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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 71 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 71 – Torment (1)

Jiang Yu glanced at her phone, it was already eleven o'clock. Although she had been working, the lights were turned off in the room. The one-hour phone call with Gu Shenliu was also done with the lights turned off. In a place like this town that was not close to the main street, once 9 o'clock had passed, almost everyone would turn off their lights and went to sleep. At first glance, the village was dark. Who would come to her room at this time?

Jiang Yu suddenly became alert. She pricked her ears to listen to the sounds outside. It seemed that several people were walking around in their tiptoes. Soon, a key was inserted into the keyhole of her bedroom door, turned a few times, and the door was suddenly opened.

By the moonlight, Jiang Yu clearly saw two figures walking in.

"Shh..." one of them said.

"Where's your rope? Take the rope out and tie her up later. We wouldn’t be worried when the raw rice is already cooked!"

Jiang Yu vaguely heard Zhang Meifeng's voice.

After Zhang Meifeng finished speaking, a man with a rope walked in. Jiang Yu shrank back on guard, she held her mobile phone in her hand, and planned to send WeChat for help at any time.

The man walked in like a cat, suddenly he seemed to trip over something. The sound of him hitting a stool came clearly, the man was startled, and then a basin of things splashed down from the top of his head. The man was startled for a moment, but after a while, he sniffed his nose in disbelief, and cried out directly: "What's this? Mom, come here! I've been drenched in a basin of things!"


A stench came and the two sneaky people couldn't care about anything more and shouted directly.

Zhang Meifeng rushed over and looked at her son distressedly but did not dare to touch Jiang Mingxuan, who was full of stench. She said: "How is this possible?! How can there be such a thing in this house?"

Jiang Yu reached out and pulled the cord at the head of her bed.

In an instant, the whole room lit up, and the dazzling lights shone on people's faces, causing everyone's expressions to freeze instantly, especially Zhang Meifeng, who was embarrassed, and Jiang Mingxuan, who was covered in urine. He had murderous expression, but Jiang Yu couldn't see anything else for the time being.

Jiang Yu squinted, put on coat dress, and got up. She looked at everyone curiously and asked inexplicably: "Mom, Mingxuan, what are you doing in my room without sleeping in the middle of the night?"

"Uh..." Zhang Meifeng laughed and looked embarrassed: "That, Jiang Yu, mom and your brother are afraid that you will catch a cold at night, so they want to cover you with a quilt."

Jiang Mingxuan nodded like pounding garlic.

Jiang Yu snorted and looked at the rope in Jiang Mingxuan's hand in confusion, "Mingxuan, what are you doing trying to cover me with the quilt but bringing a rope?"

"This rope is what Mingxuan will use to tie the quilt!" Zhang Meifeng said while laughing awkwardly.

"Really?" Jiang Yu's face was calm with a smile on the corner of her mouth. Her expression seemed to have no doubts at all.

Zhang Meifeng glanced at the disgusting things on her son's body again with a look of disgust on her face. No matter how much she loved her son, a man who was covered in urine would not smell good.

Jiang Mingxuan was so angry that he almost wanted to strangle Jiang Yu to death. He endured his anger and cursed: "Jiang Yu, what the hell are you doing putting your f*cking urine in the room!"

Jiang Yu sneered and suddenly stood up. She stared at the mother and son and said sarcastically: "Jiang Mingxuan, the three words 'your f*cking' refer to too many people. My language level is not good so I don't quite understand it. Is the subject of your sentence 'you', 'he', or 'mom'?"

Jiang Mingxuan was taken aback.

However, Jiang Yu continued to laugh: "If you ask me, I can tell you that the room I live in is the worst room in the family, so it is easy to attract thieves here. I am afraid of thieves coming in, so I brought in a basin, so that if there is a thief in the middle of the night, I will shower it on the thief."

Jiang Mingxuan had a dark face and finally asked, "Where did this come from?"

Jiang Yu shrugged: "I could scoop from the toilet at home are as many as I want. It is self-produced and free, so don't worry about it!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu reached out wanting to to pat Jiang Mingxuan on the shoulder to show encouragement, but she stretched out her hand and withdrew it mid air. She pinched her nose and said in disgust: "Jiang Mingxuan, I suggest you go wash up, it really stinks!"

"Jiang Yu! You wait! I'm going to kill you!" Jiang Mingxuan said fiercely and ran away frantically.

Jiang Mingxuan ran away, but there was still a stench in the air. Jiang Yu pinched her nose in disgust, turned to look at Zhang Meifeng with a smile on her face, and said: "Mom, it's your son's fault. I suggest you clean this house, otherwise, I'll buy rat poison tomorrow specially for your son!"

Zhang Meifeng was so angry that she scolded: "You d*mn girl. I've been bloody moldy for eight f*cking lifetimes before..."

"Mom, you are wrong!" Jiang Yu suddenly turned her head and stared at Zhang Meifeng seriously, her voice was extremely cold: "I am the one who has suffered from blood mold for eight lifetimes!" After saying that, she lied down on her bed with no expression and started to sleep.

Jiang Yu had no doubt that the power of rat poison was huge. Because in the countryside, people were killed by rat poison every year, and this poison was easy to buy. In such a rural place, without the police, she could only ask others for help, and they might not be able to arrive immediately. After thinking about it, she felt that she must learn to protect herself, so she had this trick tonight.

