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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 213

ICRAB – Chapter 213

Li Sanpang's alcohol intake was not good at all, just at a level of beer drinking, and Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

In the end, Xiao Bai, who was greedy, went to taste a sip of rice wine, slid a bit, and fell to the ground not long after. It was Xiao Hei, who had the level of not getting drunk after a thousand cups, that drank the rest of the liquor. After Xiao Bai got drunk, she wasn't very calm. She rubbed hard on Xiao Hei and it didn't take long for the two to get together, doing something not suitable for children…

Liu Weiwei directly covered Xiao Bei’s eyes and let the robot take Xiao Yue away quickly.

With a cold face, Qin Mo glanced at the beasts making a mess, "My daughter must not be given any sort of alcoholic drink in the future." Too unsightly and very dangerous!

Xiao Hei, which was originally smaller, was thrown into the arms of Xiao Bai the rabbit. He immediately doubled in size and instantly overwhelmed her.

Liu Weiwei's eyes were also covered by Qin Mo. "Pay attention to prenatal education."

Liu Weiwei sighed and silently returned to her room, feeling that her plan to sell alcohol was going to be delayed. If everyone drank, she felt like something was going to happen! They might even kill themselves because of the alcohol. This possible crime was too big for her to bear.

Liu Weiwei touched her stomach, not forgetting to worry about her beast pet, "Is there anything wrong with Xiao Bai?"

"What could happen?" Qin Mo felt that his wife was also stupid. Xiao Hei had always had some ulterior motives for Xiao Bai. If he hadn't been injured a while ago, it's estimated that the rabbit would have been knocked down long ago.

Of course, Qin Mo was not a veterinarian and didn’t observe closely. So maybe, the little white rabbit had been pounced long ago, this was also possible. Xiao Hei was still a beast, could he control himself?

Qin Mo patted Liu Weiwei's head and decided not to talk about it, so as not to affect his daughter’s prenatal education.

Liu Weiwei usually didn’t restrain her beast pets and let them have freedom. After all, they also had their animal rights. But today she saw the incident with her own eyes and the worry caused was completely different from what she usually made up for herself. Xiao Hei became so big but Xiao Bai stayed so small, could it be done?

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched and she really wanted to go out to take a peek. But Qin Mo sat still and held her tightly. So she could do nothing.

"What if Xiao Bai get pregnant?" Liu Weiwei was instantly nervous at this flash of inspiration. "By the way, I had asked the veterinarian before and he said that the chance of conception is very low, but it is not impossible. Hey... What if there is no veterinarian in the school?" After all, it was not the military base, so there was no Beast Research Department.

Qin Mo patted Liu Weiwei’s hand, "Don't think about things that haven't happened yet. There will always be a way when that happens. Didn’t that Doctor Zhang arrive here for graduate school? This shows that the school professor is still quite capable."

Liu Weiwei nodded. When she was in a hurry, she simply forgot.

However, the next day, Liu Weiwei looked at Xiao Bai as if she were looking at a fragile item.

In the end, Qin Mo couldn't stand it anymore and pulled Liu Weiwei away. "If you don't want to lie in bed all day long, don't worry about it too much. We didn’t even know if Xiao Bai is pregnant or not."

Liu Weiwei was going to put a soft blanket in Xiao Bai's nest at one moment and then add a nutritious meal the other time. She was afraid that Xiao Bai would jump around too much every day that she was even more nervous than Xiao Hei. Qin Mo really had no choice but to give Liu Weiwei a more important task, "I heard that Saibandes is here. He is probably trying to find you, so you can let him try the wine."

When Liu Weiwei heard this, her attention was indeed diverted. She was taken aback, "He came to the academy too?"

The corner of Qin Mo's mouth twitched, "It should be as a visiting professor from the Department of Economics."

Liu Weiwei blinked and smiled immediately, "Well, let him come to the cafeteria to eat the food I made, he is quite interesting."

Liu Weiwei temporarily put aside her attention to Xiao Bai. Of course, she planned to wait a few days to see the situation and take Xiao Bai for a physical examination later.

Liu Weiwei went back to work in the cafeteria. Sure enough, on the second night, she met an old acquaintance. The dazzling blond local tyrant Saibandes.

Saibandes also brought a beautiful woman, who was also familiar. "Chef Liu, it's an honor for us to meet again. This is my assistant Anna."

Liu Weiwei was busy in the cafeteria, so waved at them with a spoon. "Mr. Saibandes, long time no see." The local tyrant was obviously in a good mood, with a gleaming smile on his face.

"Being able to eat your food again, this happy day has finally come." Liu Weiwei was in the military area before, and Saibandes couldn't get in. Now, the first military academy’s cafeteria was still easily accessible for him.

Saibandes’ face was full of relief, "I have moved my company to this planet and it's just at the back door of this academy. It's a ten-minute walk away." Visiting professors could eat in the cafeteria. After eating, he could go back to do business again, perfect. He felt that his plan was amazing.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Anna and the two of them smiled at each other, helplessly. There was not much to say about the blond tyrant who was almost enchanted. "Okay, you're welcome to come to the cafeteria for dinner this evening. But it's not dinner time yet, it's still an hour away."

