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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 222

ICRAB – Chapter 222

At the back door of the military school, passers-by who passed by every day, as well as students and teachers who came in and out, all quickly noticed the newly renovated storefront around the corner.

[Xiao Liu Mala Tang.]

There were just these few simple words on the door.

"What is Mala Tang?"

"It sounds like food, but I haven't eaten it."

"Master, when will the door be opened?"

The uncles of the decoration team naturally couldn't answer the questions so the curiosity of everyone could only be swallowed back in the stomach. Of course, don't ask them why even thought they have three meals in the cafeteria now, they are still thinking about eating out. Human exploration of food, like the study of the universe, would never stop.

When Song Hua chatted with the uncle of the decoration team every day, from why they didn't use a robot, and even talked about the uncle's son's academic problems, the Mala Tang shop finally opened in his eager anticipation.

Song Hua had three meals guaranteed in the cafeteria, so he deliberately chose a time when there was no class in the afternoon at three o'clock and found his roommates to go for extra meals.

"You ask what is Mala Tang? It's similar to eggplant pot."

"Or similar to Mapo Tofu? Numb and spicy."

Hou Honglin and Zhang Yichi, each of them said nothing, holding two oversized cokes and ice cream in their hands. This was a new drink from the cafeteria commissary recently, which captured them instantly.

Song Hua was silent, but his expression was very complicated. The uncle of the decoration team had a family of six and he had even inquired his family situation clearly, but only the situation in the shop was unknown.

The uncle really didn’t know anything!


"What are you talking about? You'll know if you go." Song Hua hummed and walked in the front. The shop opened for the first day today, but as early as a week ago, there was a big red advertising board in front of the store.

"This shop has a neat style but its propaganda methods are still too old fashioned for the current times. Where did they get this cardboard?" Hou Honglin shook his head from across the street.

Zhang Yichi took a sip of an iced Coke. "In the first week of opening, it's 52% off all items; in the second week, it's 12% off. This style...why is it so familiar?" It's the same as the cafeteria when it first opened!

Song Hua walked in front and he read this sign for some moments. He also despised the shopkeeper's aesthetics. The red cardboard with yellow characters looked like a complete mess.

"It's normal to look familiar. The restaurants outside have all learned from our cafeteria and have started to offer discounts." Song Hua smiled sarcastically, "Unfortunately, they are still not as delicious as our cafeteria, so it gets boring overtime."

Having said that, several of them had arrived to the door of the Mala Tang's shop. The door was lined by a few aunts in uniform. They looked a little old and they looked like they had been doing rough and heavy work previously. Their hands were rough and the joints were prominent. These days, people like this were basically at the bottom of the job hierarchy and might only receive a job with government’s relief.

"This store is a bit interesting." Hou Honglin narrowed his eyes, his observation was keen.

The aunt at the front had already smiled at them. "Little handsome guy, come in and eat Mala Tang, there are seats inside."

The price of restaurants in the entire universe had been reduced in an all-round way. The opening of new stores naturally didn’t have the foundation of word-of-mouth like old stores. The business was obviously not very good now.

The four young man didn't dislike it and walked in quickly. As soon as they entered the door, they saw a large row of glass cabinets at the door, all of which were densely filled with small containers filled with various ingredients that they could not name.

There were nearly five or six green leafy vegetables alone, not to mention the others items, which were basically things they had never seen before... Let's just say, there were nearly a hundred kinds of different ingredients!

"Little brother, take the basket and clip, and then throw whatever you want to eat in it." The aunt wearing a uniform smiled, "A pound of meat dishes is twenty yuan and a pound of vegetarian dishes is ten yuan. Today, they are all discounted."

The quartet soon became a little dumbfounded. Because they had eaten in the cafeteria for so long, they thought that they had seen most of the food in the world, but now they had been subverted a bit.

"Throw it in by ourselves?" Zhang Yichi held the clip, confused.

"Yes. For dishes that are submerged in water, you can shake them a bit so that they are lighter." The auntie was very serious, "Our dishes are all washed, don't worry."

The four young man looked at each other, obviously a little confused.

"Then you take this row and I'll try that row."

Fortunately, they came with many people, so they divided themselves to chose from each different quarter so that they could taste everything in the store. This bizarre way of choosing food in restaurant made them feel very interesting.

After a while, it became a big popular scene for recognizing ingredients.

"It turns out that this is Chinese cabbage. What I usually eat in the cafeteria has shrunk. I almost didn't recognize it in its raw form."

"Speaking of which, oily gluten actually looks like this when raw. Oh, I don't know it."

"Aiyo, pork balls, shrimp balls, beef balls, fish balls, cuttlefish balls... Sh*t, there are so many balls..."

"Chicken gizzards? Duck blood? Can this be eaten too? Well, I got them all."

Two baskets of meat and vegetables were separated and weighed differently. 

The four quickly had their hands full. If it wasn't for the small basket, they would choose a little more. But when they paid the bill and walked to the window across from shelf, they saw a head exposed inside, and the person in the cashier turned out to be the beautiful chef from the cafeteria!

"Liu... Master!"

The four mecha students immediately greeted each other obediently, with a pitiful expression on their faces, with longing written all over their faces.

"You actually come out!"

"I haven't seen you in the cafeteria."

"I have not seen you for a long time."

Liu Weiwei smiled, weighed the baskets and swiped their cards. She then took the baskets and clipped a number plate on them one by one.

