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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 74 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 74 – Fall (2)

Jiang Yu raised her saint like smile again with a halo around her.

"You are wrong!" Jiang Yu's smile gradually faded and her voice turned cold: "I never planned to buy a piece of your clothes from the beginning to the end. I am very suspicious that the clothes from your shop would be as problematic as you. Which idiot would buy it?"

"What's wrong with our shop? The clothes in our store are very fashionable! Don't talk nonsense if you can't afford it!"

"Huh, fashionable?" Jiang Yu walked to one hanger with a sneer, picked up the clothes, and said, "This dress is imitation Valentino, this one is imitation Chanel, this one is imitation Dior! I am very doubtful what kind of high-quality things you have for a store that sells imitation clothes? All of your items are wholesale clothes from Taobao but you sell them at a price 4 to 5 times higher than the purchase price. Just by being displayed in your store the clothes value rise so high?"

Seeing that Jiang Yu actually said everything one by one, provoking the onlookers point to point, the salesperson was anxious and said: "You... you are talking nonsense!"

Seeing that more and more people were watching, the salesperson was afraid that things would get bigger, she said: "What evidence do you have to talk nonsense here! Just because I don't sell you clothes, you act like this? I tell you, the more you are like this, the less I will sell you! You better get out of here!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu was not angry at all, she snorted coldly and shook her head: "I already said that I never intended to buy your clothes, but what evidence do you ask me? Then I can tell you..."

After speaking, Jiang Yu picked up a long down jacket and said, "Isn’t this one bought from Taobao?"

"Nonsense!" Another salesperson hurriedly said: "Our clothes are all imported from factories, how could they be bought from Taobao? This dress is the main style of our shop this year, and it sells so well that we can’t order it anymore! Only one is left because the size is too small so no one had bought it!"

Once it was revealed that the clothes in the shop were ordered from Taobao, then the shop’s business would be greatly reduced. Now the customers were shrewd and they always looked for ways to save money by buying on Taobao, who would waste money to buy in a store?

"Of course you can't order it..." Jiang Yu sneered: "When this jacket was launched, only 2,000 pieces were sold nationwide and there were at least hundreds of thousands of people waiting for this dress. It can be said that this one piece of clothing was sold out within 3 seconds of the launch. You probably only able to buy this small size using a software, right? This jacket is out of stock all over the country, of course you have nowhere to buy it!"

"You..." The salesperson exclaimed, "How did you know?"

"How do I know?" Jiang Yu laughed and said, "Of course I know! Because the clothes you bought for your store happened to be designed by me."


All the salespersons were stunned, and even the one who scolded Jiang Yu in a bad tone at first looked at Jiang Yu with a blue face. "You designed it?"

"Yes, this is the clothes I designed! I named her 'Fanshiji', which means that in a cold winter, a seemingly ordinary down jacket from top to bottom is actually a good fit. It can warm people's hearts, separate trivial matters and made people no longer worry about dusty things. The price of this jacket in my store is only 1399 but in your store it is marked up until 4200. I am not sure whether your home is too dark or what. I will ask you, if you have designed a jacket and produced it in a factory, you will still have this style in your design and you surely can find the factory again at anytime to produce more or even get some unsold samples. Would you think you will want to buy the jacket outside with a price more than three times higher? Being such a fool?"

After speaking, Jiang Yu looked at the salesperson's sullen face, her face suddenly turned cold and she said with a strong sense of oppression: "I don't think you will!"

The salesperson saw that more and more people were watching and Jiang Yu made a big issue. After thinking about it, she suddenly squinted and sneered: "Come on! Who can't brag! I think you are ridiculous! You can't afford the clothes so you make excuses like this and say that the clothes were designed by you. Do you have any evidence?"

At this moment, the hanging TV in the hall turned to entertainment news and a young female anchor was reporting: "If you want to say who the most popular Internet celebrity is right now, it is undoubtedly the following one..."

After speaking, a picture appeared on the TV.

"This Internet celebrity is not only beautiful but she is also very talented. Her clothing design has entered the international stage and her out of bath makeup and Su Ye makeup has been leading the trend. Until now, these two makeup method is also loved by Chinese fans and spread to Japan, becoming the first Chinese makeup look to get popular in Japan! This can be regarded as a glory for the country! "

"Besides, the Taobao store opened by this Internet celebrity has earned over 100 million in just a few months and the sales on Double Eleven exceeded 80 million! It’s simply a mythical number! If these are not enough, what’s even worse is that she is also making an online drama herself. She did the styling, from clothing to makeup! The style she designed was called 'saving the aesthetics of Chinese TV dramas' by netizens, and they said that the style she designed was the pinnacle of global TV dramas!"

"Don’t forget that this girl also invited her senior brother, Gu Shenliu, a well-known entertainment industry scholar and actor, to play the male lead! Because of this, this drama became popular before it was even broadcast. Netizens already voted the drama as next year's most popular TV series..."

Immediately afterwards, a live video of Jiang Yu's makeup was shown on TV. On the video, Jiang Yu's face was enlarged and perfectly presented in front of the audience.

The salesperson frowned more and more tightly, her face became more and more blue. She stared at the TV in disbelief and moved her eyes to Jiang Yu's face. After a long back and forth, she finally realized something, her complexion suddenly changed. 

At this moment, some clothes from Jiang Yu’s Taobao store were shown on TV, and there was the same long down jacket in it. Seeing this picture, what else would the passers-by think? Everyone pointed to the jacket and said, "Isn't that the same one in the store?"