Saibandes was distressed for a while, but soon got a wine tasting invitation from Liu Weiwei. With this, his eyes lit up. "Oh, Chef Liu, I'll do it now."

As soon as Liu Weiwei heard this, she immediately washed her hands, and took out a bottle of red wine and a wine glass. This bottle of wine was currently the highest grade in her space. Except for the Maotai that could fight it a little, nothing else was higher.

"This wine is a bit precious." Liu Weiwei looked at the system instructions and then swallowed her saliva first. This wine was a real local tyrant with a limited supply costing 12,500 credits a bottle. But, money alone couldn’t buy it.

In order to restore the authentic taste, even a few apprentices were pulled into the water by Liu Weiwei, and they were busy studying for a long time. The experiment failed many times and only three bottles were successful in the end. Before, she wanted to see Li Sanpang's alcohol tolerance first, but she didn't expect him to fell so soon, so this bottle of red wine didn't even have a chance to play.

Today, the big local tyrant was here, so Liu Weiwei felt that she could take the red wine out directly!

Saibandes, who had been looking forward to the wine tasting very much, immediately became serious when he heard it was precious. In the past, Liu Weiwei never said the word precious, but even then the food he already tasted was so delicious that his whole soul was about to soar and his mental strength also rose. Now she said that this wine was precious, and he couldn't imagine how good it would be. There was simply a feeling he would explode immediately~

Saibandes stared at Liu Weiwei’s movements closely. When he saw the crystal clear wine glass, the red wine bottle with beautiful curves and even smoother body, and the classic and timeless label, he couldn't help pinching his hands together… He was nervous!

Of course, Saibandes was not a stranger to red wine. At present, there were many antique stocks in his family, which had been passed down from generation to generation. The taste of those fine wines was not comparable to the red wines served in ordinary five-star restaurants. But, now the bottle Liu Weiwei took out gave him the same heavy feeling with his antiques collection.

"I will buy this bottle." Saibandes blurted out, "Anna, pay Chef Liu."

Anna: …

Liu Weiwei: 666

Although the local tyrant didn't even ask the price, this wine was independently developed by her, so Liu Weiwei still smiled. "Try it first then we can talk about other things."

Liu Weiwei didn’t need to do anything as Anna walked up directly with a smile to help open the bottle of wine. Looking at Anna's standard actions, Liu Weiwei knew that Saibandes was the most suitable person to taste the wine as he probably often drank before.

When the red wine was opened, Anna poured it into a special glass container so that the wine could contact the air more quickly. During the oxidation process, the tannin acidity in the wine was softened and the taste of the wine would become more complex and rounded. And it would also get to its best drinking state faster. At the same time, the smell of the wine would become more charming and mellow.

This oxidation process, in Saibandes’ eyes, was a gentleman's wait. Everything was worth it. However, when he saw the crystal clear wine glass and the wine that was as restrained and translucent as a pure ruby, he had a feeling that his soul was being drawn.

The aroma was intense and persistent, delicate and full-bodied. The aroma of this wine had not yet entered the mouth. However, just smelled from a distance, it already had a magic power that awakens the infinite desire of human beings, making Saibandes suffer in every possible way.

After a long wait, Saibandes finally got a glass of the precious red wine from Anna's hand. He first put it on the tip of his nose and shook it slightly. In an instant, his eyebrows stretched and his face was intoxicated. At the moment of entrance, the wine liquid flowed directly down his mouth, like the fragrance of a rose that was about to wither, instantly filling his entire mouth.

The tannins were fine and powerful, balanced and thick, and the velvety texture was smooth and elegant. Saibandes took a sip, and his whole person seemed to be floating. The charm of the red wine’s smell made him intoxicated, as if he had tasted the smell of heaven and wonderland.

There were sweetness and richness that was left in the mouth. Even after putting down the wine glass, the fragrance still lingered on the teeth and cheeks. With closed eyes it still lingered on the tip of the tongue. This was top notch wine!

The expression that Saibandes had at the moment was like he was sitting on an island, enjoying the cool breeze, with his luxury yacht in the distance and a super villa behind him. Under his feet was golden sand and above the head was a jewel like blue sky.

"Emperor..." Saibandes opened his blue eyes. They were shining brightly, "At this moment, I feel like an emperor who is sitting on top of the world, owning the best wine in the world, and holding the most plump beauty!"

The corner of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. She glanced at the background of the cafeteria behind Saibandes as well as the bad-faced Anna...

Saibandes, as if he didn't know anything, took another sip of red wine and closed his eyes with joy. "How much is this wine, how much do I need to pay to buy more? Chef Liu, you can directly give me the price." When he finished, he frowned. "No. Talking about money is desecrating this superb wine. You can choose any assets under my name, Chef Liu."

Anna: !!!

Liu Weiwei: This person... was sick again!

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