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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 211

ICRAB – Chapter 211

Liu Weiwei worked in the school cafeteria and was very happy every day. Looking at the young and energetic students, full with food and drink, she also felt that she was full of energy. For her second pregnancy, there was no nausea at all and she had a great appetite. Even Qin Mo found this out. Except for letting Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai accompany her to the cafeteria, he never force her to rest in bed again. Bu Zhongxin was in the school clinic and checked on her several times.

Qin Mo took the family to the big hospital on the planet for a maternity check-up. It turned out that Liu Weiwei and the child were very healthy. Of course, Liu Weiwei’s appetite for food also made Qin Mo sweat. "It doesn't matter if it's a son. If it's a girl, isn't she too foodie?" If the mother was too fat and the child was also overweight, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Liu Weiwei touched her stomach and was also considering whether to restrain her appetite, but she was really hungry. At the beginning of this pregnancy, she found that if she didn’t eat an extra meal, she would be starving all over. She didn’t know if it was caused by staying in the cafeteria all day.

Liu Weiwei looked at the teachers and students, and it was like she hadn't eaten in eight lifetimes. She devoured all the food in the cafeteria as she was terribly hungry. If she ate a little late because she was busy, she would immediately feel hungry and upset. She had to eat a bowl of rice with delicious dishes immediately to suppress her hunger.

In the happy and unbearable days of the school teachers and students, Liu Weiwei was more and more worried every day. "Beibei, has mother gained weight? Do you think my face is round now?" When she looked in the mirror, she felt that she had grown a circle of flesh again.

Xiao Bei was holding Xiao Hei to do his homework, looked up and quickly fell silent. "Mom, I'm still young, I can't see this." This was his new tactic to avoid issue. The little bun was very shrewd and decided not to answer, but also to cheat his father. "Ask Dad, he'll know for sure."

Qin Mo: ...

Liu Weiwei was worried for two days and she was also worried about her daughter's health in the future. When Bu Zhongxin came to eat and gave her a recipe for healthy eating, she decided to follow it.

As a result, the dishes of the entire cafeteria were basically redesigned and the style was instantly changed from juveniles who didn’t like to mix vegetables with meat, to various healthy dishes for pregnant women, less oil, less salt, no MSG. Safe, healthy and nutritious.

While the students were eating, they worked together with men and women without getting tired. Originally, the famous singlehood problem of the military academy was resolved for the most part this year. In the past, many people had to be bachelors for more than ten years when they joined the army. Now, before graduation, they all had a good time with sophomore or junior school sisters. Some of them were even paired with beautiful girls from the next campus. As food friends, they had three meals a day together, exchanged feelings, understood each other’s details, and enjoyed each others’ company very much. After a long time, it was inevitable for true feelings to emerge.

In addition to her enthusiastic work to raise a healthy baby, Liu Weiwei didn't know that she also had the title of a great matchmaker. She also took time off and glanced at the system, only to realize that after more than three months, her task completion had reached half of the progress bar. The students' support for her was almost 25%, which surprised her.

Liu Weiwei, a pregnant woman who was deprived of the Internet, did not know that various posts on the school forum had long praised her. Not only in the first military academy, but also spread rapidly in other schools, mainly because these guys in the first military academy liked to show off everywhere.

[Twenty small examples of delicious cafeteria dishes that you don't know about.]

[The chef is amazing, are you afraid?]

[A matchmaker's beauty, also a good cook.]

[Strategy: How to catch the lover of your dreams – First of all, your school must have a cafeteria.]

[Hehe, the story of my girlfriend and I fighting over tofu soup~]

[Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate after graduation next month, thank you for the potato and chicken pot.]

[The little junior sister of someone else's family has become my wife!]

All kinds of posts had simply aroused group anger in major colleges and universities. Of course they didn’t have a cafeteria, not to mention the drool-worthy dishes in the post, not even the drinks, without all that, how could they have things like drinking together, helping to eliminate the unfinished meal of the beauties, and giving the last piece of chicken to the younger sister to eat,... There was absolutely no place to perform this kind of girl-picking routine.

They could only be envious of these posts!

What's more annoying was that while their saliva was drooling, they also had to feel heartache for their single dog days, and they could only drink a nutritional supplement to heal their wounds. Compared with other schools, their own campus was simply irritating!

So another batch of painful complaint posts went to the forum of the Education Bureau. Everyone wanted a cafeteria and they also wanted a chef to cook good food. It's not fair! We're all students of the interstellar alliance, right? How could you bully people like this!

The leaders of the Education Bureau were going bald. But no matter how long their hand was, it couldn’t reach the military headquarters. For a while, could they let the military academy close the cafeteria? They went to hire the chef of the restaurant, but they were all scared back by the high hiring price.

In the end, there was a stalemate, and all the college students and even the teachers were envious of the people of the first military academy.

Liu Weiwei's reputation had risen steadily. The youth’s favorability for her climbed all the way at a sprint speed and it was about to surpass the Chef Association.

