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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 226 (Extra 4)

ICRAB – Chapter 226 (Extra 4)

Every year, Liu Weiwei tried to do some new activities. She always liked to do things and activate the original awe-inspiring atmosphere of a military base. When the snack street became an annual project of the military base, she was not willing to be idle and launched a courage food testing event.

It was the summer, so Qin Xiaomei, who went home for vacation, could finally stop reading and training comfortably. She lived a life of rice bugs where her sister-in-law cooks and her mouth was open every day. She was the first to sign up for this fresh and fun courage test.

"I think back then, I was someone who dared to eat the brains of beasts!" Qin Xiaomei thought back to that hot but delicious and salty tofu pudding. She still drooled when she mention it today.

Sitting in the living room, Li Sanpang, who was playing with Xiao Bei and the train robot, was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he licked the corner of his mouth in reminiscence. His eyes were bright, "Smooth and delicate, it really melts in the mouth..."

Liu Weiwei, who was holding a spatula, suddenly stood at the door of the kitchen awkwardly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Did they still think that tofu pudding was the brain of a beast? She thought that this misunderstanding had long since disappeared. At that time, she heard the brain of a beast and felt sick until she couldn't utter a complete sentence. After that, the Qin Girl bought everything from the whole stall, and in her hurry, she didn't have time to explain.

When they met again later, it was in the military base. Now the base cafeteria also had tofu flowers and tofu puddings for breakfast, why hadn't they figured it out yet?

"It's scary to think about, but it's delicious." Li Sanpang finally concluded, "Could it be more disgusting than that? Hehe"

Liu Weiwei patted her forehead. Even Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei, who were lying on the ground, looked at Li Sanpang with contempt.

Fortunately, Comrade Qin Mo outside was reliable and ruthlessly broke the veil. "That's just tofu." He didn't want to judge their rich imagination.



Qin Mo's mouth twitched, as if looking at two fools, "Your sister-in-law is not so courageous."

Qin Xiaomei and Li Sanpang doubt life at the same time. All the while, the fact that they firmly believe had been shaken like never before.

"Then why is it called brain?" (TN: As refresher, Tofu Pudding is 豆腐脑/dòufu nǎo in Chinese. 脑/nǎo means brain.)

"This wicked name... who picked it up?"

Liu Weiwei dripped sweat silently.

The next day, the courage test meeting was held in the eyes of the soldiers.

Qin Xiaomei and Li Sanpang, who had misunderstood before, were still very confident.

"As long as it's delicious, I'm really not afraid of anything." Qin Xiaomei declared before the competition. Not to mention that the cook is my sister-in-law, there is no suspense at all, the champion is me."

Li Sanpang also clapped his chest, "Come on! I accept the challenge!"

Lu Qingheng and a group of soldiers who signed up were also divided into groups.

The robot responsible for maintaining order at the scene soon followed Liu Weiwei to the scene. "The first course, eating live small octopus. The person who can eat the whole plate will win and advance to the next match!" With her words, the audience was automatically silenced.

All the people who were gearing up for the competition almost pinned their wrists.

"What?" Li Sanpang scratched his ears, "Did I hear it wrong?"

The face of a soldier next to him also changed greatly, "Isn't it? Why did my sister-in-law suddenly turn into this fierce style?!"

The corners of Qin Xiaomei's mouth also twitched, but she glanced at her eldest brother and instantly felt a lot more at ease. If tofu pudding was not the brain of a beast, then the live octopus must be fake also! At this time, she had to be steady and not scare herself.

Lu Qingheng stood with his Da Hui. The first prize was a dining voucher for the cafeteria for a whole year. The kind that allowed diners to order every menu at will. His beast had agreed, if he could win and give it a meal every day, he will obey him this year. "Come on! Come on! I'm not cowardly at all!" What was eating an octopus? He was beaten by Da Hui every day, could it be worse than this?

However, when the robot lifted the tablecloth covering the table in front of them, everyone gasped! In the large white porcelain plate, there were tentacles wiggling and twisting! It was obviously already cut off to pieces, but they were still moving!

Liu Weiwei snickered when she saw the situation on the field. This live octopus had been lying in the system recipes. She also knew on earth before that it was a signature dish of South Korea. People in China used to eat it in ancient times, but it didn't become popular, and she also didn't have the courage to try it in her two lifetimes.

The octopus had a very strong vitality. It was cut off by a knife, but its tentacles could still move. When people clamp the tentacle and put it into the mouth, they would stick to the mouth, making it difficult to swallow.

For cowardly people, it was terrifying just to hear it, let alone try it.

"Everyone, please pay attention to safety. Dip these tentacles in chili sauce before eating and chew them thoroughly. If you swallow directly, the extremely strong suction cup is likely to stick on your throat, esophagus, or even trachea. At that time you can no longer pull it off and soon, it will become difficult to breathe. I once heard that some people died due to suffocation after eating live octopus, so please be careful. If you can't finish, you can quit the game at any time."

Liu Weiwei's safety instructions undoubtedly cast a big thunder on the deadly tense atmosphere of the scene. It instantly scared everyone beyond recognition.

