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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 224 (Extra 2)

ICRAB – Chapter 224 (Extra 2)

A dish was brought to the table. Because almost all of Saibandes’ friends were of ancient Western decent, they were accustomed to eating the dishes in front of them one by one and couldn’t accept a table full of dishes. Therefore, the dishes introduced in the high-end restaurant were almost all packaged in small plates, which were directly allocated to each individual. In this case, everyone was very satisfied. The more expensive something was, the rarer it was of course.

The waiter would also introduce each dish. Everyone was ecstatic when they heard the explanation and their appetites widened.

Rao was mentally prepared by Saibandes, but was frightened by the dishes just placed in front of him. The bird's nest, which was as beautiful as gold silk, was like a work of art. It was quietly placed on a white dinner plate. In the bird nest, there was a lifelike bird squatting. Its whole body shone with golden light and the pair of eyes seemed to be inlaid with rubies, vivid and dexterous.

"This, this is..." The man sitting on the right of Saibandes also opened his mouth at this moment. "Saibandes, did you ask the chef to make this dish?"

"My God, although your aesthetics are a bit over the top, your IQ is still on the line. Where did you find this chef?"

The other aristocrat across from him even exaggeratedly took out an old-fashioned monocle from the space, put it on the bridge of his nose, and looked at the plate carefully. "Saibandes, did you put the gold on the table?"

"Tell the truth, do you want to swallow gold again?"

Saibandes really wanted to roll his eyes, but he couldn't take his eyes off the plate in front of him. He also once said that shredded pork noodles with pickled vegetables, braised pork trotters, and even tofu pudding were great works of art. But now, the bird in front of him was lying in the nest as if it was about to open its mouth and croak. The traces of feathers, the traces of golden nests, all seemed to be real. The point was, this pair of bright red bird eyes really looked like ruby collected by his younger brother!

Saibandes looked at Mu Ming, and sure enough, he saw the crazy eyes as if his younger brother was looking at his lover.

Saibandes touched his forehead and then noticed a slightly unkind aura. Turning his head, he found that it was from his own particularly assertive assistant. "Anna, this really has nothing to do with me." He wanted to shrug, but unfortunately only went halfway through it because the waiter had already started explaining the dishes, so everyone's ears perked up.

"This dish is called Jinwu Cangjiao." (TN: a golden house to keep one's mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman.)

As soon as these words came out, the knowledgeable men glanced at each other, and couldn't help but glance at the female companions beside them.

Saibandes’ arm was cold again, and when he turned his head, he saw Anna's half-smiling eyes. "..."

The waiter smiled gracefully, "This whole dish is edible. The bird's nest and the bird's body are all handmade by the chef. The bird's body is covered with edible gold foil. You can use a fork to break the bird apart so you can see the other side. This dish is our restaurant's blessing to the distinguished guests. All our staff sincerely wishes that all the distinguished guests live as prosperous family with a great reputation that is as glorious as gold and as bright as ruby." His words almost dropped the forks in everyone's hands, but they couldn't help but feel comfortable.

Almost all of them looked at Saibandes with complicated eyes.

It took a long time for a few female companions to discuss and express the wishes of everyone present. "This bird is really made of gold? Will we die if we eat it?"

"This, this is safe to eat?"

The waiter smiled and bowed, "Yes, distinguished guests. After years of research by the chef of our restaurant, we have finally made edible and harmless gold foil which has passed the Interstellar Alliance’s food inspection, please rest assured. It's beautiful and it shows the indescribable temperament of diners."

The expressions of the men and women at the table instantly became elegant. Yes, they were all priceless.

Hearing that all the food inspections had passed, bold people like Li Sanpang the foodie, or Saibandes, who had swallowed gold and didn't die, picked up their fork.

With them leading, others followed suit.

When the dinner fork was drawn towards the golden bird, it was as if it had cut a piece of soft tofu. The bird trembled and its wings vibrated, as if it was about to come alive. 

However, it was a meal after all.

The women sighed softly. The eyes of the men were also widened, and they had already seen the scene under the fork. After the golden bird was cut by the dining fork, the golden wings on the outside seemed to be a thin layer of golden thread that had fallen off... revealing the jade-like body of the bird inside. Snow white as jade, the golden house hid its beauty. It turned out to be tofu.

Saibandes was a little shocked. His hand holding the fork was shaking, he was stupid, really stupid. If he had known such a chef a few years earlier, what kind of gold would he have swallowed? He would probably gave her all the gold and let her make such artistic meals every day.

When the fork was in the mouth, the coldness of the tofu with the fragrance of beans mixed with a lubricating sweetness, melted directly in the mouth. This cold dish was a special and luxurious!

Li Sanpang quickly nibbled at the bird's nest on the outside. He was shocked when he ate it in his mouth, "This nest is actually hot and sour dried bamboo shoots?"

Saibandes was stunned, his eyes widened, "What?" This bird's nest was too realistic, like a nest made of fine grass and twigs and leaves by the live birds in his courtyard, with entangled textures.

"It's sour and spicy!"

"Crispy bamboo shoots..."