The boss of the Chef Association's sub-division, Vice President Sang Long was also having a headache now. The Education Bureau was criticized by college students for not being able to hire a chef, so they went directly to the Chef Association. As a government department, the Education Bureau was very angry this time, so they asked the Chef Association to arrange a low-cost chef and open a cafeteria to provide a set of services. 

Sang Long was urged so many times. In the end, he couldn't hold it anymore and had to come out to receive the director of the Education Bureau in person. But he just said a word, "The cost of cooking is really high now, so it is not easy for every chef." However, he was sprayed in the face by the Education Bureau’s Chief.

"Then how did the chef in First Military Academy do that? A girl with such a high level of consciousness is willing to sacrifice a high income to work in the school cafeteria. Why can't the rest of your association do the same?" The Chief was very angry. As a public servant, the salary of the Chief could only be considered middle class, which was incomparable with the rich. He was obviously not at the economic level where he could eat real food every day and went to a restaurant.

Many students came to the education forum every day to write posts.

[This morning, they made fried dough sticks with flatbread, bean curd and tea eggs.]

[Tomorrow noon will be Lamb Chowder and Stir-fried Bamboo Shoots with Enoki Mushrooms.]

Posting pictures every day and drawing hatred every day, even the Chief felt hungry when he saw it, and envied the teachers and students of the First Military Academy!

Now what nonsense was this? How could a female military chef do this but the Chef Association cannot?

"Our Education Bureau will also give subsidies." The Chief obviously did his homework before he came. "I asked the First Military Academy’s principal, and he said that he subsidize ten yuan per student per month. So, I will also follow this subsidy and you can get me a batch of chefs. Let's put our 215 school cafeteria into operation first."

Sang Long frowned, "Subsidy, this is the chef's salary? What about the profit of the dishes?"

The Chief snorted coldly, "The chef is responsible for the profit and loss of the cafeteria. We are outsourcing it. Don't worry, we won’t ask for the collected money and we will even give subsidies to the chef. My requirements are very low and the level of the chef does not need to be very high, but the price of the dishes…" He immediately showed Sang Long a screenshot in the post. A Lamb Chowder, full of meat, only fifty credits.

Sang Long was like being strangled, "Is this a typo?" This kind of lamb dish would at least cost 5,000 credits in a junior chef's small restaurant. No matter how bad it was, the price of would be at least 500! What the h*ll was fifty?

But soon, Sang Long saw the Chief’s finger scrolling and various dishes slowly revealed under the post. Farmhouse Fried Pork 30, Boiled Fish 30, Beef Pie 10, Tea Egg 5, Rice Free…

Beef Pie

Boiled Fish

Fried Pork

Sang Long was about to spit out a mouthful of blood. What, did this chef have a brain?

"Of course it's not wrong." The Chief looked at Sang Long coldly. "This is a school cafeteria and the students' financial ability is limited. In order to allow everyone to eat, the price is made more reasonable."

Sang Long felt like he was going to faint, "Director Xue, any chef that operate at this price will suffer a loss."

"We'll give you a subsidy."

It's good that the Chief mentioned the subsidy, but when he said the number to Sang Long, he immediately felt that he was going to have a brain hemorrhage. "Was it the amount that said just now, ten yuan a month for one student?" This was forcing the chef to go bankrupt! It's simply a chef's suicide. Even just donating wouldn’t burn so much!

Sang Long himself had climbed up from a junior chef, so he was well aware of the early hardships of the profession. In order to be able to study, one million was required, and then advanced recipes were exchanged for ten million. After that, the profits had to be shared with the Association. Year after year, only by burning money could someone gained the title of a super chef, gained a firm foothold, and started to make a lot of money. Most of the junior chefs were spending beyond their means and considered everything an investment focusing on the future. With this, who would do good deeds for nothing and even suffer loss?

The ten yuan subsidy couldn’t even make up for the price of seasonings, let alone the historical tuition fees accumulated by the chefs. Even until the year of a naked monkey or dancing horse, the cost wouldn’t be earned back!

"Hey, President Sang, if your Chef Association is so uncooperative, I will bring this matter to the president at the next parliament meeting." The Chief was angry and the consequences were serious.

Sang Long was about to cry with anger, "Director Xue, our Chef Association has been working hard to cooperate with the Interstellar Alliance government for so many years, but this time your request is too difficult to do."

The Chef Association had been operating so far with the permission of the Alliance government behind it. The government needed funds. The tax incomes from the citizens were not enough so the chef association would pay some high taxes every year. They were big taxpayers. Under such a balance, everyone turned a blind eye to the monopoly of the association.

After all, over the years, ordinary people had long been accustomed to drinking nutritional supplements. Moreover, the wealthy and high-ranking officials who really hold the power were not short of money to go to restaurants. They had no conflict of interest with each other, but a win-win situation. But today, the situation was clearly different.

Liu Weiwei's fire had spread beyond the military area... It had spread to major colleges and universities, where future talents were concentrated!

Sang Long's mourning, the Chief of the Education Bureau seemed to have not seen it. "Difficulties are all solvable. The smooth launch of the cafeteria on the First Military Academy is a typical example. If President Sang needs to, you can learn from the other party with humility. This cafeteria must be recreated!" Otherwise, the Education Bureau would be demolished sooner or later…

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