Qin Xiaomei, who was still very courageous just now, had her legs weak in an instant and almost slipped to the ground. She killed beasts with her own hands, and she was also a female soldier who would join the army and participate in beast wave in the future. However, eating this living tentacle that was still moving... something stuck in the throat... thinking about it made her whole body got goosbumps and the soles of her feet went cold!

Li Sanpang's face also turned pale. Looking at the octopus in front of him, he suspected that Liu Weiwei had been replaced by an enemy. Otherwise, how could she come up with such a terrifying dish? No, no, this was not a dish at all, it's a threat!

Liu Weiwei looked at everyone with a smile. She was standing on the podium so she could clearly see everyone's fear and nervous swallows. In fact, she specially invited Bu Zhongxin's military medical team to stand by. Once someone was suspected to be in danger of suffocation, their light brain alarm would be triggered, and the medical staff will immediately go to rescue.

The current medical technology was very developed and the tentacle could be released immediately after swallowing a potion.

With this security, Liu Weiwei had a lot of courage. "Okay, let's start now! The time is ten minutes and the loser will be eliminated!"

The timer in the center of the screen was instantly lit, and the hands of the soldiers who were in a daze shook. They had seen war and were not afraid of bloody things at all, but now they felt a little disgusted.

"For the sake of having any food I want for a year, I will fight hard!" Lin Renhu's roar suddenly came from the corner. He called out like this and instantly made many veterans muster up their courage.

"F*ck, I'm not even afraid of death, but I'm still afraid of eating this thing!?"

"Motherf*ck*r! This is the first round, I will kill it with this chili sauce first! There must be a way, not just put it in your mouth!"

They all picked up the chopsticks with gritted teeth. Lu Qingheng also pinched his nose and took the chopsticks to the tentacles on the plate. 

They didn't know if the tentacle was completely dead or in a coma. Anyway, it could be hold up obediently, which made everyone suddenly relieved. But when they were about to press it into the hot sauce to suffocate, they all found that the tentacles began to struggle frantically, with this, their chopsticks trembled...

"Mom! It was woken up!"

"My special grandma, who said that this sauce can kill it?"

"Sh*t! I'll kill it!"

Everyone had reached this point, so they would be laughed at by their comrades it they gave up from the competition, they would also miss out on a year's ration. Their hearts ached just thinking about the prize, so they snapped the tentacles in one bite as soon as they closed their eyes.

But if they thought that would make it quiet, they would be wrong. As soon as the octopus tentacles entered, just like Liu Weiwei said, they suddenly sucked their palate and tongue coating. Their entire mouth seemed to be stuck in an instant!

They couldn't even open their mouth and there was a terrifying fear of suffocation for a while!

Sh*t! Scared to death!

A group of big men almost threw the chopsticks out of their hands. However, in the end, they were the ones who had killed many enemy. They quickly turned red-eyed and fought desperately with the octopus in their mouths. 

With a squeak, Lin Renhu swallowed the tentacles in his stomach. "Ah... huh?" He opened his eyes and smacked his mouth to check the aftertaste, "It's quite delicious? The spicy sauce is strong and this octopus is quite fresh with a faint taste of sea salt. There is also the feeling of eating high-quality seafood?"

"Hey," Lu Qingheng, who was standing not far away, also narrowed his eyes, "It seems that this octopus has a special vitality. I can feel its constant energy... During the process of eating, it cannot mix into my body."

The soldiers were brave and quick to accept new things. After a while, they put chopsticks into their mouths, chewed, and swallowed. They actually had a kind of heroic spirit. Soldiers, brave men, of course not afraid of anything! Everything could be killed!

What's more, it's quite delicious... There's no fishy smell at all and it's quite spicy when chewed.

However, some people still couldn’t accept it. For example, Li Sanpang, who had always been lazy. He saw the twisted tentacles on the chopsticks and was so scared that he almost smashed the plate. And Qin Xiaomei was even more tearful.

"Big liar, big brother. The tofu pudding must be the brain of a beast, otherwise how could my sister-in-law come up with such a terrifying recipe? It's too dark, sob sob... I give up..."

There were very few cowards in the army. After ten minutes, more than 90% of the people had successfully advanced. Those who were eliminated were mostly female soldiers, some new recruits, or auxiliary logistics personnel at the base.

This result was expected by Liu Weiwei. She had made a plate for Comrade Qin Mo before and he was addicted to it after the initial shock.

"Okay, let's start the next round – Drunk Shrimp! The person who eats the cup of live shrimp in front of him the fastest is the first!"

Live shrimp, not the same as live octopus, its shrimp shell was completely transparent. Without being heated by a fire, they could even clearly see the brain in the shrimp head and the various gut threads in the shrimp body...

As soon as the semi-finals kicked off, the shrimps appeared in front of the soldiers so fiercely!

"This drunk shrimp doesn't have any tricks. Everyone just pick it up and eat it~" Liu Weiwei squinted and smiled, "Come on!"

Qin Xiaomei's eyes darkened, "Brother, I am angry with you! Big liar!" Her sister-in-law turned dark and scared her to death...


The author has something to say: 

The previous misunderstanding of tofu brain has not been solved directly.

Drunk shrimp is delicious~

I will try to write about Xiao Bai next time, see you tomorrow~~~

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