"Have I eaten gold and bamboo shoots? Saibandes, you organized the party well."

The corners of Saibandes’ mouth twitched, but after tasting the sour bamboo shoots ripped from the nest, he directly picked up the napkin on the table. Woohoo, delicious! Really delicious and appetizing! He feels that he can eat a whole golden mountain now~

"Saibandes, it's amazing, you have to tell me how to reserve a table in this restaurant. Next month, reserve a table for me, wait no, I'll reserve all three openings. The price doesn't matter~"

"Huh, what nonsense are you talking about? I want to book next month, you wait for the following month!"

"Everyone, my future schedule is full and I only have one day next month. Please let me jump in the queue, you can mention the conditions."

"Tsk, Elton, are you the only one who's busy? My schedules also full up until next year, okay?"

"Yes, no cutting lines allowed!"

Saibandes wiped his face, "Don't talk about it, we won't accept reservations next month because, I want to book the venue until next year."

The local tyrants: "!!!"

"Kill you to death!"

"Saibandes, don't force me!"

"Brother, you have take care of your brother~"

"Wait, don't make trouble, if you don't agree, I won’t leave today!"

Saibandes didn't respond, as if he didn't hear anything. But he turned his head and asked the waiter, "How did your chef think of using gold for dishes?" No matter how he looked at it, it seemed to be mocking him… err no, inspired by him.

Coincidentally, the two new waiters walked into the restaurant with a bottle as thick as an adult's arm, attracting the attention of the group. The bottle was a transparent glass body with smooth lines. And in the liquid inside the bottle, there were actually thin pieces of gold foil floating. Each piece was probably less than one millimetre thick and one centimetre wide, but there were many of them. They were floating in the wine so that the whole bottle of wine exudes a charming faint golden light as well as a wonderful atmosphere!


Rao was the same as Saibandes, his breathing was stagnant, and he even forgot the problem.

The waiter smiled impeccably again, "Our edible gold foil is as thin as a cicada's wings, only 1/10,000 of a millimeter in thickness and it has reached the point of light transmission. The head chef looked through the ancient books, and Li Shizhen's <Compendium of Materia Medica> once recorded, 'Eating gold can calm the spirit, strengthen the bone marrow, and relieve the evil spirits of the five internal organs’. These two bottles of gold leaf wine are specially treasured by the chef. They are specially brought out today to entertain all the distinguished guests and at the same time, they can get a touch of immortal spirit."

A group of local tyrants who had been inheriting wealth for thousands of years were all dumbfounded.

Immortal… Drinking gold wine, would they achieve immortality?! No matter how wealthy they were, they couldn't even think about this picture!

The waiter quickly took out a small wine glass. It was originally a cup for drinking white wine. After putting this gold leaf wine liquid, it actually had a magical immortal spirit.

Li Sanpang's small eyes have been opened to the widest today. Looking at the gold flakes floating in the wine, he felt like he was dreaming. However, his alcohol intake was not good, so he could only take a small sip. Hiss… the taste of this gold on the tip of his tongue was so wonderful that it couldn’t be described in words.

"How much is this cup?" Li Sanpang asked. The wine echoed in his mouth and he tasted a sweet aftertaste. All he drank was money!

The waiter smiled warmly, "Esteemed guest, our gold leaf wine is made from mineral-rich Gaochuan Lake water and the most plump and excellent golden wheat. And the gold leaf in it has a very long history. The gold came from more than three thousand years ago. This bottle of gold leaf wine is sold at 990,000 credits in this restaurant."

Li Sanpang almost bit his tongue, "What?" Then, with this small cup in his hand, he drank at least 20,000 to 30,000 yuan in one mouthful?

"Delicious! Delicious!" Li Sanpang's face flushed red and there was a mass of heat in his belly. At this moment, he felt like he was stepping on a cloud in heaven. It's cool, he's swallowing gold, he's a rich man, wasn’t he?

And Saibandes at the table next to Li Sanpang kept his ears pricked up. His face twitched when he heard that. He turned his head, carefully glanced at the expression of the female companion beside him, and rubbed his hands together, "Hehe, Anna, that... just buy me a bottle, okay?"

Anna drank the wine in her small glass in one breath, her face remained unchanged, but she put the small wine glass on the table with a snap.

Saibandes shivered. "Anna, don't be angry, I promise... I promise to work harder to make money! From today onwards, I will set a small goal. I will work hard to earn enough to buy ten bottles of wine every day~ then... I will drink one bottle and the extra money will buy you clothes?"

The corner of Anna's mouth was raised and she reached out her hand gracefully, "Waiter, we want to order ten bottles."

Saibandes ‘eyes lit up, "I knew it, I knew you were really good to me~"

"No. You said you only need one bottle, so the rest is mine."


With tears flowing in his heart, Saibandes looked pitifully at his younger brother. As a result, he saw his younger brother who liked ruby raised his hand boldly, "Waiter, give me ten copies of this bird. Pack it and put the bill on my brother's account!"



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This pair of funny local tyrant and assistant, I like them very much, hehe~

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