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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 210

ICRAB – Chapter 210

The three of them finally queued up. When they came back after buying the food, they found that Song Hua had already finished eating, and was chatting with a shy beautiful woman on the next table. After listening to the chat, the three wanted to hit their roommate badly.

"Sister, isn't the fish fillet in tomato sauce delicious? It's sweet and sour, I won't lie to you, it's not fishy at all, right? Well, the fish is very tender and has no bones at all. Thank you for giving me a slice, it's really delicious~"

"Rice mixed with the tomato sauce is also very good, but unfortunately I've run out of rice. Sister, if you want, take my tomato sauce and mix it with your remaining rice."

Hou Honglin and the three could hardly listen anymore. Song Hua, this stinky shameless man lied to a little girl to let her eat his leftover tomato sauce, wouldn’t this be what it's called... an indirect kiss? Shameless to the extreme!

As a result, Hou Honglin walked forward and found that the girl was a fair and clean little beauty with fresh and pleasant facial features.

"Thank you, why don't you eat some of my gluten ball eggplant stew?" The little beauty was obviously embarrassed to eat other people's food for nothing. But this exchange of food could be easily misunderstood.

Hou Honglin and the other two roommates suddenly became envious and jealous. But in the end they were from the same dormitory, so they wouldn't ruin their brother's fate. They all sat down quietly and didn't even dare to stare casually with their eyes for fear that the little beauty would escape.

"Haha, okay, I'll have a taste." Song Hua wasn't being polite at all. The little beauty asked him to eat, so he took the chance and took a big mouthful directly from the girl’s plate.

This action made Hou Honglin's eyes twitch. A good chance to pick up a girl turned out to be wasted by this fellow. Shouldn't you be more like a gentleman at this time and just take a small piece of eggplant? After Song Hua took one big mouthful away, the dishes on the girl’s plate were instantly reduced by a quarter. Did he still want a face?!

In the eyes of his roommates' condemnation, Song Hua was not ashamed at all. He was eating with relish, nodding as he ate, and generously extending his thumb to praise. "It turns out that this cheap vegetarian dish is so delicious, sister, I learned new things again! You're right. In the future you have to mix meat and vegetables. Well, you continue to eat, I'm full~"

This Song Hua fellow said that he was full but still looked at Hou Honglin's plate greedily, which made him almost got violently beat up. However, the little beauty was obviously shy and didn't realize how shameless Song Hua was.

"Well, I also didn't know it at first. It was recommended by the beautiful chef." The little beauty also came with her friends and immediately chatted with her friends next to her.

Hou Honglin could finally condemn Song Hua, "Where's your face?"

Song Hua pretended not to hear and was still studying his roommates’ dishes, "Eh, Zhang Yichi, you also ordered mapo tofu? Let me have a taste, I'll let you eat it back in the evening."

Zhang Yichi: "..."

The three all looked at Song Hua weirdly. It turned out that he was not picking up girls at all, he was crazy! 

Hou Honglin despised this and ate the gluten ball eggplant dish himself. He also wanted to ridicule Song Hua, but he was immediately distracted by the taste of the eggplant. Interstellar people rarely went to restaurants. Even if they did, they mostly find some popular dishes, mainly meat and common vegetables, so many people had never eaten gluten ball.

Gluten ball was a very strange thing. After frying, it didn't have much volume at first, but it was bulged into a big golden ball, the center was empty, and the outside was a thin layer with slight pores. When it was cooked in water, the gas inside was immediately discharged and the entire outer skin becomes soft. It was thinner and more elastic than ordinary dried tofu.

Those who had never tried it for the first time would definitely be amazed. It was neither meat nor vegetable and it tasted completely different from ordinary soy products. It was very popular in all kinds of home-cooked dishes and malatang. It was soft and could absorb the seasoning completely, so few people would hate it.

The gluten balls and eggplant were both soft and fluffy. When they were served on the table, it was a superb dish. Almost as long as they meet for the first time, they could directly capture the hearts of everyone.

Hou Honglin was like this right now. He didn’t even have the energy to argue or fight and he didn’t even have time to struggle or think. He was captured in an instant as he ate the eggplant dish. "This..." He chewed the hot, salty, soft gluten ball in his mouth, swallowed it whole, and was shocked, "It's better than meat!"

The level gluten ball in ordinary dishes was of course not as attractive as dishes with heavy oil or hot pot, but Hou Honglin ate several mouthfuls in a row, and was moved to the chest by the soft and crisp eggplant for a while. He then succumbed to the chewiness of the oily gluten balls. Soon after, his plate was already empty.

Fifteen credit coins, the price in the cafeteria, could compare with a whole dish outside. Liu Weiwei's original intention was to let teachers and students mix and match more, let them try different dishes, and complement each other's nutrition. However, now Hou Honglin almost rolled up his sleeves and wanted to line up for the second time.

