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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 218

ICRAB – Chapter 218

Seeing that the director of the Education Bureau had already made up his mind, Liu Weiwei smiled gently. "There is nothing to entertain in the cafeteria, so Director Xue should stay to have a light meal."

Saibandes, as the matchmaker, immediately nodded happily. The Principal also hurriedly found a seat and greeted Director Xue to sit down. They came during rest time in the cafeteria, so Liu Weiwei also sat down with them.

For the Principal and Saibandes, after enjoying real food, they felt that eating was the happiest thing in the world. Such a happy thing, of course, could happen at any time.

"It's a good time for afternoon tea now." Saibandes glanced at his shiny golden pocket watch.

Of course, this was very suspicious in Liu Weiwei's eyes.

The Principal frowned, with some obvious disagreement. "Afternoon tea? Those so-called tea and sweet cakes? I still prefer dry pot bullfrogs." As he said that, he sucked in some uncontrollable drool.

When Saibandes heard this, his handsome face was immediately wrinkled together, "Afternoon tea is one of ancient activities of the nobles, it cultivates sentiment and facilitates communication... But what is a dry pot bullfrog?" He looked at Liu Weiwei with an obviously hurt expression, "It sounds delicious, I don't think I've ever eaten it."

Liu Weiwei shrugged, "Today's food in the cafeteria is not yet prepared, but there are some leftover Chinese claypot rice that can be reheated, and there is also corn rib soup. If you want to eat noodles, I can make it now and it will be ready after a while." Bullfrog obviously not available, it was a school cafeteria, not a restaurant.

Saibandes sighed regretfully, "I've eaten tomato and beef noodles at noon, so I'll just have a bowl of claypot rice and pork ribs soup." He instantly abandoned the afternoon tea and quickly licked his lower lip.

Principal Song raised his hand, "Rice +1."

Both of the acquaintances said this, so Director Xue, who was visiting for the first time, was even more embarrassed. He asked the female chef with a big belly just to prepare what it more convenient.

Liu Weiwei was still very happy to be able to consume inventory without waste. She got up and served the three herself.

When Liu Weiwei left her seat, Director Xue quietly glanced at the two people beside him. "What time did you have lunch? Can you still eat?" Speaking of the various cafeteria posts on this forum, he was very familiar with the portion. Although this was the first time he came here, he also knew that the food was plentiful. According to the students, it was "cheap and humane".

It was only two or three hours after lunch time. Director Xue touched the stomach he had hastily filled with nutrient solution. Even he was not yet hungry at all.

As a result, the two people at the same table that patronized the cafeteria every day, were still drooling with hunger while explaining the noodles they had at lunch. Director Xue could not understand it at all.

"No problem, Old Xue," the Principal of the military academy looked at the director now and felt that he was a little pitiful, "You'll know after a taste."

Director Xue felt that he had asked a very stupid question.

Saibandes touched his gold pocket watch, "Humans often don't know what they want. Only when they meet the temptation of fate will they come to their senses."

Director Xue:  …

As someone who had been to a five-star restaurant, he felt dejected. No matter how delicious the food was, they were obviously not hungry. Still forcing themselves to eat, did this make sense?

Liu Weiwei came out with a robot carrying the food. As she got closer, even the richest man Saibandes stood up and took the tray in person. He looked at the clay pot in the tray like he was looking at his little lover.

Director Xue wanted to see Principal Song’s action, but found that the other party also had already robbed the tray from the robot.

Liu Weiwei sat down with a generous face and said heroically, "Please eat as you please! After working for so long, you definitely feel hungry in the afternoon."

Director Xue:  …

Liu Weiwei was now a pregnant woman who was prone to hunger. She probably could eat seven or eight meals a day. Director Xue understood very well, smiled at her, and picked up the cutlery in front of him with politeness. Because he didn't stand up to compete with the robot, the machine placed the tray firmly in front of him.

Director Xue wanted to compliment, but as soon as he lowered his head, he was attracted by the strange fragrance coming from the food. In an instant, all memories of five-star restaurant’s food in his mind were instantly defeated by the fragrance in front of him. When he lowered his head, he saw a dark and small cobblestone pot in front of him, covered with green vegetables, a layer of sliced oily sausages, and faintly glittering and fine rice grains stained with grease underneath.

"You can pour the seasoning in." The robot showed special care to the guest who entered the cafeteria for the first time.

Director Xue was stunned for a moment, only to realize that there was a small saucer of soy sauce-colored small bowl next to him. He saw that the two people next to him were familiar with the food and they poured the sauce on the clay pot roughly, so he quickly followed the steps.

With a piercing sound, the entire clay pot was like a hot stone being poured with cold water. There was a sizzling sound and the aroma that had been in the shadows just now became more intense. They even went straight into everyone’s nose.

Director Xue, who was not very hungry initially and even suspected that he could not eat at all, now swallowed his saliva unsightly like the other two. He took the spoon and bluntly scooped a spoonful of rice, without even blowing it, he stuffed it into his mouth boldly. He was a person who had suffered hardships, he usually couldn’t eat meat at every meal, so he had a habit of saving good things for the end. But this time he made a mistake.

