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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 76 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 76 – Love in Action (2)

Zhang Meifeng said anxiously: "Five or six hundred? You have so much money that you probably can't spend it all in a life time, but you will only give me five or six hundred? I'm your mother!"

"Then how much do you want?" Jiang Yu seemed a little surprised: "Because you are my mother and I can't get rid of your shameless words, I am reluctantly willing to pay you. The court most probably will sentence me to pay you a maximum of several hundred yuan, not to mention the fact that you never spent money on me at all. Aunt Yu Hong has been paying for all of my tuition expenses plus the fact that you sold me when I was a child. Don't you know that selling children is illegal? You can tell this story to the judge and I think the judge will be very interested in discussing this matter with you. But don’t worry, I do charity every month, donating hundreds of thousands and even millions regularly. The money I need to give you will not be a problem, I will just donate a few hundred less next month and set that aside for you."

Jiang Yu looked generous.

Hearing this, all Jiang family members were surprised and their faces were full of disbelief. 

After a while, Jiang Jie came back to her senses and asked: "You actually donate money to charity? If you have money to donate to others, why don't you help your family? Your family is also very poor!"

"Sorry, I won't donate to you!" Jiang Yu still smiled.

"How can this be possible?" As if spending his own money, Jiang Mingxuan was heartbroken. Hhe said to Jiang Yu heartily: "Sister, your family is still your family after all. If you have money, you should help your family. We don't want much, it's good for you to give one or two million only!"

"Sorry, it's already too much to give even a hair!" Jiang Yu shrugged.

This remark completely angered everyone. Jiang Yu would rather donate than give money to them.

Zhang Meifeng was so angry that she stepped forward and pushed Jiang Yu. She said angrily: "You d*mn girl! I will tell you, if you don't take out the money today, I will stay here and never leave! I will block the road and make you unable to walk out even a single step. You will not be able to attend classes or go to work in Shencheng. Your family will be trapped inside until you take out the money..."

Seeing a trace of fear on Yu Hong's face, Zhang Meifeng raised her chin proudly! It seemed that there was no need for extraordinary means, it was impossible for Jiang Yu not to hand over the money.

"Are you sure?" Jiang Yu had another weird expression on her face.

"Of course!" After speaking, Zhang Meifeng simply sat on the ground with a rogue look on her face, "I'll stay here today and won't leave! If I don't leave, none of you can go out!"

"Yes! Don't go!" Seeing Zhang Meifeng restraining Jiang Yu, the others were very proud. They all agreed. They stayed by the door, blocking the wat and preventing the people in the room from going out.

Seeing this, Yu Hong said anxiously, "Jiang Yu, what do you think of this? Your family is so shameless!"

Jiang Yu suddenly raised the corners of her lips and said, "Don't worry, Aunt Yu, they will leave!" After speaking, she leaned on Yu Hong's ear and said a few words, Yu Hong heard the words, snorted, and went into the room immediately.

Soon, Yu Hong brought 2 dogs. The wolf dogs were extremely big and looked like wolves with the sharp teeth showing in their mouths. They looked very scary.

Jiang Yu led the dogs and then smiled at Zhang Meifeng who was still lying on the ground: "Mother, are you really not leaving? I can warn you that these two dogs haven't eaten meat for a long time!"

"Trying to scare me?" Zhang Meifeng said: "Let me tell you, I, Zhang Meifeng, wouldn’t get scared easily just by dog bite threat? Come on! Come on!" After speaking, she deliberately stretched out one of her leg to the two big wolf-like dogs. She pointed at her thigh arrogantly and said: "If you have the ability, bite my leg! Huh! I want to see if you dare to let the dog bite me!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu shook her head. She had always been an obedient child, since Zhang Meifeng asked the dog to bite her, how could she be disobedient? So she loosened the leases and let go of the dogs.

Seeing Zhang Meifeng's arrogance, the two dogs were already upset, they rushed up to bite Zhang Meifeng's thigh.

Zhang Meifeng didn't expect Jiang Yu to really dare to let the dogs go. She was shocked and before she had time to run, one dog bit her leg at the place she pointed before.

"Ah... Murder! Murder! Killer dogs!" Zhang Meifeng screamed miserably.

Woof woof woof...

The dog was fierce and the other family members were frightened. They forgot to save Zhang Meifeng and they all hurried out first to save themselves. The other dog saw this and ran after them.

"Ah..." The group of people ran like crazy. They ran to a black pit. There were a lot of black things in the pit. They stood there and dared not move forward, but the two wolf-like dogs chased there together.

They were so frightened that their legs were weak and their teeth were chattering. At this moment, the dog that bit Zhang Meifeng bared its teeth and barked viciously. This bark made several people bend their legs and jumped into the pit.

After this jump, everyone noticed something was wrong. Why was this pit so soft? Why was there something hard and sticky inside? Why did it smell so bad?

Jiang Yu shook her head and said with a look of regret: "I told you to leave a long time ago, but you didn't leave. Now you fell into the chicken shit pit, see? The chicken shit and dirty things produced by more than 2,000 chickens are not small. These things are the most natural fertilizers after fermentation, but they were destroyed by you unexpectedly, what a pity!"

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she said to Jiang Mingxuan who jumped in with his mouth open: "My good brother, you are more worthy of the shithole!"

At this time, Zhang Meifeng cried out in pain: "You murderer! You actually let a dog bite your mother! You want me to die?! I will sue you and let you compensate for my losses!"

Jiang Yu looked at Zhang Meifeng in astonishment: "Didn't you tell me to let the dog bite you? I have recorded this! Mother, you can't confuse black and white, I'm your good daughter, how can I not listen to your words?"

Zhang Meifeng suffered the loss of being arrogant and cried on the ground in pain, asking Jiang Yu to give her one million.