Not all of Jiang Yu’s words were meant just to scare Zhang Meifeng. If Zhang Meifeng made her anxious, she could really do such a thing. The worst thing that could happen was just to die together!

The next day, everyone sat at the table to eat. There was a middle-aged man in the room. He looked a bit like Jiang Yu and he was tall. It should be Jiang Yu's father Jiang Dezhong. He glanced at Jiang Yu and said nothing. 

Jiang Yu greeted out politely, "Dad."

After Jiang Dezhong heard this, he put down his chopsticks with a snap, and he frowned: "Jiang Yu, I heard that you dare to talk back to your mother and your brother as soon as you come back?"

Jiang Yu didn't blink. She took a bowl to serve her own rice.

Jiang Dezhong said harshly: "I warn you, don't think that you will go to heaven after a few days of college! Your life is given by me, Jiang Dezhong! You have to dedicate your f*cking life to this family! Otherwise, do you think I raised you in vain?"

Jiang Yu still didn't get angry. She just lowered her head and took a mouthful of white porridge.

Seeing that Jiang Yu didn't speak, Jiang Dezhong lowered his voice a little: "Your mother asked you to marry for your own good. That Zhang Zhi is a good person. Although he is a little simple, your uncle Zhang had started a factory. As long as you give birth to a son for Zhang Zhi, you will be a hero for the Zhang family!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu suddenly sneered. She stared at Jiang Dezhong, and said sarcastically: "Dad, I've heard something about troublesome people from poor mountains that have bad waters, but I am surprised that this troublemaker is not someone else, but my parents! Hero? That Zhang Qiqi has a mentally retarded son and he dislikes it. Zhang Zhi embarrassed him and he kept Zhang Zhi locked at home. Because his wife couldn't give birth anymore, he simply raised a girl outside to give birth to him. In the end, I don't know if it's because he has done too much bad things and get retribution, so many women had been changed for more than ten years but he hasn’t get another son! He had no other choice so he wanted to find a wife for his son, so that he could have a grandson!"

Seeing Jiang Yu knew about this, Jiang Dezhong was blocked and speechless, Jiang Yu sneered when she saw this, and said: "That Zhang Zhi is a fool and indeed deserves some sympathy, but he is not only fool, he is also violent that likes to beat people when he goes mad. Zhang Qiqi had found him a foreign girl to give birth to a son for him, but the girl was beaten to death and finally she ran away overnight. You still let me marry someone like that? Just for the betrothal money that the Zhang family promised to give you?!"

Hearing these words, Jiang Dezhong simply did not hide it. He said with a gloomy expression: "Jiang Yu, I’ll just simply tell you all. Your brother Mingxuan is going to get married and the girl needs 100,000 betrothal gifts before and after, otherwise she won't marry Mingxuan. Your brother likes that girl, so of course we should try to satisfy him. You are Mingxuan’s sister, if he has a good life, you will follow suit! Besides, that girl is also pregnant with our Jiang family's seed and it's a boy! This child must be kept, but I and your mother can't make that kind of money..."

"So you want to sell your daughter as you can't get the money?" Jiang Yu sneered.

Seeing that everything was said, Zhang Meifeng also tore down the hypocrisy and simply sneered: "You dead girl! I gave birth to you to help your younger brother. Having more elder sisters mean everyone can give the younger brother some money to marry a wife, now it's time for you to repay our kindness! Even if I sold you, no one dares to say a word!"

"Repaying kindness?" Jiang Yu sneered, "If you want to repay kindness, why don't you let Jiang Jie and Jiang Lan go?"

Zhang Meifeng's eyes shrank for a moment. She bit her head and scolded: "Jiang Jie is promising now and she's married well, how could I let her go?! As for Jiang Lan... Jiang Lan is dating a rich second-generation man and that man's family has two houses in the county! She will also marry very well. You don't have a boyfriend, and with your character, you won’t be able to find a good man. You will be a victim of suffering all your life! What does it matter if you marry now?!"

These words were poked at Jiang Yu. Although she was not the original owner, she still couldn't disregard these people that were her blood family. But in her heart, she was very pitiful for the original owner, her family kept plotting against her.

Hearing this, Jiang Mingxuan also helped: "Sister, you can't be so selfish, just for yourself, you don’t even want to help your own brother! If I didn't have the 100,000 yuan, I wouldn't be able to marry Wen Wen. My son will become a b*stard!"

Jiang Yu heard the words and sneered in her heart. She said: "Jiang Mingxuan, you are not even embarrassed to say that you are a waste. You play games at home every day and don't even know how to go out to work! If you have the ability, go make money to marry your wife!"

Jiang Mingxuan swallowed his saliva, feeling a little guilty, but still scolded: "I'm a boy! I have big things to do and I don't like the jobs in town!"

"That's right, it's not because your brother doesn't want to work, it's because there is no good job. The job in the town is either a security guard or a janitor. How can he do such a cheap thing?" Zhang Meifeng also said.

Jiang Yu sneered: "What’s wrong with being a security guard or a janitor? These people are dignifiedly making money based on their ability, but this Jiang Mingxuan, just graduated from junior high school without a diploma but still wants to pick and choose every day. Then the president of the country will be you, do you have the ability? "

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