawn, there were huge decorations made of various ingredients with carvings everywhere, and there were even noodles that looked like they were made of gold...

Everyone looked at Saibandes with condemning eyes.

"That's your style, look, gold! You still want to quibble?"

"Avant garde decoration, hey, because of you, commoners always misunderstand our aesthetics."


Saibandes silently retreated to his female assistant, but immediately his whole body stiffened. "No, Anna, even if God doesn't know, you should know that all my money is with you. When did I manage this restaurant? It’s not me!"

Anna was wearing a silver long tail off-the-shoulder dress today and her long hair was rolled up with a long diamond clip. She only gave Saibandes a sideways glance, "Boss, gold really looks like your style."


Saibandes was so wronged.

However, when the robot led the party to the door of a small two-story garden villa where elegant middle-aged man in an ancient tuxedo and a butler bowed slightly and bowed to them, Saibandes was in a much better mood.

"Gentlemen and ladies, please come with me."

Everyone was brought to a rectangular table made of large crystals, each carved seat pulled for them by a waiter. The hors d'oeuvres were laid out on the table, black rock dinner plates were laid out, and each name of the people in the party were written in ancient Roman script.

Saibandes’ face looked much better.

When they were seated, the waiter brought wet hand towels one by one.

Saibandes took one, and he smelled the sweet scent of roses.

"This is... an elegant lavender scent~ Saibandes, it seems that you still retain your good taste."

"Huh? Mine is sweet orange. Honey, you remember my favorite scent."

"The light lily fragrance is my favorite fragrance, it's not bad."

"Mine is agarwoon, um, it's actually very suitable scent before meals. I'll let the housekeeper do the same when I go back."

A group of rich people, even the female guests, smiled.

Saibandes was stunned for a moment, and then he knew why Liu Weiwei asked about everyone's preferences before. She even started to work hard from the napkin so that every guest could feel the kindness of the host. He accepted a lot of praises and even Li Sanpang gave him a little brotherly look. Apparently, everyone thought he was taking care of them.

The corners of Saibandes’ mouth twitched.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first appetizer has been placed in front of everyone in advance. Carpaccio with lemongrass sauce."

The waiter came to collect the towels and explained the dish to everyone.

Li Sanpang had already picked up his fork and prepared to attack. Saibandes also picked up his cutlery. However, the waiter's words stopped their movements.

"When enjoying this appetizer, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol. Pick a piece of beef and gently sip it on the tip of your tongue. As the meat gradually melts, there will be a fragrant and elegant taste of wheat beer echoing in your mouth." The waiter had an impeccable smile on his face.

"Huh? Beer-flavored beef?"

"It's surprising. I've eaten raw beef and there are only few chefs who can get rid of its fishy smell. Can it even smell like alcohol?"

"Then I'll give it a try."

Everyone started to take action, even Li Sanpang, who had the fastest eating action, obediently sipped the beef slices into his mouth slowly and did not swallow it immediately. A fragrant fragrance mixed with the aroma of meat immediately lingered in his mouth.

"There really is."

"Strange, what's the principle?"

"I haven't eaten anything like this before. Did they soak the beef in beer?"

"It's fresh."

A group of guys who had eaten the delicacies of mountains and seas actually showed intoxicated expressions on their faces. While eating meat, they could also taste beer. This experience was a first time for them.

There was also a small proud expression on Saibandes’ face. He knew that Chef Liu was not ordinary. But he didn't know how the dish was made, so he quickly looked at the waiter standing beside him.

"Sir and Madam, this isn't beef soaked in beer. The beef in our restaurant is specially produced in the glaciers of Planet Dakles. The low temperature all year round makes these Dakles’ beef fat and plump, the meat is also firm. During the breeding process, we used dark beer in addition to water to feed the cattle every day. We also took them for a walk and even invited one-star pianists to play <Fur Elise> for them."

"In addition, we also hired professional massage therapist to massage their muscle tissue to make their muscle fibers more flexible and slender. So, our beef become the most tender and most delicious, it is soft and melt on the tip of the tongue, and it also has a faint aroma of beer." The waiter said and smiled.

The only two tables of rich guests in the restaurant stopped moving.

"<Fur Elise>? Beethoven's famous song? My God, Saibandes, you have hidden the famous song? Show me the sheet music!"

"Wait a minute, is this the point? Saibandes, I asked you for a dark beer last time and you said it was limited, but even cows can drink it!?"

Saibandes’ own mouth also nearly fell down. "Eat first." His face was also embarrassed because he didn't know anything about this. When he heard it, he could only put these things aside. However, as a result, the beef slices in his mouth immediately tasted unusual. Was this still regular beef?

Of course not!

Dark beer, the most expensive dark beer in the world and its production was limited every year. Just one hundred milliliters could be sold for 3,000 credits on the black market. Although this was nothing for local tyrants, but food prices now had been reduced across the board. 3,000 credit coins if placed in an ordinary person, it could be used to eat 100 meals, which could feed them for a month. Now it was given to the cows to drink like water. How much water could a cow drink? A cow had five stomachs, so they couldn’t imagine it!

This was simply a cow covered in gold! It was also massaged, walked, drank beer, and listened to <Fur Elise>, it lived better than them. This beef... so delicious!

Li Sanpang reluctantly ate the six slices of meat on his plate and then pouted. He felt that he had never eaten such tender slices of beef before and his mouth was full of flavor. But what he ate was actually a big stack of banknotes, could it be not delicious?!

"Everyone, after tasting the appetizers, please take a sip of tea first. This is top-quality Maojian. Smell it three times first, take a sip, and roll it in your mouth..." The waiter quickly brought out the mouthwash tea in the middle.

However, the female companions brought by the rich all had their eyes on fire. No one else was needed this time, and they took the initiative to ask. "Is there anything special about this tea?"

A group of rich people who thought they would simply enjoy it, all silently pricked up their ears.

"It's nothing special. It's just that one whole mountain only produces 500g in total this year. That's why our restaurant only accepts reservations for three tables per month." The waiter sounded natural.

"We only use the tea before the Qingming rain, so it tastes sweet and has a gentle fragrance. The workers who pick the tea are all young girls with gentle hands that are personally selected by our boss. Each piece of tea is carefully selected and picked by their hands gently. Every step of the production, drying, boxing, and tea making are all done by these girls." After he finished speaking, all the rich people at the two tables squeaked and leaned back on the chairs.

Almost all of the men in the room today were the same age as Saibandes or older than him. They suddenly felt that the tea leaves in their hands had a hint of girlish fragrance and purity. Take a sip, tsk, fragrant... It seemed to have the fragrance of a girl.

"Do you sell this tea in your restaurant?"

"I want to make an offer."

"For sale?"

The local tyrants couldn't stand it any longer. In this world, there were too many things that could be bought, but there were too few things that could make them feel special and interested. The girly tea in front of them obviously touched the heart of these manly men.

The waiter seemed to have expected this and smiled. "We sell in a limited amount, 50,000 credits per gram. For guests who come to dine, we only sell in a limited amount of 10 grams each time."

Saibandes’ expression twitched violently. Now it was completely different from a year ago. The era of 10,000 dishes had passed. This selling tea by the gram obviously made him a little unbelievable. It was already equivalent to the price of a diamond of good quality.

"Anna, I think I was wrong." Saibandes smiled bitterly, "Chef Liu is not only good at cooking but she is also good at making money like locusts."


Anna sighed and was about to nod her head when she heard her stupid boss speak again. "Anna, give me your quota too. I want twenty grams... ah, don't kick me!"

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