"The soup base is pork bone soup. There are a few options, original, slightly spicy and slightly numb, and last really spicy. Which one do you want?"

"Uh, it's slightly spicy."

"Okay, you're No. 3. Find a seat and sit down first, you'll be called to get the food later."

Guo Tao walked to the empty seat and put the Coke cup to his face. It took him a long time to recover, "Sh*t, Mala Tang looks delicious..." Something made by the Master would always be. As he said that, he sucked in uncontrollable saliva.

Song Hua sat down next, stretched out his hand and pinched his chin, "I knew that the advertising of this store was very unusual. I didn't waste my hard work coming here to check every day."

"Tsk, third child, you are a great hero this time." Hou Honglin patted his chest and glanced around the shop. When the army found out the owner of this Mala Tang shop, there would be a long queue here.

To qqueeze in to eat a meal wouldn’t be as easy as today.

Song Hua waved his hand, "It's easy to talk. You can give me more meat later."


The Mala Tang was ready soon. The four young men rushed over as soon as their number was called. Liu Weiwei instructed them to add in condiments as preferred with a smile, there were garlic, coriander, as well as chili oil and vinegar. She advised to add them in following their own taste.

It was the first time for the four of them, so they added a little of each condiments as if they were facing a big enemy. By the time they brought back their bowl of Mala Tang, their saliva was almost flooded.

"It smells so good!"

The red chili oil and coriander leaves floating on the soup base looked beautifully red and green. The chili soup was also very fragrant. Coupled with a small amount of vinegar, the slightly sour smell made them a little uncontrollable.

"These are my two baskets?" Zhang Yichi sniffed, his eyes lit up, "It's all in one bowl very roughly, what's this called...."

"The food of the whole universe is in your bowl." Song Hua lifted his lips and pulled a mouthful of boiled beef slices into his mouth. It was sour and tender. The tip of his tongue instantly became numb and his whole person woke up.

"Mmmm," Guo Tao said with an oily mouth, "This fish tofu is elastic, chewy, and delicious... The thin slices of wax gourd are so soft and crispy! There's actually something inside this prawn ball which I think is fish roe, wow! When you bite it, it bursts open in your mouth, delicious..."

Zhang Yichi swallowed what was in his mouth, "The cabbage is also tender and sweet. This wide tofu skin is good, and there is also wide vermicelli... perfect!"

Hou Honglin was sweating profusely. He couldn't eat spicy food very well but he felt that eating spicy food was extremely cool. But after wiping off the sweat, he put the fish fillet in his mouth, the hot snow-white meat was smeared with chili oil. It rolled on the tip of his tongue as if it had melted and it slipped into his throat instantly...

"Hey, did we forget something?" Zhang Yichi suddenly raised his head.

Hou Honglin, who had just wiped out all the fish fillets in his bowl, immediately lowered his head, "Nothing, eat yours."

Song Hua's eyes flickered but he didn't say anything. He stuffed a piece of soft but tasty little crispy meat into his mouth. Exchange the ingredients in their respective baskets to eat together... well, nothing! This crispy meat, he can eat a whole plate by himself!

Liu Weiwei, who was temporarily idle in the kitchen because of the scarcity of diners, looked at her light brain screen. After installing cameras at home and on the nanny robot, she could watch the live vedeos of her daughter every day at any time. The good baby who was chewing on her fingers spit out a small bubble again. The pink and tender face looked cute and she was playing with her feet beside Xiao Hei. The old mother who went out to work was instantly relieved. But soon another eight baskets came up to her.

"Master, please calculate the bill."

"Please prepare another bowl of Mala Tang~"

Liu Weiwei:  …

Their stomach would not burst!?

The four boys were just like fighter jets. They spent a full two hours in the Mala Tang shop, until their stomachs were too full and they dragged their legs heavily. They supported the wall of the shop and slowly moved towards the outside.

"Sister, goodbye... oh no, I want to vomit, huek..."

"Go away! Don't make that noise! I'm too full, I can't stand it~"

"Shut up, I'm going to stand and take a breath for a while..."

Liu Weiwei watched them leave with a smile in her eyes.

[The ultimate food task, the progress is 100%, complete!]

[Everyone has a paradise in their hearts. Thank you for finding the brilliance of food again for everyone.]

[Defeat the Chef Association, fight recipe monopoly, and let everyone eat real food. After such brilliance, you have not lost your heart and still stick to the original intention.]

[Congratulations, you are already a great cook!]

[Reward: Restored freedom.]

Liu Weiwei looked at the video of her little girl clumsily turning over but failing. The corners of her mouth couldn't help but rise. "It's time to send an invitation to Saibandes and treat him to a spicy meal."

"In the evening, I will also find Comrade Qin Mo for a drink to celebrate~"


The author has something to say: 

Don’t be caught off guard, I also didn't expect it to end so quickly... 

I thought I could write for a few more days, but when I wrote this chapter, I suddenly felt that it should end.

Why? Because the heroine has lived the life she wanted and she can't be forced to save the world... hahaha~

At the end, with her favorite Mala Tang Shop, the heroine got a simple and extraordinary happiness. The rest of the Chef Association is still messed up, but of course, it should be cleaned up by official people. The heroine is lazy and her ambition in this life is only in the kitchen.

So, that's how it ends.

Next are the extras!!! See you tomorrow~ Don't leave yet~



Well, the main story ended here, but there are still extra chapters next~

- MD

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