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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 73 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 73 – Myth (1)

"Brother Zhou Yue, how many chickens are there in the family farm?" Jiang Yu asked.

"More than 2,000! If it goes on like this, it is estimated that half of the stock will not be able to be kept until next year. Hey, what a pity! These chickens are all raised up by me. "Zhou Yue was about to die of grief.

After Jiang Yu heard this, she already had a plan in her heart. She knew that Yu Hong had paid so much for the original owner and she even took out 100,000 yuan today. Jiang Yu really wanted to do something for the original owner so that her soul would not feel any regret in heaven. Besides, when Jiang Yu was in the house just now and found that there was no man in Yu Hong's house. So Yu Hong probably brought up her two children by herself. Even though the family was not very prosperous, Yu Hong could still give so much to the original owner. It's hard to just ignore her plight.

What's more, it's just a little effort for Jiang Yu.

It's just... Jiang Yu still had some concerns. After all, her image had always been relatively tall. She started as an Internet celebrity and had also done live broadcasts. With her number of fans, today it shouldn't be a problem for her to sell all the eggs through the live broadcast method, but selling eggs... how to put it, was too down-to-earth. Internet celebrity turned into a village celebrity, she didn’t know what her fans would think.

Furthermore, Jiang Yu starred in an online drama, if she really sold eggs via live broadcast, she seemed to be hurting herself. After thinking about it, she planned to plan the matter well, so as not to let others think that she dropped her style but still manage to sell the eggs.

After a while, Jiang Yu already had an idea in her heart. Her eyes lit up, she smiled, and said: "Zhou Yue."


"Have you encountered anything interesting while raising chickens?"

"Interesting?" Zhou Yue thought about it and said, "I don't think there is something interesting every day, but I think it's very interesting to go to the hillside to pick up eggs. Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, I’ll grab some corn kernels to feed the chickens. When I saw chickens all around me, I felt that I was needed by them, and my mood will turn good. Recently, I broke up with my girlfriend and was in a bad mood, so I ran to the chickens and yelled. Hehe, I feel a lot better all of a sudden!" 
"..." The young man was really quirky! Jiang Yu was speechless and wanted to laugh. After thinking for a while, she mused: "Zhou Xiao Ge, Zhou Yue Ge, err, I have some fans on Weibo so I can help you plan a live broadcast to sell eggs to people in big cities."

"What? Is this possible?" Zhou Yue subconsciously felt that it was impossible.

"Live broadcast? I heard that this thing is very popular, but I don't think it is reliable. Even if we can, how will we deliver them? Eggs are easily damaged in transfer." Zhou Xiao also said.

Jiang Yu smiled and she pointed out the merchants selling eggs on Taobao to show them. "Look, the end of the year is actually the peak season for the sales of agricultural products. They sell tens of thousands of eggs a month and each order is minimum 50 eggs. You can do your own calculations and see how good the business is!"

"The packaging..."

"I saw that they put the eggs in egg carton, put them in boxes, and then fill them with straw husks to prevent shocks. I read the reviews and there were almost no broken eggs found by the buyers."

"Is that so?" Zhou Xiao and Zhou Yue leaned over to take a look, but they didn't say anything. "But can it be sold? Now the courier company has stopped working due to the holiday..."

"We will not ship it right away." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "For example, someone that grows peaches, do you think they have to wait until summer to sell them?"

"That's for sure!" Zhou Xiao nodded.

Jiang Yu shook her head and said: "When you sell it in summer, it will be too late, especially the perishable fruits like peaches. It will not be easy to sell them if the farmers wait after they are ripe. Smart farmer’s approach is to pre-sell them in advance. If you don’t believe me, you can search peach in Taobao now. You can see that the delivery time is actually June next year."

Zhou Xiao didn't believe it, so he clicked on the search tab, and found it really was. He and Zhou Yue, two big men, rarely shop online, so they didn't even know that farmers could sell produce like this now. They were really outdated!

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "I remember that eggs can be kept for a month if kept under 15 degrees, right? You can try selling the eggs in stock now and sending them when the courier companies open again so that you don't have to worry about the egg inventory keep piling up."

"Is this possible?" The two brothers felt a little confused. For people like them who didn't use the Internet often, they felt that the words Jiang Yu said were like fantasy.

"Whether it works or not, let’s just try it!" Jiang Yu said.

Soon, Jiang Yu posted on Weibo: [I wanted to comfort my broken-hearted brother during the Chinese New Year, but who knew that my brother's chicken farm successfully attracted my attention. I wanted to show it to you right away! Will you watch it?]

Jiang Yu laughed at herself but netizens were very impressed.

——Hello, I will watch, let’s go live now!

——I didn't expect you to be such an internet celebrity! Go live to show the chicken farm? Well, are you not afraid that I will abandon you?

——Watch watch! I don't even know what a chicken farm looks like!

——I’m just too bored. Recently, My family has been eating together every day and I’ve gotten fat, watching chicken farms or anything will be refreshing!

To Jiang Yu's surprise, netizens were very generous. Thinking of this, she made a live broadcast appointment on Weibo. Of course, if she wanted to start a live broadcast, she couldn’t be so old-fashioned.