In the end, Song Hua, who was still full, stopped Hou Honglin at a critical moment. "Don't be impulsive, you still have chicken and shrimp in your plate, so you can eat enough. If it doesn't work, just spend two more yuan to buy a bowl of extra rice. Maybe there will be something better to eat in the evening?"

Song Hua had clearly researched the way of 'how to eat better in the cafeteria'. It's the same as when he played games, he needed layout and strategy, and when necessary, he also needed to read other people's strategy posts. Just now, he had read all the top ten hot posts in the morning.

"Breakfast is very rich, everyone's comments said that they were delicious and cheap, but they didn’t expect the lunch dishes to be more delicious and the price is even lower." Song Hua  gave his analysis to his brothers, "According to this rhythm, dinner in the cafeteria should not be bad and the price is likely to be even lower. The greedier we are this time, the more we have to endure!"

Song Hua said something that the other three felt reasonable. Even the little beauty next to them listened with her ears pricked up and nodded secretly.

Song Hua’s analysis could be said to be very close to Liu Weiwei's attitude towards doing things. She didn't know that someone started to analyze the direction of the cafeteria, but after reading the business report made by the robot, she slapped her thigh and decided to continue reducing the price at night.

Liu Weiwei saw a lot of people picky eaters at noon and even more so when she looked at the report data, this was not good. This had to be reduced to the point where everyone felt that eating four or five dishes was fine, meat or vegetarian dishes didn’t matter as long as they could afford the price.

The cafeteria had subsidy allocated by the school. In recent years, Liu Weiwei had also cultivated a low-cost source of ingredients. Moreover, the seasoning produced by the military factory was now ready to be put out into the market. It was foreseeable that the price of dishes would plummet in the future.

In the morning and noon, Liu Weiwei adjusted the price many times, but she made sure the teachers and students could have enough food without taking up too much subsidies. After fumbling for two meals, she finally decided to try another price drop at night. However, she couldn’t cut prices without thinking.

"Robot No. 1, make an announcement for dinner tonight, teachers and students who buy both meat and vegetable dishes can enjoy a 30% discount on their entire order. In addition, we will launch a promotion of cash back 20 credits when a pair of man and woman spends over 100. In the evening, we will write a little about the efficacy and taste of the ingredients outside to guide everyone to have a better dining experience in the cafeteria."

Liu Weiwei did the math, so there would be no need to apply for the subsidy separately from the allotted number. She could still control the cafeteria to break even. This wave of her actions could be said to be set in place.

In the evening, the brothers and sisters who had rushed directly to the cafeteria were dumbfounded when they saw the notice on the electronic screen at the door.

"What? One man and one woman buying together will have cash back 20 credits?"

"Buy a meat and vegetable, 30% off... I calculate, if I take one meat and one vegetable costing 45, 30% off means the cost would be nearly 15 credits cheaper, which is equivalent to getting the vegetarian dish for free! Buy two meats and two vegetarian, it is almost equivalent to getting two free vegetarian dishes!"

"Sh*t, is this true or false?!"

For a while, the students crowded at the door boiled.

"I want a girl, where can I find a girl! Twenty cash back!"

"I'm a girl, I ask the senior to lead me~"

"Are there any junior sisters? Well, senior sisters are fine too~"

"Junior, what do you think of me? I like vegetarian dishes, do you eat meat?"

In an instant, everyone outside the cafeteria was temporarily matching themselves randomly. But because it was too hasty, the scene was simply chaotic. It didn’t matter if they knew each other or not, whether the relationship was good or bad, as long as it was of the opposite sex, they didn’t talk and just pull the person away!

The military academy had more men than women, but it was not yet the peak of get out of afternoon class so there were not enough men in front of the cafeteria. The female students were also worried that they would not find a man. 

After a riot, everyone finally entered the cafeteria in pairs. The news of the need for mutual help between men and women was finally posted on the forum. When the afternoon classes were over, most of the male students on campus, including the male teachers, fell into an unprecedented panic.

"Where's a woman? Here comes a woman!"

"Senior, you have to come with me~ Ah, you have an appointment?! Then you have two meals, okay?"

"Don't rob me, the little junior sister is mine, mine... oh, let's fight!"

In a military academy with many men, such an endgame would definitely occur and Liu Weiwei never imagined this chaotic situation before. She had designed a 30% discount on the combination of meat and vegetables, but everyone was focused more on the second discount, which was completely beyond her expectations.

Comrade Qin Mo also finished his class at this time. He shuttled through most of the campus and finally reached the cafeteria with his serious profile. Looking at the men all over the world looking for little junior sisters, he snickered.

When a group of slow-handed bachelors became frustrated in front of the cafeteria, someone finally came up with a new trick.

Song Hua, who was sneaky, patted his roommates’ shoulders with his eyes lit up. "Brother, let's go to the school next door and find a girl! University of Political Science and Law, there are a lot of girls~ I will send a help message to their school first. Let's go to their school gate and drag people! Drive the spaceship!"

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