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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 217

ICRAB – Chapter 217

Liu Weiwei was well protected. Whether it was the men of her family or the teachers and students of this school, they were all attacking fiercely outside, but in front of her they were a bunch of quiet and beautiful men. So she was really at a loss when she listened to Saibandes. "Okay, then when will he have time?" 

Saibandes nodded, "The time and place are up to you."

Liu Weiwei felt even more strange when she heard it. She hadn't done anything major recently, just chatting with students in the cafeteria. Even the promotion of small snacks had stalled. The only new thing that came out was the candies that children like. The director of the education bureau was so anxious to find her, but why did it sound so miraculous?

Liu Weiwei, who was convinced that she was not causing trouble, was taken aback when she saw Director Xue.

Xue Zhiqin had a tired face with scary red blood in his eyes. When he saw Liu Weiwei's, he almost knelt down on the spot. "Chef!" He just said one word and he almost burst into tears. Originally, he was very supportive of this military academy cafeteria, but he didn't expect that just one post yesterday would make him lose his position as director!

There were more than a dozen interview calls in the morning, all of them were reporters who heard about the school strikes and came to investigate and interview! This cafeteria problem had instantly become an unavoidable social focus.

Xue Zhiqin never thought that one day there would be such a big knife hanging over his head. He hadn't slept at all last night, plus he had also been sleep deprived these days. This was because as soon as he closed his eyes, he would think of these big problems. But after all, this was indeed the cancer that their departments had planted for years due to inaction. This outbreak was out of control!

The Education Bureau bore the brunt and was accused by the citizen. Now Xue Zhiqin was terrified that the next phone call would be from the office of the president.

Liu Weiwei immediately gave Xue Zhiqin a hand, "What's the matter, Director, what's the matter?"

Accompanyung Director Xue, Principal Song winked at Liu Weiwei.

At this time, Principal Song was quite human. He directly summed that Director Xue was a little too excited, "Chef Liu, it is like this, many other schools see that we have a cafeteria here, so they go to the Education Bureau to make suggestions, wanting to also have one in their place. But Director Xue has encountered great difficulties."

Director Xue nodded heavily, "Yes, yes." He glanced at Principal Song gratefully. Of course, he didn't know that Principal Song personally cut his head with a big knife yesterday, otherwise he would probably fight with him.

"I went to the people from the Chef Association, but they all rejected me!" Director Xue was just as wronged as a fifty-year-old child, "They said that it would cost 50 million a month! Why don't they just rob the bureau? Ah! Those black-hearted guys!"

Liu Weiwei was stunned and soon knew the crux of the matter. For the chefs in the Chef Association, the reason of the high cost was because of the long-term operation mechanism, not just personal greed.

"Chef Liu, please help me think of a way! I can only come to you now," Director Xue no longer believed in the Chef Association, "What do you need, as long as our Education Bureau can do it, as long as it is within the scope of my duties, I will definitely help!" Although the Education Bureau had not had any scandals of corruption and perversion in recent years, it had also indeed done nothing great.

The officials would always put themselves in the shoes of the students, compared their hearts to the students' hearts, and took care of each student as if they were their own grandchildren. If they could think about ways to make the students eat the delicious dishes, then maybe the cafeteria would have been launched way prior.

Just providing a cafeteria, which allowed students to greatly improve their living and educational standards, was actually not something the Education Bureau or the director could do, but it could be done by a female chef, a chef from a military base. This, in itself, was something the bureau needed to review.

"Money, manpower, or a green light on policy? You can mention it all!" Xue Zhiqin almost took Liu Weiwei's hand and shook it excitedly.

Liu Weiwei didn't know the bloody feud on the Internet, she just thought that Director Xue was a little weird.

"You want me to help run the cafeterias of other schools?" Liu Weiwei managed to catch the point.

"Yes yes yes." Director Xue raised his head expectantly.

Liu Weiwei raised her eyebrows, "I'm afraid I can't make it to the scene myself, but if you just need to open a cafeteria, then it's not difficult." 

Not difficult?

Director Xue immediately stared. He should have gone straight to Liu Weiwei.