Yu Hong was a little scared when she saw this: "Jiang Yu, do you want to send her to the hospital?"

Jiang Yu sneered: "No, she still has the energy to ask for a million yuan, so it's definitely not serious at all!"

Jiang Yu was disturbed by this group of people and was sad that her idea for the design drawing was interrupted, but something was strange. She found that after the ruckus, she actually felt that she had unlimited inspiration. She quickly took out her sketchbook and started to draw.

Suddenly, several figures came over.

Jiang Yu looked up and saw that the people who fell into the dump had crawled out at some point. These messed up people pulled up Zhang Meifeng, who was still sitting on the ground full of anger, and they all went home crying.

Jiang Yu shook her head and continued to draw.

At this moment, Yu Hong walked in and said worriedly: "Jiang Yu, I don't think your mother will give up."

"Don't worry." Jiang Yu was not afraid and said without raising her head: "Aunt Yu, I was just about to tell you about this, I plan to go back to Shencheng tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Yu Hong said in shock, "Tomorrow is the New Year’s eve! Are you going back to the city for the new year?"

Jiang Yu smiled. In fact, she wanted to go back to Shencheng since a long time ago. She was not the original owner and had no feelings for this village. Yu Hong was nice and enthusiastic, but Jiang Yu’s feelings were not abundant. Being able to get along with Yu Hong, Zhou Xiao, and Zhou Yue like for so many days like this was already her greatest limit.

For Jiang Yu, she always felt that it was best to keep a certain distance towards people from this village. "My mother will definitely make trouble again. Since this is the case, I might as well go back to Shencheng to get some quiet time."

After hearing this, Yu Hong did not stop Jiang Yu in the end. After thinking about it, she said, "Okay, I'll buy you a train ticket for tomorrow morning."

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu didn't have the New Year's Eve dinner, but went back to Shencheng. Zhou Xiao and Zhou Yue were a little sad when they said goodbye to each other, they told her to take care of herself.

Yu Hong was even more reluctant to give her up. When she thought of Jiang Yu returning to Shencheng without even having a New Year's Eve dinner at home, she burst into tears: "If your mother dares to chase you to Shencheng, you tell me. I'll fight her like there is no tomorrow."

"No need!" Jiang Yu sneered: "If she chases after me, I have more ways to treat her once and for all."

Jiang Yu looked back from the train window before leaving, but saw the mother and son still standing on the side of the road, waving at her. She smiled at them until they gradually became a small invisible point in the distance. After that she turned around and took out a sketchbook to continue drawing.

The train galloped all the way, and in the afternoon, Jiang Yu finally arrived at Shencheng station. Her phone rang and she picked it up.


"Where?" Gu Shenliu's voice was low.

Jiang Yu smiled, "The station."

"Station? Shencheng?"


Gu Shenliu paused for a moment and then said, "I'll pick you up." After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Jiang Yu to speak.

Jiang Yu dragged her luggage and waited for 20 minutes. Soon she saw a blue sports car parked on the side of the road and Gu Shenliu got out of the car wearing sunglasses. He was wearing a black low-neck loose knitted sweater. There was an indescribably charming look on his body. Jiang Yu glanced at him and only then felt that everything in front of her was back to normal.

Gu Shenliu put Jiang Yu’s suitcase in the trunk and then pulled her into the car. After she was seated, he didn't say a word. He stretched out his arms, pulled Jiang Yu into his arms, and rubbed her head with his chin. He said in a hoarse voice: "Jiang Yu, welcome back."

Jiang Yu stretched out her arms to wrap around Gu Shenliu and the two hugged each other in the small space of the car. The smell of lust lingered in the car, the two were too close to each other, and they could feel each other's breathing became rushed.

Jiang Yu hooked her lips and smiled, but before the smile reached her eyes, her lips were blocked by Gu Shenliu's. His tongue quickly penetrated into her mouth, grabbing every inch of the available space, and overbearingly declaring his possession.

"Gu Shenliu... um..." Jiang Yu felt comfortable being kissed by Gu Shenliu and couldn't help but let out a muffled moan.

Gu Shenliu was very satisfied when he got this response. His normally calm eyes carried a hint of teasing, he said, "Do you miss me?"

"Well, I think I do." Jiang Yu's voice became softer.

"Good." After speaking, Gu Shenliu pulled Jiang Yu closer.

Although it's New Year's Eve today, there are still people coming and going outside the car, mostly people returning home last minute before d-day. Jiang Yu saw this and hurriedly said: "No, let's go back first!"

Gu Shenliu heard the words. The corners of his mouth raised in an arc, he raised his thick eyebrows lightly, and said, "Junior sister is right. There are some things that are more suitable for places where no one else is watching."


Gu Shenliu galloped all the way, and soon, he drove the car to his community. He opened the door, he put down his coat, glanced at Jiang Yu, pulled her onto the sofa, and then put his whole body on top of her.

The tip of their noses touched, Gu Shenliu laid on Jiang Yu's neck, smelled the unique fragrance of her body, and suddenly relaxed. His breathing became more rapid. His mouth immediately covered Jiang Yu’s. The person he had been thinking about for a long time was right in front of him, so even just kissing had the taste of a dream.

Gu Shenliu was emotionally moved, his hand lifted Jiang Yu's thin knitted sweater, and then sneaked in. Jiang Yu groaned and twisted her body uncomfortably.

"Jiang Yu..." Gu Shenliu stroked her jade-like skin, touched her sensitive softness, put his mouth on her auricle, and asked in a low voice, "Did I tell you that you are beautiful?"

Jiang Yu snorted lightly, her eyes brightened, and she said, "Don't talk about things that everyone knows."

"Naughty!" After speaking, Gu Shenliu slapped Jiang Yu’s butt. Soon after, he took off his shirt.



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