Claypot rice, marinated sausages, the fragrance of the freshest green vegetables, and the fragrance of specially formulated sauces, the essence of this pot was all kept in the rice grains during the continuous simmering process. This mouthful of rice, after absorbing water, sauce, and oil, looked crystal clear but it was soft and moderate in the mouth. The rice taste was rich and fragrant. The taste was thick after being soaked by the soup, it was soft and glutinous.

Director Xue was immediately amazed by the meal. 

When eating clay pot rice, the most important thing was the rice that sticks to the wall of the pot. When Director Xue regained his senses, he tasted the tender green vegetables drenched in the sauce and ate a delicious and delicate special sausage. The waves on the tip of his tongue made him feel a little hypoxia. If he looked up, he could still see the huge cafeteria in front of him, with rows of seats. He didn't even believe that he was sitting in a military academy now, because the taste in his mouth could be compared to food from a five-star restaurant. After eating a bite of rice, he felt warm all over.

Director Xue suddenly understood why the military academy students went to so many forums to show off. This kind of satisfaction in the mouth was not just as simple as being full, it was like the magic power to drive away troubles, making people feel that their body was full of power. The body and mind were happy, but there was nowhere to vent. Naturally, they needed to run and show off. If he were 30 or 40 years younger, he would definitely send a message to his friends now to let them know how delicious this clay pot rice was and make them jealous and envious.

Director Xue wiped his mouth. He's a government official, so most of the time, he's very calm. But now, he felt a fire in his chest as if heat of the sizzling clay pot rice had melted into his body. His hands were shaking a little, but this time it wasn't caused by fear or anger. 

"If every student could have such a meal..." What kind of power would they be able to produce? Would they ever fear the mountain-high homework again? Ever fear the never-ending exam again?

Saibandes was born predators of the western grasslands, his eating was brutal and ferocious. When he heard this sentence, he had already put the last bite of rice mixed with a piece of glamorous sausage into his mouth. He also let out a sigh of satisfaction. "That must be very happy, I am jealous of them."

Director Xue was stunned for a moment, this local tyrant shouldn’t have lack any delicious food outside. He saw Saibandes touch his nose.

"Am I thirty-five this year? I forgot... Anyway, I'm at least ten years older than these students. This means that I ate ten years less. If it is three meals a day, that is more than 10,000 meals less..." Saibandes was startled by a casual calculation. He was depressed instantly, almost crying while holding Liu Weiwei's arm. "Chef Liu, I'm so pitiful, wuwuwu! If I eat one more meal a day from today, it will take 30 years to make up for it!"

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips and pretended not to hear.

Director Xue turned his head away and started drinking the soup, the corners of his mouth twitching. However, he also began to calculate in his heart on how many meals he ate less!

Totally screwed up...

But when Director Xue finally took a sip of the soup, his heart calmed down. The clear and pure soup was also particularly beautiful because of the golden and jade-like corn pieces floating in it and a few slices of bright orange-red carrots. Drinking this soup, there was an unexpected sweetness. It was smooth and delicious, and there was a kind of gentleness in the freshness. The small ribs in the soup were completely boiled to the point of falling apart. The meat melted in the mouth and even the cartilage could be chewed easily. After chewing a mouthful of deliciousness, he swallowed it directly.

There was rice, meat, and soup. Although the amount was not large as all was in small bowls, but soon everyone collapsed on the seats in the cafeteria contentedly. They were acting like Liu Weiwei the pregnant woman. They were holding a bulging belly, squinting, and basking in the sunshine outside the window beautifully. Their whole person was extremely comfortable.

The amazing meal was so fast, it took no more than ten minutes to eat the whole thing. But Director Xue was now full of blood and resurrected! "I will write to Marshal Li Er when I go back today. I will even write it myself. This cafeteria, the Education Bureau will definitely work hard to promote it as quickly as possible."

Liu Weiwei nodded in satisfaction. For something like food, personal experience was the best way to promote. Director Xue, who had eaten the cafeteria food, obviously had a new look and made up his mind with strong willpower.

Before leaving, Director Xue asked Liu Weiwei for a communication number, "If there is anything I don't understand, I hope to ask Chef Liu for advice."

Liu Weiwei did not shirk and directly recommended her series of apprentice communication numbers to Director Xue. After all, during this time, she still had to give birth to a baby and went on confinement. With the situation at home and also Xiao Bai’s yet unknown condition, she might not be able to access the Internet at all time.

But after thinking about it, Liu Weiwei still brought up the bold ideas that had arisen during the meal just now. "Director Xue, you are the boss of the Education Bureau, so I also want to ask you a question. If I want to start a cooking school or just set up a special cooking department in a certain school... Well, something like a Department of Home Economics and Cooking, what procedure should I go through?"

Director Xue was stunned for a moment and Principal Song was also stunned. Even Saibandes, who had the strongest heart, turned around in astonishment.

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