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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 216

ICRAB – Chapter 216

Sang Long was so angry that he almost vomited blood, "Wait a minute, we are from the Chef Association. We are here to talk to your cafeteria chef. If you have something to say, say it first, why you directly threw us like this!" He was the vice president of the association, but he was reduced to go to a school cafeteria to steal food? It's not like he hadn’t eaten in eight lifetimes!

With a single word, Sang Long made the circle of muscular students look at each other.

In their eyes, the original contempt all turned into vigilance.

"The Chef Association? Hehe, trying to lie to us again."

"Didn't you try to grab a seat with me just now? What are you talking about now? Do you think I'm a fool?"

"Get out of here! Otherwise, see once throw it out once."

Sang Long was shaking with anger. The students left, but there were still many people pointing at them at the door. Even the security guard uncles at the door showed a look of disdain.

"Which of you has Chef Liu's communication method?" Sang Long got angry, "Send her a message directly and ask her to come out to see us!" This bullshit school with a bunch of reckless men, couldn’t communicate at all!

When Sang Long said this, everyone was silent. It took a long time before someone dared to say a word.

"President, I've tried contacting her long time ago but there is no answer."

"Then send a message to that old fellow Dou Kou, Cai Mingkun, and the others!" Sang Long angrily turned around in place. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the elders had to be helping the female chef. Otherwise who else has the financial resources and so many recipes?

But soon Sang Long got a reply from his subordinates.

"President, Mr. Dou said that you are talking nonsense... He is also on another planet."


"Cai Mingkun also replied, saying..."

"What did he say?!"

"He told you not to do anything to offend his teacher. Ask you to be careful not to implicate the entire association."


"Elder Gao, ahem, he said that the cafeteria has nothing to do with him, but he told us to leave quickly and not offend his teacher, or he would have to teach us on behalf of his teacher."

Sang Long's hands were trembling with anger, "I know these three old guys, I know they already have a second heart for the association! I don't know what ecstasy was given by this female chef!"

"I heard that it's the recipe of Buddha Jumping over the Wall." The person next to Sang Long answered immediately.

Sang Long laughed angrily. "Buddha jumps over the wall? Even I don't know the recipe, so where did the young female chef learn it? A few years ago, the president's house was robbed and I don't believe that the three old guys didn't know. They just went crazy for recipes!" 

When Sang Long said this, everyone else's expressions changed. Not to mention the influence and threat to the association with the female chef opening this cafeteria. If the food she made was from stolen recipes, it would be a crime and was illegal. Not to mention continuing to work as a chef, she would get a prison sentence and discredit.

"President, what should we do?"

They couldn’t even enter the cafeteria now, and there were countless pairs of eyes staring at them just standing at the door. Obviously, this military academy was not as simple as it seems, and the students were secretly stalking.

Sang Long sneered, "If we can't get in, of course we are leaving!"

The people were stunned for a moment. They did not expect the vice president to give up so quickly.

"With the power of public opinion, even Director Xue is afraid. So now I want to see if the military academy principal will be afraid."

On the same day, there were hot posts on the forums of various schools.

[Cut down these rude men! Why can't we go into the military school cafeteria?]

[I came to work, but I can’t have a meal in the cafeteria at noon?]

[Not allowing people from outside schools to enter, oppose discrimination!]

[Snatching away our little sister and deprived us of our delicious food! I beg you to be a reasonable person~]

Various posts denouncing the military academy for being unreasonable seemed to have sprung up one by one. Some people even cried in the post, how they were thrown out rudely and fell to the ground heavily. No one even stepped forward to help, instead they threatened that they would be beaten every time they came.

It didn't take much time for these posts to elicit intense watering and approval responses from male students in various schools. Overnight, the reputation of the First Military Academy was in jeopardy.

However, Liu Weiwei still knew nothing.

When President Song of the military academy heard about this, he was chatting with Liu Weiwei in the newly opened stall next to the cafeteria.

"What is this popping candy?" Principal Song calmly looked at the news on his light brain, but then closed the notification bar. Instead, he picked up the colorful candy bag with great interest.

Interstellar also had candy. High-concentration and purified fruit candy, vegetable candy, and even meat-flavored candy could be found. It could be said that they had all kinds of strange flavors.

Little kids had a love-hate relationship with these candy items. Basically, all of them looked delicious, but it all depended on luck. It was likely that they would never want to touch such things as candy again in their life because they had eaten a strange flavor.

"So many colors? Does each taste different?" Obviously the principal also had childhood shadows. There was always one that suits you, but there was always one that tasted like a nightmare.

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Yes, each color has a different taste. This bag will be given to the principal." This was a new snack she made recently. Pregnant women couldn’t have too much sugar, but the more she couldn’t, the greedier she was.

Xiao Bei and even Xiao Yue at home, who had been sensible a lot in the past two days, knew that Liu Weiwei couldn’t eat sweets desserts or sweet fruits, so they never let her eat one at home. But as they did this, it inspired her obsession with candy. She couldn’t eat it now, but she could take a look.

Liu Weiwei had a dream a while ago. She dreamed of M&M and Skittles with all kinds of fruit flavors. She also loves grape and orange gummies, which were fragrant and had sweet sour taste. So, taking advantage of the inconvenience of not being able to go far, she tried making candies several times in the cafeteria. Who would have thought that some fruit-flavored candies would actually come out.

Moreover, Liu Weiwei also pulled Li Sanpang, an idle foodie, to successfully restore her childhood memory with the popping candy.