Director Xue said cautiously, "Then you can set a price. As long as we can afford the subsidy, we can negotiate." As of now, the Education Bureau would not hesitate to put all the funds into the cafeteria.

"Okay." Liu Weiwei smiled, "I just heard from a comrade in the army a while ago that there are some old cooking robots in the military base that are about to be eliminated. If you are in a hurry, say hello to the Marshal and borrow them for emergency use."

"Huh?" Director Xue took a step back. He felt a little pain in his heart.

"Cooking robots? Robots... they can cook?" If it was something that could be solved by borrowing a robot, then this means that he had been fooled by Sang Long for so many days. His life also almost fly away!

"There are a lot of schools and I don't have enough cooks here now, so I can only use robots to fill up the vacancy first." Liu Weiwei was a little sorry, "But don't worry, they can still cook. However, there is another problem that may require Director Xue to think of a way."

"Ah, you said it!"

"The ingredient for the cafeteria of the first military academy was outsourced to me and now it can almost take care of its own profits and losses. If other schools take the robots, they may need to send special personnel to calculate the cost so that the cafeteria could break even. I can give you a copy of those supply channel quotations."

"That's it?" Director Xue couldn't believe it. This was as simple as finding someone to settle accounts. "Wait, aren't the condiments very expensive?" He quickly sounded Sang Long's painful face and his heart thumped.

Liu Weiwei smiled and gave him a military quotation.

"This is a special supply for the military. I can introduce this supplier to you. But the market now is monopolized by companies under the Chef Association, so it can only be sold in remote places."

Director Xue looked at the price. A large bag of salt costs around 10 credita, a large barrel of oil costs 100 credita, and onion, ginger, and garlic, etc. were not more than 10 credita a pound... He looked at it for a long time and immediately fell down in the dark.

Fortunately, Principal Song dragged him behind and pinched him awake.

When Director Xue came to his senses, he yelled, "That Sang Long! That Chef association! That consumer association, that, that group of... black-hearted people!" The Education Bureau usually didn't care about market prices, so he had only heard of many inside stories. He didn't know that the truth would be so shocking.

With the clear price list in front of him, he found that for a dish that was sold for 51,000 credits, the material coat was actually less than 10 credits!

Director Xue finished scolding Sang Long's family as well as the idiot Yang Kai, the Chef Association's President, and let out a long breath. He was soaked with sweat.

This shocking shady story... What would happen if ordinary residents of the Alliance knew about it?


Not to mention the Education Bureau's officials, even the Alliance's President would need to take calming pills!

Thinking about the big meal he paid to eat in a five-star restaurant, Xue Zhiqin's chest felt hurt, so what about other ordinary people?

It was estimated that people from the Chef Association would be beaten to death in the street!

How happy Director Xue was previously and how terrified he was now. To promote the cafeterias, this would obviously crossed the interests of the Chef Association and the interests of their supporters behind it!

Liu Weiwei smiled. The fact that the Chef Association had taken root over the years means that the strong background behind it couldn't be solved by her alone. But with the green light from the Alliance's government, it would be much easier.

Director Xue's expression clearly showed the horror of this society cancer that has festered for many years. This was not a problem that the Education Bureau could solve at all. This problem... was too big!

While Director Xue was trying his best to wipe off his sweat, Principal Song, who was not afraid of serious trouble, pressed him on the chair and laughed harmlessly.

"Old Xue, get all those cafeterias out and meet the needs of the children first~ As for other matters, we can only solve it slowly."

"Of course. But we need a pass first. There is no sales certificate for such cheap seasonings, how can this work?"

"Hey, no poor man want to have a poor child also! You finish this thing first. When the time comes, you can explain it. Isn't this okay?"

Director Xue's frightened eyes slowly ignited a glimmer of hope along with these words. "Yes, yes, I'm helping the children to fight for welfare, it is all for the next generation! I don't know anything! I just bought the cheapest seasoning!"

The seasoning promoted by the military had now reached the courtyard of the Education Bureau. This was only one step away from the full promotion to the market.

Liu Weiwei begged for a long time that night and asked Comrade Qin Mo to give her half an hour of Internet access. After reading the bloody feud that happened without her knowing, the heartwarming posts made her almost laugh to cry under the quilt.

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