Now that she had been exposed, Jiang Yu didn't mind a gorgeous turn around. Thinking of this, she went to Yu Hong's room, took out her self-designed down jacket at the bottom of her suitcase and put it on, took off her thick glasses, straightened her bangs, tied her hair into a ball head, and then painted a beautiful makeup.

OK! Jiang Yu looked at herself in the mirror and raised her red lips. Even if she needed to be a village internet celebrity, she still had to be the most beautiful one, so big red lips couldn't be missed! The background could be earthy and the live broadcast content could be down-to-earth, but she still wanted everyone to think ‘oh, in such a frustrating place, Jiang Yu is still beautiful!’

Satisfied with her outfit, Jiang Yu put on her short boots and went out.

"Sister Taro Ball, I..." Zhou Yue just said, but when he saw a beautiful woman walking out of Yu Hong's room, he didn't recognize Jiang Yu for a while. He was so shocked that he opened his mouth so wide people could put an egg in it. He pointed at Jiang Yu and shouted in disbelief: "Mom, mom! Taro ball she she she she..."

"You unruly child, what are you shouting?!" Yu Hong came over with a basin, but with a bang the basin fell to the ground!

"What are you two doing? I called you and you ignore me for a long time!" Zhou Xiao also came over and glanced at the room. As if he was poisoned, his face turned red all of a sudden.

The three people reactions were very interesting. Jiang Yu smiled sincerely, raised her lips, and said: "Why are you so surprised? Have I changed so much?"

"More than much! We didn't even recognize you! Taro Ball, your makeup..."

"I apply it myself." Jiang Yu smiled.

Yu Hong hadn't digested the matter yet. She wondered how Jiang Yu could changed from a normal rural beauty to a big city beauty?

Zhou Xiao kept walking forward, looking back at Jiang Yu from time to time. Suddenly, plop... He was slapped on the head.

"D*mn! Brother! Sister Taro Ball is indeed so pretty, but you can't stare at her like that!" Zhou Yue scolded his younger brother.

Zhou Xiao blushed when he was scolded. He said, "Don't I just find it strange? Why makeup can change a woman so much?"

Jiang Yu was amused by the brothers and mother honest responses.

When everything was ready, Jiang Yu started the live broadcast. She greeted the viewers with a smile: "Hello everyone! I'm here again! I recently returned to my hometown. When I heard that my brother had lost his love, I wanted to comfort him, but I fell in love with his chicken farm instead. Look, the handsome man in front of me is my elder brother!"

After she finished speaking, Jiang Yu turned the camera to Zhou Yue.

The reason why Zhou Yue was put on camera was because Zhou Yue looked good on it because he had a good and a young body. He made it easier for female fans to be attracted. Sure enough, Zhou Yue looked even more handsome after he was on camera, which caused fans to scream with excitement. The screen was full of red hearts.

——What a handsome brother! I'm enchanted!

——Brother, are you still missing a wife?

——Hehe, it seems that I'm the only one who sees the screen full of clucking chickens!

——These chickens... look delicious!

Many people were interested in Zhou Yue, so Jiang Yu gave him more shots.

——This is the brother who was broken hearted?

"Yeah, this is brother Zhou Yue who just lost his love." Jiang Yu said with a smile.

——I offer myself to be his girlfriend!

——I also recommend myself! I am 20 years old, 165 cm in height, 99 jin in weight, a native of Shencheng, an undergraduate student. (TN: Approx 5ft5in and 59.4 kg / 130 lbs)

——Me too me too! Brother is so handsome, I'm really excited!

What Jiang Yu didn't expect was that almost all the female fans were attracted to Zhou Yue. Everyone was clamoring for his contact information.

At this time, Zhou Yue brought another pot of corn kernels to feed the chickens.

Everyone might have seen a lot of ordinary handsome guys, but at this moment, seeing Zhou Yue feeding the chickens, they all felt that there was a kind of gap moe in the situation! After all, a handsome guy was standing in the chicken group, so all fans were bubbling because of Zhou Yue’s cuteness.

This was something Jiang Yu did not expect. She read the comments and said with a smile:

"It was the first time I came to a chicken farm and I found it very interesting. Almost all the chickens here eat the bugs on the hillside, they are totally free-range chickens. Their meat is delicious and the eggs taste even more delicious. It's very different. After I have eaten the eggs here, I feel that the ones sold in Shencheng have no taste at all. You see Brother Zhou Yue is feeding the chickens because sometimes there are not enough insects in the hills to feed the chickens, so we supplement them with corn kernels." Jiang Yu said this and sprinkled a pot of corn kernels on the ground. Soon, all the chickens smelled the fragrance of food and began to come. They all gathered around Jiang Yu's feet. She smiled and turned the camera to show the chickens. "It's the first time that I realize chickens are also very interesting!"

——Braised chicken, spicy chicken, boiled chicken soup, roasted chicken... that's all I can think of when seeing chickens!

——So many chickens? Wow! Look at that chicken laying an egg!

——A lot of chickens was laying their eggs on the spot, so interesting!

——Why is the action of Taro Ball feeding chickens so beautiful? There is a sense feeling that she is filming a farming drama

——Yes, the name of the series is < I have contracted this chicken farm >

——No no, it should be called < Domineering President Falls in Love with Chicken Farm’s Little Girl > 

"Enough you all! Can you spare me some face?"

——You have misunderstood Dada, we are complimenting you!

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