While speaking, Principal Song put a candy that looked inconspicuous into his mouth. "Well, apple flavor..." But as soon as he relaxed and stretched his brows, his entire face was immediately wrinkled together. His open mouth was tightly closed. On his tongue, mini cannonballs burst one after another.

The cells on the tip of the tongue were stimulated one by one. This feeling was very strange, but not painful at all. It was very refreshing! The bursting candy granules, as well as the sweetness of the fruit flavor, and the slight sugar beating in the whole mouth... It's amazing!

This popping candy could really pop!

Principal Song was also a man of his age, but the look in his eyes toward the bag of candy was different instantly. It became very hot. "This is not bad, Chef Liu. I'll buy a few more packs and take them back to my granddaughter!"

Liu Weiwei covered her mouth and smiled, "Okay, there are also cola flavors. Children should like it." Her little buns love cola candies the most, although she could only allow Xiao Yue to lick the popping candy. She was afraid that he would accidentally swallow other candies.

The mature man in the family, Comrade Qin Mo liked the popping candy, saying it was good to relieve fatigue and help him sober up.

Although Liu Weiwei couldn't eat one herself, she was also happy to see other people eating contentedly. Now that the principal also liked it, it proved that the candy was indeed very popular.

When Liu Weiwei came home in the evening, she packed some candies and dragged Qin Mo to bring a copy to the local tyrant Saibandes and Anna. She also asked Li Sanpang and Bu Zhongxin to take a few. For the extra, she mailed some back to the base for Lu Qingheng, who couldn't come to school.

As a result, Liu Weiwei didn't know that just because of today's bag of popping candy, the principal who came home personally opened the Education Bureau forum, and posted anonymously.

[Education Bureau, are you ill?]

The next day, the people in the military academy basically saw the posts about crusade against them. However, after eating the popping candy, they were in a good mood instantly~

"For the sake of eating this popping candy today, I will spare your life first."

"Okay, let this thing live for another two hours."

"I'm going to punch you down but I'm afraid that is going to kill you. You should escape for a hundred meters first!"

The students were very united at this time. The army itself was an organization that never abandoned or gave up their comrades.

Sang Long, who was waiting for the posts in the forums to take effect, was smiling all day. Obviously, the online crusade put him in a good mood. In his opinion, the cafeteria of the military academy would not last long.

But in the evening, Sang Long was indignantly visited by the director of the Education Bureau again. He was spitted on the face.

"Sang Long, look at what you've done!?"

"You think it will be fine if you go to the cafeteria to make trouble and then let people post to besiege the Education Bureau!? Do you think I'm easy to bully?"

"So many schools don't have cafeteria, who's to blame? It’s your Chef Associatio! I'll give you three more days. If you don't cooperate, I'll report all your restaurants to the Food Safety Bureau right away!"

"Sang Long, if you want to die, we will die together!"

Sang Long was stunned. He thought that the fire he set on the military academy would burn everything, but this problem just come and gone very quickly instead. In the final analysis, it was caused by the lack of cafeteria in other schools.

If the Education Bureau could solve the problem, why would students go to other schools to get food? How could they be kicked out by the military academy and how could they be beaten?

When Sang Long looked at the Education Bureau's website, he realized that someone named Director Xue and made trouble.

[Education Bureau, are you ill?] 

This post was directly ranked first.

[Landlord: To tell you the truth, if our school is the only place with a cafeteria, I definitely wouldn't let people from other schools in. If they ate all our food, then what are we going to eat?! To put it bluntly, it's just the matter of the Education Bureau’s incompetence! When will the cafeteria be made available for all?!]

[L1: Sh*t, what upstairs said was not wrong. What's the matter, Xue Zhiqin of the Education Bureau, when will the problem be solved? I got a false shot and was almost distracted!]


[L2: Speaking of this, I'm still angry. I'm here to swipe 20 posts a day and you dare to delete my speech! There's no law! @Xue Zhiqin, come out and make it clear, will you give it today or not? Explain to us!]

[L3: You won’t cry before seeing the coffin, right?]

[L4: The voice of the crowd that you can't see! Are you blind?!]

[L5: Let me tell you, it's time to throw out our big swords, you forced us, @Xue Zhiqin, starting today, me and my roommates will start to strike!]


[L8: You're right upstairs! Old Xue, I'm officially letting you know that the Department of Business Administration of Donglin University will do collective strike, hehe.]

[L9: Department of Archaeology, Xingchen University, strike +1]

[L10: The strike team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Comprehensive Culture University will arrive at the scene in one second!]

Sang Long: !!!

A series of school names made his scalp numb instantly. It's no wonder that Director Xue was threatening to go die with him. So many colleges and universities were going to strike collectively, this means he had to step down to apologize.

Sang Long sighed and immediately went to the military academy cafeteria again. But this time, the very indignant military students actually recognized them directly. Who didn’t have a tech guy in the dormitory these days? They immediately found the IDs of the people that posted the demeaning posts and found that they were people from the Chef Association.

This time, Sang Long and the others were properly thrown out again.

On the other hand, Liu Weiwei was visited by Saibandes who was satisfied after drinking for a few days. "The director of the Education Bureau asked me to lead the way. He cried bitterly and said that he wanted to see Chef Liu."

Saibandes, a 100% pure local tyrant, was very respectful to Liu Weiwei. "If you don't want to see him, I can directly reject for you."

Liu Weiwei was stunned for a moment, "Education Bureau’s Director? Crying?"

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