Seeing this, the salesperson dodged her eyes and looked elsewhere. She finally went to the fitting room in despair. Passersby saw the snobbish face of the salesperson from the very beginning and many people applauded when they saw Jiang Yu slapped her in the face.

"This store indeed looks down on people the most! Little girl, you did a good job!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled. To be honest, she didn't want to do this at first, but she didn't expect that the salesperson's words would be so unpleasant that she lost her dignity. Some things could be tolerated but some things couldn't. She could ignore this girl when she bullied her, but she couldn't bully Yu Hong.

When Teacher Song and Yu Hong saw this, they only felt that their hearts were relieved. They were full of energy.

Teacher Song said with emotion: "Jiang Yu, I don't blame her for disliking you. The main reason is that your dress is too ordinary today. To be honest, if Teacher is not familiar with you, I'm afraid I wouldn't recognize that Weibo big V Jiang Yu and my former student Jiang Yu is the same person.

"Teacher." Jiang Yu smiled: "It's her problem. She is used see people thru colored glasses."

"If we don't buy in this store, then let's change it." Yu Hong said, "I must buy Jiang Yu some clothes today so that she can wear new clothes for the New Year."

"It's really unnecessary, Aunt Yu..." Jiang Yu kept refusing and she smiled sincerely: "You may not think that the clothes sold on this street are all old and not good-looking, but I can see them. I am very picky about clothes, so let’s not buy them, okay? Besides, I still owe you a lot, so how can you buy me clothes? Let’s go back!”

Yu Hong hesitated for a long time. Her fair and plump face showed hesitation. To be honest, she was indeed afraid that Jiang Yu would not like the clothes on this small county town, so she reluctantly accepted it, just for fear of spending money in vain. Yu Hong replied: "Okay! Since you don't like it, next time I see something good-looking, I'll buy it and send it to you!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu replied.

They parted and said goodbye to Teacher Song. Jiang Yu added Teacher Song’s WeChat so that she could easily contact her in the future.

At the same time, Jiang Jie was packing goods at her house in town. Although the goods would not be delivered until after the Spring Festival, all Taobao store still took orders as usual, and Jiang Jie’s store was no exception.

The shop Jiang Jie opened sold flowers and trees. She could receive hundreds of orders a day. Although there were many orders, but because it was small profits but quick turnover, plus the free shipping promotion, they actually didn’t make much money at all. However, she still persisted to work hard every day to package the goods. It was tiring, but how should she put it? In the countryside, earning five or six thousand dollars a month was considered a very high income. Sometimes, if it was good, she could even earn ten thousand yuan a month, so she was very satisfied with this kind of income. Therefore, although Tired, but Jiang Jie had been insisting on doing Taobao.

At this time, entertainment news suddenly flashed on TV, It was talking about an Internet celebrity.

Internet celebrity? That world was too far away from Jiang Jie. She couldn’t climb high by herself. Thinking of this, she still lowered her head to pack her goods, not paying attention to the TV at all.

"Internet celebrity Jiang Yu..." The female anchor said.

Hearing the word "Jiang Yu", Jiang Jie sneered and said to the person who helped her pack goods: "People’s fate really varied! Someone called Jiang Yu can be an internet celebrity and designer, even her Taobao can sell 80 million a day! Oh my god! With that amount of money, I can't even spend it all in my lifetime! She also films a drama with Gu Shenliu, what a good fate! Such a good fate belongs to other Jiang Yu, but my unlucky sister that is also named Jiang Yu is so miserable! She was just kicked out of the house by my mother! She is destined to be poor all her life, it's really sad to think about it."

Si Si, who was packing goods with Jiang Jie next to her, just lowered her head and said nothing.

Si Si sneered in her heart. Everyone in town knew about Jiang family's immorality. They sold their daughter for their son's betrothal gift. Even people like her who had never studied would despise this practice!

Thinking of this, Si Si snorted and glanced up, wanting to see what this beautiful internet celebrity Jiang Yu looked like. However, looking at it, she felt that something was wrong. The person on TV dressed very differently from Jiang Jie's sister, but she had a similar general outline and a bit of a resemblance still. More importantly, the anchor said that this Jiang Yu was also studying in Shenda University.

"Hey, Jiang Jie, isn't your sister studying in Shenda University?" Si Si touched Jiang Jie's arm.

"Yeah! Different person will really not have the same life! That dead Jiang Yu will live poorly forever..." Hearing this, Jiang Jie realized that something was wrong.

The two were both from the fashion department of Shenda University and they were both called Jiang Yu! Was there such a coincidence in the world?

Jiang Jie looked at the TV suspiciously.

Si Si wondered: "Why do I think this online celebrity on TV, with a one day turnover of 80 million, looks a lot like your sister who was kicked out by your mother?"

The more Jiang Jie looked at the person on TV, the tighter her brows became. She suddenly discovered that the beautifully dressed, capable, and talented woman on TV was the one who was disliked by her whole family and was kicked out of the house!

Thinking of this, Jiang Jie stood up and hurriedly ran out.

"Where are you going?" Si Si frowned: "The packing is not finished yet!"

"What packing! My sister is so rich, so I can enjoy happiness right away. Why would I need to do such a hard thing?" After speaking, Jiang Jie ran home: "No! I have to tell my mother. Our old Jiang family has made a fortune!"

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