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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 229 (Extra 7) [END]

ICRAB – Chapter 229 (Extra 7) [END]

Within a few years, Liu Weiwei found that her small treasury was about to overflow. Although the school and the cafeteria of the military region brought her almost no income, but her Mala Tang restaurant was on fire and the luxurious restaurant she designed for billionaires was also on fire. In addition, there were snacks sales such as chicken feet, spicy strips, and alcohol...

Liu Weiwei monthly net income was tens of millions, and even as high as 200 to 300 million in peak season. In winter, when the weather was cold, people's appetite seemed to be completely unlocked. They needed to get more calories by eating.

Although there were constant temperature air conditioners everywhere in interstellar era, even rich people such as Saibandes had listened to Liu Weiwei's remarks about returning to nature and had turned off the air conditioners at home and in his company, and others had followed suit.

Liu Weiwei and a group of chefs took advantage of the situation to launch a series of hot pot restaurants and barbecue restaurants. When the first snow landed, everyone lit the fire, ate roasted meat dripping with oil, drank a cup of hot coffee, and gathered together for a Sichuan-style hot pot in the evening.

The skin felt the stinging cold wind, but the whole mouth and esophagus were hot and warm, the real ice and fire contrast. Everyone's happiness index was rising. The chefs of many food associations had finally climbed out of the debt pit. A steady stream of guests came, so they saw a glimmer of light.

And Liu Weiwei's luxury dishes had become their pioneers, letting them know that cooking could be expensive, costing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions, but as long as there was something outstanding, it would make billionaires happy to pay.

Liu Weiwei felt that she had no regrets so she devoted all the extra time she had to tutor the little buns at home with their homework. Of course, she had also mastered most of the basic interstellar knowledge by now.

But one day, Qin Xixi, who was not allowed to wear her new dress if she didn’t finish the homework assigned by the teacher, burst into tears. "Mama, you can't be so cruel... woo woo, Papa didn't say this when he taught you back then... You can't treat Xixi like this~"

Qin Xixi, who was only six years old, had a lot of homework. This was all arranged by the school teacher, and Liu Weiwei couldn't help it. But when the little daughter howled like this, she was stunned.

"Papa said?" Liu Weiwei suddenly felt a strange feeling in her heart.

Sure enough, Qin Xixi, who was a big beanie, sobbed and said it directly. "Papa said that when Mama didn't study well, he gave you advice, but... he is very gentle~ Mama, you should be gentle with Xixi now~ Tomorrow, Xixi wants to wear a new dress to school~"

Liu Weiwei blinked and suddenly a string in her head broke. After so many years, it seemed that a dark cloud suddenly appeared in front of her and dispersed...

"Qin, Mo!" 

She had been mailing all kinds of food dishes to Heaven Rewards the Diligent on Skynet, but every time she wanted to ask him for his actual address, he went silent! Even for so long, Heaven Rewards the Diligent was mostly offline. Every time she sent a message, he only responded late in the early morning. His personal log was also always empty.

Liu Weiwei was enraged. In the evening, when the Colonel comrade, who knew nothing about it, came home, he felt that the atmosphere was very strange. Xiao Bei, who usually snorts, hugged the smallest flying rabbit, went into the room, and took the initiative to do his homework. And the little baby Xixi, who liked to stick to him the most, was also pulled into the back garden by Xiao Yue, who was three years older than her. Even the unsightly krypton beast at home, with two little flying rabbit cubs in his mouth, took the initiative to disappear from him. As for the lazy white rabbit, he didn't even know where she was.

Comrade Qin Mo froze. Immediately, he saw his child's mother who was smiling meaningfully from the second floor, walking down in high heels.

"Comrade Qin Mo."


"Should I call you a good-hearted person or a b*stard? A big b*stard!!"


Ten centimeters high heels stepped directly on his feet!

Colonel Qin Mo's only thought was to keep his child's mother away from Anna in the future. Look, what she had learned!

But the exposure came too suddenly. They were married a long time ago and there were already several children in the family. Every time they went out, he couldn’t even hold them all with both hands... But he completely forgot about this!

Comrade Qin Mo finally humbled to sleep in a cold living room floor for a month.

Women were stingy, very stingy.

Comrade Qin Mo finished his floor career on the second day. He happily prepared to go back to the big bed in his room to sleep, but found that something more terrifying was waiting for him.

"From today onwards, our family's meals will be cooked by Dad." Liu Weiwei said with a smile, "Everyone applaud~"

Qin Mo: ...

Xiao Bei and Xiao Yue directly sprayed the soda in their mouths.

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei were lying on the ground. When they heard what Liu Weiwei said, they raised their panic-stricken faces!

Only Qin Xixi looked innocent and clapped her hands to Comrade Qin Mo, "Papa can cook too~ Come on, Papa~"

Qin Mo: ...

Comrade Qin Mo, who didn't even know the location of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, was honorably sent to the kitchen. Breakfast, egg pancakes. After making seventeen or eighteen failed products, he bravely brought milk and oatmeal to the dining room.

The group of children and cubs all looked at Qin Mo with suspicion and contempt.

"Papa, Xixi don't eat oatmeal~"

"Dad, you cook this? Even Xiao Bai can make her own cereal, you seem to be teasing us!"

"Dad, let me help you. I can make egg pancakes. Mom taught me once."

Except for the sensibleness of little Qin Yue, which made Qin Mo feel distressed, the reactions of the other two children made his head numb. But they were still better than the pack of beasts.

"…… Squeak"


The krypton beast sprayed the cereal on Qin Mo’s face!

The little flying bunnies even pouted their butts, buried their heads on the ground, and resisted eating.

Qin Mo sighed deeply.

"Milk oatmeal or nutritional supplements. You can only choose one of them. In times of famine, it is already nice to have something to eat." Colonel Qin Mo took the lead and sat down, picked up the bowl and drank his cereal in one gulp. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Half-cooked... unpalatable.

"Hurry up and finish your meal, you're going to be late for school." He sternly said.

"Woo woo...I want Mama! I want to eat tender eggs!"

"Ugh... Dad, the taste of your cooking is so disgusting."

"Dad, can I make an egg pancake by myself? I'll give this oatmeal to... Uncle Wang's son next door?"

Qin Mo: ...

From then on, all the children and cubs in the family know that Mama Liu was the real boss. And because of this catastrophic breakfast accident, even Qin Xixi had a great goal.

"Xixi has to learn to cook well~ Next time Mama gets angry again, Xixi can make something for herself~"

Xiao Bei also nodded, agreeing with his sister. "Also, we probably won't be able to count on Comrade Qin Mo for the rest of our lives. I've decided to stock up on a military ration every day from today, so when I'm ten years old, I'll be able to eat it for three years in a row."

Xiao Yue also counted with both hands, "Then I will learn a few more dishes from mother, at least one month's worth of recipes."

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei snuggled together, lying on the warm carpet, watching the human cubs with great relief and satisfaction.

So nice~ Let the little cubs follow the little master, so they would not be hungry in the future~


The author has something to say: 

The story is over, dear treasures, see you in the next book~



Well, ICRAB ends here~

Thank you everyone for following the story, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

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Once the next project is confirmed, uploads will start again. 

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